Wedding dress manufacturers Europe Best 1

Wedding dress manufacturers Europe Best 1

Wedding dress manufacturers Europe Best 1

Wedding dress manufacturers Europe, Metropol wedding dress offers you quality at an affordable price. Let us produce the model you want on our Whatsapp line.

We send our wedding dresses to many countries in Europe. Our customers are very satisfied with our products. You can follow us on our metropolweddingdress instagram page.

Metropol wedding dress makes your dreams come true with both its quality and its experience in production.

wedding dress manufacturers europe

As a wholesale wedding dress manufacturer, our wedding dress purchase price is more suitable for our customers in Europe than our competitors. You can request wholesale wedding dresses on our website, we can produce wedding dresses for you in the model you want.

Choose your wedding dress in our online store

Follow this little guide to choosing your dress from our collection and be the most beautiful for the ceremony and find the model of your dreams:

Step 1: First choose your preferred cut, style. Princess, empire, short, mermaid, bridesmaid dress or couture model? If you have no idea in advance, contact us and we will help you. It will let you know which type of dress best suits your body and morphology. Once you find the style, dive back into our special offer and find the best price!

Step 2: Which color should you choose for your dress? The most used colors in wedding fashion are ivory and white. Remember that you can also add color with accessories.

Step 3: Choose the material, fabric of your wedding dress: lace, taffeta, satin, organza or chiffon? Lace remains very popular in Europe.

Step 4: Which length to choose? Long or short wedding dress? The length of the dress also depends on the type of ceremony you want. For example, consider a long dress for a religious wedding and a short dress for a formal wedding.

Step 5: With what kind of collar? A heart-shaped bustier, American neckline, halter dress, asymmetrical or bateau neck dress? Choose a collar that will show your bust the most.

Wedding dress online Europe

Step 6: Sleeves or not? If you choose a dress with sleeves, choose your preferred length.

Step 7: What size? We offer dresses from size 34 to size 50, even the plus size. Check out our size guide to make the right choice.

Step 8: A dress with a tail? Remember that a long, or even very long, veil creates a train effect without a dress.

A little extra: For every wedding dress in our collection, we recommend a petticoat to give it the necessary fullness. Our wedding dress collection is renewed throughout the year, this is your opportunity to regularly check into our store to discover in preview the model that may be your favourite, such as a very French lace long gown for your big day, and it’s always at a low price.

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Wedding dress online Europe

The convenience and accessibility of online shopping have made it a popular choice for brides-to-be looking for their dream wedding dress. With just a few clicks, you can explore a wide range of styles, compare prices, and have your dream gown delivered right to your doorstep. If you’re planning to buy a wedding dress online in Europe, here are some important points to consider.

Extensive Selection: One of the biggest advantages of shopping for a wedding dress online is the vast selection available. Online retailers offer a wide variety of styles, from traditional to modern, ensuring that you can find the perfect dress to match your vision. You’ll have access to a plethora of designs, fabrics, colors, and sizes, allowing you to customize your search according to your preferences.

Trusted Retailers: When shopping online for a wedding dress in Europe, it’s crucial to choose reputable and trusted retailers. Look for well-established websites with positive customer reviews and a proven track record of delivering high-quality products. Research the retailer’s return policy, customer service options, and shipping methods to ensure a smooth and satisfactory shopping experience.

Detailed Product Descriptions: Online retailers provide detailed product descriptions, including measurements, fabric information, and close-up images. Pay close attention to these details to ensure that the dress meets your expectations. Check the size chart and compare it with your measurements to select the appropriate size. If in doubt, contact the retailer’s customer service for assistance.

Customization Options: Many online wedding dress retailers offer customization services, allowing you to personalize your gown. You may have the option to modify certain features such as neckline, sleeves, or train length to suit your preferences. Keep in mind that customizations may incur additional costs and may affect the delivery timeline, so plan accordingly.

Price Comparison: Online shopping enables you to compare prices easily. Take advantage of this by exploring multiple websites to find the best deal without compromising on quality. Keep in mind that some websites may offer discounts or promotions during certain times of the year, so timing your purchase strategically could help you save money.

Timing and Shipping: When ordering a wedding dress online, consider the lead time required for production and delivery. Custom-made dresses typically take longer to create, so factor in ample time for alterations and adjustments if necessary. Additionally, review the retailer’s shipping options and policies to ensure your dress will arrive in a timely manner, especially if you have a specific wedding date in mind.

Sizing and Alterations: Ordering a wedding dress online means you won’t have the opportunity to try it on before purchasing. Therefore, it’s essential to carefully measure yourself and consult the size chart provided by the retailer. In some cases, alterations might be necessary to achieve the perfect fit. Be prepared to work with a local tailor or seamstress for any necessary adjustments.

Return and Exchange Policies: Familiarize yourself with the retailer’s return and exchange policies before making a purchase. While many online retailers offer flexible return options, it’s crucial to understand the terms and conditions, including any associated fees or restrictions. Keep in mind that some custom-made or personalized dresses may not be eligible for returns or exchanges.

Quality Assurance: Buying a wedding dress is a significant investment, so ensure that the retailer guarantees the quality of their products. Look for retailers that provide clear information about the materials used, construction methods, and overall craftsmanship. It’s also helpful to read reviews or seek recommendations from other brides who have purchased from the same retailer.

Accessories and Accompaniments: While shopping for your wedding dress online, consider the additional accessories and accompaniments you may need. These could include veils, headpieces, belts, or undergarments. Check if the retailer offers a comprehensive range of accessories

Changing your wedding dress

Our collection mainly consists of lace-up dresses (the laces are included in the price). The bust is therefore accentuated thanks to a perfect fit. If you’re good at sewing, you can adjust your dress yourself or have it done by a dressmaker/tailor.

Don’t forget to compare the price of the change by consulting a few professionals. If you choose bridal shoes with the right heel height, in some cases you can do without modification…

Since choosing a wedding dress is never easy, the customer service of our online store is also at your service by phone or e-mail. Let’s find the dress for your big day together!

How do you choose your wedding dress and find the right one?

Marriage continues to be an important step in everyone’s life that will remain etched in our memories forever.

Everything should be perfect on D-Day, especially your outfit. Choosing your wedding dress is the most important step in your wedding preparations and should be flawless and well-prepared.

To make sure you choose the right wedding dress, small, tall, sweet or thin, here are a few steps you should follow in advance to avoid missteps.



Before going through all the bridal shops, start by choosing the model that suits you and researching the models you like.

Don’t forget to set a budget too. If you want a cheap wedding dress, you can browse the internet, there are models at low prices.


What could be better than having the critical eyes of those around you? Have a trusted person or two accompany you during the first rehearsal .

They will not hesitate to give constructive criticism to help you choose your wedding dress. Make an appointment a few months in advance to agree on a date that isn’t always easy to set.


Are you dreaming of a beautiful princess dress with a long tail and tulle? But are you sure this dress matches your morphology?

