Top 5 Tips for Weddings and Honeymoons

Top 5 Tips for Weddings and Honeymoons

Top 5 Tips for Weddings and Honeymoons

If you’re planning a winter wedding, then your winter wedding venue is set to snow. Be sure to position the probability as high as possible. Finding a snow-guaranteed place close for a winter wedding is often not that easy.

A little more If you want to get married far away, it is important that you inform your wedding guests in time. Moreover You should also ask yourself these questions:
• Do we need overnight accommodation on such a long journey?
• Will we arrive the day before?
• How many overnight stays are required for whom?
• Overnight, plane/train journeys, etc. Who makes the reservations?
• Overnight, meal, travel, etc. Who pays the costs? – The bride or the guests?
• Can you drive to the area with normal winter tires or are snow chains required?

in tall glass vases surrounded by several snow crystals cute floating candles Perfect for outdoor winter weddings. If you’ve been invited as a guest to a winter wedding, you’re immediately faced with the question: What should I wear?

This To help you with the matter, we have prepared a few tips for an appropriate outfit for a winter wedding. In addition to silver and white in winter wedding decoration, warm earth tones, gold and pale pink used as color combinations.

The table decoration of the winter wedding is mainly a sparkling tablecloth, pale silver-green leaves It consists of fabric roses and round floating candles in glass vases of different heights.

Second, the wedding strongly reminiscent of the decoration placed on the side of the road leading to the altar. Winter wedding cake with sweet cupcakes is a highlight of the celebration.


Whether artificial or real – there is a wide variety of options for a winter bridal bouquet. Pastel colors and silvery green is ideal for this.
The style also has a high variance – from noble and elegant to rustic.

For example, silk and fabric flowers, winter It makes the bridal bouquet look very elegant. Bridal bouquets with pine cones and branches are also very popular.

No matter how beautiful your dress for the winter wedding is – if you are constantly cold and enjoy your beautiful day If you can’t, it’s no use.
Whether warm dark gray or navy – the choice of colors for winter bridesmaid dresses is more than you might think at first glance
is larger.

However, long bridesmaid dresses are more advantageous in cold weather. In principle, she thinks about her future surname long before the wedding. Many brides dream She has already imagined how her fiancée’s name would fit next to the wedding.

Spouse as common surname Choosing the last name seems to be the most obvious. Sometimes making a decision is not that easy. After all,
The name you’ve been carrying for a long time is part of your identity.

Most of the time it’s so easy to let go you don’t want to.

Summer Wedding Ideas

Sunlight, warm warmth, a gentle breeze: many weddings no wonder it’s done. With your guests, you can decorate bright floral decorations, fresh look forward to the seasonal fruits and the cozy festivity of a summer day celebrated together you can wait.

In the warm season, you have almost unlimited options for designing your wedding party. Have : Warm weather makes your party on the beach, in the garden, in the woods, or in the rustic beer garden.

makes it successful. What if it rains? With a parachute as a large pavilion or roof, There are plenty of opportunities to dry party into the night!

In summer, nature offers you the most beautiful view for your wedding: Garden in your idyll, on the beach or in front of a mountain landscape. from the customary away, you design a wedding just for you.

Form and process are now a few decades ago not as stable as it is. Loves the intimacy and familiarity of your own piece of land
do you Note that temperatures can also be very hot at this time of year.

According to this, in the afternoon to avoid the hot summer rays. then you should. Also make sure there is enough shade. Many different exotic and local fruits in summer – for your wedding perfect.

As a snack, as a cocktail garnish, for summer punch or wedding In summer, no wedding should be missing fruit! just a lot of fruit Not only that, the flowers are also in full bloom at this time.

colorful flowers wedding Use as decorations or jewelry! Why only white and black? Make and color like countless summer flowers make highlights! Turquoise and magenta are colors especially in dresses and suits.

stands out as splashes. Also on hair wreaths, shoelaces or they are a real eye-catcher on needles. Alternatively, soft pastels hues or sunny colors like orange and yellow are great options.

