Wedding Dress Manufacturers Best 4

Wedding Dress Manufacturers Best 4

Wedding Dress Manufacturers Best 4

Wedding Dress Manufacturers, All brides deserve to find the perfect wedding dress – whether you’re small and thin or a fuller woman. Not long ago there was little to choose from in larger sizes, but thankfully that has changed.

Today, most well-stocked bridal salons can offer a wide selection of plus size dresses. Here are some tips on what to consider when choosing a wedding dress!

If the dress in the standard collection is too small, it is easy to think that the solution to the problem is to buy a few sizes larger. Although usually a made-to-order item, a few dresses in the standard series are now available in larger sizes.

Sure it can be successful, but most of the time you end up with a dress that doesn’t quite fit your body type. Instead, choose a dress from a collection tailored for curvy women!

Many of the leading bridal gown brands are launching their own plus size collections today. The designers behind these dresses put a lot of thought into creating stunning creations with flattering silhouettes for women who need plus sizes.

For fuller women, a body-hugging dress pattern is usually best suited. When it comes to finding the perfect dress for plus-size brides, it’s important to highlight female body lines, not hide them!

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This can be done in different ways, but the voluptuous curves are often accentuated by a prominent waist, belt, bodice waist, body-hugging cut, drape and neckline.

It is also about creating balance and proportion. If your bottom is wider, an off-the-shoulder draped garment can be a winner as it accentuates your bust and bust and balances out your wide hips.

If you’re wide at the top instead, it would be nice with a wide skirt or a ruffled narrower skirt made of tulle or another airy fabric.

A dress with a deep v-neck in the front – with or without a collar in the back – is often incredibly beautiful! Partly because rounder women can give the bust area a full and real WOW neckline, and partly because the v-neck elongates the neck and neck area.

Another tip is to choose a dress with short sleeves or shoulder straps. It frames and beautifies the shoulder area and upper arms.

As mentioned earlier, body-hugging dresses that accentuate the shapes are the way to go. For example, wedding dresses in the mermaid model usually fit very well on a woman with forms.

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Other safe bets are the classic A-line dress with prominent pleats and a wide skirt. For those of you who are larger than the top, empire dresses can be fantastically beautiful.

The empire line beautifully marks the bust and waist both in the front and back, while the drape under the bust makes it fall gracefully.

Not sure which dress model is right for you? Do you have certain parts that you want to highlight while trying to soften some of them? Seek help from an expert.

Wedding dress manufacturers Europe

Bridal salons around the country have incredibly talented staff members who can assist you. Dare to ask for help and listen to their advice and tips! Maybe your wedding dress will be completely different from what you first thought?

Choose a very voluminous hairstyle to balance the broad shoulders.

Be outside on time. Note that the delivery time of your dress may take several months.
Do you have great legs?

Choose a knee-length dress and gorgeous wedding shoes to make it stand out!
High-heeled shoes give a good posture and flattering impression, while ankle straps make your feet look wider. Pumps and open-toe shoes usually work well!

Metropol wedding dress is now ready to try on in the store. Buy wedding dresses from the online store or make an appointment to try on a wedding dress at our bridal salon.

We have a wide selection of wedding dresses for all sizes from 32 to 52. Buy metropol wedding dresses at the best price. Whether you are looking for A-line wedding dresses, Mermaid wedding dresses or other special criteria for a wedding dress, you will find what you are looking for here.

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wedding gown manufacturers

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Our selection of wedding dress suppliers is based on our many years of experience in understanding what our customers want from wedding dresses.

We have wedding dresses with classic cuts but also exciting designs. metropol wedding dresses were designed by the chief designer of cemile zelvi.

He was released to design a small bridal collection, these are limited edition bridal gowns. Then you fall in love with one of the wedding dresses she designed and you become one of the few people who wear her wedding dress.

These bridal gowns usually have a slightly more fun and unique design than ordinary bridal collections. metropol wedding dresses have a classic cut but also exciting details and the latest trends and fabrics are used to create these romantic and beautiful wedding dresses.

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metropol wedding dress is one of the largest suppliers of wedding dresses in Europe and has been in existence since 2011. All bridal gowns are made from the finest fabrics and details and their philosophy is to give people bridal gowns at a not too high price.

Of course, we follow their philosophy by being able to offer wedding dresses and accessories at a good price.

Wedding dress manufacturers

We keep the price of Metropol wedding dresses the same or lower for our wedding dresses. Whether you order a wedding dress online or come to our salon and try on the wedding dress, it’s the same price.

We think that it is important that the wedding dress fits the body in the best way and that the wedding dress cut fits well. In all wedding dresses, sewing and beading should be done expertly.

Our suppliers have a cut and a cut that ensures the perfect fit of wedding dresses. Many wedding dresses have laces at the back. it fits perfectly and means that ordering wedding dresses from the online store is not risky.

In wedding dresses with lace back, we adjust and maybe we need a little adjustment at the bottom of our wedding dresses. We can of course assist in making the lace-up wedding dresses fit perfectly with any wedding dress purchased from us.