Many of you idealize your future wedding dress, but it doesn’t quite fit your figure and may not enhance it.

If you have shapes, choose flowing materials that will highlight your silhouette. If you are thin, you can choose a strapless dress that is voluminous at the bottom of the dress. In any case, you will need to seek advice from the seller.


Your wedding dress will also be chosen according to the theme and location of your invitation. If your wedding theme is romantic, opt for a lace dress. Choosing the wedding dress according to its decoration will prevent the bride from going overboard.


Your future wedding dress cannot be incompatible with your husband-to-be’s costume. Your clothes should be compatible in terms of shapes, colors, style.


The choice of accessories depends on the style and colors of your wedding dress. Some dresses don’t need to be accentuated with accessories.

Above all, listen to yourself!

Admittedly, the choice of wedding dress remains delicate and you want to be well surrounded and seek advice, but above all you have to listen to yourself.

After all, it’s your wedding, the best day of your life, and if you’re not comfortable in a dress, don’t take it because it was recommended to you.

If you still haven’t found the dress of your dreams after a few rehearsals, don’t worry. You may need time, choosing your wedding dress is not easy and is normally only done once in a lifetime.

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Bridal cleaning: press or not?

Your wedding is over and your dress has been flooded with emotion and the turmoil of the evening. This dress, which is the unique garment of your life that you have tried so hard to choose, is a part of you.

Between sweat, alcohol, mud and even grass stains, your wedding dress will have lived its glorious moments.

Wedding Dress Cleaning


Storing without washing would be disrespectful as after a year the stains will crust over and affect the fabric over time. It will be nearly impossible for you to regain the original natural shine of your dress.

Cleaning a wedding dress often represents a dilemma between having it at the dry cleaner’s or cleaning it yourself.

How to clean wedding dress

Cleaning your wedding dress is delicate work, especially if it has pearls, rhinestones, embroidery or lace. Therefore, dry cleaning is not recommended as it will melt or peel off these small details.


If you want to have it professionally cleaned and are prepared to pay the price, choose a reputable dry cleaner who is used to cleaning the wedding dress.

Dry cleaning wedding dress

Do not hesitate to indicate what kind of stains are on the garment so that the painter can clean it with the appropriate products. The price will be determined by the style of the dress, the degree of soiling and therefore the time it will take the dyer to wash the dress.


Cleaning your wedding dress yourself requires taking a few precautions to avoid damaging it.

1 – Start by filling your tub with warm water and adding mild soap or limescale remover. Wet the bottom of your wedding dress and the train for 30 minutes. After the time is up, scrub the stains with a sponge and rinse with water and white vinegar. If the spots persist, repeat the action until the spots disappear.

Bridal cleaning tips

2- Hang your wedding dress on a hanger to dry. The dress is very heavy and may be deformed due to the hanger. Place it on the drying rack in your tub.

wash wedding dress

3 – Please note that the ironing step is a delicate step for the dress. Most dresses are made of delicate fabrics and simple ironing is not appropriate. To gently iron your dress, place a cloth between the iron and the dress, and then set the iron to the lowest setting. For some fabrics it is better to steam iron when hanging the garment.

ironing a wedding dress

After your suit has been cleaned, it can be stored preferably in an opaque sheath to protect it from light.

wedding dress cover storage

Whether by a professional or on your own, your wedding dress deserves special care and should be cleaned before being removed.

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European wedding dresses

European wedding dresses

How to choose a princess wedding dress or a country wedding dress?

Have you always dreamed of wearing a beautiful dress on your wedding day? Wondering which dress you will choose, fairy tale princess or forest princess?

Choosing your wedding dress is not easy, especially if your heart is going back and forth between princess wedding dresses and country wedding dresses.

It really gives you a headache to please yourself, be consistent with your theme, and surprise your guests.


Country and princess themes are very popular at weddings these days. But be careful, it should suit your personality and comfort.

Wearing a nice dress, yes, but as long as it suits you and you feel comfortable in it.

From the earliest childhood, you have a definite idea about your future wedding dress. However, this idea does not always correspond to your morphology and personality.

You don’t need to choose a dress that sparkles with rhinestones to stand out when you’re usually introverted.


You love nature and have a more bohemian spirit and your wedding will take place in the countryside or simply and traditionally.

You can choose a rustic lace wedding dress with lace or silk, which is elegant, flowing, full of freshness and light.

More and more designers offer you different models with noble materials such as silk, lace. The dresses are long, close to the body. In a country style, your silhouette is enhanced, airy and underlined, but without being replaced by bone or underwire.

Still, ask a salesperson for advice to get your figure highlighted. A very flashy style that does not adapt to every morphology.

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A princess dress, by definition, is a bottom voluminous and usually strapless dress.

What little girl has never dreamed of being a princess on her wedding day? Have you chosen to get married in a castle decorated with rhinestones? Why don’t you wear a beautiful princess dress?

With a long tail and tulle, you idealize your princess dress, but also pay attention to your silhouette.

If you have an A or 8 body type, a princess dress will be ideal for you to wear on your wedding day. Princess dress will highlight your waist.

You will be the queen of the evening and you will need to take great care of your outfit. Choosing your future wedding dress is an important step in your life that should not be skipped.

Whether you are undecided between a princess wedding dress or a country style wedding dress, selection and rehearsals should be made about 6 months in advance to allow for possible changes.

Succumb to a love, if any.

Bridal shops with bridesmaid dresses

Bridal shops with bridesmaid dresses

Buy your wedding dress from Metropol wedding dress!

You are about to experience the best day of your life, you have started the preparations, but you are missing the essential thing: your wedding dress.

You will definitely be the queen of the day, but what would the bride be without her husband-to-be? It often happens that future spouses do not see the clothes of the other.


For a perfect match in your outfits, it is recommended to follow a color code as well as the theme chosen for your wedding. Get information about the person’s clothing from people you trust so that you don’t make a mistake.

For the most beautiful day of your life, it is essential that your clothes are in harmony and that there is harmony in clothing.

Wedding dresses online

Wedding dresses online


Matching your wedding dress with your spouse’s is undoubtedly a testament to your concern for your future partner. There’s no need to match the whole outfit with Monsieur’s, a small detail or accessory will suffice to grab your guests’ attention.

Thus, you can associate the color of a detail of your outfit with an accessory such as a gentleman’s tie or bow tie.

Feel free to do a few rehearsals of your outfits on each side. Accompany with good advice and close people who know the theme of your wedding and the outfit of your other half.



Has your husband-to-be chosen a silk suit with a romantic vest and a collar? In that case, opt for a lace wedding dress to have both on D-Day.


You can agree on simpler clothes for a formal wedding. For Monsieur, a restrained, simple and effective two-piece suit will be a good pleasure.

Ma’am, a short wedding dress will go well with your husband-to-be’s outfit.


Do you have scars or tattoos and prefer to wear a long dress? Wearing a long wedding dress for the ceremony will add a perfect elegance to you.

