Nova Bridal Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Nova Bridal Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Nova Bridal Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Nova Bridal Wedding Dress Manufacturers

correspondence of the dimensions of the earth

Whether it’s a dress, top, skirt or trousers, when you need to buy clothes, one detail always draws attention: the size label. However, depending on the brand or country of origin, the size indicator can take several forms.

Then it’s all too easy to get confused with all the possibilities, especially if you’re not used to certain notations.

In general, international clothing sizes are indicated on the label.

However , if necessary , it is preferable to have a minimum of knowledge about the suitability of international measures .

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Nova Bridal Wedding Dress

Why do the ratings differ from country to country?

It is often difficult to understand why there are so many markings for a single clothing size.

To find out, we must take into account that the average height of people varies according to their nationality.

In some countries, the average size of the population is indeed measured regularly.

The resulting information is then used by clothing manufacturers.

This makes it possible to have products that are perfectly suited to potential customers and gain loyalty.

Especially since the main customers will be locals of the country.

However, it is not impossible to export these clothes. And in this perspective, rating differentiation, international dimensions, play an important role.

Having a country specific note will allow you to get an idea of where the top or trousers you fell in love with came from and, for example, guess the size you should get.

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Nova Bridal

Nova Bridal

Which ratings for which countries?

In France, as in Italy or Germany, the rating is the same and generally ranges from EU 32 to EU 46 for women.

However, these dimensions need not be the same depending on the country of origin.

Thus, French sizes are also used in Belgium, Portugal and Spain.

While German sizes are implemented in Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria and Norway.

UK sizes, also used in Australia and New Zealand, range from 6 to 14 for the average female height. The rating could look like this: UK 6, NZ 6 or AU 6.

The US and UK sizes should not be confused, although the numbers may be similar.

Indeed, American sizes are usually between 2 and 16, with the US notation in front of the number.

The easiest system to solve is probably the S(Small), M(Medium) and L(Large) notation.

This system is used in many countries of the world to make clothing size labels easier to read.

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Milla Nova Gelinlik Fiyatları

How can I learn the matches?

For certain products or online sales sites, every size available is available in various systems to make it more understandable for potential buyers.

However, if this is not the case, there are also tables for international sizes available online to assist you.

Knowing your measurements can be very helpful in determining the right size for a garment.

Using this as a guide for international sizes gives you more assurance about the true size of the purchase if doubts persist about the system adopted by the vendor.

Wedding guest dress: The trend is blue!

I bought a beautiful electric blue evening dress for a wedding, but I am undecided on the color of the shoes!

I have a wedding soon and I’m planning to wear a blue dress, but how do I accessorize, what jewelry to wear,…

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Milla Nova türkiye

Milla Nova türkiye

How to wear blue when invited to a wedding?

It is no coincidence that today, blue is an indispensable color with all its tones and shades.

This “all-purpose” color is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a ceremony (wedding, baptism, PACS, communion, etc.) or everyday life.

Blue is especially ubiquitous at weddings: in processions, on the bride (something blue for the bride), in the attire of witnesses…

By wearing blue you can be sure that you will be flawless and never be insignificant.

A special shade, a symbol of social status, wealth

Blue has always been considered a symbol of great elegance and refinement.

Do you know the incredible story of this color? Know that it was discovered by the Egyptians from the powder of lapis lazuli stone, which the pharaohs used to decorate their tombs.

These pigments come from India and are very expensive!

Blue was seen as a serious color due to its difficulty in obtaining, and therefore it was associated with wealth and clothing worn on very special occasions.

This explains the fact that in England during the Elizabethan era (1558-1603) only members of the royal family were allowed to wear blue ceremonial dresses.

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Blue wedding dress in all shades

Blue is now available in several variations to make us feel good in any situation.

From the traditional navy or navy blue to the stylish and captivating pastel blue and the trendy electric blue, whichever shade you choose, it always provides a perfect and elegant look.


Milla Nova Gelinlik Fiyatları


For the summer season, we will prefer turquoise blue dresses, which is one of the most beautiful colors of summer.

The same variation applies to the shapes of the dress, which can be short and sexy, long and tight, optionally decorated with stones, sequins or other embellishments… they are better according to their morphology.

