Custom Prom Dresses Designers Best 5

Custom Prom Dresses Designers Best 5

Custom Prom Dresses Designers Best 5

Custom Prom Dresses Designers Best 5 How Everyone and everything is trying to go beyond the borders nowadays. In fact, those who can exceed their limits can ensure their permanence.

So why not go beyond our limits on our wedding day, which is one of the most special days of our lives?

Wedding dresses don’t have to be classic, one-piece anymore! Geometric cuts, two-piece dresses, deep V-neck, suits, real flower crowns and more…

Everything depends on your creativity and courage. In other words, modern wedding dresses are not only a symbol of purity, but also a symbol of your style and character, leaving classic wedding dresses in the shade.

to Become a Stylist It consists of Textile and Fashion Design graduates, who are accepted by universities with a special stylist course and special talent exam like us.

However, talented people can also become stylists by taking various trainings. The first criterion for how to become a stylist is definitely being educated.

The value of the wedding dress worn on the wedding day, which is one of the most special and happy days in life, is indisputable.

The importance of the wedding dress is not only valid for today. It was equally valuable in the past. We can say that wedding dresses have a history as old as marriage ceremonies.

The first known wedding dress in history appears in Ancient Egypt in 4000 BC. In this period, white linen was worn as a wedding dress, and ostentatious crowns were used as accessories.

In ancient Rome, the color yellow was used in wedding dresses. In the Middle Ages, weddings meant more than the union of two people.

Rather, these weddings represented the bond between two families, a business partnership or an agreement between the two countries.

Many weddings were held for political rather than love-related reasons, especially among the nobility and higher social classes.

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Brides were expected to wear bridal gowns that would represent not only their own beauty, but also their families. Brides from the upper classes used expensive fabrics and bold colors in their wedding gowns.

Thus, it was common for brides to wear striking colors, layers of fur, satin and velvet. Care was taken to ensure that the fabric was of high quality and ostentatious.

We can say that the turning point of the wedding dress is Queen Victoria’s preference for a white wedding dress.

Although the royal family wore silver wedding dresses, Queen Victoria insisted on wearing white. For centuries, brides have always worn fashionable and expensive wedding gowns in accordance with their social status.

The expensive decorations used on the wedding dress were a means of showing the wealth of the bride’s family to the guests. Nowadays, it is possible to find wedding dresses for every budget.

In the Ottoman Empire, the clothing culture was formed in a wide geography and with the synthesis of different cultures and beliefs.

Since it was considered shameful for young girls to dress fancy and ostentatious, they usually wore plain and inconspicuous colors.

Since only married women could dress fancy, the wedding dress was the first step to dress fancy. This tradition lasted until the early days of the Republic.

Although the colors and clothes that young girls can wear before marriage have changed with the Westernization movements and the Hat Revolution, the rule of simplicity before marriage has not changed.

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Ottoman culture

Western culture, the shape of the wedding dress varied according to social class. The styles of wedding dresses adopted by the palace dynasty, those living in the countryside and the city, were different.

While the color used in the palace dynasty was red, various colors were used in the public. The first white wedding dress, married to Kemalettin Pasha in 1898, II. Abdulhamid’s daughter Naima Sultan wore it.

The white wedding dress became popular in the early years of the Republic with the westernization movements. Today, wedding dresses in every model are accepted in Turkey.

Our mission and vision as  In this beautiful journey from the past to the future, by presenting the most special designs that integrate with the dreams and souls of our bride-to-be, to accompany

You to display your beauty on your wedding and wedding dates, which is very important for each of you. The inspiration for our designs is to discover the unique beauty secrets of our brides-to-be.

In addition to being educated on this subject, people who have imagination and talent are more fortunate in styling. Stylists create designs that will dress especially celebrities.

That’s why their imaginations are wide and they can add more movement to fabrics than they should.

Do not be pessimistic right away, thanks to technology, those who do not have the ability to draw and imagination can practice the profession of stylist.

The stylists, who exceed the limits of their imagination and reflect their talent as they are, lead the fashion world with their sales-oriented designs.

You have talent but don’t know what to do, or maybe you have imagination but you may be a little low in talent.

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What you need to do about how to be a stylist is to get training to improve your skills a little more and to follow new developments closely.

This work does not end with traditional hand drawing as it used to be. Thanks to special programs, your horizons are opened and magnificent designs are created.

In order to become a stylist, some criteria must be met. Imagination and talent alone are not enough.

In addition to receiving training, studies should be carried out by experienced stylists.
Participation in seminars and events on stylistics should be ensured.

