Wedding Dress Manufacturers in Turkey Best 1

Wedding Dress Manufacturers in Turkey Best 1

Wedding Dress Manufacturers in Turkey

Wedding Dress Manufacturers in Turkey

Why not try on a wedding dress you’ve never worn before? An interesting experience that will definitely give yourself a new perspective.
Remember, your wedding day is a very special day.

It is not only the first day of your future life as a married spouse, but also the first day of your vow of eternal love and fidelity to be there for your partner in good and bad times.

At the Metropol wedding dress in Turkey, the wedding dress that deserves this special event is presented to you exactly.

Tip: The time it takes to search for and try on a wedding dress is often underestimated, so we recommend that visitors make an appointment in advance.

This is the only way to ensure our sales staff is there just for you.

Wedding dress manufacturers in Turkey


No matter where and which wedding dress is purchased, changes to the wedding dress are almost always pre-programmed.

This is because of significant size differences that are sometimes particularly noticeable when you try on wedding dresses in the same size but from different manufacturers.

Also, every bride has certain problem areas, which means that the chosen wedding dress is not always exactly what it should be. As a result, the bride either has to make a time-consuming and costly wedding dress change or lives with the fact that the wedding dress does not fit 100%.

That’s why you should buy a Metropol wedding dress. We only sell custom made wedding dresses to our customers! We do not sell ready-made goods.

Each wedding dress is custom made according to each client’s wishes so they can feel comfortable and enjoy their wedding day.
Maximum wearing comfort is always guaranteed with our clothing.

Buy a little extra, and buy one of our elegant wedding dresses and you’ll get all the bridal accessories that come with this dress for free as a wedding gift. Wedding Dress Manufacturers in Turkey


Ball Dress or Princess style bridal gowns

The bodice that wraps the figure is typical of princess or Duchess style wedding dresses, which are either kept plain or staged with embroidery and/or appliqués, as well as pearls and sequins, depending on the model.

The inner skirts of Duchesse wedding dresses are always very voluminous. Most often it is a lush circle skirt with or without a train.

Tip: The slim-fit tops of princess-style wedding dresses can best accentuate a slim waist. The voluminous skirt can be used to cover wider hips or thighs.

Younger ladies who are interested in a ball gown should pay attention to the fact that the skirt is not too bulky when buying such a wedding dress. Otherwise, it will appear smaller than it actually is.

Turkish wedding dress designer

A-Cut Wedding Dress

Of course, you can also buy A cut wedding dresses from Metropol wedding dresses. The skirt of this wedding dress form has minimal flare. Wedding dresses of this cut are usually made of tighter fabrics, as they fall better.

The body-hugging bodice of A-cut wedding dresses does not have a waist seam, but has continuous vertical seams. As a result, the A-line wedding dress is designed to emphasize the bride’s shoulders and décolleté.

Tip: A-line wedding dresses are perfect for women with very feminine curves, as they significantly stretch the figure and cover problem areas with a tailored cut.

A wedding dress in this cut can be worn by very small but also very large brides.

Best Turkish wedding dress designer

Empire Wedding Dress

Our Empire style wedding dresses are usually made of light and flowing fabrics .

Due to the greatly shortened bodice, the waist seam is directly under the bust, which especially emphasizes the arms, shoulders and décolleté of the bride.

The cut of the tight skirt is quite simple so that the wearer’s hips, legs and stomach can be covered and any problem areas can be hidden.

Tip: If you’re a fairly tall woman, a floor-length version of an empire-style wedding dress is perfect for you.

However, if you’re younger, a knee-length version of the Empire style wedding dress is preferable.

Our Empire style wedding dresses are usually made of light and flowing fabrics .

Due to the greatly shortened bodice, the waist seam is directly under the bust, which especially emphasizes the arms, shoulders and décolleté of the bride.

The cut of the tight skirt is quite simple so that the wearer’s hips, legs and stomach can be covered and any problem areas can be hidden.

Tip: If you’re a fairly tall woman, a floor-length version of an empire-style wedding dress is perfect for you.

However, if you’re younger, a knee-length version of the Empire style wedding dress is preferable.

Wedding dresses for sale in Turkey


You can expect a wide variety of personalized wedding dresses at attractive prices for Turkey Metropol wedding dresses. Of course, this includes mermaid style wedding dresses.

Mermaid style wedding dresses are tight-fitting and perfectly show the good figure of the bride. The skirt sticks out more than just the knees or thighs.

Wedding dresses for sale in Turkey

There is no other country where you see so many wedding dresses in showcases like Turkey. I suppose.

There are almost unlimited possibilities, every style, every design available. You can even have a custom wedding dress manufacturer made in a few days.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right stores and know what options are open to you.

Let’s start!

What kind of wedding dress should I choose?

Here is some advice to help you find the right dress more easily.

First, consider what time of year you will get married.

Choose the style of the dress accordingly:

• If you are getting married in the winter, you may need a cape for the shoulders if the dress is strapless.

• Those getting married in the spring will choose a light, pretty dress with lace and avoid dramatic dresses with long tails and beads.

• Long sleeves and trench coats are not suitable for summer wedding celebrations. You may need a second short dress for your party.

• In autumn, you may be more inclined to take long trains and lush greenery. Floral dresses are not very appropriate for this time of year.

It goes without saying that the decision is yours alone, but the time of year plays a bigger role than you might think. You don’t have to worry about Turkish tailors.

They will customize or modify your dress to your liking. So it’s okay if you suddenly don’t want the sleeves anymore or if the train seems too long…

Wedding dresses in Turkey online

custom wedding dress manufacturer

Determine your own body type and find the most suitable style

If you know your body type, you will also know which dress will suit you best. Of course, that doesn’t mean you love him the most. But you can try, right? If you don’t like it, choose something else.