The long dress can be paired with a three-piece suit for gentlemen, which will give elegance and grace.

Tuxedo, which is an exceptional outfit that is rarely worn for a lifetime and a masculine elegance, can also be combined with a long dress of the bride-to-be. However, be careful to match the elements of your outfit with the colors of the wedding.

The choice of your wedding dress and the costume of your future husband will remain a unique and privileged moment in your life. This choice will contribute to the success of your marriage.

Do not hesitate to consult about the theme , possible accessories you plan to wear and the main colors you will choose .

Therefore, your clothes will have to be given and in a state of symbiosis.

Bridesmaid dresses catalogue

Bridesmaid dresses catalogue

Dresses for alternative weddings

Want to have a different wedding? Do you want to give up the classic wedding dress models and want an unusual wedding dress? Depending on their personality, a white wedding with a reception in a prestigious location does not suit everyone.

Marriage can be an opportunity to bring their tastes and desires to the fore, to introduce them to family and friends of all generations.

After all, the stars of the day are the bride and groom, and the ceremony is just like them. Explore different worlds that will transport you to another era or an unknown atmosphere.

Depending on the type of wedding, a dress code may be required from the guests to match the couple and the decoration. You may also have to choose your dress depending on where you’re getting married.

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RETRO Wedding Dress

The retro wedding, with decoration that looks like it came directly from an antiques dealer, takes its inspiration from the Belle Epoque of the 1900s. Smarter than a Roaring Twenties style wedding in the 20s, the retro wedding is attracting more and more young couples.

Usually outdoors, this more traditional wedding takes place in a rural spirit, like a lunch on the lawn.

The very fashionable marriage responds to the need to return to the basics and originality. The opposite of weddings that are organized until the last minute, retro weddings want to be more casual. The bridal gown has a decidedly vintage side with an old-fashioned spirit. Accessories are very unobtrusive and a detail.

The hairstyle is not sophisticated. Hair is usually parted with a headband or veil to structure it. A BB hairstyle with a question bun, sauerkraut or banana bun is enough for a retro wedding.

Guests are often impressed by both minimalist and uncluttered decoration. The latter is usually made homemade by the bride and groom with pennant streamers, glass demijohns, crockery…

BAROQUE Wedding Dress

Baroque style, which is very fashionable in terms of decoration, draws attention with characteristic colors such as black, white, fuchsia pink, red and gray.

Damask is a favorite motif that can be used in all wedding decorations, from invitations to place cards to bridal jewellery. Flowers and candlesticks on the table are the main elements of decoration.

The bride wears a two-tone dress, usually black or white. It may have only a few colored embroidery or full sections of fabric. Baroque jewelery made of lacquered metal is important in the bridal outfit, miniatures, colorful rhinestones… Be careful with the exact dosage so that you don’t fall for the rococo.

MIDDLE AGE Wedding Dress

Rarely, the medieval wedding is celebrated in France at festivals dedicated to the Middle Ages. In the setting of a castle or a medieval town, the party takes place during a grand banquet accompanied by medieval songs and dances.

Medieval weddings have a particularly festive atmosphere that looks different from reproductions of weddings of the time. This type of celebration no longer attracts history buffs.

A bard decor can be recreated during the ceremony. More and more young people appreciate the medieval MMORPG universe, multiplayer online role-playing games. Datings in real life (real life) can happen and lead to marriages!

In the Middle Ages, wedding dresses were usually red in color in conjunction with the root dye pigment, which was the most durable. It was often the most beautiful dress a woman had ever owned. For more information, visit the wedding dress history page.

Today, some dresses with metal cuffs, slits or cuts that would have been inappropriate in the Middle Ages are more MMORPG-influenced.

The dress can have a flowing cut with flared sleeves. They seem to come directly from a Celtic legend or Norse mythology, almost Elven. Marriage can even be celebrated by a druid. Druid marriage is based on love between spouses without any concept of religion or particular belief.

If the pointed hat, called the hennin, in the style of the Visitor movie sounds a bit folkloric, it’s possible to bet on a more modest headdress like the medieval veiled tiara.

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STEAMPUNK Wedding Dress

The steampunk marriage is timeless between the industrial past and a post-apocalyptic future. It originated from the industrial age design of steam trains.

Steampunk culture flourishes between literature, video games, cinema or comics, which Jules Verne is a master at. Of course, there is a hard-worked steampunk fashion with a keen aesthetic sense. To qualify this genre, we talk about retrofuturism.

The wedding dress should look vintage, like a family heirloom, in cream, eyeshell or pinkish beige tones. Ideally, the shape should be reminiscent of the pleated, faux-ass dresses of the 1880s or the bourgeois dresses of the 1900 Belle Epoque.

Accessories are of great importance. Men happily wear top hats and aviator glasses, the airmail fashion of Saint-Exupéry. Women have headdresses with veiled miniature top hats or aprons.

It is indispensable for gold metal or matte bronze jewelry. Like the wheels of a highly visible clock, the mechanism of jewels is given the most prominent place. The cameo, compass, clock or old key are the dominant motifs in steampunk. The pocket watch is the flagship of the steampunk movement and can be hung on the bride’s dress.

Steampunk wedding car can be a hassle. It is useless to think of a modern sedan that would be completely anachronistic: a horse-drawn carriage or a customized car like that could house a pair of Beetles and set the course for the entire party.

ROCKABİLLY Wedding Dress

Marriage can be an opportunity to show your admiration for an era and step back in time.

Rockabilly wedding is ideal for daring a pin-up style look and 50s bar/snack bar decoration, as in the Happy Days series. With the sound of the jukebox, guests will be able to rock their hips to rock tunes until the end of the night.

Pin-up dresses are becoming more and more popular. With a charming ambassador like DitaVonTeese, the dresses are colorful and accentuate the curves of women.

The wedding dress should be short at knee level. It should be attached and close to the body at the top. Two versions are available for the cut of the dress: very flared with an additional petticoat to create volume, or tight to shape the silhouette.

High heels are indispensable with platform pumps or strappy open toes to complete the outfit.

The hairstyle is an element to work on for an A to Z pin-up look. The hair reference for pin-ups is Bettie Page with her medium-length black hair and short bangs. Optionally, it is possible to adopt variants with buckles, shells or macarons on the sides for a retro look.

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GOTHIC Wedding Dress

Gothic marriage is not frequent and remains quite anecdotal in the marriage landscape. Being gothic is rarely limited to black clothing and vampire makeup. It is a culture that combines music, painting, cinema, painting and photography with an artistic universe of its own.

The fact of marriage in Gothic is representative of a lifestyle. Many people mistakenly think that this type of marriage brings bad luck and is linked to a fascination with death and a desire to die.

We know about Gothic icons like Marilyn Monson, whose marriage to Dita Von Teese was widely publicized. Marrying black is rare among more pop stars.

One of the international stars who chose an all-black dress and a gothic wedding was Avril Lavigne. She defies this color hated by superstitious people with a light black veil.