A wedding dress made of delicate, fine silk fabric is especially worn on the skin. it is lightweight and therefore perfect for a hot summer day. An open back wedding dress can also be a good choice.

Looking like a princess at your wedding would you like? Then make sure that the dress is not too thick and hot. do it. Alternatively, you can get two dresses – a princess for the wedding ceremony gown and a short or airy dress for the celebration. about your options.

We are happy to advise! When choosing shoes, make sure they are open: peep-toes, strappy sandals, or open backs complete your wedding look in a stylish and airy way.


Flowers are very suitable as accessories for your weddings, especially in summer. Them You can sneak it into your hairstyle. It’s best to take them to your hair salon appointment.

Summer flowers, tea lights or decorations on tables – table decorations There is no limit to your ideas! Newly knitted flower wreaths, harmony with your bridal jewellery, It looks especially beautiful on tables.

illuminating tables and a particularly magical fairy lights, lanterns or lanterns on tables to create atmosphere You can hang wreaths. From the hot sun to the warm evening hours: Make your wedding a magical one in the summer.

in the atmosphere. In the garden, in the forest or by the sea – nice weather All options are open to you. rivalry. As a bride in an elegant two-piece pant suit Your attention is guaranteed. Delicate laces and exciting backs gives the combination the necessary feminine character.

An ordinary white man in front of the altar You can be different with a jumpsuit. When it comes to 2022 wedding trends, solemn suits are in high demand.

does not see. Instead, the stylish groom prefers the uncomplicated is doing. small wedding for one if you want to say yes to your closest family and friends This is the best decision you can make.

Despite the small number of guests, such a micro-wedding Requires some advance planning. The first challenge is to get the invitees together already.

is to bring, but it is also a fact: all the tiring hours beforehand, The maximum with your loved ones is compensated by an intimate ceremony. Without a proper wedding decoration, the day of saying yes cannot be achieved.

Just You can create a suitable ambiance with it and your guests will feel themselves at the celebration. You can make them feel at home. Ideally, the Decorate your decoration according to your individual personality and the type of your wedding. You must match.

Floral decorations are a part of a successful wedding organization as well as a wedding dress. is part of it. Depending on your subjective preferences, you are choosing at this point.

you are struggling. Not everything has to be bought for a wedding. self designed decoration adds a very personal touch to the setting. No limit. do it yourself place How about cards or homemade flower arrangements? very special decorative Surprise your guests with items.

is coming. Party Guests who need a little break during the is good. Comfortable seating with cozy cushions, comfortably decorated area consists of . Snacks for relaxation are also at hand in the rest area.

How much would the total cost of the wedding be? This is how you should approach cost allocation. From this Then, sitting down together and thinking about what both partners should definitely not be is important.

There are several factors that can be included. Other, less important things, but the budget is back. selected if the remainder allows. The bride couple thinks together.

• Which factors should not be missing?
• Where can we cut corners?
• What can we do ourselves?

Shy about how much a wedding costs, services and everything that goes with it don’t be Involving as many acquaintances and friends as possible, on a limited budget it makes sense.

For example, when booking a DJ, you can ask your friends. Maybe just a little There is even a good friend who will do it for a fee, or even for free.

Use your friends’ skills – graphic artists help you with stationery can happen, bakers can make a connection with the wedding cake, and musical family members join the marching band.

can contribute! Maybe a close relative has a wonderful car that can be used as a wedding car. has? And among your bridesmaids, there are bound to be girls who know their own way about hair and makeup.

Very important: You should never overlook the photographer – please use a professional service for this post. Make sure you plan to use the provider!