There are many different styles, something for every taste. The most popular are bohemian style, mermaid, A-line, ball gown, trumpet, mini to name a few.

Maybe you want a combination of different styles.

Store attendants will never say no to any of your requests, no matter what you choose. They are happy to give you advice, but will not do so unless you specifically ask them for advice.

So don’t be shy, don’t be afraid to ask the professionals for their opinion. They can show you a dress you would never choose, just try it on. If you don’t like it either, that’s okay.

Professionals will try to help you with your decision. Remember, you can try on as many dresses as you want.

Where is the best place to buy my wedding dress in Turkey?

In principle, you can buy a wedding dress from any village in Turkey. There are more than enough shops everywhere.

However, the quality of fabrics in big cities is generally better.

For this reason, we recommend that you buy your wedding dress in one of the big cities.

Here are 3 big cities in Turkey where you can buy a wedding dress:

• İzmir: You can find many wedding dress shops in the Çankaya region of İzmir. It is said that wedding dress fashion designers are based in Izmir. Accordingly, the market is highly competitive. It pays to visit several stores and compare offers.

• Izmir is a paradise for wedding dresses. The mansion area is the most popular. Tradesmen here are accustomed to foreign customers. Since many Arab customers also shop there, you will often see the abundantly decorated models in the showcases.

Wedding dress prices are cheaper in Izmir, but the shops here are smaller and often specialize in a particular style. Therefore, you should contact us before you find the right one.

Metropol wedding dress is one of the well-known companies in Izmir. It only caters to overseas customers. With our tailors specialized in the field, we can produce the model you want for you at a more affordable price.

Discounts are available for your wholesale purchases.

Metropol also produces bridal bridesmaid dresses. We provide quality fabric, quality workmanship and error-free shipping in our wedding dresses with our expert quality control team.

You ask, we produce your wedding dress.

Do not decide without buying a wedding dress price from us!

Wedding Dress Manufacturer in Turkey

Contact with Wedding Dress Sellers in Turkey

Unfortunately this is a problem. While the salespeople are very talkative and helpful, they often do not speak foreign languages or speak very poor English.

However, you can find foreign-speaking staff in the stores of expensive brands. But these shops are not very flexible in terms of price.

We recommend going with an interpreter to smaller shops that usually have good deals.

As Metropol wedding dress, we do not have a language problem. You can call us and describe the wedding dress you want. Our English is fine. You can talk to us easily.

How long will it take to receive my wedding dress?

Everything Depends On It. The timeframe ranges from a few months to several months.

• If you choose a ready-made dress that is too offensive, you can have your wedding dress in a few days.

• Re-sewing your dress from a pattern available at the same fabric and lace store should take a few weeks or even months into account in high season.

• A completely bespoke dress with a different fabric, new design and style. But if it will happen and the orders in the workshop are overflowing, you will receive the dress in a few days.

April and August are the busiest season for wedding dress regions in Turkey.

Wedding dresses in Turkey price

You can find a plain dress for 8000 TL in small shops; It goes up to 21000 TL depending on works such as fabric, beads, lace. wedding dresses in Turkey price

If you wear a dress from a well-known Turkish brand, it costs between 19000 TL and 25000 TL. You can recognize this store from its central showrooms.

Luxury goods stores or workshops, such as Vakko, where interiors are sold, are the most expensive. Prices start from 29000 TL, there is no upper limit.

Definitely worth asking a few stores for offers and product. Maybe your dream dress is even cheaper at another store.

Can I buy a custom made wedding dress from Turkey?

Of course, you can also have a custom made dress made for you. Most often, stores that do not have a fixed catalog specialize in this type of order.

However, you should plan a little more time for this. Consider the high season, April to August, when stores are usually full and there are waiting times.

Well-known Turkish brands will not make a bespoke dress, but they may make some alterations to one of the dresses from their catalog.

Wedding dresses in Turkey price

Wedding dresses in Turkey online

Yes, you can also order wedding dresses online. However, for this you have to find a reliable company and accept the risk that a tailor at your place of residence will do some retouching after you receive the dress.

When ordering online, you pay approximately 50% of the total price upfront, the rest on delivery.

It is best to seek advice before ordering. If you need help,

Contact us, let’s talk details.

Metropol Wedding Dress Phone Number; +90 552 607 85 87

You can browse our Metropol wedding dress website. We are ready to produce wedding dresses in the model you want.

Wholesale Wedding Dresses

Buyers from all over the world buy wedding dresses wholesale in Turkey. If you are looking for more information on this, please contact us so we can provide you with more information.

Accessories for the Wedding Dress

Around the wedding dress shops, you will often find shops selling bags, shoes, hair accessories or similar accessories. The shops where you buy your dress often also offer related articles. However, the choice is not that big.


If you have any other questions about wedding dresses, we will be happy to assist you as metropolitan wedding dresses. We are your partner and specialist in wedding dresses and wedding dresses, wedding dresses and wholesale. For more detailed information

Just send us a message or visit our ultimate guide to weddings in Turkey.

You can visit our instagram page to review the wedding dress models we produce.

Click for Metropol wedding dress instagram page!

Wedding dress fashion moves very fast. Trends come and go, and brides often want to wear the latest cuts, shapes and colors.

It is even more important for wedding dress stores to keep up with the times and always keep their collections up to date.

Therefore, one of the most important questions in this sector is related to the buying and selling of clothes.

metropol wedding dress

What are the margins and which suppliers are worth working with?