Designers love black dresses, but when it comes to wedding dresses, white dominates. Collections can have black or even two-tone touches. The all-black dress is reserved for cocktail and evening dresses for bridesmaids and guests.

Designer Ulyana Sergeenko braves the dress between Mary Poppins, Mormon fashion and 19th century inspirations. Black and feminine is part of the Gothic wedding trend.

The wedding dress is associated with rock accessories. Baroque jewelry with skulls and staples is in harmony with the gothic look. An imposing necklace to which we add an earring, a bracelet that connects the rings, chains that completely cover the finger, or rings of armor is a must.

The bride’s bouquet usually goes well with her dress. Forget the classic roses or gerberas. Choose black flowers such as tulips, dahlias, lilies or callas. Otherwise, you can make the bouquet yourself from recycled materials: fabric, feathers, paper…

European wedding dress designers

European wedding dress designers

Wedding dress design from A to Z

The wedding dress is one of the most elaborate garments with its meticulous sewing and a unique understanding of detail. The final piece of a haute couture fashion show, the wedding dress is the designer’s pride and highlights his expertise.

Designers can showcase their work at Bridal Fashion Week and bridal shows.

Wedding dress brands also create models inspired by designer trends or originals. The latter is often inspired by the past.

Significantly marketing ready-to-wear requires work in store to adjust the cut so that the dress looks like it was made to measure for the bride-to-be. Here are the different steps to be the most beautiful on D-Day, from designing a wedding dress to buying it.

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Every designer starts with a drawing work called a fashion sketch before launching his collection. Like Franck Sorbier’s sketches and sketches on Gulliver’s Travels in 2014, sketches are often highlighted during exhibitions to show the progress from putting the idea on paper to designing the model.

The sketch allows you to draw the model in the smallest details, from the cut of the fabric to its folds, to its natural fall. Creators work with type B oil pens, colored pencils or charcoal. Watercolor remains the most realistic and successful technique in sketching for playing with color gradients.

Creators do not use molds to shape their models, but use 3D design through molding, also called casting. The first step on a mannequin is laying bolducs, which are strips used to structure and define seam lines.

The tailor works each quarter of the mannequin with ribbed fabric that is sheer enough to see the slacks. The garment is produced directly on the mannequin, with the darts and pleats perfectly adjusted. Watch how a tailor from Dior masters molding with surprising ease and great dexterity.

After molding, fabrication can begin with the possibility of tracing and embroidering or dyeing patterns.

Thus, Chanel opened its doors to show the creation of a haute couture dress made first hand in a workshop. The result is gorgeous on the podium and you can see all the design phases. The job is the same for a wedding dress.


Although there are 2 bridal fashion shows a year in New York (or even in London), the calendar of bridal brands does not quite match the calendar of haute couture designers. Each brand releases only one collection per year.

Stylists often work with inspiring books to add integrity to their collections. Common thread can be a color, a material, or a cut. Most ready-to-wear houses offer enduring, timeless models and collections.

The creation of the model is also done with fashion sketches and technical sheets. The model then moves on to prototyping. The dress was created in one size to see if it could be marketed.

Once approved, the brand entrusts the mass production of the bridal gown to a textile company in France or around the world, from the assembly of the fabrics to the finish. The model, which was introduced at wedding fairs, is the subject of an advertising campaign with a photo shoot.

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2022 trends solved in Bridal fashion week

Bridal week is equivalent to the Fashion week version of wedding attire. In the heart of Manhattan in New York, many parades take place on the catwalks.

In Paris, designers also display their collections in their showrooms in Paris. This week sets the tone for wedding dresses all season long . Designers have the opportunity to highlight their creations, which are reported by the press.

For 2015, it’s time for sobriety and grace. The neckline is at the back to be a slender bride. Thanks to lace and lightweight materials, the dress can play games of transparency.

While white remains a safe bet, the color can take on cream, beige or eggshell highlights for a more vintage look. Two styles of dresses came to the fore at the 2015 Bridal Week: a very elegant and minimalist virgin dress and a mermaid dress that highlights a woman’s curves.


Elegant and sensual, the bride’s back draws all eyes on her. If you want to play with a Carolina Herrena dress like in Bella in the movie Twilight, transparency worked in 2015.

The backless dress is for women with large breasts who can’t wear a loose collar without getting too much into it. It’s also geared towards women who want to accentuate their lower back, like Mireille Darc’s legendary dress from Guy Laroche’s tall blonde with black shoes.

What underwear to wear under such dresses? It’s impossible to ignore a bra. It is clearly necessary to bet on a model with seamless, self-adhesive silicone or adhesive strips to provide support in any situation.

Monique Lhuillier, an internationally renowned designer, has given her all on transparency. Lace patterns look like tattoos on the skin. It can be embroidered around the back zipper for maximum privacy.

The back is therefore in the center of the otherwise rather simple dress. The materials used for a gorgeous back are thin and light, such as organza or tulle, giving a feeling of nudity. We love the cultured pearl-shaped buttons to accentuate the spine.

Backless dresses let you play the illusion and surprise card. The dress looks minimalist from the front but reveals all its charm from the back. Pierre Carr offers ceremonial dresses with very elaborate embroideries that allow you to use opacity and transparency alternately. Pagoda sleeves add an airy feel to the dress.

Wearing a bun is a must for open back dresses. Designer Anne Barge presents a princess dress model with wide straps that leave the skin bare, contrasting with the imposing volume of the petticoat.


2015 is the year creators love to play around with the effects of transparency. Flowing materials work shoulder to shoulder with the thickness of the lace, creating a relief effect.

If Kate Middleton attracted attention with her extremely delicate Caudry lace wedding dress, it is possible to use other materials such as embroidered silk tulle, guipure or plumetis.

Patterns go well with soft and light fabrics such as silk satin, silk muslin, crepe Georgette and even wool knitted with large stitches. Embroidery on the sleeves and bustier is everywhere.

Mira Zwillinger plays up the contrast between a light petticoat in soft, airy fabric and a loosely embroidered tight bustier. Opacity is graded from bottom to top to hide the bust and waist. This dress is ideal for women who want to accentuate their upper body and erase the hips.

The Rivini brand dared to reconcile the sportswear effect of running and lace during the Bridal week. This wedding dress won’t appeal to all women, but it does make you look sexy without going overboard.

The sweater looks like a sweatshirt, and the wide cut of the pants allows you to play the comfort card. The train adds a special design element to this set, which can be outfitted with charms.

Why not dare to full transparency? Anna Maier / Ulla-Maija Couture makes women shudder while remaining quite modest. The faux innocent lace dress covers a nude underside of the dress. White lace models stand out more and stand out thanks to the light beige color underneath.

The creators have the art and way of giving elegance to simple outfits thanks to beautiful cuts. Christos Costerellos presents a gorgeous dress with English embroidery playing on transparency with its perforated cotton fabric. The high quality is far from curtain-like despite the dense patterns. A true masterwork!

