National Bridal Market Chicago Wedding Dress Manufacturers

National Bridal Market Chicago Wedding Dress Manufacturers

National Bridal Market Chicago Wedding Dress Manufacturers

National Bridal Market Chicago Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Ceremonial dress: how to choose the right fabric?

Again, about formal dresses, you can find out in this article what you need to know about the fabrics from which we make our beautiful evening dresses.

Every fabric has its own characteristics, you should know that not every fabric is suitable for making evening dresses or ceremonial dresses! If you want to make a custom dress, know how to make the right choice.

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Satin, the fabric most commonly used to make ceremonial clothing, is an excellent noble fabric.

The satin fabric, which is appreciated with its shine and surface that is very pleasant to touch and wear, is offered in two material types: duchess satin and stretch satin.

Duchess satin is most commonly found in bridal gowns, but can also be used in evening gowns.

With its natural shine, you don’t need to fill your dress with accessories. A pearl necklace or a set of earrings – a necklace and a beautiful bracelet will do the job perfectly.

We won’t forget the little black pocket to complete your outfit.

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This fabric, which stands out with its lightness, allows the skin to breathe thanks to its transparency! It is a perfect fabric to wear in summer, especially for those who like moving or draped dresses.

Plain or printed changing chiffon, long or short evening dress, choose an airy model to highlight your combination!

A few well-chosen jewelry, a shawl or a shawl made of the same material will enliven your chiffon evening dress.

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As a reference fabric for ceremonial dresses and wedding gowns, taffeta has a certain disadvantage, however, as it bends easily.

Its thinness, flexibility and shifting reflections still dominate. In the manufacture of wedding dresses, taffeta makes it possible to “puff up” the frills and give the whole a certain volume.

The fabric that will be reserved for the making of multi-dressed models, on the accessories side we will limit ourselves to modest and elegant jewelry, the fabric already offers many bright reflections.


With such a fabric, we bet on a preferably long steam model. Depending on the cut, you can create a beautiful and sophisticated effect that combines transparency and “puffiness”.

It is a fabric we recommend for those who want to add romance to those who want to make bridesmaid dresses, princess dresses or wedding dresses.

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Lace, which is an extremely feminine fabric, is mostly used as ornaments and wedding dresses. If it is handmade, the production of which requires a lot of attention and care, is a fabric that can have a high price according to the production method.

Attention, these fabrics can be washed by hand, not by machine! To store them, hang them on a hanger and wrap them first in tissue paper, then in a thicker wrap.

Of course, a dry place away from light would be perfect for storing your evening or formal dress. Don’t forget to put some moth repellent in your closet for added precaution.

Red evening dress: A must!

Are you planning to go to a prom, go out or spend a night out with your friends? Choosing an evening dress for such occasions is not so complicated.

You can choose between a very light dress, a skirt and a matching blouse, trousers and a t-shirt for a very casual look for the season, or an evening dress if you want to stay feminine and stylish in any situation!

In this article we will show you the advantages of choosing a beautiful evening dress… red. An evocative color that stands out and can be worn perfectly for a (ultra) social evening depending on the design.

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Red evening dress, a color that evokes passion, desire and danger at the same time, will be reserved for women who love to attract attention and know how to look.

And the more sophisticated your dress, the more attractive you will be! As it is associated with romance, it is a dazzling color that is increasingly used in ceremonies such as weddings and engagements.

Note that there are different shades of red, among which everyone can find the corresponding “red”: ruby, scarlet, blood, burgundy, purple, amaranth, cherry, strawberry, etc.

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Red evening dress is suitable for every body type and every skin type. Everything will depend on the temperament and personality of the user! It will be especially recommended to daring women.

It’s a color that many women love to wear, especially on Valentine’s Day… and sometimes to be in the theme at Christmas 🙂


If the red evening dress is suitable for all morphologies, we recommend the brightest ones for those with small size (+ or less than 1m60). The shine of the dress will make them even more beautiful and “forget” about their small size.

On the other hand, we will allocate dark red evening dress models to tall women, emphasizing their slender bodies, and offering a slimmer look for those who are more attractive.

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If evening dresses are more popular in the long version, more and more women prefer short evening dresses, regardless of color, but it also depends on the nature of the event, the silhouette, the age of the wearer and the degree of femininity. It’s a matter of personal taste.