Learn about programs on styling.
By starting to work in the sector as quickly as possible, the skills and the training received should be reinforced.

Participating in trainings not only in the country, but also internationally if you have the opportunity, and getting a certificate from these will give you a great advantage in your stylist career and will enable you to stand out.

Stylists, who have a status that will shape the fashion world, have many fields of work.

What they do?

ready-to-wear industry,
knitwear industry,
clothing workshops,
Textile industry establishments,
private organizations,
leather workshops,
Boutique working companies,
Companies that prepare special designs.
Preparing a portfolio for working in these sectors will save you time and speed in getting the job.

One of the most profitable business areas today is stylisting. Those who are curious about how to become a stylist and want to improve themselves on this subject also wonder how much they will earn in this sector.

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The profession of stylist is a difficult and specific profession. It is necessary to go a long way to do this profession.

The fashion industry is constantly renewing itself and needs young minds and fresh ideas that are open to these innovations.

Designers who know fabrics, know how to treat fabrics, and can touch them almost magically, are very popular in the market.

Today, stylists have begun to change the course of the market as people who research fabrics, contribute to the production stage when appropriate, and create designs that can appeal to everyone.

Designers with these talents, imagination and ambition to work find the opportunity to work for much higher wages.

If you’re passionate about fashion and want to make others feel good by dressing, stylist may be the ideal career for you.

Moreover, being a stylist also means working your own hours and doing a job you truly love.
What most stylists have in common is their passion for fashion and a desire to dress others.

However, like any profession, stylist requires a professional perspective and experience. If you want to get outside of your own circle and become a true stylist, going to a stylist course can be a good start for you.

Thanks to this training, you will have the chance to better understand what the profession entails and what customers want from you.

Like every bride-to-be, you may find it difficult to choose a wedding dress on that most beautiful day when you will unite your lives with the person you love.

It is not always easy to find a wedding dress that will fit your style, make you feel special and beautiful in it, and impress with its design, among the hundreds of models adorning the showcases.

It should not be surprising that princess cut wedding dresses are one of the most preferred models of brides.

Because princess cut wedding dresses, which are both very flamboyant and very stylish models, are extremely successful in drawing all eyes on the bride at the wedding.

Especially the models with shimmering embroideries were the leading roles in weddings last season, and this season they made their mark on the list of models that will take place the most on the stage.

One of the most favorite wedding dresses of women who adopt conservative dressing style, hijab princess cut wedding dresses are an indispensable model for salon weddings.

Fish cut wedding dress models, which are one of the wedding dresses that show the body lines in the most perfect way, can be a bold choice contrary to their simplicity.

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Among the fish cut wedding dresses, which are the dreams of many brides-to-be and maintain their popularity in every period, wedding dresses made of satin fabric are one of the most preferred models of this season.

We will continue to see these wedding dresses, which are a magnificent option with their body-hugging form and quality appearance of satin, at weddings this season!

Helen wedding dresses, which are one of the most trendy wedding dress models of recent times, have a solid place among the preferences of brides with their elegant and clear appearance.

Helen bridesmaid dresses complete the look of brides, especially in summer weddings, and are on the alternative list of many brides in the fall and winter seasons.

You can visit our website to choose among the most preferred wedding dress models and to be an extremely trendy bride at your wedding!

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It should not be forgotten that people differ from each other in many ways. It is important to be able to understand different ages, personalities, tastes, lifestyles and budgets.

However, self-confidence and image problems may also arise. Most women who sign up for a personal design consultation need help beyond just choosing a dress.

It is entirely up to you to make your customer feel better despite all the problems or differences. The first step you should take for this may be to find an effective and instructive stylist course.

In stylist training, the most effective ways to determine your client’s body shape and choosing clothes accordingly are the top priority.

You learn about the subtleties of body features and body proportions and how they affect the rules of dressing. Just like models, colors should differ from person to person.

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Forms should be combined with colors by learning the underlying simple but impressive norms.

Models and colors are also directly proportional to age. Dressing and dressing according to age will also be an important issue in the stylist course.

In addition to these, one of the key points of styling is understanding fabric choices. How fabric choices will affect the big picture is also within the scope of the courses.

In addition to fabrics and accessories, customer-stylist relationships are also important in success. Stylists who know their customers and communicate correctly are always one step ahead.

Because, as in every profession and commercial relationship, it is important to find good solutions to the expectation of the customer with healthy communication.

Therefore, those who want to be a stylist should do research on the stylist course and enroll in a program they feel close to.