In its most classic form, lace can be a good option to add sleeves to a strapless dress. Rosa Clara subdues her immaculate dress with long see-through sleeves and a bateau neckline. The material also covers the petticoat of the dress for added fit.

Wedding dress manufacturers best companies

Wedding Dress germany

Wedding Dress germany


White still has good years ahead when it comes to bridal gowns. White, a symbol of purity and virginity, continues to be the color of choice. But 2015 is announcing that white will turn into soft pastel colors.

Although some women dare to use bright colors, pastel tones are on the rise and are firmly in fashion.

We love the creamy white enhanced by Jenny Packham. She softens the intense contrast with an immaculate white dress ideal for black skin. As neutral as white, ivory is often easier to pair your taupe-tone dress with a groom’s suit.

Nude from beige to rosé is suitable for all skin tones. It can go well with very elegant, nude-toned shoes and white. Neutral emphasizes rhinestones, sequins and sequins. Houghton rejects the color in her version of the very Carrie Bradshaw tutu.

Perfect for matte or porcelain skins, powder pink is a good compromise between traditional white and light pink. Jessica Biel has drawn the wrath of the international press for marrying Justin Timberlake for the original and defamatory color of her dress.

That’s why powder pink remains a more traditional color that goes well with pearl gray and white. It goes well with silver shoes. White gold is the ideal color to highlight a wedding ring.

An uninviting name for a wedding dress, eggshell color is a term used when it comes to decorating. This white with yellow undertones is often called honey or champagne. At Bridal Week 2015, this color is available in a multitude of materials: shiny fabric like satin, matte like chiffon or perforated fabric with lace.


While flamboyant lace dresses remain in fashion for wedding dresses, some women like to keep their style by choosing minimalist outfits for the ceremony. Couturiers rely on noble materials such as silk.

However, if the elegant classic looks neat, nothing prevents them from combining them with XXL accessories or extraordinary heels to break the wise little girl’s side.

Rivini presents an elegant and timeless dress with simple and graphic lines that keep up with the times. Having the spirit of a three-hole dress, the wedding dress has waist cuts that match the evening wear trend.

In keeping with the simplicity, the wedding dress can be a long sleeve sheath. The belt, which marks the waist, protects a train in all its lightness.

Inspired by the Greek Vesta, the dress remains a classic. Featuring an empire waist that accentuates the bust, this dress type is light and flowing. It can be worn with flat sandals in the first degree.

Although it may seem a bit on the decline, it remains a safe choice for bohemian country weddings or intimate settings. A la Kate Moss, the dress is elegant without being overdone.

At Temperley, we adore the tonal pattern of this peach-coloured wedding dress for the best day of her life, and especially the floral crown that drapes over a thick veil.

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Ideal for 8 body shapes with a slim waist as well as prominent bust and hips, the mermaid dress allows you to highlight your curves. Close to the body, can be sexy with the collar. It emphasizes the waist and hips. The overlapping layers of tulle and the tail add fullness to the dress.

Every fashionista has created a series of voluminous dresses in this cut to highlight the slim silhouette of women.

In Marchesa we play the contrast of lace and tulle. Long sleeves, this fitted neck dress is super trendy with a peplum hem.

Anne Barge presents a mermaid dress with a less pronounced hip. However, the flared shape of the lower part of the dress and the train are balanced quite well by the naked eye with the bare shoulders.

Between Marc Zunino’s dress, light orange, draped tulle, and push-up bustier, we either love it or hate it. This highly structured wedding dress shapes the body.


Sandals will be required for the summer season. Barefoot is minimalist on all catwalks. Fully open pairs have 2 thin straps with buckles, one of which holds the ankle. The heel is quite high, about 10 cm.

If they look pretty simple, the sandals play the card of authenticity with festive colors: silver, gold, rose gold or bronze. In short, the shoes will be metallic.

In Monique Lhuillier, the reference of Bridal Fashion, sandals are eye-catching with a sexy arch of the foot. Silver gray is very necessary. The thinness of the straps prevents falling to the disco side.

Sandals can have less heels, about 5 cm. The shiny touch can come from the rhinestone or pearl inlays on the shoes.

Shoes can be a haute couture accessory that adorns the foot. Bridal week revealed some real lace wonders. Lace boots are accessories that should not be forgotten. If color contrast is in fashion, we prefer to stay in white or ivory for such a unique model.

Marchesa relies on the combination of heels and boots. To wear with a short wedding dress, shoes are the charm of the outfit. The ankle is covered with lace from the same material as the wedding dress.

Flowers, laces, organzas… This pair, which combines everything, is an ideal shoe for brides with a bohemian and romantic style.

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What dress to wear for a formal wedding ceremony?

The style is usually more casual if the bride chooses a princess or sheath dress at church or house of worship, town hall. According to the organization of the day, women wear the same dress and pass in front of the Mayor and the priest.

But it’s not unusual for couples to spread out their wedding over 2 days over a long festive weekend. In fact, the bride and groom can extend their civil and religious marriages for several months.

In this case, the civil marriage is held with small delegations and the religious wedding is the subject of extended family celebrations in the summer. So a formal wedding is an opportunity to adopt a more practical and versatile outfit than the traditional wedding dress steeped in history while remaining festive.

Wedding dress usa

Wedding dress usa


Women dare to use color in their civil marriage. An average of 250,000 marriages are celebrated each year in France. Due to atheism, sectarian differences or simply preference, couples do not necessarily want to go to the religious marriage stage.

Women usually opt for a long white dress with colored ends such as blue, red, brown, purple or green. The dress is bi-colour, with colorful pieces such as bustier, underskirt, embroidery, accessories…

The long colorful dress gives a very festive side. Red is the award-winning color of wedding dresses that is very popular with women. Traditionally, the wedding dress was red, as root dye was the most durable pigment. Designers like Nicolas Fafiotte offer flamboyant red dresses worthy of princess movies.

What if the bride wears black? Although some see it as a bad omen and a superstition, black continues to be an elegant color that makes women stand out. In order not to fall on the dark side that flirts with the gothic, choose an elegant evening dress without a hem, tulle and veil.


Seriousness and elegance are words that characterize the tailor. If women are incompatible in everyday life, mixing colors and cuts, they love to wear a coordinated suit at a wedding.

Forget the jacket/skirt version that looks like a secretary. It is dynamic and adapts to the times with suits, trousers and jackets. Dare to make it sexier with a lace camisole underneath.

In summer, the suit comes in a lighter version. We love the modernity of the slim 7/8 with a long bustier. There is a stylish outfit that is easy to live with, but accessorize as much as possible with jewelry, sequined shoes or a very flashy hairstyle.

Pant suits will be very appropriate for weddings in unusual places, such as an air balloon wedding.

The Most Reliable Wedding Dress Sales Site 1 Number


Princess dresses are usually voluminous, majestic pieces with lace, organza and tulle. Dress for a formal wedding can be more plain and minimalist. Brands and designers are playing around with the cut and material of the dress.