Good contacts pay off

Of course, supply and demand also play a role in the wedding dress industry. Bridal gown fashion stores are often in direct competition with each other.

As a result, individual dealers almost undercut each other at the respective prices. For this reason at least, more and more companies are demanding lower intra-industry price caps.

However, well-known wedding dress manufacturers make sure they only work with professional shops that appreciate their work.

Therefore, anyone self-employed in the bridal fashion business should contact individual manufacturers.

Find the right wedding dress wholesaler!

The most important thing when choosing a wholesaler for your company is which bridal fashion you want to sell. There are different manufacturers with completely different styles.

Choose the one that suits your business here. Comparing prices also makes sense. Most wholesalers have several manufacturers in their assortment and can offer you cheap purchase prices depending on the purchase quantity.

However, a few bridal fashion stores also collaborate directly with manufacturers and source their dresses from there – they even design and sew them themselves.

Correct pricing is the beginning and end of everything

Even as a bridal shop, some fixed costs have to be covered. This includes, for example, the rent of store premises.

In addition, wages for employees and advertising and marketing costs must be considered. Therefore, there is no way to do a comprehensive price calculation.

Wedding dress purchase prices vary depending on the manufacturer. Finally, you should rely on a few selected manufacturers, especially at the beginning, and then expand your product range.

Clothes that are currently relatively expensive and cost several hundred euros are then resold at a much higher price.

Gross prices between 4,000 and 5,000 euros are not uncommon. In return, of course, there are clothes that can be bought for less than 100 euros and sold for a correspondingly low price. In any case, all operating costs must be covered at the time of sale.

Brides looking for dresses for their big day want impeccable service. You often walk into a bridal shop with your family and friends and want to be treated like a princess.

So-called soft skills are therefore decisive for a degree. The bride should feel good and in most cases she wants to buy too. Key points when selling include:
1. Good service. Ask the bride about her fiancé, her plans and preferences. How to find the right dress

2. Sparkling wine, coffee, water and small petit fours make companions happy and leave you good memories.

3. Ask about the current budget, and then only offer clothes in your price range. This way you avoid disappointment.

Here it is important that the dress be beautiful: If the shopping experience is not right, the bride will not buy the dress.

Wedding dresses wholesale Turkey

Turkish wedding dress designer

Wedding dresses – the five most popular cuts for wedding dresses

Wedding dress selection is probably the most important point of wedding planning for any bride. But the selection of different styles, cuts and variants of bridal fashion is huge.

At the beginning of the search for the perfect wedding dress, the question always comes: “Which wedding dress suits me?“. Each cut offers its own advantages to showcase your figure perfectly.

Before the 1920s, “simple people” were often married in Sunday dresses or traditional costumes for cost reasons. Until then, the white wedding dress, symbolizing purity and untouchedness, was reserved for wealthy nobles.

Wedding dresses in Turkey Istanbul

Classic A-line wedding dress

A slim-fit top and a slightly loose, floor-length skirt give this wedding dress its eponymous A-shape.

The top usually consists of a bodice and reveals the bride’s cleavage, while the long skirt hides the stomach, legs and hips and elongates the overall picture.

The elegant A-line wedding dress cut is very popular with many brides because it is eye-catching, but also offers plenty of room for individual details such as lace or rhinestones.

Perfect for: Women with feminine curves.

Wedding dresses online

Princess Wedding Dresses for gorgeous curves

The figure-hugging bodice and wide, bell-shaped skirt are the hallmarks of princess-style wedding dresses, also known as “duchesse dresses.”

They are perfect for fairytale weddings and are often found in very large weddings.

The narrow top provides a nice cleavage and draws attention to your upper body.

The wide skirt starts from the waist, makes it look narrower and hides the wide hips and thighs. The skirt gets its volume from the circle skirt worn underneath and from materials such as tulle and taffeta.

There are princess wedding dresses from simple to extravagant depending on how you like it. Wedding dresses decorated with lace and pearls are especially popular.

Ideal for: Tall women, women with female hips and petite bodies.

Tight H-line wedding dress

Straight cut wedding dresses accentuate your figure especially gracefully . The mostly narrow H-line is available in a wide variety of styles and models.

However, most often they are worn in a simple design and are supported by a veil. Little ladies benefit from the stretching effect of tight wedding dresses.

Due to the slim fit, the H-line is particularly body-hugging. However, there are also variants that wrap the hips, abdomen and legs in a draped skirt and are gently sewn in.

The choice of fabric and the texture of the upper also influence the effect of the H-line: silk or satin flatten your body and provide a flowing look.

Strapless cut accentuates your décolleté, while draped straps or elegant bell sleeves create a romantic effect.

Perfect for: Small, slender and athletic women who want to accentuate their figure.

Mermaid style wedding dress

The so-called mermaid dresses are especially popular with confident women who want to showcase their bodies in a feminine way.
Softly falling fabrics like satin and silk accentuate your upper body, waist, hips and part of your thighs.

The flared skirt usually starts from the knees, which is called a “fishtail” in mermaid wedding dresses. The line of the mermaid wedding dress highlights the female silhouette, emphasizing the folds in the lower part.

You can wear this cut, for example, strapless, with a V-neck, or with a high neckline to show your sensual side.

Perfect for: Slim and tall women who want to flaunt their female figure.

wedding dress manufacturer

Short Wedding Dress

For all brides who want to show off their legs, short wedding dresses are the perfect alternative to the classic that goes all the way down to the bottom.

There are short wedding dresses in different cuts and styles, from mini dresses to sheath dresses, to short front and long back wedding dresses.