How to wear a blue dress for a wedding guest?

Knowing how to match the colors of your clothes isn’t always easy.

Like the little black dress, the blue dress is considered a holiday essential and therefore goes with everything. Admittedly, its lighter tone sometimes makes it difficult to match.

Some will say black without hesitation to not add too much color.

Others will rely on the electric blue/matte silver combination for a stylish and youthful look…

The principle is simply to choose your accessories according to the style you want to adopt!

For a very classic, elegant and formal look, you can choose nude or plain black heels, or even burgundy with your navy blue dress.

On the other hand, if you prefer to be different and add character to your outfit, you can bet on colorful shoes that will draw attention to your look: gold, silver.

It’s the same when choosing your jewelry: imposing earrings will add color to your outfit!

Royal blue dress, electric blue, cobalt blue, navy blue, peacock blue, petrol blue…

Now it’s your turn to pamper yourself! 😉 Which color shoes and which accessory did you adopt for your blue wedding dress?

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Milla Nova


Can you wear a white dress to a wedding?

176 years after Queen Victoria’s days, brides still wear white at their weddings.

Few deviate from this tradition. The wedding dress must be white. White represents the purity, virginity and innocence of the bride-to-be.

In this regard, the white color is therefore reserved for the bride. No guest should stop the bride from standing out and shining on her “big day”.

Marriage and couples expert Agnès Walch also said that “white remains a symbol of not borrowing from the bride unless you want to ‘steal the show’.”

It’s still a special day for the bride. It must be the most beautiful! It deserves to shine and be the star of white.

Wearing a white dress to a wedding is a blunder unless agreed with the bride or the color is part of the theme.

A guest in a white dress, mostly in the style of “Cannes Festival”, would undoubtedly disturb the bride.

Moreover, it is often said that people who come to a wedding in white have bad intentions: they want to attract attention and therefore be the center of attention.

Brides and grooms pay thousands of dollars for their big day. It would be unfair to ruin their special day.

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The trend of the white dress at the wedding of the stars

However, some people still consider it sacred and immutable to keep white for the bride, while others no longer consider it appropriate.

There are many, including celebrities, who don’t hesitate for a second to ignore this rule.

We remember the outfit Kate Middleton wore to Meghan and Harry’s controversial wedding.

Indeed, the Duchess of Cambridge appeared in a white suit that was pulled towards yellow.

She almost got stung at her own wedding by her own sister, Pippa Middleton, in her divine white dress!

This is said to pay homage to the Anglo-Saxon tradition of simply wanting her to look like a bridesmaid.

But during the last wedding of Beyonce’s mother, as well as her sister Solange, even rapper Kanye West and Kim Kardashian…

All guests were required to dress in white (or black)!



White dress

So why is it a blunder to wear white at a wedding? It’s so obvious who the bride is, so don’t get confused.

All eyes are on him, walking down the aisle, holding the bouquet, holding his fiancee on his arm – everything indicates that he is getting married.

It doesn’t matter what the wedding guests wear. The important thing is how you and your spouse guide the marriage.

The bride should be happy that the guests chose to come and share her happy occasion. Unless they’re dressed for the beach, they shouldn’t care what they’re wearing, unless they’re invited.

Focus on the ceremony and enjoying the day rather than trying to find out what color the guests are wearing!

Today is his day, not theirs, you will have to make the most of it without worrying about the trivial details. It’s not like people ignore it.

If a guest is wearing a white dress (ivory, cream, etc.) that doesn’t look like a wedding dress, there’s no need to fret.

Isn’t it better to see someone wearing a white dress at a wedding and putting a lot of effort into their outfit than seeing someone in a very casual outfit (no effort for the bride and groom’s big day)?

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Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Kate Middleton in a cream dress

However, despite looking charming, the Duchess of Cambridge’s cream-colored outfit choice still raised a few eyebrows on her sister-in-law’s big day.

It was reported that he was not particularly bothered about buying a new outfit according to rumors. She would have worn the dress three times before!


So everything depends on the bride’s choice according to her own tastes and comfort level.