The white silk dress is flowing, light and airy. It allows you to be elegant without going overboard. With matching shoes, the dress has a simple cut and a beautiful fall. It stands out thanks to the details: the flowy neckline, the ruffled sleeves…

The long strapless dress continues to be a classic among wedding gowns. If the princess version is made with a huge petticoat and a long tail, then for a formal wedding it is necessary to choose a dress close to the body, tight enough to emphasize the curves. The dress without frills can play in the folds of the fabric.

Designers like Viktor Rolf, who offered a short shirt dress with a train, are sometimes uncomfortably simple. When worn with Spartans, it gives a wise little girl side.


In town hall, women like to wear shorter dresses to show off their legs. Mini wedding dresses are popular, as is Eva Longoria for her wedding with Tony Parker at the Paris city hall.

It gives a sexy look when worn with sandals or high heels. Avoid associating collars and miniskirts to avoid falling into it too much, for more elegance.

Star acclaimed designer Delphine Manivet offers a short wedding dress to play the card of femininity. Ideal for a formal wedding, it harmonizes the body with the structural work on the shoulders.

Midi wedding dresses, which are very fashionable, are becoming more successful every day. It gives a pin-up silhouette with a faux look reminiscent of a vintage dress from the 50s. It is traditionally worn on the knee.

It can be worn over the ankle like designer Oscar de la Renta with its English embroidered fabric. In this case, the length does not crowd the silhouette and emphasizes the slimness of the ankles, while remaining practical for climbing the stairs in the town hall.

wedding dress by wedding venue

If we happily choose the wedding dress according to its morphology and wishes, the wedding dress should be located in the frame of the place where the ceremony will be held.

Today, newlyweds no longer hesitate to choose unusual places to celebrate their marriage and invite their family and friends. Many people who marry on the beach, in the desert or underwater dare to have an idyllic wedding worthy of their wildest dreams.

For a wedding held in grandeur in a 200-seat castle, it will be different from the dress worn for a small delegation in an ostentatious country house. The bride’s outfit should be appropriate for the occasion and the venue. Its length and style varies by location.

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Best wedding dress

Best wedding dress


In the countryside, no dress code is needed, except that we impose it on ourselves. Newlyweds tend to play with the fake simplicity card. Even with work, the look becomes more refined. Two trends stand out for a country wedding.

The short wedding dress wins the bride’s appreciation. At or just above the knee, this dress offers great freedom of movement. The aperitif dinner is usually al fresco depending on the season. A long dress with a tail is not necessarily practical in the countryside.

The long hippie chic dress is the other trend favored by a bride. Casual, this flowy dress can be made with ruffles in the spirit of flamenco. With a minimalist, virginal spirit, it can be cut like the dress by US girl jewelry designer Pamela Rose.

The latter celebrated her marriage at a former very green summer holiday camp. The bridal bouquet is even made of wildflowers to play the country card well.

The flower is the star motif for a country wedding. The dress can be embroidered or floral lace. Organza flowers can be added to the dress as a relief.

While it may sound cliché, the bride and groom usually wear a tiara of white or contrasting flowers worn on the forehead for a bohemian effect, rather than as a tiara.


The bride and groom can do anything for a wedding in the castle. No matter how romantic you want it, this place is worthy of fairy tales. After the celebration at the sanctuary and town hall, the reception at the castle is often sophisticated, with food service and a ball-like party.

Newlyweds can take beautiful wedding photos in a historic setting. The couple can take majestic shots outside the castle or in their room that make them stand out.

Women often bet on certain values by opting for flamboyant wedding dresses. The princess cut wins the prize for a wedding in a castle like famous princesses. The more sensual, body-closer mermaid shape is perfect for a castle wedding.

Choose a high mermaid shape, the sleeve of which ends at the hips, as the castle usually has a large number of steps. A mermaid cut that’s low to the knees can hinder walking and make it difficult to climb stairs.

Although the reception rooms are heated, if you are going to have a wedding in the castle in winter, choose a long-sleeved dress. Lace or faux fur bolero can be worn on it in order not to get cold in the evening.

An elaborate hairstyle is required to get married in a historic building. A long veil with a bun is a great accessory for a wedding at the castle. Light and airy, it combines tradition and elegance, adding a sophisticated touch to the outfit.

For those who prefer light hair, they can be held back with a stony headband or tiara. Hair with rhinestones or sequins, wear light clothes


In a stately setting, a monastery is a religious place that can have special meaning for the bride and groom who want to go beyond the religious ceremony.

Monasteries such as Valloires abbey in Picardy, the only complete 17th-century Cistercian abbey, can be rented for wedding time. The oldest pear tree in France on one of the facades. Each monastery has its own history, which makes the place unique for a wedding.

Depending on the location, the monastery can be decorated in a very traditional way or, on the contrary, surprisingly modern. The choice of wedding dresses can be quite original, either by resorting to designers or staying in the classic style.

Long dresses are preferred. Additionally, you should know that at a Christian religious site it was customary not to be bare-armed or bare-shouldered.

Depending on the model of the dress, a shawl tied or hung with a brooch is sufficient to hide the shoulders, especially if it is in the form of a bustier.

Question shoes, opt for big heels, wedges or flat pairs. The floor can be uneven, uneven with cobblestones. Although elegant, stilettos are not always the most suitable.

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Stars love to get married on islands or idyllic beaches, Megan Fox style. More and more people are choosing this type of wedding, although it is rarely celebrated in France outside of the Côte d’Azur. Newlyweds choose to fly to their dream destinations in Asia or Polynesia.

Logically, most ceremonies follow the same pattern. Part of the beach is arranged with a corridor for the bride to walk to the altar, and chairs are placed on either side for guests.

Wedding dresses are often minimalist. Often times, the bride-to-be buys her dress before she leaves and cannot afford to carry an ultra-long and bulky dress with petticoats. Also, the weather is hot around 30°C. Therefore, a short dress in the appearance of a sundress should be expected.

The bride’s outfit should allow her to walk on the sand. A flowing bustier dress that is short to the knee is ideal for combining comfort and elegance. No need to bring shoes: the bride marries barefoot. According to the tradition of the country, the bride and groom can be decorated with flower or shell necklaces.


More unusual, the wedding can be celebrated in a hot air balloon. No need to have experience, the wedding can be the first flight in a balloon. A hot air balloon can hold about ten people in its basket, including the pilot.

Hot air balloon flight is dependent on weather conditions: sky condition, temperatures, precipitation, winds… In case of unfavorable weather, the flight may be cancelled. Even a hot air balloon can be customized for the event. The flight takes about 1 hour: enough to hold a beautiful ceremony and enjoy the scenery.

Once attached to the balloon, it is very sturdy, getting in and out of the balloon may not be suitable with a princess dress. A pantsuit as original as a balloon celebration is perfect for this type of wedding.

