Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale Top 10 Models


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Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale Top 10 Models

Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale, Our products are sold in bulk.

Who are we addressing?

To the wedding dress manufacturers who are currently selling first class wedding dresses and engagement rings, but whose workshop costs are too much for them and who are looking for a cure. For tradespeople who want to sell high end Wedding Dresses but don’t know where to start. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

What kind of wedding dresses do we make?

Our fashion house specializes in making the likeness of the world-renowned anonymous wedding dress models.

What do you need to do to work with us?

You can send us an e-mail to [email protected] with the photo of the wedding dress model you want to be made, the color and dimensions you want, and the detail information you want.

Your orders will be sent to your address by us in the sizes and colors you choose and on the date you specify, not earlier than the time notified to you.

Warning: In remote orders, your measurements are exactly the same, but working with a machinist for unforeseen ordinary problems such as waist gap or weight gain will save you from many last minute troubles.

Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale


When choosing a wedding dress model, you need to choose from your body type to the wedding season, from the wedding venue to the price. A cut, straight cut, fish cut, empire cut… you should first determine the most suitable one for your body among many different types of wedding dresses.

When you say whether your leg is long or short, your arm is long or short, your waist is thick or thin, many factors are important in determining your wedding dress model. First of all, your body
you should know.

A-Line Wedding Dress

Princess Skirt Wedding Dress

Fish and Half Fish Wedding Dresses

Straight Cut Wedding Dresses

Robe Cut Wedding Dresses


It is the dream of every young girl to wear a white and long veiled wedding dress. Everything starts with looking for the wedding dress that she portrayed in her childhood dreams, and it continues until she wears the most amazing wedding dress.

Although your dreams are the biggest factor when choosing your wedding dress, the new year’s wedding dress fashion, trends and the recommendations of your close circle are also important factors.

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When choosing your dream wedding dress, it will be enough not to forget some details:

Know your body type well and choose accordingly. If you are short, avoid wedding dresses with very puffy skirts. If your upper body and hip area is wide, you should avoid draped wedding dresses. Draped wedding dress helps to make the waist look slimmer, so it is ideal for thick waists. The more you do not trust your body lines, the less detailed you should choose a wedding dress.

Make sure you do enough research. Whether you want to buy the wedding dress ready or to have it sewn, decide on all these and set out. If you are going to have it sewn, you need to decide on it months before your wedding day.


Your wedding dress fabric is another element that you should pay attention to. Try to choose the color that goes best with your skin, don’t go for bright or pale colors just because of fashion. Think and decide as a whole, from your hair color to the makeup you will do.(Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

Make sure that your wedding dress is not too tight or heavy. Remember that you will be standing or dancing for hours in your wedding dress. The more you try to find the model you feel most comfortable with, the more comfortable you will be on your wedding night.

In addition to sewing wedding dresses, they can be bought ready-made, ‘The wedding dress should cover the bride’s body flaws, models should be chosen according to her height and weight… Another issue,’ he said.

What if you can’t decide? Check out our recommendations

Would you like to step into a new life with your spouse, experience the happiness of moving your age beyond a crazy memory, live a day that is not full of joy, and win your happiest day with sweet excitement? So, let’s take a look at how we propose to prepare our bride-to-be based on our experience;

Your own forgetfulness, your most beautiful character elements, your banquet measures.

For him, everything you wear is not just a tool to influence your lifestyle, it’s not just a tool to keep warm, it reflects the design. Children will cover all the focal points that you will explain in general shopping, wedding dress, education, comprehensive education programs to prepare for education and introduce your loved ones.

Do you want to be the most beautiful bride? So trust a rule; The most beautiful bride is the happiest. Take your joy out.

Is their glorious organization quite cheap, not the size of an idea? Your prejudices will unite and you will repeat your love for your spouse in the details of your closest ones. Consider the wedding a step towards yourself. It is thought that the wedding is not only the day when the spouses live together, but the day when the spouses celebrate their union in their own way. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

find your theme, hug tight this model is yours, is it too boring to fit the mold, don’t fall in love, bohemian style brides, floral ornaments, vintage for beautiful bodies, come to these if they shine too, patterns are not very common? Do you have a modern and classic lifestyle for candlesticks and embroidered accessories, then make stylish and modest choices with A-cut combinations with your loved ones.

Find their owners, love and think. It will be suitable for the wedding.

Wedding dresses online

The area where you determine your wedding, what about the wedding dress?

