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Wholesale Wedding Dress Manufacturer

wholesale wedding dress manufacturer

What Do Wedding Dress Companies Do?

Wedding dress companies effectively use tools, equipment and equipment that comply with the industry’s efficiency and quality requirements, as well as general working principles, occupational health, work safety and environmental protection regulations.

Arranging showcases that customers can easily see,

Welcoming customers who come to the workplace with a smiling face,

Showing them their wedding dresses and evening dresses,

To promote the quality of products to customers, to make suggestions,

Testing and rehearsals of evening dresses or wedding dresses on Customers,

Identifying areas that need to be corrected during rehearsal,

Sending to quality control to take action and follow up,

Correct packaging of the products sold,

Showing accessories such as crowns, veils, bouquets to customers and choosing accessories suitable for customer preferences,

Delivers the rented wedding dress to the customer for a fee and receives it after the wedding,

The rented wedding dress is cleaned after the wedding, deals with outgoing or changing customers, returns and cleans, and places an order with the responsible department.

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What is a Wedding Dress?

A wedding dress is a special dress that the bride wears during the wedding or marriage. The color, shape and importance of the wedding dress vary according to the religion or culture of the guest.

In Western culture, a wedding in the Middle Ages meant more than a union between two people. These weddings represent the bond between two families, a business partnership or agreement between two countries. Many weddings, especially among the nobility and upper classes, are held for political purposes rather than family love.

Brides should not only dress to show off their beauty, but should also represent their family in the best possible way. Upper-class brides wore expensive fabrics and confident colors in their wedding gowns. For this reason, it is common for brides to wear dark colours, layers of fur, velvet and satin. Lower class brides will try to emulate that elegance

For centuries, brides have been wearing elegant and expensive wedding dresses according to their social status. Upper class brides wear the most beautiful dresses to go to church. The expensive decorations used in the wedding dress are a way to show the wealth of the bride’s family to the guests. Nowadays, it is possible to find wedding dresses for every budget. Some traditions are comforting enough to accept wedding dresses of various shapes and colors. Today, there are many wedding dresses that women can choose according to their tastes.

Wedding dresses often change shape according to the trend of the time. For example, wedding dresses with short front skirts, long tails and open back veils were popular in the 1920s. Until the 1940s, wedding dresses remained in line with the trend of the period. Later, a long tutu style wedding dress reminiscent of the Victorian era became popular. Although the fashions that dominate the wedding dress industry are constantly changing, most modern brides do not follow these trends. These tendencies are most desirable in a second marriage or non-traditional marriage ceremony.

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