Buying a wedding dress: If you buy a wedding dress from us, you will get it at a better price than wedding dresses in Turkey. When changing the size of the wedding dress, we send the new wedding dresses without paying the shipping fee.

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We have many satisfied customers all over Turkey who buy wedding dresses from us. Every day we receive nice words about our service and many good written messages via e-mail.

As a customer, we do our best to make sure you are satisfied with our wedding dresses or our service.

If you are unlucky enough to order the wrong size wedding dress and have to change to the correct size, you only pay the return shipping cost of the wedding dress you need to return, and we will send you the correct size for free.

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We have the best price for metropol wedding dresses in Turkey.

Wedding Dress Trial: Do you have the opportunity to come to our salon and try a wedding dress? Then we want to give the best service to those who set out to try wedding dresses with us.

We also want you to feel safe and taken care of as a customer. We only take pre-booked trial sessions when trying on wedding dresses. We have years of experience selling and sewing bridal gowns, and we look forward to helping you try on bridal gowns.

We are happy to help you find wedding dresses with the right neckline and cut that highlight your beauty, and to help you choose wedding dresses that will make you shine on your big day.

We are skilled at finding bridal gowns that highlight your best and also help you choose the right bridal gowns that can hide your dissatisfactions. We have wedding dresses for all sizes.

We also sew and tailor metropol Wedding Dresses bought from us or from others. Because we can sew and find good solutions, we can invoke wide shoulder straps and other things on the vast majority of wedding dresses.

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We also have beautiful shawls and boleros that match all of our wedding gowns. We also take on tasks such as sewing wedding dresses. We have everything you can think of for bridal accessories that you can try with all our wedding dresses.

If you have not tried a wedding dress with us, you can order a wedding dress from the online store. We are highly experienced in wedding dress production. We have everything you can think of for bridal accessories that you can try with all our wedding dresses.

Plus size wedding dresses: Not everyone is cut the same, and we can offer plus size wedding dresses. we have wedding dresses from size 34 to size 52 today.

We want a beautiful, happy and prospective bride to be able to choose from the latest bridal collections and find something that fits her perfectly.

We focus on the harmony of the wedding dress, but also on being able to present high quality beautiful and fashionable wedding dresses directly from the catwalk.

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We want to be able to offer plus size wedding dresses to increase the preferences of women who are in search of the perfect wedding dress. Brides of today want wedding dresses that are modern and independent and that fit them perfectly – not wedding dresses that they have to adapt to.

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Our plus size wedding dresses are designed to suit overweight women. This is important, Just like normal sized women, that wedding dress should be able to highlight your good sides and hide the not so flattering ones.

We sew all the wedding dresses you buy from us. We want to be able to offer wedding dresses to a wide audience, so we have wedding dresses from size 32 to size 52.

We do not rent wedding dresses, but our wedding dresses are available at affordable prices, so buying from us does not cost more than you might have to rent at other bridal salons.

Buy in our metropol online store or come and try it out in our cozy bridal salon. Take a look at our online store with wedding dresses, dresses and wedding accessories.

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Wedding dress accessories: We have beautiful girls’ and women’s dresses in cream and ivory satin to match our wedding dress. We have carefully chosen which bridal accessories we want to present for our wedding dress.

Elegant silk and satin bridal shoes for bridal gowns from the metropol and a more affordable alternative match perfectly with our bridal gowns. We are proud to be one of the very few people allowed to buy bridal shoes in Turkey in 2010.

They are very special, handmade and numbered shoes that you will prefer in wedding dress selections. Suitable jewelry for all our wedding dresses, veils, tiaras, umbrellas, bags, etc. We have everything you can imagine for any type of wedding dress, including wedding dresses that were not bought from us.

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How to sew a wedding dress?

First you need to choose the style you want. Many different thematic magazines and sites offer to choose a model according to your wishes. It could be a modern dress from a great fashion designer, or an old one you were lucky enough to inherit.

Any choice will be fine, as long as the chosen style complements your figure and not vice versa. Therefore, carefully study your appearance and be sure to consult with loved ones. Also, do not forget about comfort.

The outfit should not only look beautiful during the ceremony, but also allow quick and free movement throughout the entire holiday. The next step is to choose the fabric. A classic option for sewing wedding dresses will be silk, cotton, tulle, satin and taffeta.

Bridal Factory

You may prefer other items, but these options have already been tested and proven over time, so postpone experiments for a less significant event. There are no restrictions when it comes to color.

Although light tones such as blue, pink, beige, gray remain popular. The main wish is that the color of the product positively reflects your skin tone. Calculate the required amount of fabric and buy a little more than you calculated.

Thus, you will have the opportunity to correct errors and errors that occur in the production process. After selection, it is necessary to take the dimensions of the figure. For the highest accuracy it is better to invite a friend.

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After completing this task, you can start sewing. Experienced tailors recommend sewing a trial dress from inexpensive material before starting the main work.

Why do you need to work with the right wedding dress manufacturer?