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Every success takes effort, but being able to do the job you love is really special and if you have an interest in fashion, becoming a stylist is actually not difficult at all.

The basis of wedding dress drawings is imagination and talent. But making accurate drawings also requires technical knowledge.

For example, someone who does not know the collar types cannot draw a good collar model. Or recognizing the basic pant legs is helpful in improving them.

It is essential to have a good command of technical concepts such as flywheel, yoke, forceps. This makes it easy to use them correctly. Fashion design courses impart such knowledge.

All the clothes designed are different from each other. But all of these drawings have a common purpose. All styling and fashion design drawings are commercially designed.

In other words, it is necessary to focus on the commercial return of these drawings. Because these drawings will be applied by the companies.

And the purpose of companies is to do business. In order to achieve this, general tastes should be taken into account. It is important to make designs that people will like and use.

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Branding, however, is the goal of the drawings. Every institution wants to become a brand. It needs a special style and line for this.

It is essential for stylists to concentrate on these details in their drawings.
The basis of these drawings is to emphasize the outfit.

The main thing is that the outfit is drawn properly. Specifying the details on the clothes is the most important aspect of the drawings.

Because the drawings are later molded by the modelists. It is important to see the finest details during mold removal. Otherwise, it will not be possible to apply a drawn design to reality. In the drawing made, it is necessary to visibly highlight all the details of the outfit.

People who will start this profession are expected to be prone to drawing. This predisposition provides convenience when drawing clothes.

The clothes are depicted on a human silhouette. However, there is no need for these silhouette details. In other words, it is not necessary to draw a human body as in a perfect painter’s painting.

Therefore, it is not necessary for those who will draw to have the talent of a painter.
There are many types of wedding dresses drawn. And each of them brings with it different details.

For example, a shirt design or a jacket design are not the same. The trainings received ensure that the stylists have this information.

Apart from that, stylistic and fashion design drawings require fabrics to be specified. Not every fabric is suitable for every outfit.

Fabric patterns

New drawings mean new trends. Stylists’ drawings shape fashion. But it’s imperative that stylists also have an idea of old trends.

Because when designing new trends, it is possible to be inspired by the old ones. In this way, imagination is used more easily.

The modern classic wedding dress became popular only thanks to Queen Victoria of the XIX century. She was the first woman they bought for their wedding white dress.

Her wedding dress wore traditional wear or dress, not out of fashion in the past.

Most modern women prefer classic white dresses, and the skirt is champagne or ivory. However, in some cultures, especially in Asia and Africa, young couples still choose traditional wedding dresses.

We gathered the winner of the bride and groom, who used traditional clothes for their wedding ceremony. These are amazing to see, isn’t it?

At Japanese weddings, brides usually wear two dresses for the ceremony – white and red, but sometimes more.
Ghanaian traditional wedding multicolor. values depending on the national dress design and patterns.

Each family has its own model of traditional clothing.
Most of the outings play a wedding in young Romanian modern bands. However, traditional costumes are still farther away. Although Romania is small, each region has its own wedding dress.

Sami – Lapland or indigenous people. Their traditional dress tell a lot about their owners. For example, square buttons mean that one person is married to people who use clothes with round buttons.

Red or pink wedding dress

A traditional choice for brides with a hint. In the enclosure, married women paint a red dot on the northern region of their foreheads.

In Scotland, the bride traditionally wears a skirt of her clan. After the marriage ceremony, a scarf, decorated in the colors of the clan, should be wrapped around the bride’s shoulders. It symbolizes her membership in a new family.

Although Pakistan is an Islamic state, its traditions have much in common with Indian. For example, the bride’s hands with henna intricate patterns.

It is also considered a traditional red wedding dress.
Surprised, but Ethiopia may be – Christianity is the only country in Africa as the official religion. The majority belong to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, so the wedding ceremony here resembles Russian.

Indonesian weddings can be very different on different islands. This country is home to more than 300 ethnic groups and has 6 major religions.

During the traditional Caucasian wedding, the groom usually wears a Circassian jacket and a sword attached to his belt. Brides choose white wedding dresses with national motifs.

Traditional wedding dress in China should be red. In this country, white symbolizes mourning and funerals. After marriage, the groom generally removes the red veil from the bride.

The traditional Hawaiian Wedding wears all white. Almost everyone who enters marriage here, used in wedding flower wreaths. Brides often decorate their hair with natural flowers.

In Malaysia, weddings were organized in the predominantly Muslim tradition. Brides usually choose purple or cream colored wedding dresses.