It’s the most important day of her life, so if a guest comes to her wedding in a white dress, it’s up to her: get angry at trivial details or roll with beatings.

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Millanova istanbul

What would you do? Did your family wear a white dress on their wedding day?

Our tips for changing your look at a glance

According to the most popular surveys, women around the world have a personal resentment of most clothing they own.

After all, shopping is often a guilty pleasure you indulge in; only to realize that you are buying products that are of no use to you.

In fact, all you do is hoard clothes you’ll never wear in your closet and spend more than you can afford.

You need to get rid of these traditional mistakes and get great deals when shopping for a dress.

But how is that possible, you have to attend a lot of social events and you definitely can’t wear the same dress over and over again! Here you are wrong.

stylish dress

Women, dresses and myths

Women are made to believe that they cannot wear the same dress over and over again in the large retail business.

All they care about is whether they make a profit or not. So, like most women, you believed that a dress seen once cannot be worn later. But this is not true.

There are different combinations you can try to create the illusion that you have an endless collection of dresses!

cover up

If you are going to wear the same dress over and over, you need to be creative and invest in accessories or secondary pieces.

In this way, you will spend a very small part of your income on basic clothes such as tops or dresses.

Pair it with a shiny jacket next time. If the dress is very formal, opt for a cotton fabric or even a leather jacket.

If you’re looking for a more casual look, suede is also a great option. Don’t worry about the association.

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Wedding Dress Manufacturer

Nova wedding bağlıca

play high

You will be surprised that shoes can transform your dress. Pair this dress with other accessories or change up your regular shoe preference.

If your default choice for outfit is a pair of heels, try sneakers for a change.

If you want to keep your high heels look, change your choice with different heels!

carry a bag

Bags can add visual appeal to your look. Feel free to experiment with clutches, shoulder bags, tote bags and more!

Whether you’re choosing a cool bag or composing with a flashy look, choosing a bag gives the whole outfit a very different perspective.

sexy dress

Don’t forget to make the right choice among the cheap pink evening dress models offered on the original websites and combine it with an effective accessory for a new touch every day!

The perfect evening look with an elegant outfit

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about an upcoming event: “Oh my God, what dress am I going to wear?”

If that’s the question you ask at every opportunity, why not worry more when you have to attend a cocktail party?

Looking gorgeous is also important and you should look your best.

So the only concern is to wear the right dress and then choose the ideal Cinderella evening dresses for any occasion, whether formal or semi-formal.

Wedding Dresses Manufacturers will train you on many issues that you do not know. We will be happy to assist you.


Incredible Look at the 101 Party

Small details make the dress special and if you are going to a party, you need to pay close attention to these elements.

However, there are a few things to consider before having the perfect evening look.

Here’s a guide to transforming the cocktail look into a flawless one:

Choose the perfect outfit

Words are not enough to describe the importance of the perfect outfit. Indeed, a beautiful dress will reveal your personality in depth.

A perfect outfit will make you stand out and give you that special look you’ve always dreamed of.

So the first thing you should think about is to find the most beautiful dress that fits you perfectly. Here’s what you need to do.

evening view

Consider your body type first, then the color or tone of the dress you will buy.

Order the dress immediately when you’re done. Nowadays, many women prefer to go to outlet stores for their clothes, but this is a problem.

You will not see any flaws when you try on the dress. The bright light and fake compliments in the buying guide will confuse your decision.

Therefore, you can choose the online shopping alternative.

Wholesale Bridal Dresses Wedding Dress Manufacturers Europe will train you on many issues that you do not know. We will be happy to assist you.

Madelyn milla nova

fashionable dress

This allows you to try on the outfit in your comfort zone and truly feel the value of your purchase.

Also, returning the item is very easy as there are great terms and conditions.

When you put on the suit and stand in normal light, you will not experience unrealistic impressions or other expectations.

Match all view

Now that you’re done choosing the dress, the last thing you need to think about is how to put it all together.

This means that makeup, hairstyles and accessories will accentuate your look and make you look pretty!

Nova Bridal Wedding Dress

whole view

Don’t worry, if you choose a collection of Cinderella evening dresses, you’ll be amazed at how little effort it will take to put the whole look together.

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