Private Label By G Bridal Design House Best 3 Models

Private Label By G Bridal Design House Best 3 Models

Private Label By G Bridal Design House Best 3 Models

Private Label By G Bridal Design House Best 3 Models The process of preparing personalized wedding dresses begins with the selection of a model that is compatible with the bride’s physique, taste and the place where she will wear her wedding dress.

Fabric selection is an important part of the design while deciding on the model. For example, it would be more appropriate to wear a wedding dress with fluffy soft fabrics at an outdoor wedding, and a wedding dress with gaudy and clear cuts at a ballroom wedding.

When the wedding dress model is clear, it is necessary to take measurements and create a rehearsal calendar that will end one week before the wedding day.

Wedding dresses are finished between three and five rehearsals, depending on the model. Mainly four rehearsals -the first two rehearsals are close to each other and the last two rehearsals are held one month before the wedding.

Private Label By G Bridal Design House

Thanks to the bridal factory metropol wedding dress, we can produce the model you want.

However, sometimes we make this process much easier for our brides-to-be coming from abroad or from outside the city, and we can do the first two rehearsals on the same day and do the last two rehearsals on the same day a week before the wedding.

Making ready-made wedding dresses suitable for the bride’s physique can vary from two hours to a week, depending on the size of the modification.

private label by g size chart,

The quality of our wedding dress is mostly hidden in the details. A neat stitching and premium materials will stand out in every way.

The point where you will really feel the quality is the whole service provided by the boutique you choose.

A smiling designer who approaches your special day with the same sensitivity as you, enlightens you on all kinds of materials and models, guides you in the right way, has already chosen his team according to those conditions.

It is obvious that you will be satisfied in the end.

In my opinion, it would be more correct to choose the wedding dress as a tailor made dress. If the bride-to-be has time to spare for rehearsals, which is not such a burdensome thing, they should definitely choose this alternative.

private label by g size chart

Because the wedding dress is perhaps the most special garment we have worn throughout our lives, and it should be completely unique to us.

Of course, there are also advantageous points of ready-made wedding dress types.

If you have a very busy business life, don’t have time to spare for rehearsals, go shopping for a day out from a different city because there is no boutique in your city,

Thanks to the wholesale wedding dress sellers metropol wedding dress, we can produce the model you want.

if you have trouble predicting what a custom-made wedding dress will look like in the end, or if you’re just nervous, let everything happen as soon as possible, my wedding dress.

what is a private label wedding dress

You are absolutely right in saying I have it in my hands.

But if you want my wedding dress to fit my body perfectly, to have every part of it prepared according to it, to have my own unique work with my designer and someone who is an expert in their field, you should definitely choose a custom sewing.

You have the chance to intervene in all kinds of embellishments on your fabric, model and make the right decision with a conscious orientation at all these stages.

If you have not experienced radical weight changes during the rehearsal process, you can receive your wedding dress one week before your wedding day.

Provided, of course, that you try it one last time the day before. Storage conditions may vary depending on the service style of the boutique where you bought your wedding dress.

what is a private label wedding dress

Some boutique bridal gowns will be delivered at the wedding venue on the wedding day, while some boutiques may deliver them to you a few days before the wedding with appropriate storage accessories.

In my own boutique, I deliver the wedding dress one week before the wedding in a tight dress bag that allows it to breathe. If the bride-to-be has gained and lost weight too often,

I finish the wedding dress a week before and deliver it two days before the wedding day. Of course, these conditions may change according to the model of the wedding dress and we inform our brides in the best way during delivery.

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In addition to details such as skirts or collars, the waistline is one of the things you should pay attention to to create a balanced silhouette.

The waistline of the wedding dress is responsible for adding shape and balance to the look. There are 6 types of bridal waist cuts.

The natural waistline, also called the “Natural Waist”, is where the seam of the waistline defines the separation between the rib cage and the hips. It is the most popular waist type for wedding dresses. Ideal for all body types.

Low-waist designs hug your waist and upper thighs tightly. It opens widening from the widest part of the hip. Let’s also mention that this model, which we recommend especially to bride candidates with narrow hips, will help to reveal the waist curve.

voyage wedding dresses

These are the models where the waist line starts from the normal waist line and slopes downwards. The position of the waist and the verticality of the asymmetrical waist may vary according to the design.

We do not recommend this model to brides who have excess belly button because it covers the waist area. Brides with a slim upper body can choose wedding dresses with this waist cut.

The waist of the wedding dresses with the empire waist cut, also known as the yoke, is not cut from the waistline, but under the bust.

They are usually draped designs, but it is possible to say that body-hugging options have become popular in recent years. Private Label Wedding Dresses Wholesale

voyage wedding dresses

Let’s not go without saying that bridal gowns with robe are especially suitable for brides who want to make their legs look longer.

Wedding dresses in this cut have a V-shaped fold-down waist design. If your shoulders are narrow, this model will make them look even narrower.

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With this waist cut that we recommend for hourglass, inverted triangle and rectangular body types, you can make your upper body look longer than it is and create the illusion of a curved waist.