Most Jewish communities do not have any particular wedding dress. But Yemenite Jews – an exception to this rule. Girls are often married in special costumes, which are inherited from their ancestors.

Traditional weddings are becoming more popular in South Korea. According to ancient tradition, the bride has to wear the wife around the table behind the bride. This bride symbolizes that she can always trust her husband.

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Accordingly, fashion design education needs to be comprehensive. The quality of the trainings received is the secret of successful drawings.

Clothing production has been carried out since the very ancient times of history. So what is the history of Stylist? When did this profession originate? How would you like to take a quick look at the history of stylistics?

Before the sewing machine was invented, clothes that were sewn by hand in a difficult process were custom made.

Techniques applied in tailor-made clothes and details such as stones, fur, belts, embroidery would indicate the income level of people when their external appearance is considered.

Rich people such as kings, high-ranking executives and businessmen had their own clothes made.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, machine technology developed. With the developing machine technology, the sewing machine was invented.

Thanks to the sewing machine, the workload of the sewing process was reduced and mass production started.

Thus, production costs have decreased compared to the past and become more economical. In this way, many kinds of products could be sewn and put on the market.

The emergence of the ready-made clothing industry started with the development of these periods.

Sewed clothes have become a standard and with the ready-made clothing industry, many people have started to obtain more accessible products in terms of clothing.

In addition to the ready-made clothing market, the production of specially designed clothing continued. In this way, the competition period began by meeting the basic clothing needs.

The profession of stylist, which is very popular today, is the main part in the development of designs that shape fashion and in the direction of the textile industry.

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Fashion Designers

Stylists are people who have all the details and technical information applied in textile from A to Z. “What is Textile Design?” I wrote for student candidates who want to step into the textile industry.

As I mentioned in my previous article titled, a successful Stylist or Fashion Designer should have technical knowledge such as fabric details, weaving, knitting, print design and pattern, as well as creativity.

It is necessary to know and consider a number of drawing techniques while designing the outfit to apply to special or standard ready-made clothing.

These designs are applied as hand drawing or program drawing. Afterwards, the collections designed by the stylists are presented at a fashion show and their designs are showcased.

So, what are the salaries earned in the profession of a professional stylist? This is probably the most asked question. Both doing the job fondly and knowing the earnings in the sector as a salary may also be important in terms of the reasons for being preferred for employment.

Stylists can work as freelancers at their own fashion houses or in ready-made clothing factories in the private sector.

Apart from these, they can earn money by doing professions such as fashion critic, fashion writer, freelance collection designer, fashion consultant.

Wedding shopping is a process where you can witness exciting special moments as well as the rush of sweets. For example, like the first wedding dress attempt!

Perhaps the wedding dress appointment, where you will see the wedding dress model you have been dreaming about for months, will be the most emotional memory you have left from your wedding shopping…

But being unprepared can cause the stress of that magnificent day to increase.

You made your first wedding dress appointment to get one step closer to your dream wedding dress; but you have no idea what you want? This is one of the biggest problems that will confuse you during your wedding dress shopping.

After researching wedding dresses suitable for your body type and finding the right silhouette, go to the wedding dress trial by being open to new suggestions.

By saving the models you see on social media and you like very much on your phone, you can show the team that will help you what you are looking for.

Thus, you will have the chance to try on many different designs of the model you want.
When you go to a wedding dress store, you will be faced with hundreds of wedding dresses.

While this may seem complicated, if you’re sure of what you’re looking for, you can quickly narrow down your options and get the look you want.

This means that it is important that you have decided on the details that will be included in your wedding dress. Do you like lace?

What kind of queue do you want? Is heavy embroidery on a wedding dress right for you? Or do you want to prefer a simpler model?

All these seemingly small details will greatly affect the final look of your wedding dress and speed up your decision-making. The most important thing is to find the wedding dress according to your style.

Regardless of the wedding dress you will wear, a strapless bra you will wear will be a very useful and life-saving option in every wedding dress model.

The moment you see yourself in your wedding dress for the first time, you don’t want the hangers of your underwear to show.

In addition, if you are thinking of trying wedding dresses in different styles, the color selection for your underwear should be in nude tones. Who would want a different color to appear through a transparent bustier wedding dress?

If you bought your bridal shoes before your wedding dress, it is a good idea to bring them with you to your wedding dress appointment.

You may want to see the two as a whole. Many bridal dress companies have shoes ready for bridal trials.