Let’s give them a wedding dress model that suits their eyes. It can be hosted in the warehouse of the wedding hall.


Opting for multi-level, large, wide chandeliers is a space that transmits the broadcast, just like making love to glory. How should your wedding dress be? The designs used in the wedding dress design can be your designs in the wedding dress models. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)


Do you like idyllic, you can spend time indoors or outdoors and he chose the festival for you. A lively wedding dress will suit such a wedding in life, you can choose wedding dresses in which you can walk or even run, vintage, bohemian, modern or classic style, floral pattern or complete your wedding dress.


Your aim for a fun and free wedding is to examine the hotel/pool design in the same way, to be designed to reflect your purpose here and to be compatible with your original design in your wedding dress. If it will be at the beginning, choose a model in the open area, but choose the model that is multifunctional and you want. Your wedding dress should also contain a modest simplicity that reflects magnificence.

2022 wedding dress trends


A complete collection of children’s clothing, 2022 anniversaries, wedding dress trends, future-oriented designs and designs of that period is ready for 2022.
Wedding dresses will carry the return to the festival together and will also carry the transportation.

The 2022 wedding dress, the first of the firsts, is a naive and modern wedding dress model that is fully appreciated with its embroidered motifs.

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reunion, the second is about the future and the events that will emerge from the difficult platform of your humble perspective. While wedding dresses stand out with their details, satin
it will catch the see-through lace. The emphasis will be on princess and real models, not on the design of multitasking designs. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

If it’s a cut wedding dress, I don’t like compliments like a straight wedding dress. 2022 wedding dress pre-collections are the plan of elegance
It is to reveal the design models exhibited by the design with its entire showcase. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)


Our article on wedding dress selection and wedding dress models according to the wedding venue includes advice on which model wedding dress you should choose in places such as country wedding, hotel wedding, beach wedding, historical venue wedding, boat wedding, poolside wedding, restaurant wedding, village wedding.

How should the wedding dress selection be for a country wedding?

Wedding in the atmosphere of fragrant air on the grass. Sounds peaceful, natural, energetic, free and comfortable concept, right? So, are you ready to increase your self-confidence and energy with a wedding dress suitable for this concept and place!

Bohemian bridesmaid dresses, flying thin fabrics, tassels, shabby and original style will be a unique choice for a country wedding. If you want to get more information about the bohemian wedding dress where you will look both stylish and cool, you can click on the link. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

Straight cut wedding dresses, which are very suitable for a country wedding, go very well with low shoulders and low back. You can also look very noble with midi length and half fish form wedding dresses. If you have straight legs, we recommend you to try mini length wedding dress models.

Wholesale wedding dresses (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

We do not recommend fluffy wedding dresses that will limit your mobility, such as a princess cut wedding dress, for country weddings. We can recommend A-cut wedding dresses, which are not as fluffy as the princess cut, to women who say they want to wear a wedding dress that is a little fluffy.

It is more appropriate to use wedge heel bridal shoes for a country wedding. You can have natural bridal makeup that will make you look flawless. Randomly gathered hair or braids will make you look both shabby and elegant. You will be an exquisite country bride with hair accessories and jewelry decorated with flowers.(Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

How to choose a wedding dress for a hotel wedding?

The princess and the prince are the most favorite couple in the balloon. The moment they step into the hall, they become the focus of all eyes. The princess glides slowly and walks in great magnificence, and the prince accompanies her. The princess’s rhinestone, French lace-embroidered, long-tailed wedding dress is quite eye-catching. The flamboyant crown accompanying her wedding dress adds nobility to the princess. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

The wedding dress selection should be just as magnificent, as the hall for hotel weddings is a stony and glittering place with flamboyant chandeliers. Get ready to wear a very eye-catching wedding dress in this concept, which is the dream wedding of most brides-to-be. Princess cut wedding dresses, which will make you feel like princesses, will be a wonderful choice for hotel weddings. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

Apart from choosing a wedding dress for a hotel wedding, you can use long veils, flamboyant crowns, intense embroidery, laces, magnificent bun or waves, heavy make-up and pointed heels bridal shoes. These choices will fit the space quite well.

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Princess cut, A cut and fish cut bridesmaid dresses are very suitable for hotel wedding concept. You can try these models by considering your body type. You can review our wedding dress article according to your body type to get information about what your body type is and which wedding dress models will suit you.

Wedding dress wholesale suppliers

How to choose a wedding dress for a beach wedding?