Tea-length dresses or chemise-style cuts from the 1950s are particularly popular. It’s best to try different varieties and fabrics here to find the perfect wedding dress with a knee-length skirt.

Ideal for: Women with slender legs who want to show off.

In addition to the five bridal styles described earlier, parts of Germany, such as Bavaria, as well as parts of Austria and Switzerland have their own traditional bridal fashion.

Traditional costume weddings are becoming very popular again these days. The bride wears a wedding dress with many elaborate details instead of the classic wedding dress.

In addition to many white elements, accents are set here with pastel tones.

There are usually different colors, fabrics and varieties of wedding dresses according to tastes. The skirt usually ends at the knee level.
That’s why the wedding dress is one of the short wedding dresses.

Wedding dirndl brings the bride’s silhouette the center of attention and doesn’t pinch or pinch anything, these traditional wedding gowns are often even bespoke.

The main thing is that you feel comfortable in it. Typical of Dirndl are, of course, the beautiful décolleté as well as detailed embroidery and embellishments.

Perfect for: Women who want to celebrate a traditional wedding and feel particularly comfortable in a dirndl-cut wedding dress.

Anyone celebrating a church wedding usually needs two gowns. Choosing the right dress for a formal wedding is, of course, a matter of taste.
For the walk in front of the altar or the actual wedding celebration, most women love a very classic, floor-length dress.

However, many brides choose a simple wedding dress for the registry office or party after the official celebration.

Wedding dresses for the registry office are usually short and elegant. Wedding dresses for the registry office in white, cream colors or light pastel shades look stylish and timeless. If you like it a little more romantic, you can choose a short lace dress.

The advantage of the plain registry office dress: It is easy to wear in everyday life, even after the wedding.

Perfect for: Women who want a simple second dress for the registry office that they can wear after the wedding.

Start your search for a wedding dress about six to eight months before the wedding date to allow yourself enough time to make any changes, adjustments, or order the right size.

Metropol-wedding-dress catalog products

The cost of your wedding dress

Before making the first appointment for a rehearsal at a bridal shop, you and your future spouse should set a budget for your wedding dress.

When determining the price limit for the wedding dress, you should not forget that in addition to the dress itself, there are also the costs of shoes, matching underwear and jewelry.

You can have plain wedding dresses at a price between 350 and 480 Euros. How much of your dream dress for wedding expenses depends largely on the craftsmanship, fabrics used, and the effort of altering and adjusting.

Also, prices can vary from store to store, so you should always compare prices in different bridal fashion stores.

If the dress is a well-known designer, the price is also higher. A wedding dress in the middle price segment costs between 900 and 1,500 Euros on average.

Of course, there are no upper limits here. Therefore, think very well how valuable your wedding dress is to you. Of course it has to be something very special for your big day, but you’re only going to wear the dress this day.

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue

At many weddings, it’s common to include these four things in the bride’s outfit. The tradition comes from ancient England and is said to bring luck to the newlywed couple and herald a harmonious, long marriage.

Something old represents permanence and can be an inherited piece of jewellery, for example. Something new should bring a happy future.

This is usually a wedding dress. Something borrowed symbolizes friendship and reliability. For example, you can borrow a pearl necklace from your grandmother or a talisman from your girlfriend.

Now something blue, a symbol of love, purity and fidelity, is missing. Many brides use blue garters for this.

Alternatively, you can have a bridal bouquet tied with blue flowers, for example, or wear blue accent lingerie under your wedding dress.


There is a wedding dress cut suitable for every figure type and taste. First of all, think about which lines are right for you or which ones you want to exclude.

You should also decide whether it will be a plain wedding dress or a particularly romantic wedding dress with lace and embellishments.
When you visit the first store for bridal fashion, you can already narrow your search and better formulate your wishes and ideas.

Before you buy, set a price limit to consider the cost of your wedding day outfit.

Please note the surcharges for shoes and accessories. Arrange fitting appointments at various bridal fashion stores to have a wider selection and be able to compare prices.

When choosing the dress of your dreams, it is best to accompany you with one or more people you trust, such as your bridesmaid and your mother, who will be with you with their advice and actions.

Nothing stands in the way of your dream dress anymore.

The wedding dress has finally arrived. In addition to the big celebration preparations like planning the decorations, food and guest list, there is still the most important thing to buy: the wedding dress.

The bride is the most beautiful woman at the party on her wedding day. With Metropol wedding dress, you get a little closer to your dream, because with us you can choose your wedding dress directly and order it online easily.

Wedding dresses online store

Ordering wedding dresses online is no longer a rarity, the selection is often much clearer than in-store, and you can see many dresses being worn directly.

At Metropol wedding dress we offer you a wide selection of wedding dresses from local stores, so you can be sure to find something very special at Metropol wedding dress.

Choosing wedding dresses online has the advantage of saving time and not having to visit every store. This leaves more time for all other preparations.

Wedding dresses

Dresses can vary greatly in their cut. Maybe you like a lot of classics and therefore you prefer a long white dress with lace.

If you want your wedding dress to be short, you can find it here too! We offer many different models, from short to long, from fun to simple.

Even if you already have a specific model in mind, wedding dresses are worth checking out.

Buying wedding dresses online is becoming an experience for us! When you find something suitable for you, you can easily contact the store directly and make an appointment to have your measurements taken.
What wedding dresses are there?