Although this is not a mandatory option, wearing the heels you will wear at your wedding on your first wedding dress date can add a different excitement to you

However, if your shoes are strapped or laced, we recommend that you do not take them with you because you will have difficulty wearing them.

Most wedding dresses are made of delicate fabrics that can tear easily, such as tulle, lace or organza. The intense accessory you will wear, the skirts, sleeves, etc. of dozens of models you will wear. can be fitted.

This brings with it a very difficult trial phase. If you have chosen jewelry for your wedding dress, you can bring them with you and see how it looks after you wear your wedding dress.

One of the biggest problems of bride candidates is the different opinions of their relatives.

Different thoughts during a wedding dress try on can create an even more stressful atmosphere, and too many people can complicate your work rather than help you decide.

They can open their own web pages, become fashion bloggers. These jobs we talked about were jobs where they could work in a sectoral sense. Let’s talk about the details of the work they do.

A Stylist is a person who both designs the product and designs the product in the process of imagining more than the process until it hits the shelves.

Prepares and manages the design board during collection formation. He determines the collection he will prepare in accordance with fashion.

He creates all these things on the computer or hand drawing and prepares his patterns. Then he determines the raw materials of the products he designs.

In other words, a stylist is the person who dominates every stage of the design from the imagination to the final point.

The qualifications of a Stylist are such as knowing the language of communication on fashion, having knowledge of style, image and shaping, and having a strong creative side about products and promotions.

Besides, they have knowledge and skills about fashion photography. Practical application in product design and sewing skills should also be developed.

Unfortunately, a person who does not have these qualities or the ability to develop will not be successful by making the wrong career choice.

The story and history of the veil itself is just as meaningful. The veil is a piece that completes and adds meaning to the wedding dress, rather than being a bridal accessory since ancient times.

The first use of the veil dates back to the ancient Greek period. It was believed that the role of the veil in this period was to protect the bride from evil spirits.

They thought that she should wear it. So when we researched, the veil actually comes across as a much older tradition than a wedding dress.

Today, you can find different veil models to complement your wedding dress.

Bridal veil models can be divided into different branches according to their length and usage style, according to their color and embroidery, and even according to the type of face. Let’s examine these veil features together.

 Long Veil Models

Wedding veils are named according to the length of the veil. It is expressed in different ways such as long, short, and araboy veils.

In order to choose a veil that will make your wedding dress beautiful, you must first know your wedding dress very well.

While long veils are preferred, it should not be forgotten that fluffy models should be avoided in wedding dresses. If you have a short wedding dress, your veil should not be too long;

Your wedding dress may be lost in your veil. This veil model is especially suitable for fish model and plain wedding dresses that are not puffy.

This veil model is an ideal option for embroidered bridal gowns that generally have a low-cut back or are located on the back of the bridal gown.

Which wedding venue you will use this veil type in depends entirely on your wedding dress. It can be a historical venue or a country wedding.

Our dear bride candidates can reach us maximum four months before the wedding ceremony while deciding on their wedding dress models.

This process may vary depending on the density of our studio for fabric and model selections.

We want you to know that we usually start your wedding dress rehearsals two months ago. The main reason for this is that the time period we expect you to have made a clear decision has come and your body’s weight status and form may vary during the wedding preparations.

The situation we have witnessed many times is that the brides lose weight and take care during the intense preparations, and the wedding dresses are narrowed.

Just as important to us as having a thin waist is to ensure that your wedding dress has a pleasant ceremony all day long without tiring you out. For this reason, determining the carrier point correctly is as important as the details of your model.

Your straps do not irritate your body, your tail does not restrict you during the ceremony, your decollete is adjusted to fit the integrity and all other details are prepared to complement your elegance.

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In our contract, which consists of determining the model design and fabric selection of your wedding dress, we decide on your rehearsal dates together, and we prepare your wedding dress fifteen days before your wedding ceremony in three rehearsals.

Considering that your weight loss continues, we can keep your wedding dress in our studio for you until the last day, if you wish.

Our wedding dresses are accompanied by a pouch, short and long silk veils (except the priestess veil) free of charge.

All our support is with you so that you can have a pleasant preparation process. We share our recommendations with you, from your hair to your make-up and even your choice of shoes and underwear.

The short veil model is usually a good option for brides who prefer vintage wedding dress models. These veils can be made of mesh and tulle.

We can recommend short veil models to brides who will get married in historical places. Because the historical texture of these places will be in harmony with wedding dresses and short veils. .

In addition, this veil style is very often preferred with wedding dresses.
The brides-to-be, who care about both their elegance and comfort at their wedding, prefer araboy veil types.