Who wouldn’t want to get married in such an atmosphere, with the delicious smell of that salty humid air brought to his nose by the warm warm wind, romantic dancing on the beach, flying skirts and the soothing sound of the waves…

So, what kind of wedding dress should be preferred for such a concept? First of all, if you have the thought of wearing a bridal gown with a turban and fluffy, you can wave away from that thought; because fluffy models such as princess cut will not be a suitable choice at all.

The choice of wedding dress for the beach wedding should be flight-and-flight tulle, tasseled models with lace ethnic patterns, straight-cut, deep-back and low-shoulder wedding dresses, chiffon and silk fabrics that do not limit your mobility, mini-length wedding dresses with rhinestones and floral embroidery and tulle tails. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

While natural wavy hair, braids and messy buns will provide a unique harmony to the wedding dress you have chosen, ethnic or lace embroidered ornaments that you wear on your hair, rhinestone or pearl ornaments that draw “s” rhythmically through your braids, flowers accumulated in the corner of your messy bun or crowns decorated with flowers will look very nice. .

How should the wedding dress selection be for the historical venue wedding?

Historical wedding venues, which are the most suitable places for brides-to-be who want to reflect the traces, atmosphere and texture of the past on their wedding, are generally palaces, mansions, mansions and cisterns. The vintage concept will be a unique choice for this place. When a vintage wedding dress complete with retro pieces is combined with pearls, your soul will be teleported to the past.

When historical venue and vintage wedding concept are mentioned, gloves made of French lace and lace, strapless and bateau neckline wedding dresses, red lipstick, tulle hats called voile and vintage bridal veils, beige wedding dresses, pearl and diamond jewelry, A-cut or midi-length wedding dresses , tiny heels, vintage and retro hairstyles are coming.

With these pieces, you will look very naive and magnificent with the vintage concept that will fit into the historical place tremendously and will never go out of fashion. You should pay attention to these details when choosing your wedding dress for a historical venue wedding. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

How should the wedding dress selection be for the boat wedding?

The sound of seagulls is added to the endless sky and the soothing blue of the sea. The most suitable model for such a place is, of course, a mini or midi length wedding dress in which you can move freely. Flying chiffon straight cut wedding dresses are also very suitable for a boat wedding. It will be a very cool choice in wedding dresses with slits, where tulle adorns the mini-length wedding dress.

Long-tail models should be avoided. The use of a short veil, voile or glittering crown will suit brides very well. While choosing bridal shoes with stony sandals or flats will be perfect for comfort, we recommend wedge heels to brides who say they want to wear high heels. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

Reflecting the naturalness of the place to the make-up, choosing a natural and radiant make-up without exaggeration will make you feel perfect. When choosing a wedding dress for a boat wedding, you should pay attention to comfort.

Wedding dress manufacturers in Turkey

How to choose a wedding dress for a poolside wedding?

For the poolside wedding, which is one of the most accepted wedding venues of the summer months, you should choose a sparkly, glamorous yet simple wedding dress that does not restrict your movement. Half fish, straight cut, short length bridesmaid dresses will suit the poolside wedding very well. Very long tails and fluffy models should not be preferred. We can recommend the A cut wedding dress model to the bride candidates who like the fluffy wedding dress very well. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

Two-piece wedding dresses with low-waisted necklines, deep low-cut necklines and models with thin straps will add elegance to you. The choice of wedding dress for the poolside wedding can also be transparent models decorated with lace. You will also look exquisite with stone crowns that will add sparkle to you. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

How should the wedding dress be chosen for the restaurant wedding?

It is a simple yet elegant wedding dress that fits the most for restaurant weddings where you will celebrate on a smaller scale, with a limited number of guests in a warm and friendly atmosphere. You can choose straight cut, half fish or mini size for your wedding dress.

When choosing a wedding dress for a restaurant wedding, we do not recommend a princess cut wedding dress because there are many small venues. You can choose a strapless, boat and “v” neckline for the neckline of your wedding dress, and you can style your hair with a naturally wavy or ear-level bun. In this simplicity, it will be very suitable for you to wear earrings or necklaces. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

How should the wedding dress selection be for the village wedding?

If you are planning to have your wedding in a village, we recommend you to be inspired by nature. Do not forget that there are details about nature in 2019 bridal trains. A-cut models, flying chiffon skirts, designs adorned with flowers and branches are ideal for a village wedding.