The most common bridesmaid dresses are:

A line Wedding Dress

• tight top, wide skirt
• Body-hugging bodice with bodice
• Suitable for all figure types as it hides possible problem areas in the abdomen or pelvis
• elongates the figure, making the bride appear taller

Princess Wedding Dress

• tight bodice with bodice
• Petticoat is very wavy and voluminous, often supported by hoops
• very short women may get lost in the cut, tight skirts are more recommended.
• Very reminiscent of a babydoll dress
• Length and cut vary, high waist remains the same
• looks very feminine
• perfect for pregnant brides

Fishtail Wedding Dress

• highlights all curves
• fits perfectly to the knees
• perfect for tall and curvy women
• often confused with a trumpet-shaped dress, where the skirt starts just below the thighs.

If you also appreciate the fresh and modern style of short wedding dresses, then visit our metropol wedding store in Turkey.

Breathtaking wedding dress collections await you at our branches.

Wedding dress collections that include original civilian wedding dresses in different styles as well as classic wedding dresses. Classic wedding dresses are a thing of the past, modern, confident brides wear short dresses.

First of all, a registry office dress not only looks fresher, but also gives the bride significantly more freedom.

Metropol wedding dress will not buy a short low-cut wedding dress! We design and manufacture all our registry office dresses ourselves.

Every wedding dress we sell is tailor-made for our customers so that the bride feels completely comfortable on her wedding day.

A personalized registry office dress in a Metropol wedding dress will not cost you half a fortune.

Test us, visit one of our branches. As a wedding gift, when you buy a short wedding dress, we will give you free accessories that you can use with it.


Short wedding dresses Manufacturer

• the registry office is much more comfortable, as there is optimal air circulation, especially in summer or on a beach.

• How do you like your weddings in your beauty Metropol bridal short wedding dresses are just for you.

• especially our registry office dresses are for more freedom zone than classical wedding dresses. Having fun on the dance floor with your newlywed spouse is no problem with our short wedding dresses.

Wedding dresses are registered as real design. Which style has become the preferred body.

• You don’t have to give up the princess style with a short wedding dress, because our wedding dress collection has skirts with lots of tulle.

• The kitchenware is also the right accessory (veil, tiara, etc.) for organizing a fairy tale with us.

• Of course, Metropol bridal gown registry office dresses can be purchased from extraordinary stores.

What to play with a mullet wedding dress that is guaranteed to create an extravagant creation? The wedding dress, which is a little longer at the back, is cut short to ensure your health.

• A dress that is more romantic or with a touch, we have it on the counter. Fabulous vintage wedding dresses for the romantic and innocently in love with the beautiful bride.

• Prefer simple elegance? What to play with a chic dress with a white shift?

vintage wedding dress manufacturer

Metropol wedding dress short wedding dresses: how to find the perfect neckline

• A short wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline can be worn by any body type. In this way the cross-sections extend the overlying optics. Especially not paying attention to the décolleté of the bride.

Tip: The ideal bridal jewelry for a registry office dress with a heart-shaped neckline is a necklace.

• A short wedding dress with a horizontal finish adds an elegant atmosphere to the bride. It can be worn by all kinds of women with this dress.

Only brides with strong arms and/or broad shoulders will prefer a different model, and the problematic areas that should be preferred will be more.

Tip: Short earrings and necklaces go best with a strapless short wedding dress.

• V-neck short wedding dress ideal to shed a few pounds caught. The neckline gives the bride an elegant, classic look with a certain sex appeal.

Tip: The perfect bridal jewelry for this type of neckline is a middle necklace and a longer necklace. If you have longer hair, gather it up and wear glamorous jewelry.

• Regardless of whether you are a short or plain wedding dress with a Carmen neckline, you draw attention to your decollete and shoulders. Suggesting a different size if you have a short neck and sloping shoulders.

• Other neckline forms represented in our wedding dresses are halterneck or carre.

Don’t be shy if your perfect-for-you dresses will be used in an ancillary facility for custom and those used in our metropol bridal gown shops.

The body will love all of our wedding dresses, the toys in which are in good condition and those whose bodies are examined.

MAternity Bridal Gowns,



Times have changed. And for more. They are not only the right partner for modern and self-determined women, but also the perfect wedding dress.

May not schedule mate selection.

Especially pregnant decides to get married. the thing that is unity for their placements is hardware hardware Whether you are the center of attention as a belly bride, you are invited to the wedding as a guest, or a wedding dress for pregnant women, you can choose from a wide range of pregnant women in metropol wedding dress. fashion.

Beautiful and bridesmaid dresses for pregnant women do not need to wear your budget. We sew one by one according to your room so that she does not exclude good and cheap, whether she is pregnant or not.


Sometimes the dream has what kind of model dress. And lymph does not become a picture because of all the wishes, copper and dreams. analysis Which wedding dress is suitable?

Whether it’s a wedding dress, evening dress or maternity dresses for pregnant women, whether it’s a birthday dress.


By email, via WhatsApp Business or just by phone. We have a free and unsuitable settings for our metropolitan branches today.


The size of a time pressure gives advice, and we also respond that does not belong to a review.

Take a look around, tell your ideas, develop your own pictures and sketches and you can support us and create your environment.


After choosing your dream little dress, maybe to invite you on a date first before the actual handover to make it for the little dress.

Especially during the stressful times of wedding preparations, a few pounds can drop or gain here and there.

Don’t worry, brides-to-be early appointments mean we’re commonplace in reaching out for all odds.

Metropol wedding dress by weight pregnant wedding dress, pregnant evening dress, pregnant office dresses

Evening and Wedding Dresses from Metropol Wedding Dress

There are many occasions to wear an evening dress. Noble evening gowns are worn as guests, bridesmaids, or bridesmaids at a festive reception, a flamboyant ball, a visit to the opera, or a wedding.