We understand it can be an attractive idea, the dress looks exactly as pictured and is much cheaper, but when it arrives in the mail you understand why it is so cheap.

We’ve reviewed the top five reasons why you should never buy a wedding dress from an untrusted wedding dress manufacturers.

Not: Metropol wedding dress company sends the video of the wedding dress to its customers at every stage of its production.

However, when the customer approves, the wedding dress is given to the cargo.

Half of the payment is made when the wedding dress is finished, and half of the payment is requested from you when the wedding dress is received.

1. The dress does not suit you

A wedding dress is one of the most personal purchases you can make, and there is a reason why there are separate trial sessions with consultants who specialize in finding the right dress for you.

Choosing a wedding dress is largely about what suits you and your body, and you won’t know until you try it. Even then, the dress needs to be changed frequently to be perfect, often having to be sewn in or removed to be just the way it should be.

Crystal Design

If you order the dress online, it will most likely not fit you. We may be taking it a little too heavy now, but it’s the truth. This does not mean that there are no exceptions. There are people who shop online and are satisfied.

But there are people who win the lottery, that doesn’t mean everyone wins, and if you don’t win the lottery, you’re actually throwing money out the window.

2. Low quality wedding dress

A good wedding dress is made of good fabric. Many online actors use bad materials that can stand up to almost nothing and don’t look good or as shown in the pictures.

The cheaper the online store, the greater the chance of poor quality and dissatisfaction with the dress.

Wedding dress fabric is usually pretty fragile anyway, so you can imagine what bad copies are like.

As with anything you buy, you get what you pay for when buying a wedding dress, and then you’ll probably prefer something that won’t tear during the big day.

3. Long standby time

Wedding gowns may take a long time to be ordered from physical bridal salons, but serious players can give you a clear estimate.

Online actors who can hide behind a computer screen are harder to deal with and you can’t come to their door and complain about late delivery.

It’s even worse if you have to send the wedding dress back for alterations, which, like I said, will almost always need it if you’ve only chosen it from an online catalogue.

This is extremely impractical to do by mail, as it is both time consuming and expensive.

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4. The real does not match the pictures

Here is our main reason. Indeed, there are separate Facebook pages and listing articles devoted solely to horror stories about wedding dresses purchased online.

Here are pictures of the dress shown as it was presented in the online catalog and as it actually appeared on delivery.

Until you get a dress like this right before your own wedding, it’s really fun to see hideous creations that look like something out of a kid’s Halloween catalogue.

Wholesale bridesmaid dresses

So what are we really trying to say? Yes, beware, there are many online actors who come up with beautiful images, produce a cheap copy, and laugh all the way to the bank.

Don’t fall into such a trap, it’s much more important to make sure you get the dress you deserve on your big day.

Wedding dress manufacturers in Turkey

Metropol Wedding Dress, which produces wedding dress manufacturer in Turkey, cooperates with well-known wedding dress brands. Each of these brands can take pride in precision execution as well as the use of premium materials from around the world.

Together, they create a proposal that encompasses the ideas and tastes of most brides. Brides who want to be romantic, princess, fairy, queen, sexy, elegant or extravagant can find their wedding dress in a metropol wedding dress.

Sewing a branded wedding dress means sewing a wedding dress from one of the brands according to the bride’s measurements. If the bride wants to sew a dress according to her wishes, it is already a matter of tailoring and with this one has to apply to a special tailor shop.

In Metropol wedding dress bridal salon, you can have a wedding dress sewn according to your own measurements from the entire offer published in our e-shop.

Wedding dress manufacturers in Turkey

It’s nearly impossible to make a bespoke dress without going to a tailor several times. Even if the wedding dress is designed by designers, it does not mean that the designers will sew it themselves. Individual brands have trained tailors in their workshops.

So, how is it possible to sew a wedding dress without going through more than one trial while working on the wedding dress? Brides are carefully measured. The order is sent to production.

In the workshop, the dress is prepared to the smallest detail, while in the case of more difficult areas and cuts, it is prepared in advance for fine-tuning in the salon. Sometimes dresses are deliberately large in some places.

If the bride has not lost weight, the tailor who made the dress left it a bit loose because the cut needs to be adjusted to the bride’s body. When the salon receives the dress from the factory, it immediately informs the bride that it will set an appointment for the rehearsal.

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Here the tailor in the hall marks the length of the dress, so it is important to bring wedding shoes. In addition to the length, suspenders or lace or tulle are often adjusted to cover the bride’s decollete.

Wedding dress suppliers

These fixes are included in the price – they are part of the tailoring. A date is then agreed with the bride for the delivery of the wedding dress. In order to do something else with the veils, we recommend that you buy the dress just before the wedding in case the bride’s figure changes.

What if I lose weight before the wedding?

If you lose weight, we can arrange your clothes in the salon.

How about a dress with a train?

The lining can be worn in different ways. We recommend that you do it in the hall according to your wishes. If necessary, we can make the dress with a tail or a shorter tail for you.

I like one of your dresses, but I want to change something about it. This is possible?