With a red evening dress, a minimum of accessories is enough. Opt for black, gold/gold or silver accessories to enhance your outfit. So black pumps will be perfect with a pocket of the same color!

On the makeup side, you can choose a red or nude lipstick (to try!). Remember that elegance also rhymes with simplicity!

What are formal dresses to avoid at a wedding?

You’ve been invited to a wedding and have decided to pamper yourself by falling in love with a dress you think is perfect for the ceremony.

Unless you’re one of the bridesmaids who have to follow a theme imposed here, if you have to attend a wedding and even if it’s your best(e)friend’s, there are dresses you should avoid at all costs!

As a matter of fact, if there is no dress code imposed on the guests other than a themed wedding, everything is not acceptable, and this is where the subject of our article comes from.

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The first color to be exiled is obviously white, as it is reserved for the bride. On the other hand, black (although more or less tolerated if associated with a more cheerful color) is associated with mourning and is therefore a color to be avoided so as not to offend other guests or the bride’s family.

Want to bring some mood into your outfit? Even if you love your dress, avoid flashy colors and animal prints!

A dress with an asymmetrical or flared floral print, a neutral color, a graphic or pastel pattern will be perfect.


We’ll leave that length up to the bride, unless the bride demands a glamorous ceremony by imposing long dresses on the guests with a train! Very short dresses that are as beautiful as your legs are, of course, prohibited.

We will prefer the ceremonial dress that ends at or slightly above the knee.

Remember that you will need to avoid drawing all eyes on you as the queen of the day is the bride!


To avoid misunderstandings, attention should be paid to the shape as well as the color and length of the formal dress. We start with the gorgeous tight dress waiting to sublimate your curves: to ban.

For some other occasion like a romantic trip or if you want to go on a single manhunt outdoors but not for a wedding, book there!

Sexy cuts, low necklines, bare backs, “sheer” dresses should also be avoided. Honor the bride’s most beautiful day by choosing a simple, elegant and simple outfit. The bride will thank you.

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An elegant pocket handkerchief decorated with rhinestones, fine and elegant jewelry, a beautiful hat (only for outdoor weddings) or a veil, a silk scarf …

Many accessories can add a nice touch of elegance to a formal dress. Be careful not to overload your outfit by asking to do too much!

Find a wide selection of formal dresses for all morphologies, styles and desires in our online store. Trendy modern formal dresses available in a variety of colors and cuts.

Sequins: how to avoid fashion faux pas

Do you like glitter and sequins? For the perfect outfit, learn in this article how to wear them well without falling into bad taste!


Define your figure before throwing yourself into a beautiful sequined evening dress.

Did you know that clothes decorated with sequins and sequins give a voluminous impression?

Bet on sequins that will adorn the thinnest part of your body to balance your outfit and harmonize your entire silhouette.

For a bust smaller than your waist, sequined tops and sequins will be perfect!

Otherwise, if you have narrow hips, wear sequins from the waist up, such as high-waisted shorts or sequined skirts.

If you are lucky enough to have an H, I or X morphology (a very prominent waist), sequin dresses or all sequin dresses are made for you!

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Have you fallen in love with beautiful sequined leggings, bustier tops or pretty plain sequined miniskirts?

Remember this rule: A sequined or sequined piece should go well with basic outfits, whether color or shape.

Therefore, dark sequins or sequins will go better with basic clothes in black, burgundy, camel or sand.

Otherwise, opt for nude, pastel, white, or cream-colored clothing for light-colored sequins or sequins.

Plain, light and slightly transparent fabrics will be preferred.


If you want to use glitter, minimize your accessories and lighten your makeup for maximum effect.

Don’t be tempted by a sophisticated look, instead consider modernizing and lightening your outfit. There are no elaborate buns or tight cuts, but windy hair will be welcome.

A plain clutch or a small black bag and beautiful leather shoes will complete the outfit.

We will avoid pearls and necklaces to prefer jewelry with raw metal and plain lines. Ethnic jewelry does not go hand in hand with a sequined outfit! The goal: to play on contrasts so that each piece stands out.

When it comes to makeup, we keep it simple: bright skin, a few blushes on the cheeks, prominent eyebrows, some eye shadow and a light lipstick. We can push the simplicity with a “nude” look: a light mascara and a touch of soft pink on the lips.

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Bridal trade shows for retailers

Bridal trade shows for retailers

Top 10 women’s fashion accessories

Essential elements of a successful outfit, fashion accessories elevate a basic “basic” outfit to give true style to anyone who loves fashion.