These length veils, which we can say neither short nor long, can be preferred by brides who do not want a veil as long as the floor but want to create an impressive image.

We can say that this type of veil will create an elegant look with plain wedding dresses that are not fluffy. If you wish, you can choose this veil model with midi-length designs.

Because it is made entirely of lace or tulle with lace details on the edges, this model is also called lace veil among the people. It is usually worn loosely as a shawl, covering the bride’s head and shoulders.

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That’s why we don’t recommend using it with long sleeve wedding dresses. The ideal size for the Mantilla veil to show itself is the fingertip size.

Exploding veil types, also called “over-the-top veil” or “Türkan Şoray veil”, are actually not a veil model, but a way of wearing a veil.

The veil, which is mounted on the comb buckle, is attached to the top of the bride’s hair and the tulle expands to create an opening look.

The veils used in this way are generally made of only tulle material. If you have a simple wedding dress, you can look ostentatious by wearing such a veil.

It is the name given to the veil models that are worn with the crown. You can choose this veil model with a crown you choose according to the style of your wedding dress.

You can use a bohemian wedding dress and floral crown veils at a country wedding, or you can use a princess cut flamboyant wedding dress and veil models with rhinestones and glittering crowns in prom and historical wedding venues.

Emotional lines suppressed in designs in previous years have surrounded the podiums this year. The front neckline openings are deepened to the waist and punctuated with embroidered or plain elegant belts.

Open backs reach down to the hips, creating a simple, understated silhouette. These depths, which are balanced with long sleeves or a high collar, make the bride look elegant and at the same time make it a little mysterious.

Many designers pushed the boundaries of conventional lines for a dance of light effect lit up by starlight.

They draped brides for a strikingly romantic effect with fabrics embellished with glitter and intricate sequins.

These stardust wedding gowns are perfect for brides who want to be the star against the backdrop of a candlelit warehouse wedding.

Our dreams of wedding dresses begin when we are a little girl. Our most beautiful games are brides; We have wedding dresses that we make ourselves with every white tulle and fabric we find.

Let’s not forget the flowers we picked from the garden. This dream will never be lost in us.
Always one day that gorgeous wedding dress wearing it, with our colorful flower We look forward to the day.

The most beautiful day when she really got that wedding dress a life with what we wear and love is to share. Then Finding the wedding dress of our dreams excitement begins.

So in the pattern and fabric to be our own beautiful we want. ‘Cause that night’s protagonist always with her white wedding dress it belongs to the bride.

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We want to carry white, the color of purity and innocence, in the most perfect way that day. We get confused, our ideas change all the time.

The important thing here is to reach the right person and make your dreams come true.

With bridal accessories such as veils, bridal bags, jewellery, bridal flowers and tiara, there is more than one way to complete your look at your wedding.

Bridal gloves

Which attract attention and are frequently used in past weddings, are one of them. It is an indispensable accessory today, especially for bride candidates who want to complete their vintage look.

Bridal glove models in different designs with customizable features for each wedding dress model are a stylish trend for new generation weddings.

If you want to dominate the vintage theme on your wedding day, you should create vintage inspirations in every detail.

This can be any decor or a complementary accessory to your wedding dress. Here, lace bridal gloves come to your aid.

Lace bridal gloves that will fit with many styles from Helen wedding dresses to many styles, maybe the missing part of your wedding dress that you dream of wearing at your wedding…

Your bridal gloves, decorated with transparent details and modern lace embroidery, will add an elegant atmosphere to your magnificent look.

Long bridal gloves, which will complement glamorous weddings, will suit princess and a-cut wedding dresses very well.

This bridal accessory, which has been frequently used for historical venue, hotel or salon weddings in the past, maintains its popularity this year as well.

You will say hello to a feminine look with these flamboyant bridal gloves, which can vary in length depending on the wedding dress model and the theme of your wedding.

Gloves that appeal to every body type and wedding dress design will be the shining star of petite brides and plain wedding dresses with their stone and minimal models!

This bridal glove model, which will add a unique touch to your wedding dress, revive your plain look and perfectly accompany your petite body structure;

It can be a complement to poolside, cocktail or open-air weddings.
Transparent bridal glove models, which are one of the most popular wedding dress accessories of this year with their vaguely transparent appearance, are highly preferred by brides-to-be with their minimal stance.

These gloves, which will match every wedding dress model in a unique way, have been increasing their popularity rapidly since last year, while appealing to every bride style with the minimal atmosphere added by their transparent appearance.