For example, do-it-yourself projects to save on wedding decoration costs are also quite it is popular . Just grab your friends, bridesmaids, and groomsmen and make one for fun DIY evenings.

come together. But be careful: too many DIY projects can take a lot of time. Finally, do everything yourself. It may be more efficient to purchase one or the other ready-made, rather than Checklists are a great help for successful and stress-free wedding planning.

Wedding dress can be one of the biggest cost factors. However, without sacrificing quality You can save money. Besides the wedding day, perhaps the most exciting event for newlyweds is the bride.

Honeymoon for couples. But the honeymoon also needs to be well planned – the wedding With all its planning, this is a seemingly almost unmanageable mountain of tasks.

creates. Our number one honeymoon tip is to start planning early. honeymoon to you still even if you think it is in the distant future – by the end of the planning period right things often get stuck.

Completion of everything in the weeks before the wedding We recommend that you start the preparations about six months before your honeymoon.

This is especially true if you’re going on your honeymoon shortly after the wedding. It’s just not only does it get on your nerves, it also saves you money, because many travel agencies offer attractive early booking discounts.

The first question when planning your honeymoon is the budget: set a clear framework and only take the flights. and hotels, but also rental cars, meals, excursions and souvenirs.

Calculate the items. A little more generous than having to go over budget. It is better to plan accordingly. Discuss together how you envision your vacation.

In a romantic dream hotel or children Quiet and comfortable in a complex that offers a wide variety of activities for to your desires and different accommodation and travel for honeymoon, depending on your living situation destinations possible.

Not all couples honeymoon right after the wedding – again, you decide what suits you best. you give. While many couples find it nice to take a break from the energy of the wedding, others finds it very stressful.

One thing is for sure: Just a few days from the wedding celebration. If you fly after a week, you usually have a little more air to take a deep breath every once in a while.

It is possible. After determining the general conditions of your honeymoon, we start planning the details. You can start. Do you want a beach vacation or an adventure?


Do you prefer a cruise, a cruise, or time for two in a remote mountain cabin? would you? There is no standard way to plan your honeymoon, so personal Think carefully about what your dream destination is.

In your wedding dress taking a few more photos against a gorgeous backdrop and holding something very special in your hand would you like?

Then you should definitely take your dress with you on your honeymoon! Many tour operators offer special offers for couples – at the time of booking worth asking.

Pay attention to local transport after booking accommodation and write a list of the most important things to do for your honeymoon . This
In this way, you will ensure that no small but important detail is forgotten at the end.

Depending on the country of your travel destination, entering the country You may need a visa for which you must apply on time. Vaccines are usually This should be done a few weeks before departure.

It is very important when planning your honeymoon: Always a name change after marriage, unpleasant during the trip to avoid surprises
Accommodation, car rental and airport transportation reservation and all other duties is it completed? Then all you have to do is pack it.

It is possible with this It’s best to start as early as possible. A packing list helps you keep track of everything.

A packing list helps you keep track of everything.

might help. If you start your honeymoon right after the wedding, the suitcases will leave the party. should be placed in the corner a few days before – because on your wedding day how little If you think about it, the better.

In the past, it was normal for the woman to take the name of the man. Fortunately, women now have to accept it. they are not. This leaves more room for alternatives and compromises.

Who knows, maybe eventually Might want to take her maiden name too. Whatever the decision, the most important thing is that both spouses are happy with their future names.

Yet If you are not sure, we recommend the tried and tested method “write and look every day”. About this Don’t be afraid to think. A pros and cons list is also helpful for some future married couples it could be.

After all, it’s not just you who decide which of you gets which name. Now your children then you choose how to search for last names.
Yes, changing the surname also applies to the bridal couple’s unborn children.

Have you and your spouse chosen the variant of the common married name? So the person who kept his original name gave it to the children. transfers.

If both spouses are keeping their names, you can tell if they took the father’s or mother’s name. you specify. Here for ALL children, a surname must be determined together and no later than one month after birth.

must be entered as the last date. If you are already a parent, you can also apply for a name change for your children after marriage.
you can be found. You will also need the child’s birth certificate.


