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Wedding Gowns Best 1 Company The wedding dress, which is considered as one of the most important turning points in life when two people come together and establish a family, represents much more than a dress.

The importance given to the wedding dress, which we can describe as the embodiment of a dream, was valid not only today but also in the past.

The origin of the first wedding dress in history dates back to 4000 BC. In ancient Egypt, it was determined that white linen was worn in wedding ceremonies and a flamboyant crown was used.

In the past, attention was paid to the quality of the fabric and the ostentatiousness of the accessories used, rather than the color of the wedding dress.

When we look at the history of Turkish wedding dresses, it is remarkable that dynasty wedding dresses were red in color and quite flamboyant in the old Ottoman period.

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The people, on the other hand, preferred vibrant colors such as blue, purple and pink as the color of the wedding dress in wedding ceremonies.

Although white color comes to mind when it comes to wedding dresses today, wedding dresses in cream, light pink and nude color tones are also popular recently.

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Why is the Wedding Dress White?
Although the distinctive white color of the wedding dress is thought to be a breeze of the past, it has actually become popular in the last century.

In Turkish culture, it was not welcomed for young girls to wear flashy clothes before the wedding.

The wedding dresses of Turkish girls, who wore festive clothes at their weddings, turned into flashy sequined clothes embroidered with gold or silver thread over time.

Best wedding dress

The bride’s wedding outfit was also equipped with a flashy headdress, veil and other accessories to make her look different from other women.

In many cultures, the symbol of innocence and purity of white plays an important role in choosing it as a wedding dress color.

In the first step towards the institution of marriage, which forms the basis of society, the woman’s preference for white color means that she will open a clean page in her new life.

In fact, white was considered the color of mourning in British society.

However, the fact that Queen Victoria, who married her cousin Prince Albert in 1840, preferred white instead of the traditional color of silver at that time, may be an explanation for why wedding dresses are white today.

Where Did the White Wedding Dress Tradition Come From?

It is believed that the tradition of the white wedding dress came into fashion after Queen Victoria’s wedding.

In fact, Queen Victoria isn’t the only royal bride to wear white.

Princess Philippa of England is remembered as the first royal to wear a white silk cloak in 1406. Also, Mary Queen of Scots wore a white wedding dress in 1558.

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However, only after Queen Victoria’s wedding, a white wedding dress, an indicator of wealth and status, began to be worn in modern western weddings.

The queen’s wedding dress with a long tail, decorated with lace made of white satin and silk fabric, forms the basis of today’s wedding dress models.

Best wedding dress

In Turkish society, the first white wedding dress II. It was worn by Abdulhamid’s daughter Naime Sultan.

The white wedding dress of Naime Sultan, who married Kemalettin Pasha in 1898, is one of the first symbols of the westernization movement.

In the early years of the Republic, white wedding dresses started to be used more frequently, and today, the first color that comes to mind when talking about wedding dresses in our country, as in the whole world, is white.

What is the Meaning of a White Wedding Dress?
Wedding dress models, which have hosted many different models and colors from the past to the present, are a prominent symbol of the most special days of young girls.

On your wedding day, when all eyes are on you, you can have the wedding dress model that suits your style and body with the privileges of Metropol Wedding Dress.

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Yeşim Wedding Dress, which appeals to almost all tastes from hijab to fish model, from princess to Helen wedding dress, aims to make your most special day more enjoyable with its wide product range.

You can easily buy wedding dresses and evening dresses suitable for your special days such as weddings, engagement and henna nights by taking advantage of the advantages and opportunities

Bridal shoes should be both pleasant to write the name of your single friends and to be comfortable and stylish to accompany you on the wedding day.

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Jj wedding dresses

In fact, it is important that the groom should not upset you while stepping on his feet… I think it would be the right term to call it a key part of a wedding.

Bridal shoes, which will complement your wedding elegance, are sometimes preferred with heels according to the taste of the bride-to-be, and sometimes they are preferred as flat soles.

In fact, some brides-to-be may prefer sneakers rather than classic or stylish choices.

Choosing Heeled Bridal Shoes

With the tips for high-heeled bridal shoes that will stand out in wedding elegance, you can make choices that are compatible with yourself, your concept and your style.

Heeled shoes models are among the models that women have been passionately attached to since past years.

Mermaid wedding dress

When it comes to elegance, brides-to-be who never compromise on their heels should also make choices where they can feel good and be comfortable throughout the wedding.

Your priority in choosing high-heeled bridal shoes is the comfort offered by the sole.