Complete your magnificent look with bridal gloves that accompany every wedding concept from royal weddings to vintage weddings and add a romantic atmosphere to your new trend wedding dress with its nostalgic look.

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A feeling of sheer effortlessness and comfort, uncomplicated build and relaxed silhouettes of flowing silk satin and crepe that fall gracefully from the body redefine the modern bride.

Here, there is little or no embellishment, instead sculptural fabric movements, slim cuts and additional details are well suited to unique brides.

Bridal gowns decorated with soft tulle and delicate silk chiffon, which can be thought of as a mist or sparkle around the body, will be a very unique choice for a romantic warm summer evening celebration.

Your wedding day, which you are waiting for with curiosity and excitement, is a day that is important to you, where the people you love very much are together and all eyes are on you.

For this reason, on your wedding day, you want to look more attractive and beautiful than ever before.

If you don’t want to risk this precious day, we recommend you to choose among original and different wedding dress models. Here are a few tips for the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses you would like to have…

When we talk about wedding dresses, we come across some common words. White, fluffy, tulle, stone etc… Forget about such rules for wedding dresses!

The idea of giving up the classic wedding dress models can make bride candidates nervous; but breaking away from all these rules and focusing on different wedding dress models will take you away from mediocrity.

The most beautiful bridesmaid dresses of the season don’t have to be lace, white or puffy.

If these stereotypical wedding dress designs are not for you, if you want to turn to different and original models, you can get help from a haute couture brand.

6 different wedding dress models

A-cut wedding dresses, mermaid wedding dresses that highlight the curves of your body, trumpet wedding dresses that rise just below your hips, straight cut wedding dresses, yoke cut wedding dresses that fall under the bust and the most preferred princess wedding dresses

If you want an original and stylish wedding dress for yourself If you are looking for models, you can get away from the ordinary by making minor changes on these wedding dress models, or have you thought of giving up all this and wearing pants or a short wedding dress?

Yes, this will be quite different.

Most evening dresses or dresses are also divided into the 6 models we mentioned almost. There are small details that will add difference and style to them.

Yes, you heard right! If you ask what kind of wedding dress models are, wedding dresses with different colors are also included.

For example, how about golden details! The gold color will both fit the 2019 fashion and add an extraordinary atmosphere to your wedding dress.

Who wouldn’t want to choose such a unique wedding dress model? Maybe you will be an inspiration for other brides…

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Flower, branch or leaf motifs positioned on a transparent tulle fabric are the most popular details

It is up to you to use these details, which are quite elegant for those who will hold country weddings and open-air weddings, in an A-cut wedding dress or bohemian wedding dress.

Famous singer Victoria Swarovski is one of the names who preferred such a model, the guests could not take their eyes off this wedding dress, which is a different and original model with flower details on tulle fabric and decorated with crystals.

Bridal dresses made of crochet lace knitted by our mothers are the new way to have style! How about getting a great look with the nobleness and white color combination of embroidery?

You can be a natural and stylish bride with a crown made of natural flowers or an elegant hairpin with stones.
If you have a style that does not compromise on simplicity, do not be surprised by this line on your wedding day!

For example, the simple wedding dress worn by Miranda Kerr, designed by Alan Hannah, fascinated the audience with its noble stance.

Are you ready to inspire brides-to-be with your simple wedding dress combined with the right hair accessory and jewellery! Thus, your wedding dress can be included in the original wedding dress models.

Softer colors are in fashion in wedding dresses! Even though the ivory color breaks the white wedding dress rule a bit, the favorite colors at the moment are champagne, nude, and a pink tone close to white.

In fact, we see that milk and coffee are used in wedding dresses in fashion magazines and fashion shows. You can get away from the classics by choosing a wedding dress in a different color.

Famous model Chanel Iman also preferred a wedding dress in a color other than white.

If you want to go beyond the classic long-sleeved or strapless wedding dress models on your wedding day, you can choose from low-shoulder wedding dresses that have been preferred in recent years with their elegant stances.

Brides-to-be who want to highlight their shoulders can take a look at romantic and modern low-shoulder wedding dresses.

If you are looking for a romantic and elegant wedding dress that will suit your wedding concept, this design is for you! A-cut off-the-shoulder wedding dress, where unique French lace embroideries meet with a transparent body, will be the star of hotel and salon weddings.

This romantic wedding dress, in which you will glide with the original look of the asymmetrical hem, is waiting for you to try.

This special design, which has a flashy skirt that will suit your flashy wedding, is one of this year’s favorite wedding dress models with its low shoulder straps!