Brides often ask if they can combine – some of these dresses – some of them. Branded dress collections are designed by designers. It is a largely unchanged model.

However, if the bride wants shorter or longer sleeves, a different neckline, and less tulle on her skirt, this is usually possible after consultation with the designer. Later, some changes can be made after meeting with the tailor in the salon.

What is the delivery time?

Metropol wedding dress 1-3 months

It depends on the number of orders the production has. However, the official wedding date is always adhered to. The delivery time is just the time it takes until the dress arrives at the salon, then the vision test comes and the dress waits for completion.

This time also depends on the number of dresses waiting for fine-tuning. It takes about 1 day to sew a wedding dress. Brides need not worry that they will not have time to adjust their hijab for the wedding.

If we receive the order, we will process it. If you’re planning to travel or are unable to receive your dress before the wedding for other reasons, set a date to receive the dress in advance.

wedding dress designers

Very important! When ordering a tailored dress, it is important to wear a bra that you will wear for a mock test later. If you don’t have a bra yet, you can buy it from the salon. The same goes for wedding shoes.

How long does it take to sew a wedding dress?

It takes about 7 days to sew a wedding dress, fine tune one day to 2 days. Then why is the delivery so long? Each dress must come in order. Wedding dresses are in demand by brides from all over the world. Sometimes more orders are received, sometimes less.

Private Label wedding dresses wholesale

Not every woman who chooses a wedding dress has a clear idea about it. The answer to choosing a dress may not always be easy, but it will come with time and you don’t have to worry too much about it.

As you try these things (sometimes non-stop), there will also be things where you say to yourself, “I’m going to walk with the love of my life in these clothes.” I feel peace in my soul, they are the right ones, the others are no longer attracted to me.

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The sheer number of options, trends, and even personality preferences fill the minds of indecisive brides because the wedding dress has to be just right, the most beautiful. However, there are also rules to be followed in life.

We wondered how the clothes of the newlyweds, especially the wedding dress, were perceived in the presence of Allah on the wedding day. We asked Reverend Ondrej Chrval for his opinion.

Is there a decision, a rule, how will the bride and groom dress when they want to get married in church? Do the givers care?

We don’t have a rule about wedding dresses and bridal gowns in the church. But this is due to the nature of the wedding: it is a solemn moment, two people join their lives in the presence of God, and therefore the attire should be solemn as well.

This is especially true for the bride, whose feminine beauty is emphasized by the wedding dress. But I also experienced the wedding of two homeless people who got married in Bratislava at the house of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Love. The bride wore a relatively simple green dress, but still unusual and festive in the circumstances.

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Should a white wedding dress have a deeper spiritual meaning? Or is it more of a secular tradition, because, for example, black wedding dresses, pink…

The white dress, on the other hand, emphasizes the purity of the bride. Jesus brought to his time the revolutionary idea that a woman should belong to only one man for life.

Therefore, in Christianity, it is expected that the bride should not belong to another man before the wedding and her husband should be her first and only.

The bride’s white dress fully emphasizes this purity and innocence that the bride has now reserved for her husband, to whom she has given herself privately, until the wedding.

In our tradition, it is always a wreath, the sign of an unmarried girl, followed by a veil, which turns into a married woman’s hat at the wedding.

Have you encountered inappropriate wedding dresses during your career as a priest?

Absolutely inappropriate wedding gowns are those that show more than they should be – dresses with too much low-cut or large openings. On the one hand, it contradicts the sanctity of the place – the wedding takes place in the church, in front of the face of God.

For one thing, it contradicts what I mentioned above. The wedding dress should not be provocative and sensual. They should emphasize the beauty of a woman, but especially her pure and innocent beauty.

plus size wedding dresses

Her privacy belongs to her husband, not to all the wedding guests who see her. They should enjoy her beauty, but at the same time know that, thanks to her wedding dress, this woman now belongs only to one man and no one else.

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Dear brides-to-be, in the metropol wedding dress, we believe that you will choose a wedding dress that will underline your personality and at the same time express the magnificence of the wedding day in a valuable way.

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Best practices for wedding dress selection employee

In the following article, you will learn how it really is when choosing a wedding dress.

1. I can come to the wedding dress rehearsal painted.

In any salon, they won’t be happy if they see a dyed lady going to try on a white wedding dress. In some salons they immediately remove the bride’s makeup, while in others they grind their teeth and hope that the makeup will not stain their clothes, which is more like a miracle if they try and succeed.

Wearing a wedding dress is a difficult task, so it is not possible without an assistant. It is not always possible to avoid face contact with clothing. Some makeup not only stains the dress, but often it doesn’t come off at all.

Thus, with each cleaning, the clothes deteriorate. Honestly, would you buy a white T-shirt from a makeup store? If so, for the exact amount?

Gold recommendation:

If you do not feel comfortable in public without make-up, do not hesitate to go to the exam with make-up. However, do not forget that you will clean your make-up in the salon and prepare the make-up materials you will use for retouching when you leave the salon in your bag.