There is nothing more practical than trousers to jump over the basket. Choose narrow cuts. Women can use as many accessories as possible to make their outfits eye-catching: hair accessories, jewelry, bolero, gloves…

Jumpsuit can be a trendy solution to combine comfort and elegance. Choose heels that are not too high, wedge heels are ideal for better grip on the floor of the carrycot.

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The desert may seem like an inappropriate place to get married. However, a large number of people choose the Maghreb desert because of its proximity to France and its guaranteed exotic side. Two atmospheres are possible. The decor can be very similar to a beach wedding, but the background is the sand dunes, not the sea.

It is possible to prefer the atmosphere of the riad, a luxury version of a nomad camp. With floor lights, candles and cushions, ceremony and celebration can easily be carried out around a campfire with typical food and hot tea.

The bride’s outfit should be practical and comfortable. Forget immaculate white, it’s too messy. Beige, cream or ecru color should be preferred. Wearing short dresses can be comfortable and suitable for sitting on the floor. Flow allows for more freedom of movement than a tight-fitting dress, which has the annoying habit of going up when you sit down.

Embroidered in geometric patterns, beaded or lace folk wear is ideal for a desert wedding. Covering and fluid, protects against high temperatures. Breathable textiles made from natural fibers such as cotton and linen are recommended. Indeed, synthetic materials tend to make you sweat more.

Wedding Dresses germany online shop

Wedding Dresses germany online shop


Unusual, underwater marriage became a reality. Saying yes to life at the bottom of the sea is possible in Bora-Bora. A setting is set up to celebrate an original ceremony at a depth of 4 meters.

The couple, in diving helmets with microphones, follow the speech of the priest diving next to them. Like a Facebook like, they raise their thumbs to say yes.

You don’t need to take the lead to choose your dress. The wedding takes place in a white diving suit, identical to the man and woman. Go to this link to see an example of a wedding video.

It is possible to get married underwater in water parks. The bride can wear a long princess dress. Chiffon and organza are airy materials that will tend to float in the water and make mermaid-worthy photos.

Some couples prefer to play the “I’m underwater without getting wet” card. They can get married in a hotel in the Maldives, in a room with an aquarium ceiling. In a dry environment, the bride can therefore choose the dress she wants according to her desires.

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Wedding dress international shipping

Wedding dress international shipping

How do you choose the perfect neckline for your wedding dress?

The collar of the wedding dress is an indispensable element that you should not hesitate to bet on. Depending on whether you have broad or thin shoulders, tall or open neck, small or, conversely, a wide chest, your morphology will determine the collar that suits you best.

There are at least fifteen different necklines to suit all builds and all body types.


Heart neckline will be suitable for thin women but also for women with big breasts by marrying shapes to accentuate them. In the same spirit as the heart neckline, the half heart pays homage to all femininity by less marking the shapes, thus making it more suitable for less bulky breasts.


It emphasizes the neck and shoulders in a princess spirit with refinement and originality. It is one of the collars suitable for most body types.


While it gives a certain modernity to the dress with embroideries on it, it is a guarantee of elegance, it will be even more refined. It will go very well with loose or thin dresses. Whatever the size of the chest will be perfect.


It is more recommended for women with more defined or more muscular shoulders, such as sportswomen or athletes, but not strictly recommended for large breasts.


It perfectly covers the chest while leaving the shoulders free, ideal for small breasts but will not have support for others.


For a large bust, a square neckline is more recommended and is modern yet elegant, it can also be suitable for small or medium breasts in general.


If you’re a discreet woman, the V-neck will give you a suggestive neckline without overdoing it, but with a lot of elegance. It offers a secure hold if you have a large chest.


They bring simplicity, moderation and common sense. They highlight both the throat and neck, suitable for all breasts and any type of dress.


Tulle, lace or organza illusion bridal neckline on the bustier or sweetheart neckline will bring women with thin shoulders to the fore. He will put aside any extravagance just to leave the bride with sobriety. It fits perfectly on small breasts.

A bare back to accentuate a generous chest will create a glamorous effect associated with elegance. It offers the advantage of reinforced support for generous busts.


For thin women with small breasts, we will prefer the round neckline, which will perfectly accentuate the neck as long as you wear a high or bouncy hairstyle. You can also opt for a nice bolero.

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If your hips are wide, it will suit your body type.

Every morphology has its own neckline, all you have to do is find yours!

Bohemian chic wedding dress

You are in love with nature, you truly appreciate all the visual wonders it has to offer us among the greenery, flowers and deep blue sky.

bohemian wedding dress

To be in complete harmony with your mood, on your wedding day you will want to opt for a bohemian chic version of the wedding which just might be the best choice.

European wedding dresses Near me

European wedding dresses Near me

bohemian chic wedding


To stay in this beautiful perspective and in complete synergy with this nature you love so much, the bohemian wedding dress will be perfectly adapted to this extraordinary big day.

nature bohemian wedding


A white, ecru, or slightly delicate colored dress, dotted with fine lace or tulle, with a tiara on her head and a bouquet of wildflowers, is not just a simple idea to bet on a successful bohemian wedding, and everything is done to allow it. nowadays.

old wedding crown


There are multiple solutions available to bring all your desires to life and achieve the most beautiful weddings, and since most bohemian dresses are suitable for all body types, you won’t run the risk of going wrong by finding the one that suits you. it will fit you perfectly.

bohemian wedding dress body shape

Beautiful flower crowns reminiscent of yours in your bridesmaids’ hair will join a beautiful alliance with the surrounding nature. Elegance and charm are not just the prerogative of princess weddings.

THE IDEAL BOHEM bridal gown

With a low back, tulle or lace short or long sleeves or just straps, the choice may be difficult for you, but you won’t miss the wide variety of dresses available for this big day.

lace bohemian wedding dress

The models are diversified to satisfy the most demanding, including a variety of collars.

SHORT OR LONG BOHEME bridal dress?

If this question is tormenting you, know that all lengths will have an effect. As for the cut, whether it’s straight, light, wavy or looser, finesse will always be required to make you the prettiest queen of the day, nothing else will be equal.

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long bohemian wedding dress


A belted model will offer the advantage of restoring the proportions of your morphology if you are a little rounder. If you have a wide chest, open-back dresses should be avoided as much as possible because you will not have enough support.

plus size bohemian wedding dress


On the other hand, if you are short, do not limit your choice to a dress that is too long, you will send back an even smaller female image.

short bohemian wedding dress

On the other hand, you can choose a model with an open back or a V-neck model that will stand out completely.

European wedding traditions

European wedding traditions


Straps or bateau necklines for broad shoulders will accentuate your head carrier beautifully.

strapless bohemian wedding dress


Happiness is an excellent trigger for ideas, if not the best. To this end, your bohemian wedding dress will stand out completely in this set, and your carelessness will carry bursts of much-desired happiness to this wonderful big day. Because this is your wedding, your big day, it should look just like you!

old wedding dress

Marriage is one of the greatest days and of course the most beautiful, in the presence of everyone, everyone agrees to say it as it is indisputable proof. And tastes and wishes in this matter vary from one woman to another.