You can find beautiful evening dresses and wedding dresses at affordable prices in Metropol wedding dress. It is important for us to offer you a wide selection – so you can find evening dresses and wedding dresses for every holiday and every taste.

The evening dress section is divided into cocktail dresses and long evening dresses. But you can also find prom dresses with us.

Evening dresses are definitely the most eye-catching variety. Often very large and heavily decorated, these dresses are elaborately embroidered and particularly special.

We are sure you will find the right ball gown at Metropol wedding dress. The unique thing about Metropol wedding dress is that you have a wide range of colors for evening dress, cocktail dress or ball gown.

We would be happy to advise you about a free appointment at our showroom in Turkey.

In our showroom, you will find evening dresses in Metropol wedding dress as well as our plus size evening dresses. Thus, you will always find the right size with plus size evening dress models.

Wedding dresses wholesale Turkey

Cocktail dresses for every taste

Cocktail dresses are knee-length and are suitable for festive but slightly more casual occasions, such as a summer evening event. In between, there is a world of different evening gown varieties to explore in Zurich, or a cocktail dress metropol wedding dress.

We have brought together a wide range of products such as cocktail dresses in the long dress category only for you.

The spectrum ranges from richly decorated ornate models to classic, simple dresses. However, a cocktail dress may be the right dress for a festive occasion.

Gorgeous Metropol wedding dresses for brides with natural beauty

Of course, the wedding dress is something very special. Women wear these dresses on the best day of their lives, and every wedding dress in our range reflects that happiness.

Here are the dresses with lots of lace, tulle and ornaments that make the wearer look like a fairy tale princess.

Of course, there are dreamy wedding dresses for women who like a little more simplicity.

for example made of noble chiffon. But as different as they are, all the wedding dresses in our range have one thing in common: the wedding dresses Turkey are all exceptional and certainly do justice to the festive occasion they are worn.

We also offer plus size wedding dresses in Turkey, our bridal fashion so everyone can find the right size with us.

wedding dress designers

A wide variety of bridal gown accessories for bridal gown fashion

Of course there is more than just a bridal gown – that’s why we carry not only wedding dresses, but also matching bridal accessories: With us you will find bridal shoes, bridal boleros, bridal cardigans, handbags, veils, ring skirts, ring pads, gloves.

jewelry and even garters. Dive into the world of wedding dress fashion and come to the cheap online store Metropol wedding dress with a showroom in Turkey.

Convenient online shopping

Take a look at our online store and immerse yourself in the glamorous world of night and wedding fashion. Meanwhile, in our showroom in Turkey, you can also try on our various models such as evening dresses, office dresses or wedding dresses.

Just make an appointment with us and come! We are sure you will find the right dress from our range of bridal and formal wear.

cheap wedding dress customizations

You can have your metropol wedding dress prom dress, evening dress, bridesmaid dress or wedding dress arranged by our tailor at affordable prices.

She is very familiar with our models and will make your dream dress in perfect shape. Therefore, we can guarantee that your evening or wedding dress will look exactly the way you want it.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Here you will also find answers to the most frequently asked questions .


You can find great bridal gown fashion metropol wedding dress for your wedding. Even if the bride will probably only wear the wedding dress once, it should be of high quality and stunning.

Our wedding dresses meet this requirement, but still not overly expensive.

High machining quality at reasonable prices

At metropol wedding dress you will find the best wedding fashion at very affordable prices.

We carry wedding dress fashion in all its forms: whether you’re looking for a simple chiffon dress, a lace A-line dress, a mermaid style model with stones, or even a princess dress with plenty of tulle, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

The right wedding dress is with us and it is of the highest quality. Most of our wedding dresses and evening dresses are “Made in EU”.

In addition to wedding dresses for pregnant women, we also carry plus size wedding dresses and evening dresses.

Book a free and non-binding consultation at our showroom in Turkey and see for yourself!

Wide range of bridal gown accessories

At metropol wedding dress you will find not only a wide selection of bridal gown fashions for your wedding in white or ivory, but also beautiful bridal accessories that perfectly complement the overall picture.

Whether it’s bridal shoes, veils, bridal jewellery, hair jewellery, ring pillows, bridal boleros or crinolines – you’ll also save a lot with our accessories.

Because not only the right bridal fashion, but also the accessories associated with it are an important part of any wedding and should be chosen carefully and calmly.

Take a look at our online store, there is a huge selection of bridal fashions and accessories waiting for you. Thus, it is guaranteed that you will have the radiant look you deserve on this special day at your wedding.

You prefer to invest the money you save in a good wedding photographer or especially beautiful wedding rings.

Bridal gown fashion to fall in love with

Only the best is enough for the best day of your life. However, due to the wide selection, choosing the right dress is not at all easy. Some brides spend months searching for wedding dresses on their website.

Visiting our showroom in Turkey will help you save time and money. We expertly advise you and we are not satisfied until you find a wedding dress in which you will look breathtaking and magical.

Once the decision is made, you will fall in love with your reflection. we make time for you

You have enough time to choose your wedding dress fashion for your appointment. Let the different models have an optical effect on you and feel how the fabrics feel on your skin. Slowly but surely, you will get closer to the dress of your dreams.

To narrow the selection a bit, you can learn more about our wide range on our website in advance. For each model there is information on available sizes and lengths, as well as a high-resolution product image.

The delivery time is marked with a colored dot. Further down the page you will find detailed product information and purchase recommendations for items that fit the respective dress (eg cardigans or gloves).

All of the wedding dresses, evening dresses and prom models presented on our website can be seen and worn in our Turkey showroom. We also stock some models there that cannot be found on the metropol wedding dress website.