Or take a scarf with you to protect your face while getting dressed.

2. When I see the truth, my knees will tremble, everyone around will cry.

Most brides dream of choosing a dress like in a movie. Yes, it will happen to many people… Their knees will tremble, their eyes will shine, the feeling will come, yes THEY.

bridal gowns

But this feeling doesn’t just come through clothing, it also requires character, there has to be an atmosphere for that, maybe champagne that sometimes gets a little bloody. There are brides where this “miracle” will never happen in any dress.

Gold recommendation:

Do not plan your wedding dress on a day when something difficult or unpleasant is waiting for you. Try to put yourself in a good mood. If there is no champagne prepared for you in the lounge and you go with friends, get your own. Relax and enjoy the selection. Wedding dress rehearsal cannot be a punishment.

3. If I am renting a wedding dress, it must be given to me as new at the salon. Unfortunately this is not true.

A few brides can have the dress in front of you and they can’t help it from getting old. Sometimes a single messy bride or a gentle yet unpleasant wash or multiple washes is all it takes.

Everything else gives these delicate materials their money’s worth. In the past, satin and hard, indestructible materials were predominantly available.

Today, the focus is on making clothes unique, not long-lasting. The designers do not take into account the salons that rent the dresses. There are at least a few states where this trend still continues.

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Gold recommendation:

You better buy a wedding dress and not hire a cat in the bag. Or rent a dress first and don’t be shunned for intricate adjustments you don’t know how it will look on your wedding day.

Luce Sposa

4. Custom sewing is sewing according to ideas or a picture.

Measure = unit of measure. Custom dresses = sewn according to body measurements. Sewing according to pictures or ideas is NOT personalized. Tailoring means that this will not be a size chart, but a dress that should fit you perfectly.

And by the way – beware of sewing fakes here – sewing according to someone else’s design is an immoral act, in fact it is theft. At the wedding, there must be something the bride borrowed at the wedding… But it was stolen…?

luce spoza

Gold recommendation:

You can have your dress sewn only if you visit an excellent designer. A private tailor is not enough. She can make you a beautiful dress, even a dress that fits your body perfectly, but it may no longer fit you.

You can actually sew a cat into a bag this way. If you’re not the “pretty even in a bag” type, there are plenty of nooks and crannies where brides and I can talk.

5. The more salons I visit, the more likely I am to find a beautiful dress.

The more a bride visits the salon, the more chaos her dress becomes. He may even fall into a situation where he is fed up with his choice of clothes and no longer likes anything. The probability of this phenomenon is almost 90%, so this can definitely happen to you too.

Gold tip: Can’t decide which salon to visit out of so many? You can go to a few, but be sure to book dates incrementally. Visit one salon first, and then book the next if you can’t find the right dress for you.

If you make an appointment with more than one salon at the same time, you will either have to visit all the salons you have an appointment with, or if you choose a dress from one, you will have to search for the others you do not want.

No one will praise you for keeping a date in the salon that could be used by another bride.

6. A wedding dress with an open back and a basket will protect my unruly breasts.

If the bride’s breasts look better in a bra, she should say goodbye to backless wedding dresses. Unfortunately, a low-cut dress does not shape or strengthen your breasts, it only serves to hide the breasts.

Gold recommendation:

The bride can give a bare back so that the back is covered with body tulle. If the dress still does not pull the chest circumference down, it is possible to reach the transparent straps.

Caution: When choosing a dress with an open back, always inform the tailor, designer or assistant at the salon about a possible problem with unruly preferences.

7. The more people involved in the selection of wedding dresses, the better.

Brides ask their friends, mothers, grandmothers, aunts to help them choose a wedding dress for their big day.

But we women know each other well, we know that there are no two people who want the same thing out loud. Therefore, consider how many people you will take with you to the wedding dress trial. The more people there are, the more likely someone is to tell you the truth: “No way!”

Loca Sposa

Wholesale Wedding Dresses Suppliers Company Best read our article.

Gold recommendation:

When choosing your wedding dress, do not take more than 2 people whose opinion you really care about. Don’t turn this intimate moment into a shot.

8. A long bodice is suitable for tall brides, and a shortened corset is suitable for short ones.

It is true that a long corset will not suit short brides because it will shorten their legs. However, when tailoring, even a long corset doesn’t have to be a problem. However, the reverse is not true in any case.

Gold recommendation:

If you’re too tall or too short, be sure to choose a tailored fit that takes your torso length into account.

9. White suits any bride. White is said to be neutral.

However, this may not apply if you are wearing it. Many mothers, grandmothers, aunts, neighbors… are horrified when they are told that the dress their bride will choose will not be white. Although many are not even aware that their wedding dresses are not all white.

At that time, who used the name of the shade of white – ivory or ivory? All the shadows were just white. If the bride has pale skin or hair, she should be especially careful when choosing the color of the dress so that she does not look too pale or dull in the dress.

If we’re talking about a neutral color that really suits any bride, it’s ivory with a touch of pink.