Also, stay away from a pure white wedding dress! Since it is an open-air and especially a village wedding, it is possible that your wedding dress will get dirty immediately. For this reason, we recommend that you take a look at wedding dresses made of more beige or nude tones. Both these colors are at the forefront of 2019 wedding dresses! Do not forget to use flower details in your hair accessories. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

When to start looking for a wedding dress? | Wedding and Bridal Shopping

Most brides-to-be think about what kind of wedding dress I should wear at my wedding from the first moment they receive a marriage proposal. Wedding dresses are the dreams of most brides-to-be; but making an effort to find the most correct and most beautiful is a very stressful process.

Without doing a good wedding dress research before your wedding ceremony, unfortunately, you cannot find a wedding dress that will make you look perfect. It’s not just a wedding dress; Parts such as accessories, bridal shoes, bridal flowers are also elements that should be considered during the bridal shopping process. For this reason, an early wedding shopping will prepare you very well for your wedding day.

There are certain questions you need to answer before you start your bridal shopping process. Have you set a price range? Are there any models you like? Which models are suitable for your body type? After answering these questions, you will be one step closer to the model that will show you the most perfect, rather than drowning among thousands of models.

So, when should you start looking for a wedding dress to find the most beautiful wedding dress that will make you look gorgeous at your wedding? Continue reading our article for the most accurate wedding dress shopping time. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

Before you start the bridal shopping process, determine your model and budget.

You may be tired of the “which model should I wear” question that you constantly ask yourself and your friends. Do not worry, and reduce the complexity of the model in your mind by reading our article on which wedding dress model should I wear according to body type.

Wholesale wedding dress

After learning the wedding dress models that will suit you best according to your body type, take a look at the wedding dress models you find on Pinterest, Instagram or magazines and you will have ideas that you can say you should wear this kind of wedding dress. Thus, you will act as a bride who knows what she wants during wedding shopping.

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Also, you must have a budget that you set! If you turn to models suitable for your budget, instead of getting lost among the wedding dress prices, your selection range will narrow. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

When to start looking for wedding dresses? Here is the answer…

If you are thinking of wearing a custom made wedding dress, it is a good idea to start your wedding dress research at least 5 months, ideally 8 months in advance. Considering that the sewing of the wedding dress will take a certain amount of time and the details you want to add later, there is no need to risk your day when you need to look the best.

In an early wedding dress shopping; You will have time to easily choose pieces such as bridal accessories, bridal shoes, bridal flowers. If you are thinking of buying a ready made wedding dress rather than a tailor made one, you can shorten the wedding dress search time a little more. If you want more tips for bridal shopping, keep reading our article. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

If you’re asking, “I’m thinking about losing weight, when should I start the wedding shopping process”…

Most of the ladies who think they are overweight want to lose weight before their wedding or a very special day. If you are a bride-to-be who is considering losing 1-2 kilos before your wedding, you should not worry about the wedding dress shopping time and buy your wedding dress at the ideal time; because if you are not aiming for a serious weight loss, your wedding dress will be made suitable for you with small touches.

Important points to know about bridal shopping

After the wedding dress selection, determine all the changes you want to make on the wedding dress model, so you will not be stressed about the changes you want to make later.
Be sure to check your wedding dress, which is in the process of being sewn 3 months before your wedding. This is important for post-wedding shopping.
If you work with a professional haute couture company, you will not ask yourself what will happen to my wedding dress; because a professional team will do a professional job.

Wedding preparation is not only purchased from the wedding dress, you will decide on your accessories, shoes, hair and make-up after purchasing your wedding dress.

Wedding dress suppliers

After ordering your choice of shoes for your wedding dress; You will be able to be with you for your preferred shoes and wedding dress.

You will create your wedding theme and venue. You can click on the link to read which wedding dress model to choose according to the wedding venue. Who wants a bohemian model for organizing a historical venue? If your home environment is suitable, you can evaluate yourself with a wedding dress that is not suitable for a suitable place for a wedding dress. (Wholesale Wedding Dress Sale)

The most special days for bridal shopping are weekdays! You will be faced with a team that will take special care of us.

Finally, be careful to take a little with you. Bridal shopping service, too many people, too many ideas. This leads to a battle of opinions. What bride would want to meet the lowly opinion motto!

wholesale wedding dress sale

Now with all products related to bridal shopping. If you have a wedding in the following months, you can start shopping for wedding dresses immediately. Alisse nuerA, a haute couture brand, helps you with your wedding shopping process.

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