If you like to wear high heels and your feet are used to wearing high heels, you should choose shoes that are compatible with the wedding dress on that special day. Remember that you will look more elegant and stylish as the heel grows!

Among the tips for bridal shoes, you can harmonize the converses, which are a great option for those who are not used to wearing heels, by decorating them with beads, tulle, lace or pearls.

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In fact, you can make a difference by choosing a different color other than white in color selection and make sure that all eyes are on you.

Ballet models, which are among the options of sporty as well as stylish bridal shoes, ensure that you are comfortable throughout the wedding and you do not have a height difference between the groom candidates,

and if you are the same height or a few cm taller, it will be a great choice for you not to be taller than him.

After choosing the dream wedding dress, it is time to choose the veil. The choice of veil is at least as important as the wedding dress.

Mother dresses for weddings

Best wedding dress

The wedding dress model is an important criterion when choosing a veil. However, when choosing a veil, care should be taken not to overshadow the wedding dress.

It is best to choose according to the color of the wedding dress.
After choosing the dream wedding dress, it is time to choose the veil. The choice of veil is at least as important as the wedding dress.

The wedding dress model is an important criterion when choosing a veil. However, when choosing a veil, care should be taken not to overshadow the wedding dress.

It is best to choose according to the color of the wedding dress. If a wedding dress in cream tones is chosen, the veil should be cream.

Otherwise, it creates a bad look. The model, embroidery and decorations of the wedding dress are among the things that should be considered when choosing a veil. Wholesale wedding dress manufacturer

However, before moving on to this, it is useful to get to know the veil models. Veil types are named according to the length of the veil.

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First of all, the cage veil model is the veil known as the vintage veil, which has become popular recently. It just covers the face. It is made of thin tulle and net.

It is ideal for brides-to-be who will get married in wedding ceremonies and special historical places. The veil model, which is among the most preferred ones, is the veil at shoulder level.

Usually 45-50cm long tulle fabric is used and ends at shoulder level. If a low-cut wedding dress is preferred, this model can be preferred to emphasize the decollete.

Simple wedding dress

The elbow-length veil model gets its name from the fact that it ends at the elbow level. Although it is compatible with most wedding dress models, it is among the most preferred.

Another most preferred veil model is the fingertip veil model. The veil extending to the fingertips does not overshadow the wedding dress and gives the most appropriate look.

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Although it adapts to every wedding dress model, it is mostly preferred in fish model wedding dresses.

The knee-length veil model, on the other hand, is the choice of the candidates who want neither short nor long medium size veils. It is the right alternative for minimal non-puffy wedding dresses.

Simple wedding dress

The chapel veil model, which takes its place among the longest veil models, is approximately two and a half meters. It is about 15 cm longer than the hem of the wedding dress.

In addition to creating a romantic look, it will also suit very well embroidered wedding dresses. Another model in veil selection is the cathedral veil model. Wedding dress manufacturer

This model, which is at least three meters long, is designed with tulle or lace with border water. Ideal for a glamorous wedding entrance.

After getting to know the veil models, we can choose them according to the wedding dress. The choice of veil selection for plain wedding dresses should be at the level of the elbow and fingertips.

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Veils, one long and one short, will make you look gorgeous on the wedding day. Bridal gowns with lace at the ends are very stylish and eye-catching.

It creates a wonderful silhouette with lace detailed wedding dresses. Another important criterion in choosing a veil is to choose a veil according to the skirt length.

Almost any type of veil is suitable for long wedding dresses. When choosing a long veil, the skirt length of the veil must exceed 15 cm. Otherwise, it will create an image in the air.

Face shape is another decisive criterion for the use of veils. Brides with oval face shape are free to use any veil they want.

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Thanks to the perfect facial features, the cheekbones will always be in the foreground. For brides with square face type, hair and veil models should be chosen to make the face look longer.

For example, the nun model would be the most ideal choice. For brides with a round face type, chapel or cathedral veil models should be preferred.

The wedding venue is another decisive criterion for choosing a veil. Choosing a veil suitable for the wedding venue will also make it easier to be free while moving.

For a wedding that will take place in the country garden, an elbow or shoulder-level veil should be preferred. For those who organize a wedding ceremony by the pool, short veil models should be preferred since the dance floor will be narrow.

Wedding dress ne demek

Wedding dress ne demek

If we insist on choosing a long veil, two different veils can be used. Long veils at the wedding entrance can be preferred after the wedding ceremony. A chapel veil should definitely be chosen for brides-to-be who will marry in the historical place.