Just make an appointment with us – we look forward to seeing you!

Does wedding dress fashion have to be modern?

No, bridal fashion can be modern, but it can also have a classic cut, because a wedding is a very traditional celebration. Therefore, the choice of model depends on the taste of the bride.

How is the classic wedding dress fashion?

Classic bridal fashion is characterized by the use of typical materials such as silk and lace. A classic wedding dress cut is also quite typical if it has a tight bodice and a wide skirt.

Is bridal gown fashion expensive?

If you order a wedding dress from a fashion designer, you need to take into account several thousand francs or Euros for the model.

You can buy beautiful wedding dresses from our website

Wedding Dress Photography

The subject of “wedding photography” is often neglected when planning a wedding. It is precisely the wedding photos that represent lasting value after the big day.

That’s why a good wedding photographer not only accompanies your day with care, but then edits and retouches the wedding pictures with attention to detail and due effort.

Only this gives the pictures the perfection they deserve. The pictures will also be presented to you and your guests in an emotional online slideshow with music no later than four weeks after the wedding.

You don’t have to wait months for photos like other wedding photographers. As a quality wedding dress photographer, I consciously take a handful of wedding photos a year, so I never get bored of such photos, and I approach every wedding with full motivation and joy.

This is then inevitably reflected in the pictures.

You can save a lot on your wedding dress without sacrificing quality in Metropol wedding dress. This is really good

Plus size wedding dresses Manufacturer

Most bridal shops make it difficult to try on plus size bridal gowns. Most of the time the shops only have one dress in one standard size, this can’t really do in incremental wedding dresses. The wedding dress is then used as a small outfit.

But he has to buy it without really seeing it himself. Not so in Metropol wedding dress! We have a variety of plus size wedding dresses on our site, fun experiences and can be in it. And there are models that only make sense as the product is oversize.

Also look good in a size 46, 48, 50 or 52 wedding dress!

Our models are our ideals for the slightly chubby girls among you. Our plus size wedding dresses highlight and hide other areas. It doesn’t matter if you want to buy a more fit dress or an A-line wedding dress with a narrow waist.

Whether you want to decorate a large size strapless wedding dress or a wedding dress with us. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, eg.

B. With a previous dress in lace and soft tulle or favorite preference, we have a dress to suit her taste. And don’t show one off to you.

At the same time, you can be assured of a quality dress.

free advice!

Even with 46 or more, it can not only be obtained through physical training, but also competent and honest reviews. Because our goal is that you shine. To visit our showroom in Turkey, simply set an unusual review.

Prices from A to Z

It’s not enough with her Baut dress alone. Instead, it may be present several weeks before the event.

Other bridal fashion sales only charge a small fortune for such final adjustments. Not so with us. You will make your son settings very conveniently from one above.

However, you can attend the wedding dress shopping center with much more shoes or accessories such as veils, skirts, wedding dresses.

Metropol wedding dress Your First Heads for plus size bridal gowns like weddings. We are a very large body in size dresses, including evening dresses.

We offer free advice on size and safety one way or another, and most bridal fashion paraphernalia! Browse our variety on our website and set a plan before noon. Whether you’re thin or overweight, we look forward to making you a bride.

You will look confident on this day, make sure of that!

Are wedding dresses available in large sizes?

Of course, bridesmaid dresses can also be used, the bride can wear a model that suits her. At Metropol wedding dress Fashion, wide-size ready-to-wear sizes range from size 44 to size 54.

Where to find a plus size wedding dress?

In general, plus size bridal gowns and those serving in large specialty stores. Buying a suitable wedding dress model in Turkey is a suitable model apparatus in the metropol wedding dress showroom.

It’s probably your big try, because when you buy a size wedding dress online, there is a high probability that it won’t fit right in the back and front.

Are plus size wedding dresses more expensive?

No, they don’t need bridesmaid dresses, the bride’s dress comes in her size for the same price.

It doesn’t matter if this increment is in the size of the dress, like size 44, which is a bride. The price just depends on the material, equipment and special requests.

cheap wedding dresses

High quality bridal gown fashion – in a cheap and wide selection

Every day, hundreds of Swiss women are looking for a way to buy cheap wedding dresses. Their searches often end up in online stores whose products are cheap but not convincing in terms of quality.

In some cases, the ordered dress has to be sent back – for us, this happens shortly before the wedding, when preparations are in full swing and time is running out.

Instead of getting stuck in the search for a specialist store, it is better to immediately rely on proven quality. Metropol is one of the most respected retailers in bridal gown fashion.

With us you get high quality wedding dresses, bridal shoes, cardigans, boleros and much more.

Despite the high processing quality of the parts, you can order wedding dresses from us at low prices and spend the money you save on other things – for example, a good wedding dress photographer.

Wedding dresses in Turkey Istanbul

Selection of exquisite gloves and suspenders

Those who are addicted to buying cheap bridal fashions often think that there is finally no money left for accessories like gloves and suspenders. You can order such products for Metropol wedding dress at 39.- CHF.

Our suspenders look exactly as tradition demands: expertly assembled blue satin rings are clearly visible to all.

They symbolize purity and fidelity, an ancient tradition dating back to 19th century England.

With the garter, you not only continue a beautiful tradition, but also create excitement at your wedding: whoever catches it is chosen as the next to marry.

The garter is definitely one of the highlights of any wedding ceremony!

Of course, you will also find suitable gloves in the Metropol wedding dress, which you can order in white or ivory. We present some of the most beautiful designs in the “Gloves and suspenders” category.