We talked about wedding dress waist cuts. . Now you know how to choose a wedding dress. Now it’s time to find the right wedding dress for you.

For this, you can examine the models of wedding dress companies in your city and contact the companies that interest you.

If you say “What you call a wedding dress is white”, we suggest you take a look at the alternatives in this article. You can also evaluate wedding dress models in white tones such as off-white, cream, ivory.

wedding dress designers

Let’s start with the classic wedding dress color white. In ancient times, it symbolized wealth as it was a color that got dirty very quickly and had to be washed frequently.

For this reason, white clothes that could not be worn daily were preferred on special occasions such as marriages.

This has made it a tradition to choose white bridal dresses worn at weddings. Although snow white is a classic as a wedding dress color, we can see that models in different shades of white are among the most trendy wedding dresses of recent years.

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More creamy tones of white will be a better choice for many brides-to-be. It warms and softens your off-white skin color and provides a much better appearance, especially for pale-skinned brides-to-be.

There are many different shades of off-white, such as ivory. Some of these are quite close to yellow. That’s why you can try a lot of wedding dresses in different tones and try to find the tone that suits you best.

Cream colored wedding dresses, which are preferred by brides who like romantic and nostalgic designs, are becoming more popular day by day.

Let’s also say that these designs, which are ideal for weddings to be held in flashy areas such as historical places and hotels, are suitable for brides whose skin color is not too light or too dark.

These colors, also called champagne or candlelight, are usually creamier tones than ivory. Even beige tones can be found in line with the designer’s taste.

If you look better in gold than in gray, you probably have a warm skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone, champagne will be the right choice.

Although it varies according to the designer’s preference, you can come across wedding dresses in a scale ranging from very pale pink mixed with white to pale pink.

Although there is a scale that suits almost every skin color, you should try to find the tone that suits you best by trying models in alternative tones. Wholesale wedding dress

jh bridal

You can reveal your style with the decoration materials used in your wedding dress.

Guipures for romantic brides, feathers for vintage lovers, glamorous stones for those looking for splendor are used as wedding dress details. Here are the most trendy wedding dress decoration materials of recent times!

The most known materials in wedding dress decorations are stones. The most popular among these are stone types such as swarovski, pearl and crystal.

Wedding dress models, which are animated with stone embroidery, are especially preferred for magnificent wedding venues such as historical places or hotels. The type of stone used in the wedding dress also affects the style of the wedding dress.

jh bridal casablanca bridal

If you want your wedding dress to have a glamorous, sparkling look, you can choose glamorous wedding dresses that are animated with sparkling stones such as crystal and swarovski. Wholesale wedding dress manufacturer

These stones are not only used in the entire wedding dress, but are also preferred to decorate the body, skirt ends or details such as the edge of the veil and belt.

If you are looking for a simpler and more romantic option compared to crystal or swarovski stones, pearl stones are just for you!

We can say that pearl embroidered wedding dresses stand out especially among the trend designs of recent years.

Bead embroidered wedding dress models in different colors and forms maintain their popularity in every period.

The beads used especially in the neck and back parts of the wedding dress reveal a more elegant and modern look compared to the fully embroidered wedding dresses.

private design collection wedding dress

Let’s not forget that bead embroideries are often seen especially in vintage wedding dresses.

Appliques are three-dimensional decorations made of fabric. They are often used in bridal gowns in the form of flowers, leaves or bows and are famous for drawing attention to the area where they are applied.

The designs that are animated with three-dimensional appliqués, which we are used to seeing among the most trendy models in recent years, have options that appeal to different styles.

For example; a large applique in the form of a huge white rose can be used on the waist or shoulder of the design. Or a large area, for example the area covering your chest and back decollete, can also be decorated with flowers.

Thanks to the  metropol wedding dress, voyage wedding dress we can produce the model you want.

If you want the shine to cover my whole wedding dress, collect the sequins and sequins!

Because sequins and sequins are more advantageous decoration materials than crystal in that they cover the surface on which they are embroidered and are two-dimensional.

sincerity wedding dresses

Because sequins and sequins are lighter than crystal, take up less space, and most importantly, they’re cheaper.

They never go out of style! Wedding dress guipure and lace on shoulders, décolleté, gloves and veils; In short, it can be used in every part and all of the wedding dress.

Self-patterned or embroidered, silvery or even slightly colored applications can make your wedding dress more sophisticated and different!

Feather detailed designs are also frequently featured in the latest bridal collections of famous designers. The feathers used in the entire wedding dress or in its details such as neckline, sleeves and hem add a romantic atmosphere to the wedding dress.

casablanca bridal

You should be careful not to use these details, which add volume to the design in which they are used, in areas where they are redundant. If you do not dare to use it in your wedding dress, you can use the feathers in your bridal hair.

Brides who do not hesitate to make extraordinary choices and who care about their comfort as much as their elegance, prefer wedding dress models with trousers.

Don’t say “it doesn’t suit me” for these pieces, which are especially popular in wedding ceremonies, because they have options for every style.

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This wedding dress with trousers, embroidered on dreamy tulle, shoulder pads, fit with its narrow cut and wide shoulder design creates a strong silhouette.