Gold recommendation:

When choosing a wedding dress, first find out which color suits you. At Metropol Wedding Center, if it is out of stock, you can have your dream dress sewn in a color that will be special to you.

10. Bridal salons charge a service fee to try it out because they want to make money from brides.

Imagine you are a bride visiting 10 bridal salons. Imagine trying on at least 15 wedding dresses in each of the salons. Next, imagine an assistant stretching with all the heavy clothing.

Imagine if you put some makeup on and the dress had to go to the dry cleaners (a wedding dress costs between 20-50 euros). Imagine that you do not come to a few salons because you chose your wedding dress in the first salon, even though you did not inform them on the date you reserved, and you prevent other brides from coming and they are waiting for you in the salon. and cannot call you.

Luce Sposa

Imagine visiting bridal salons, but you don’t want to shop because it’s only 2 years until your wedding and there will be many more by then. Imagine coming to a bridal salon just to find out and advise which dress would suit you, after all.

Imagine bringing an acquaintance to the exam who had a bad day and denied everything the hall told you. Next, imagine you’ve come to a salon at least 4 times and eventually choose your wedding dress elsewhere.

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Imagine all the clothes you try on stretching, getting dirty and frayed. This may sound like fiction to some of you, but unfortunately that’s the current trend. What would you do as the owner of a wedding venue?

they become stained and spoiled. This may sound like fiction to some of you, but unfortunately that’s the current trend. What would you do as the owner of a wedding venue? they become stained and spoiled.

This may sound like fiction to some of you, but unfortunately that’s the current trend. What would you do as the owner of a wedding venue.

Bridal Factory

How should the wedding dress be chosen? confession of a bride

Came. After waiting forever, my boyfriend asked me if I would marry him. I’m like, “Yes!” I said, endlessly waiting for the wedding dress. I looked at millions of pages of wedding halls, wrote dress lists, and invited my friends, my mother, my aunt, my siblings to choose with me. Most agreed. I made the test reservations and the journey could begin.

But that was the problem… that journey. It didn’t go well. Choosing a wedding dress is an intimate affair, not a reality show. I only found out after visiting the third wedding hall. I didn’t even have time to look in the mirror with the dress and everyone had their own opinion anyway.

Nobody cared about my opinion, and when one of them asked me what I thought about clothes, I didn’t know what I wanted, what I liked, what I felt good about. I wore a lot of clothes, I was rushed, I was tired, and most importantly, I was disgusted.

I thought that I would never find the right dress again, that they had not yet invented the dress for me. I wasn’t sure what the majority liked, I didn’t like anything because there was always a counselor who told me it wasn’t.

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And naively, if I wear the right ones everyone will say, “Yeah, that’s them!” I thought he was going to squeak.

After visiting the third wedding hall, I said enough is enough. I canceled other reservations and took a break. I understood that the choice of wedding dress should be done peacefully, preferably with one or two close people whose ideas are important to me.

Never take more than 2 friends or the whole family with you. First of all, you need to feel beautiful in your clothes. You know best what will affect your lover. Want to please your future husband or someone whose opinion you don’t really care about?

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Who to take to the dress rehearsal? You can take your mother, your best friend, your sister, your future mother-in-law, your future spouse, even if superstitions tell you not to.

However, I know from my experience that marriages involving the fiancee in choosing the wedding dress have turned out to be much better than bad. If you take the whole gang with you – a comfortable choice becomes a reality show and is a guaranteed trigger of indecision, despair, helplessness.

Loca Sposa

Satin or tulle in wedding dress production? Which is more comfortable for you?

The two most used fabrics in wedding dress production. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Are you longing for a wedding dress just for you, but having a dilemma about which fabric to choose? So keep reading, in the article we will discuss the two most used and yet very different wedding fabrics. And maybe thanks to him you will decide which one will be yours.

The king of wedding dresses and the most typical fabric. Its main advantage is the wedding classic, which it personifies. It is often used literally to make larger, luxurious skirts, wedding gowns. It is possible to obtain in various variants, softer or more pronounced, harder or softer.

It can be used with many cuts, but the most beautiful is the classic A-cut skirt. You can easily have a train made of tulle, but in this case, a softer tulle is suitable for the train to work beautifully. So what’s the downside? Maybe nothing, maybe just advise you to really pay attention to the quality of the tulle.

As we wrote, you can get tulle in many variants and it is also used, for example, in petticoats. Therefore, if you choose such a poor quality, not very nice tulle as the main layer of the skirt, the dress will definitely look very cheap.

Primavera dress
Satin is a really beautiful, understated fabric, a more luxurious form is silk. Their smooth appearance creates a romantic, clean impression with a touch of minimalism.

This fabric is definitely suitable for ladies who want their dresses to be flashy but basically plain. Lace decoration can also be used in combination with satin, but it also stands out beautifully on its own.

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It’s definitely a fabric you can easily sew an entire dress with without a single stone and it will still be beautiful. But what we can blame it on is that it can be warm despite being mild. Especially in their cheaper versions.