You can find the 10 must-haves for your evening and cocktail dresses below. Let’s get started right away… with the jewellery!


The selection of earrings is primarily made according to the face shape. For a round face, avoid round shaped earrings as they accentuate the roundness. Instead, we will prefer pendants that allow to elongate the face.

Those with oval faces may prefer round curls or rings. Is your face heart-shaped or square? Expand your face with earrings in the shape of a pyramid, for example, with a wide base.


Long, medium-long or ultra-long necklaces are chosen according to their morphology. Rock version, glamor version, ethnic version or youth version, with or without pendants, a long necklace is a must for a successful wardrobe!

A very feminine accessory, it is elegant and marries shapes, giving it a lot of style.

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The cuff bracelet, which shows the thinness of your wrist, can be worn over a sweater or on bare arms.

If you want to add character to your look, this is the essential accessory!


An accessory that quickly attracts attention, brooch, vintage or designer style, knows how to be discreet and can perfectly replace a necklace.

Ideal for wearing a scarf or just to decorate a blouse or dress.


Elegant and restrained at the same time, the black pocket handkerchief accompanies all outfits: city wear, casual wear, evening wear, cocktail dresses, classic outfits…

It’s a versatile accessory, so this top has it!

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If useful, the watch is also a true fashion accessory. For an elegant outfit, choose a modest wristwatch with a stylish dial.

Many designers offer avant-garde and even daring timepieces! It’s up to you to choose according to your style!


Available in a variety of styles, black wedges are the go-anywhere shoes you go on the town or in the evening! A must have.


Dressing jeans as well as a dress or skirt, the beautiful black pumps elongate the silhouette in a very stylish and feminine way.

Opt for thin pumps to accentuate the style!

If you want to buy a wedding dress, do not buy without reading our Arab Muslim Hijab Wedding Dress Wedding Gown 10 Best Models article.


Trendy and comfortable, heeled ankle boots offer a more relaxed style to an overly tight outfit.

Sweaters can be worn with dresses, skirts, jeans or trousers, and are indispensable especially in cold seasons.


Glasses are chosen according to the shape of the face. They make it possible to either soften or straighten the face, or, on the contrary, lengthen it. Choose according to your personality!

Shoes and clothes: tips for a good fit

The first rule is to choose your outfit first, then the accessories and finally the shoes.

This is usually the last step where you say to yourself “I never have anything to wear”. However, some combinations finally make it possible to create a more stylish look than we thought!

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Most of the time, we are used to pairing our shoes with our outfits: a black outfit with black shoes, a white dress with a white pump…

Go out of the ordinary by matching the shoes with your style, not the color of your dress!

A red and white crowbar dress can be associated with silver heels, for example, or a little black dress with white sneakers. It’s up to you to choose the style of the day!

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If you need to dress in color to avoid coordination problems, limit it to 3 colors: shoes, clothes and accessories.

By wanting to do too much, you will get away from the elegance you are looking for and fall into the trap of tastelessness!


Are there fingerprints on your clothes? Avoid the total look with printed shoes!

Instead, opt for flat shoes by borrowing a color from your pattern. This coordination will present a more flamboyant and elegant style.


The height of the heel will depend on the cut of your garment knowing:

Thin heels elongate the legs. Do away with short shorts that will present a vulgar look. Here it is better to give preference to flat sandals.

Ballet flats with a “trumpet” style skirt will be perfect.

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It is clear that we cannot wear the same shoes on every occasion! Below are a few ways to avoid the fashion blunder. Therefore, we will choose:

Fine-heeled shoes for a stylish evening.

Low or flat shoes for country or casual days.

Converse or sneakers can be perfect for “breaking up” an overly rigid outfit and creating a relaxed style.

Flat shoes (leather, thin and elegant if possible) are reserved for casual wear (jeans, small spring dress, skirt, etc.).

To stay stylish, we can enrich the whole by associating them with a beautiful handbag or accessories.

If you need to show your toes, check the condition of your nails! Maybe a manicure is needed to make them truly perfect.

Your choice of shoes can change the style you are looking for or bring it to the fore.

Remember, quality and well-chosen shoes don’t require a lot of accessories to make your outfit heavy!

Also consider your comfort so your feet don’t burn if you have to wear it all day.

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