We recommend this wedding dress set with romantic and vintage details, especially to brides with proportional lines and hourglass body type.

Wide-leg palazzo trousers, which have become very popular in daily wear in recent years, are also seen in bridal suits.

We recommend this model, complete with lace crop and cuff details, to brides with pear body type who like romantic designs. With this model, the thin body will come to the fore, while the wide hips will be camouflaged.

Private Label By G Bridal Design House Best 3 Models

With an elegant design with its embroidered body, tight trousers and thick belt, this bridal suit is for brides-to-be who like simple designs!

We recommend this wedding dress set, which camouflages the waist area with its thick belt, to brides with a rectangular body type.

Because the narrow cut of the wedding dress maintains the proportion of the lower and upper body, a curved waist appearance can be created with a wide belt. Wholesale wedding dress

There is a model for the bohemian brides who care about their comfort as much as their elegance…

It is possible to create a stylish look by completing this set, which promises both elegance and comfort with its wide trousers and Spanish sleeves, with accessories such as a hat and multiple bracelets, as in the model.

Blouse-pants pairs are among the suitable options for first and autumn brides.

The combination of a half-sleeved tulle blouse with guipure details and high waist straight trousers appeals to romantic brides-to-be.

sincerity wedding dresses

Brides-to-be who want a curvy waist look can benefit from the illusion created by these two-piece designs.

Since the movable body design will make the upper body look wider than it is, thin-bodied and small-breasted brides-to-be may prefer this model.

Next up is a model that is both stylish and functional with its transparent bodice body, high waist satin trousers and a detachable satin skirt.

Although wedding dresses with pants are generally preferred for weddings, you can choose this wedding dress for both wedding and wedding.

Thanks to the sincerity wedding dresses metropol wedding dress, we can produce the model you want.

You can use it with trousers at the wedding ceremony, and with a skirt at the wedding.

If you are interested in classic and modern designs, you will love this set! Consisting of straight cut trousers and a jacket, this wedding dress set can be worn easily by brides with a slim lower body and apple body type.

casablanca bridal

Because the long design of the jacket also provides a fit look while descending without any potholes.

The overall appearance of the overalls makes the brides-to-be look longer than they are.

We especially recommend jumpsuit wedding dresses to brides who want to have a slim and long appearance, without details such as embroidery or color that will divide the body only on the bottom or on the top.

This model will attract the attention of brides who want to have a strong appearance on the wedding day.

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The jacket design, which reaches down to the floor, is used with a belt, gaining both a cloak and skirt appearance.

With this detail, not to mention that it emphasizes the waist curve! We can say that plain trousers and bustier with light details are ideal complements for this assertive jacket.

private design collection wedding dress

If you can’t decide whether to choose a skirt or pants, this model will save you from being caught in the middle!

You can reveal your extraordinary style with this wedding dress, in which the shimmering inner jumpsuit is completed with a one-sleeve and half-skirt design, and you can capture a feminine look at the same time.

Brides-to-be who want to draw attention to the upper part of their body may prefer designs with moving bodies. Among these options is this romantic model with shoulder pads, lace sleeves and bodice.

Wadding details are frequently seen especially in long-sleeved wedding dresses. He makes use of these assertive details to give a strong transition to the part where the arms are attached to the body.

Autumn and winter brides who want to make their shoulders look wider than they are, may prefer long sleeved wedding dresses like this stylish design.

wedding dress designers

Wadding wedding dresses also attract attention from brides who like magnificent designs.

If you are also dreaming of wearing a flamboyant wedding dress, you can choose Eslem Moda’s bridal gown with shimmering embroideries, fluffy and padded. Hijab wedding dress manufacturer

Since the wedding dress is lively, it is also useful not to overdo it with its complements such as hair-make-up and accessories.

Among the wedding dress trends in recent years, there are also the magnificent designs of the Victorian era.

If you think that a piece belongs to this period, if you want a magnificent wedding dress that carries the spirit of the period, you will like this type of wedding dress!

Fluffy arms, strong shoulders, voluminous skirts… If you like this wedding dress with every detail that requires an assertive and vintage look, you can contact the company right away.

wedding dress designers

Collar, sleeves, skirt… Fully closed, low-cut wedding dresses are among the favorite designs of recent years…

Brides-to-be who will get married in winter, especially in a magnificent place such as a hotel or historical place, may prefer this padded wedding dress with a low-cut, fluffy skirt.

Brides with wide hips, in particular, turn to designs with fluffy skirts with a moving top in order to highlight their slim body and camouflage their wide hips.

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One of the most elegant examples of these designs is in the bridal collection of Metropol Wedding Dress.


Brides with pear body type can easily wear this wedding dress, which attracts all eyes to the upper body with its low-cut neckline and shoulder pads.

You can bring your assertive style to your wedding with a wedding dress that is both sexy and powerful.

For this, you can choose this half fish, transparent detailed, padded wedding dress, which is among the product options.

In order not to create a complex look with this wedding dress with a dominant neckline and a moving design, it is useful to turn to bulk bridal hairstyles.

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