If your child is under the age of five, the married name you choose will be automatically changed to the new maiden name. will take. If your child is older, the surname will only change if you make a clear statement of membership.

Depending on the age of the child, his/her permission may be required. From the age of 18 your child In this case, he can change his surname by making his own declaration.

Depending on the situation, this can be quite complex. Therefore, on copyright and civil law If you have any questions it’s worth asking again.

Tip: Find out in time from the responsible office which regulations apply to your situation is the best. For example, if the children do not belong to you, you will need additional documents.

When you get married, you have to deal with a lot of paperwork. However, neglecting this unloved duty can cause annoying problems.
Therefore, it is advisable to plan all official visits well and approach them on time.

A detailed The checklist is very helpful to streamline bureaucratic work. What evidence should you present in each case?

It’s best to make a note of what you need as well. If you write everything down, you will not forget any of the administrative procedures and
Then you’re freed from sending documents.

It is best to start right after marriage. If you want to go directly to the honeymoon after the wedding, It is important that you complete the notifications immediately after the honeymoon.

Name change checklist…
Name change request
Marriage certificate is important here. Therefore, have at least two certified copies made of your original. be reasonable. However, not all offices and authorities require an approved version.

It is best to always take the original with you and have it copied on site. Mail documents if you want to send them, to find out if an official certified copy is required you should call.

Some apps require you to be on the site. In other cases, someone else can do this for you. can do. For this, the person usually needs a power of attorney from you.

As a newly married couple, the residence registry office is your first point of contact. Marriage certificate and identity card, passport and income tax card are changed to the new name. Request the revision here as soon as possible. you should.

It is important that you apply in person with an identity card. This should be done immediately after marriage. new The processing time for the ID card is usually three to six weeks. In some cases, you may apply before and You can then receive it at the official wedding.

You need the following documents in order to change your surname on your identity card after marriage.
• marriage certificate
• Approved printout from identity card or name change document obtained from authorized civil registration office
• your old identity
• a current biometric photo (two in some offices)
Next, you should contact your bank. Here also an updated EC board and a modified You must apply for a credit card. Old cards remain valid until they reach the buyer.

If you have several banks, a detailed list in the checklist depending on the number is helpful. it could be. So you won’t forget any of them.
It i  important that you inform your employer about your new marital status.

A copy of the marriage certificate should also be submitted to him. This is important for your personal file and future documents. of your marriage A nice email with the announcement and the associated new name is also helpful for your coworkers.

In order to obtain a new insurance card, you must first submit your changed surname to the health insurance company. you must report. The same applies here: the validity of the old card expires after the receipt of the new one.

it melts. All other insurance companies, such as liability or pension insurance, are also about the name change. should have knowledge.
If you have private insurance in addition to your legal insurance, you should also write this on your list.

Anyone who owns a vehicle must submit their vehicle documents – vehicle registration certificate and vehicle title – should update. Here you also need a marriage certificate and other documents.

Please get your driver’s license Don’t forget too. Your old driver’s license as well as your identity card or passport for revision, you need a biometric passport photo and an officially certified copy of the marriage certificate.

If you live in a rented house, you should remember to notify your landlord. For other contracts notification is required. These include, for example, your telephone provider as well as gas and electricity providers.

If you are active in a club, you should inform them as well. Anyone registered with Ebay, Amazon, Facebook and Co. should start an overhaul there. This is usually via a name change form, which you must send by post along with the required documents makes.

The tax office is also an important contact point to be informed about the new surname. in SEE should be informed.

Do you have any other identification such as organ donation card, library card or passport? Then check they belong to your list. If you use customer cards, you may also want to notify stores.

If you have a certificate of registration, it is important that you report it to the public authority in a timely manner. In this way the next
there are no complications on a date.

You shouldn’t forget your mailbox on the checklist either. Temporarily enter both names (old and new surname)

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