You are about to approach this big change and you are looking forward to returning to a wedding in retro tones where the keywords will be joy, happiness and good humor. This is such a great idea!


This day will be even more gorgeous if you make sure you put all the assets on your side, starting with finding gorgeous vintage wedding dresses. It can be made from tulle, lace or satin to jump-start the 50s, 60s or 70s.


You can find retro wedding dresses at most specialty stores, online, as well as at flea markets and other garage sales. And why not prefer your beloved mother’s, or even your grandmother’s, so that you associate your retro idea with a tribute paid to one of them.


Having a wide range of models, vintage wedding dresses meet all expectations. A ball gown dress will be as elegant as it is beautiful and just as appealing as an A-line satin dress.

When it comes to vintage, satin, embroidered or tulle will often form the dress as well as lace. All shapes are possible as long as they fit your morphology.

If the daring is not too flashy or obvious, it can also be displayed, for example, with embroideries decorated with beautiful pearls or a belt with a small bow.

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’50s dresses will often tend to be long rather than wide, with different exceptional materials that give them an ultra-refined elegance.

But this does not exclude quite tight models of the time, long or short. ’60s dresses, whether simple or a little more sophisticated, will often be knee-length, revealing a truly romantic spirit.

As for the 70s, the shift in mentality produced lacy dresses that sometimes had highly sought-after shapes, including the undeniable hippie spirit we know, but always had glamor as the keyword.

In each of the models from the vintage years, you can easily add flirty to be eye-catching with a unique charm. The important thing is to find the dress that you like and that suits you best.

European style Gowns

European style Gowns


Audrey Hepburn chose a short wedding dress designed by Pierre Balmain in white organza. A very smart style and model little girl.

Sharon chose a cute short empire wedding dress. British look of the sixties!

Embellished with lilies and orange flowers, this dress was designed in the middle of the war. So Queen Elizabeth had to use her report cards to provide enough satin for the nimble fingers of her personal designer, Norman Hartnell.

This gorgeous taffeta dress was custom designed by designer Ann Lowe. Notice the cheerful little bouquet of orchids and white roses.

Jackie Kennedy’s princess style wedding dress

BB defies tradition with her plain gingham dress. Designed by Jacques Esterel, this dress has become an iconic piece.

How can you recycle your wedding dress?

Would you like to wear your wedding dress for the second time? Or recycle? This article has been prepared for you. Indeed, there are many alternatives to selling, donating to charities, or even renting.

Because you love to be original, here’s a small summary of the options available to you in the bridal recycling space. So who will make the leap? And who will dare to “trash” it?

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Paint your wedding dress

So you can dye it a new color to make an everyday dress. In addition to the fact that the operation can be difficult, you also need to have a hand to sew and cut if necessary, since you need to find the right color and the right dose.

This requires a lot of work and above all precision! You can ask the professionals to do it. And that’s fine, most of them are on the market.


Why don’t you wear it to another wedding where you’re not the bride this time? You can customize and recycle your wedding dress. You can find professionals for less than 500 euros. This will make a small cocktail dress for the big day.

European wedding guest dresses


You can also make more original things by contacting a tailor, such as christening jackets, bracelets, necklaces, and other body decorations.

You can also recycle your veil and make a crib veil for babies, for good feelings in perspective…

Do not hesitate to ask your tailor for a price. Bargain, bargain, bargain but not too much. Indeed, for less than 450 euros, it can be shoddy work and you run the risk of being disappointed with the result.

Above all, be clear about what you want, opt for versatility and patience. You can find inspiration especially from Pinterest to come up with ideas.


Or you might actually have a second marriage! This will allow you to do something even better and bring everyone together for the second time to celebrate your love with your beloved and caring husband. Great idea, right?


You can also follow the example of Americans who got caught up in a surprising practice. “They throw their clothes away”. So what does that mean? Hence the fact that it is completely destroyed so that not a single piece of her wedding dress remains.

Do you call me weird… But this one will stay in your memory forever, accompanied by beautiful photos taken by a photographer. Tubs of paint rolling in the mud for the more adventurous. Many options are available for you!

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The last option, the wedding dress, was reused in the baptism of the child during the Old Regime. Of course, it’s a dying tradition, but you can still use your wedding dress to do it.

So, between recycling with expert tailors, baptismal gowns or even “throwing the dress in the trash,” there are a number of options available to you. So what will you do to recycle your wedding dress?

lace and wedding dress

Lace wedding dress gives a particularly feminine and romantic side. For this reason, many creators have embraced it.

It’s back in effect at the wedding of Kate Middleton, who disappeared from sight and married Prince William. Delicate, airy, light, many virtues are attributed to this material.

Whether your lace wedding dress is short or has an open back, you can find a variety of patterns and work with the material. Many women are looking for the rare pearl for marriage.

Whether it’s a bohemian, romantic or vintage wedding, lace wedding dresses are for every taste.

Lace can be discreet with a few little touches to your shoulders or a nice belt. Or along the entire length of your dress for a more sophisticated effect.

So why not turn to lace? What are the different lace wedding dresses? What are the most famous laces? Here is a brief summary of the trends.


First of all, you should know that French lace, or rather Calais-Caudry lace, is a quality indicator all over the world. Thus, the wedding dress invites itself among the creators and craftsmen.

And the first thing in question is of course wedding dresses! There are many different materials, such as polyamide or nylon, viscose, cotton and even silk.

Wedding dress buy online

Wedding dress buy online


It can be worked in different ways. As a matter of fact, Alençon point, Chantilly, Mechelen are waiting for you. This creates a second skin effect and has the advantage of being easy to work with.

You can choose a transparent effect for a glamorous lace wedding dress, or on the contrary, you can choose a completely opaque look for those who prefer simplicity. For the latter, the patterns will be closely spaced.

There is also a variant of sheer lace, which covers certain delicate and strategic places. This lace will add an airy atmosphere to your wedding dress.

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sheer lace wedding dress


Thus, among the various patterns available we find plumetis or plumetis tulle. This is a perfect match for a lace-like and bohemian-chic lace wedding dress.

You can also layer different layers for a more sophisticated wedding dress. Whipped cream can also be found, this will have the advantage of being light and thin. It draws amazing patterns on the skin. For example, we choose floral or geometric ones.

There are also rebrode patterns. As a rule, they will have the feature of being multi-embroidered, which will require more budget than a classic lace wedding dress, as it is hand-embroidered. They will be accentuated by plain cuts, but with pearls, sequins for a shiny effect.


One of the best known, the floral pattern is definitely the most popular among these ladies. Flowers, leaves, birds, etc. processed to do so. It can also be found with geometric patterns, which gives the wedding dress a certain originality and freshness.


Guipure (unlike embroidered lace on tulle) patterns are presented to be tied together. This gives it a more opaque look and also more rock.

So you can also find colored lace for added originality. Pastel or bright colors, all possible and unthinkable options are available.

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