The fine details accompanying the layered skirt design add a romantic atmosphere to the entire wedding dress.

This elegant off-the-shoulder wedding dress model, where 3D lace meets elegant appliques, is ideal for country weddings.

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You will be both fascinated and fascinated by the romantic look in which thin strap details are completed with frilly low sleeves.

You will be able to dance all day long with the comfortable cut of the design that fits perfectly to every body type.
This princess model, in which the elegant lace embroideries on the hems add movement, is the perfect option for summer weddings!

The low-shoulder wedding dress, in which the transparent details on the body with cordon lace are integrated, offers a feminine look with its deep decollete.

Elegant and assertive! A double flared skirt is used in the special design in which the strapless sweetheart neckline is completed with shabby dropped shoulders.

Are you ready to shine with this design that will be indispensable for salon weddings with its romantic lines on its skirt and its charming long tail?

Metropol wedding dress opens the doors of a perfect look on your wedding day with its model options that appeal to all tastes and designs suitable for body types.

Whether wedding dresses blended with lace embroidery, designs embellished with applique details, or low shoulder mermaid wedding dresses

When choosing your wedding dress model, you should determine the appropriate style, taking into account your physique, character and wedding venue.

heart When choosing a wedding dress model, you should consider the harmony of the physical appearance when you stand side by side with the groom-to-be.

You can also consider the season when determining your wedding dress style.

Spring wedding dresses; It may consist of chirping flowers, fine fabrics, flying tulle and light colored ornaments. summer wedding dresses; you can choose strapless low-cut wedding dresses made of fine tulle fabrics, with floral accessories.

Autumn wedding dresses should give a more romantic soft air, lace and cream colors can be predominant. Winter wedding dresses; fabric preferences may prefer satin, taffeta, ziberlin, a little more sparkly and glittering wedding dress.

If possible, when buying a heart wedding dress, it is useful to decide not by choosing a model from the catalog, but by trying it on and liking it.

Heart wedding dress model

Instead of being influenced by the immediate environment, getting an opinion from an expert will enable you to make the right choice.

Thin and tall brides can choose layered volley skirts, a two-piece wedding dress with full draping and bustier.

heart Medium and short brides should choose A-line skirt models with light tails that are not fluffy, and small and longitudinal designs in ornamented motif selections.

heart The wedding dress model of the overweight plus size brides should be open-handled part and an A-line skirt. They should definitely avoid the waist puffy wedding dress models.

Lines should be hidden with lightly draped fabrics that do not reveal the plain lines as much as possible. Skirts should be in A form.

Brides with plump and large breasts should not be strapless, and they should avoid low-cut wedding dresses. It should be reduced from the obvious appearance on the chest by giving a light double-breasted shape with decorations and accessories.

heart Wedding dress model for brides with small breasts ; Underwire, chest cubby bra cut, light drape on the chest, slightly fluffy accessories and bustiers on the chest should be preferred.

They should avoid bridal gowns that overwhelm the chest and deep décolletés that emphasize the small size of the breast.

Heart It is not necessary to choose according to the physique in the selection of wedding dress accessories. Overweight brides can also choose flowers.

For thin brides, the only thing to be considered is the integration of our bride’s character and accessories.

Chirpy, pale flowers, accessories and crystals can be preferred, the bride-to-be with a cheerful and sympathetic character.

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Heart Our bride, who thinks she has a classic physique, can choose a lace-weighted wedding dress.

Heart The brides-to-be, who see the latest trendy wedding dress close to themselves, can use eulogy, feathers, butterflies, buckles in different designs and asymmetrical decorations in their wedding dresses as accessories.

heart It is also very important to determine the wedding dress style in the venue where the ceremony will be held.

Heart Poolside, country wedding, garden wedding brides can choose light soft wedding dresses, flowers, skirts and volans.

Considering the lights and the dimness of the night, embroidered lace wedding gowns with brighter and more pronounced lines can be considered in heart Ball hotel weddings.

Bridal gowns with simple lines are also among the innocent lines of this year. The most important thing to note here is that the bridal head and accessories are very stylish and complementary.

heart If you have chosen a very plain one-piece, lightly embroidered wedding dress, a stylish long veil and head accessory with the same concept should be used together, and at the same time, innocence should be completed with a lively natural chirping bridal hand bouquet.

Our most important advice to brides-to-be; Whichever wedding dress you choose, you must absolutely love your wedding dress, you must say this is my wedding dress, this is my style.

Then you will be the happiest, the most confident, the most beautiful bride.

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