Veil selection should be preferred according to the model of the wedding dress, wedding venue and season in order to enjoy the night and move comfortably. Thus, a marvelous view is obtained.

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How to Choose Underwear According to Wedding Dress Type?
It can be quite disturbing to see a white bra strap from inside your wedding dress with lace straps when all eyes are on you in a white dress.

Not only at the wedding, in the wedding dress; Even when looking at wedding dress photos after the wedding, seeing this bra strap can make you very sad.

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If you want to have a perfect look in the wedding dress you have chosen carefully, you should also be careful in choosing the underwear you wear under the wedding dress.

When choosing underwear, you should first choose according to the type of wedding dress. For strapless wedding dress models, you should choose a bra for strapless bras.

Some strapless bras can slip. It can be very uncomfortable for the bra to slide down in your wedding dress. Therefore, you should use a strapless bra that is of good quality and suitable for your size.

Strapless bra models with bands on the inside allow the bra to fit the body perfectly. Private Label Wedding Dresses Wholesale

Mermaid wedding dress

You can avoid the problem of the bra slipping by using your preference for banded models.

You can use low-cut bra sets for low-back wedding dresses. The low-cut bra types, whose straps meet a little below the back, are both invisible from the low-cut and gather the breasts and keep them in shape in the wedding dress.

If your wedding dress has a deep back, skin silicone bra models that stick to the breasts and do not have a back can be a savior.

If you have an A form or princess model wedding dress, you are more free to choose underwear. In this type of wedding dress; You can use sexy and romantic bustier sets and lace bra and panty sets that cover the inside of the body.

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It is easier to choose underwear under hijab wedding dresses. Wedding dress garter and bustier sets look very stylish under hijab wedding dresses.

Instead of strapless bras in hijab wedding dress models, it may be a more appropriate choice to choose a strapless bra for both comfort and for the breasts to be more shaped.

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Wedding Dress Garter Models
Wedding dress garter models look very sexy and stylish under the wedding dress. Garter is also a very suitable option for those who want to use stockings under their wedding dress.

There are many different types of bridal garters, either strapless or with straps.

If you are going to wear a fish type wedding dress, you can choose a simple wedding dress garter as underwear under the wedding dress.

You can choose lace and frilly garter models in bridal gowns with fluffy and thick straps or short sleeves. Garter is one of the most preferred underwear models for under the wedding dress.

When choosing a garter, you should pay attention to the color tone of your wedding dress. An ecru bridal garter may not look good under a white wedding dress.

Bridal, Mother dresses for weddings

When choosing underwear under a wedding dress, you should also pay attention to comfort.

Even if a bra and thong made entirely of lace in a wedding dress are quite sexy, they may itch or make you feel uncomfortable after a few hours.

Although the skin silicone bra does not show the nipples in the wedding dress, if you have a silicone allergy, it can turn your wedding day into a nightmare.


If you do not want to encounter such situations; You can wear bridal bras and lingerie sets for a few hours before the wedding and test the comfort of your bridal underwear.

The tradition of carefully choosing and presenting various products to the bride by the groom and his family before the wedding is called the bridal bundle.

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There are different traditions and customs in every region of our country. The bridal bundle is also something that varies from region to region.

In some regions, it is given after the engagement, while in others it is given during the engagement ceremony. If the bride is in a different city, it would be more appropriate to give gifts during engagement or promise to make things easier.

The question of what happens in the bridal bundle is also among the highly researched ones. The bundle should contain things that the bride will enjoy using.

That’s why it’s important to know your taste and style. When presenting to the bride, it should be carefully prepared in decorated boxes.

Since the benefits of the bridal bundle include the fusion of the two parties and the formation of conversation, it is one of the important traditions.

Wedding Dress manufacturers

In the bridal bundle, there should be products that the bride will love to use. Because the purpose of the bundle is to help couples and facilitate marriage.

Therefore, it is essential that each product is chosen carefully. Slippers, pajamas and bath sets are indispensable items in the bridal bundle.

After that, it is necessary to add a perfume containing the notes that the bride constantly uses or loves. The mirror, which is indispensable for every woman, takes its place among the must-haves in the bundle. Wedding dress manufacturer

A stylish comb can also accompany the mirror. Beautiful and useful underwear are among the items put in the bundle. The bridal bundle can also be crowned with nightgowns.

Then, a make-up set consisting of quality products is one of the things that should be put in the bundle. A dressing gown can be placed. Finally, the bundle is completed by putting a prayer rug and a prayer rug together with writing.

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