Novelty swan neck model in wedding dress

Fashion trends are undoubtedly a very inspiring topic and it is worth following. However, this does not mean that you must strictly adhere to them. Sometimes it’s good to bet on a more modern version of the classics, especially in the wedding field. The timeless cuts are definitely “Swan Collar” and “Mermaid”.

Swan Neck Wedding Dress Models

Or, in other words, a dress with low sleeves and bare shoulders. At metropol wedding dress this style is one of our favourites. The main element in this case is the shoulders, but the main advantage is that almost anyone can have shoulders, including ladies with more problematic shoulders.

This is because the main attention will be drawn to your neck, which will look beautifully elongated and majestic on this model. The overall look of the shoulders is muted by the “low” sleeves that give shape and bridal elegance to the shoulders and sleeves.

A very nice combination of this cut is combined with lace which really adds a lot of romance to the dress. In short, lace wedding dresses with open shoulders never disappoint, but they are also beautiful in a minimalist form, for example, in taffeta.

wedding dress lace

Special novelty: Belted skirt

Afraid of a big “cake skirt” but at the same time prefer to hide your hips or butt under it? In this interesting model, both advantages definitely combine and together they create a truly practical, romantic and accurate wedding dress.

This cut is designed similar to the Mermaid cut, but the long train still adds a wedding touch to the whole look. At the same time, you’re not wearing tons of tulle or satin and a few layers of petticoats.

If the train is uncomfortable for you, you can simply untie it and you will be left with a beautiful model of a long tight dress. This cut can be easily combined with a swan neck.

Whether they represent a romantic classic or an unusually interesting idea, you will definitely not be missed with this type of wedding dress. metropol wedding dress offers you three variants and it’s up to you which one you choose and how you decorate it. 🙂

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Mermaid wedding dress model

Mermaid cut wedding dress

It is a style of clothing that became famous especially in the first half of the 20th century and still attracts great attention. This is due to the refined sexy cut, which beautifully sculpts the hips, thighs and beautifully elongates the silhouette of the figure, thanks to the “sea tail”.

Due to its weight in the hip and hip area, we recommend this cut especially for women with proportional body structure.

It is also ideal for tall brides to make their beautiful tall figures stand out. It is recommended to combine this style with lace, which will add wedding elegance.

However, unlike the swan collar, this cut may not look good when combined with a smooth fabric without any embellishments (satin, chiffon). Dress can look boring.

Such a combination is not entirely unpleasant, but you should be careful with it. A beautiful original piece can be created with the right guidance of the designer during tailoring tailoring.

WONA concept

5 reasons why it’s good to have a made-to-order wedding dress.

a useful and magically beautiful process that will make your wedding dress unique.

Looking forward to your big D-day but still thinking about what to wear at the altar and reception? It is not always easy to find clothes suitable for your problematic areas, especially if it is a rare item such as a wedding dress.

Moreover, if you have a romantic idea not only about cutting, but also about decoration and fabric. And it is the special sewing that brings the opportunity to combine all your wishes.

wona concept

1. Individual approach

The wedding dress will not only be made according to your measurements to cover even the smallest beauty flaws, but you can also design it yourself starting from the fabric, cut and detailed decoration.

A fashion designer or fashion consultant directly from the salon is always at your disposal to guide and advise you. If you have a childhood dream of a dress, just tell us your idea and the designer will tailor it exactly.

2. Turkey (local) production

If you also like homemade products, uniqueness and originality and do not support the fast-paced and consumerist fashion world, sewing made-to-order wedding dresses is a good choice.

A dress made in this way has a soul and is inspired by you. They are planted in hospitable conditions and treated like a unique piece.

3. Fabric selection, cut and Design

Part of the creative process
If you have your wedding dress made, you can decide whether to choose between satin, which is beautiful but slightly heavier than tulle, taffeta, which is a very flashy but heavy fabric, or chiffon, which can create a beautiful draping effect.

It is the same when choosing a lace pattern, the shape and size of rhinestones or any other decoration method you desire. Even when buying a casual outfit, you see a beautiful piece, but you still do not buy it because it is made of an unacceptable material for you.

You don’t feel good in them, whether it’s a fabric that doesn’t absorb sweat or a trousers that’s definitely not stretchy.

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4. Possibility to improve the dress in the creative process

The creative process itself takes about 3-5 weeks, depending on the complexity of the model and the bride’s availability. During this time, the bride attends approximately 2-4 meetings, the bride’s ideas are decided, the stitched dress is tried on, and the final decoration is made.

During this time when the dress is being created, the bride can think of an interesting and beautiful way of decorating, taking inspiration from a friend or her own model to make the dress even more beautiful.

Of course, it is not possible to completely change the entire cut or style of the dress, but minor adjustments can be made almost to the last minute.

wholesale wedding dress manufacturers

5. Financial flexibility

Dress fabric prices are different, but the quality of the fabric also depends on it. Manual production, such as sewing the stones, and of course the difficulty of the model can also affect the price.

The difficulty of a fashion designer’s job depends on this. It is not true that custom sewing is very expensive, on the contrary, it is a very flexible method.