You can examine other models in our showroom. There you can not only buy the latest bridal fashion at low prices, but also get advice from competent experts. Make an appointment today – we look forward to your visit!

Wedding dresses of all styles and types

The metropol wedding dress is one of Switzerland’s leading specialty stores when it comes to choosing wedding dresses. You are guaranteed to find a model that meets your requirements in our well-stocked online store.

Long or short sleeves made of tulle or organza, ivory or classic white – there are practically no limits to your choices. Strapless A-line wedding dress or a model with a tail and a striking collar?

We can fulfill these requests. You can find what you are looking for at metropol wedding dress website.

Order the latest bridal fashion now cheaply and conveniently online with a full product guarantee, or better yet: arrange a free and non-binding consultation with us!

Bridesmaid Dress Manufacturer

Looking for a dress for your bridesmaid?

As a bridesmaid, you have a nice duty to support the bridal couple during the entire preparation time.

Some couples even involve their groomsmen in the decision-making process and work with them to decide how to organize the wedding celebration.

The bridesmaid dress is also chosen in consultation with the wedding couple – after all, you want to prevent the third most important person in the wedding ceremony from being visually out of the ordinary.

Metropol wedding dress offers a wide variety of bridesmaid dresses. With us you can choose from a wide variety of evening and cocktail dresses that are ideal for the look as a bride’s companion.

Our staff will be happy to advise you – simply set up an appointment in our Turkey showroom by phone or using the contact form.

Do’s and don’ts for a bridesmaid dress

When it comes to finding a bridesmaid dress, an important rule to keep in mind is that the bride and bridesmaid dress should be coordinated as closely as possible without being too alike.

White color is reserved for the bride on this day – so it is recommended to choose a different shade (not dark blue or black if possible).
Ideally, the bridesmaid dress fits the ambiance of the wedding celebration.

The bridesmaid dress should under no circumstances overshadow the bride’s dress – so if in doubt, choose something subtle.

Be careful when choosing a cut

The cut of the dress should not be too revealing. While there is nothing to prevent bridesmaids from looking attractive, very thin or even sheer fabrics should be avoided as much as possible.

If the bridesmaid chooses a sheath dress, it must end at least 10 centimeters above the knees.

Sheath dresses have the advantage of being perfectly paired with a scarf or matching blazer. Cocktail dresses are also suitable for civil weddings. Meet with the bridesmaids and find a dress you both like.

Church weddings have their own rules

If you are getting married in a church and you are looking for a bridesmaid dress, you should be careful. Short skirts are taboo in church and shoulders must also be completely covered.

As at formal weddings, the bridesmaid’s dress

Turkey is known for its rich culture and history, and one of the industries that have flourished in the country is the fashion industry. Turkish fashion is well-known all around the world, and the country has many talented designers and manufacturers. When it comes to wedding dresses, Turkey is no exception. Here, we will discuss some of the top wedding dress manufacturers in Turkey.

Rosa Clara

Rosa Clara is a luxury bridal fashion brand founded in 1995. The brand offers a wide range of wedding dresses that are made using high-quality fabrics and materials. Rosa Clara’s wedding dresses are known for their elegant and sophisticated designs, and they are loved by brides all around the world. The brand has a flagship store in Istanbul and is also available in various bridal boutiques across the country.


Pronovias is a bridal fashion brand that was founded in Barcelona in 1922. The brand is known for its luxurious wedding dresses that are made using the finest fabrics and materials. Pronovias has a wide range of wedding dresses, from classic designs to modern and trendy styles. The brand has a flagship store in Istanbul and is also available in various bridal boutiques across the country.


Demetrios is a bridal fashion brand that was founded in 1980. The brand is known for its unique and beautiful wedding dresses that are made using high-quality fabrics and materials. Demetrios has a wide range of wedding dresses, from classic and traditional designs to modern and trendy styles. The brand has a flagship store in Istanbul and is also available in various bridal boutiques across the country.

Aire Barcelona

Aire Barcelona is a bridal fashion brand that was founded in 1999. The brand offers a wide range of wedding dresses that are made using high-quality fabrics and materials. Aire Barcelona’s wedding dresses are known for their elegant and timeless designs, and they are loved by brides all around the world. The brand has a flagship store in Istanbul and is also available in various bridal boutiques across the country.

Bella Sposa

Bella Sposa is a bridal fashion brand that was founded in 1997. The brand offers a wide range of wedding dresses that are made using high-quality fabrics and materials. Bella Sposa’s wedding dresses are known for their elegant and sophisticated designs, and they are loved by brides all around the world. The brand has a flagship store in Istanbul and is also available in various bridal boutiques across the country.

Higar Novias

Higar Novias is a bridal fashion brand that was founded in 1980. The brand offers a wide range of wedding dresses that are made using high-quality fabrics and materials. Higar Novias’ wedding dresses are known for their elegant and sophisticated designs, and they are loved by brides all around the world. The brand has a flagship store in Istanbul and is also available in various bridal boutiques across the country.

Gelinlik Sezon

Gelinlik Sezon is a Turkish bridal fashion brand that offers a wide range of wedding dresses that are made using high-quality fabrics and materials. The brand is known for its elegant and sophisticated designs, and it is loved by brides all around the world. Gelinlik Sezon has a flagship store in Istanbul and is also available in various bridal boutiques across the country.

Milla Nova

Milla Nova is a bridal fashion brand that was founded in 2011. The brand offers a wide range of wedding dresses that are made using high-quality fabrics and materials. Milla Nova’s wedding dresses are known for their elegant and sophisticated designs, and they are loved by brides all around the world.

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