Dresses in bridal salons are undoubtedly beautiful, but no less unique. For this reason, if you want to shine with a wedding dress that no one else has at your wedding, a custom-made wedding dress is just for you. Come to Metropol wedding dresses and they will gladly create them for you.

National bridal market chicago

Wedding Dress Sewing

I like details or fuller curves, we can solve anything with you, just tell us your wish.
Lace, satin or tulle wedding dresses, corsets, romantic or flamboyant wedding dresses and many more will be sewn in our wedding hall-workshop. In addition to the cut and style of the dress, you choose the fabric, tones, decoration and all other details.
The creative process has several stages.

1. Consultation

The bride-to-be will share her wedding dress idea. We will go over the cut, fabric, color options, decoration ideas and financial limit. A draft of the requirements and an estimated budget will be prepared. You can book your first consultation appointment here.

2. Order

The layout and description of the dress is compiled, the bride’s size is taken. Advance payment.

3. In the process of dressing

At the meeting, the dress, which is pinned directly on the bride during the creation process, is tried on. The bride will get a realistic idea of ​​what her wedding dress will look like.

4. Final product

The bride has a final dress rehearsal where she can see her wedding dream in its final form. Of course, minor adjustments and tweaks are possible if needed.

Wedding Dress manufacturers in China


RENAISSANCE was inspired by the winged wonders meaning Rebirth with fresh greens and beautiful flowers. All dresses capture the magical spirit of romance and are characterized by delicate beading details, 3D decoration of flowers and leaves.

Nude corsets, a misleading low-cut neckline and an attractive open back accentuate the sensual scent. Plain crepe and classic satin patterns come together for a refreshing touch of elegance.

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The BYGONES collection was inspired by a blend of nostalgia and contemporary aesthetics. These wholesale wedding gowns are luxurious and flirty with some luxe fabrics like gorgeous lace, delicate tulle and delicate details.

This collection is ideal for elegant brides looking for a gorgeous dress that exudes glamor and luxury.


Our designers bring a fresh symphony to this fantastic ‘WHISPER’ collection with their masterful use of dreamy tulle, draped chiffon and delicate lace fabrics embellished with clear crystals and delicate flowers.

Whether you’re planning a Czech oceanside ceremony, a romantic beach wedding, or a luxury destination abroad, the bride-to-be will definitely say yes to this series.


we are a manufacturing factory.
We are the most professional wedding dress design and manufacturing factory in Turkey. All styles are designed, patterned, made by our team and delivered directly to you with no middleman involved. We allocate the biggest profit to you, not to the intermediary.


Unique styles, your client
All of our dresses are hand-sewn, so you can endlessly change the details of each style to create a unique design that will captivate your customers, and we even accept full customization – we can replicate other designers’ styles with some images. Familiar design style but lower cost.


Power your business the way you want
The wedding dress industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. More and more bridal shops are realizing that the old ways of surviving in a tough economy are no longer working. Our private label service offers our store partners more than great value for quality and unique design.


from the garden
Since we make all the dresses ourselves, all the fabrics can be purchased from the yard. We offer a variety of high quality tailoring fabrics to assist you with your own designs. In fact, we can constantly look for new fabrics from the market to suit your needs.

Wedding Dress Designers

Metropol wedding dress has been selling wholesale wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, floral dresses, bridesmaid dresses, veils, headpieces, belts and sash, gowns, capes, boleros, etc., since 2011. is a manufacturing company that supplies wedding accessories.

We have a large collection of wholesale wedding dresses in a variety of styles, from the simple to the sophisticated, from the elegant to the unique.

Metropol wedding dress offers rustic vintage wedding dresses, draped bohemian wedding dresses, classic patterns and luxury wedding dresses and profitable and quality designs to complement your wedding dress store.

Metropol Wedding Dress also specializes in making custom wedding gowns and wedding veils for bridesmaids.

For bridal shops that require branding or personalized customization services for their end consumers, we are confident we will solve it with you and a team of talented designers, engineers and production engineers.

A private labeling service is available to meet your branding needs. To maximize your profits and minimize the stress and anxiety of running your wedding business, we do our best for every bride-to-be who wants to choose their dream wedding dress from Metropol wedding dress at their place of residence and wedding dress store.

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We invite boutiques from all over the world to try Metropol wedding dresses. If you become our partner, you will get many benefits without having to take any risks. Choose us to maximize your profits and minimize the stress and anxiety of running your wedding business.

Wholesale Wedding Dress Manufacturers

As a professional wedding dress manufacturer and wholesaler, we have a rich assortment of diversified styles to meet all your needs, and we are constantly launching new designs for wholesale.

Our aim is premium quality, excellent designs, competitive prices and 1st class service. In this unprecedented time, you should not start a business alone.

As our partner, you will enjoy many benefits without having to take any risks. no middlemen; No minimum order; Luxurious style and premium quality; Quality materials are available for shopping; Global offer, wholesale only; customizable; Private Labeling;

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