Wedding Dress Top 10 Models


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Wedding Dress Top 10 Models

Wedding Dress Top 10 Models, The history of the wedding dress dates back to ancient civilizations. About 4,000 years ago, in Ancient Egypt, brides wore pleated dresses made of layers of linen. In ancient Greece, brides wore white at wedding ceremonies, as the color white represented celebration.

Over time, the shape and color of the wedding dress changed. In the Middle Ages, women paid more attention to the quality and ostentatiousness of the fabric than to the color of the wedding dress.


Although the use of white color in wedding dresses became widespread again in the 16th century, the first use of wedding dresses, which is similar to today’s wedding dresses and which we can call a modern wedding dress, was the wedding dress consisting of white satin fabric with a 5.5-meter tail worn by Victoria, the Queen of England, when she married Prince Albert in 1854.

Thus, the white wedding dress found its place all over the world from the British palaces to the Ottoman palaces since the mid-1800s.

How has bridal fashion changed since the late 1800s?

In the 3-minute video where, which produces content for women, explains the change in wedding dress fashion, you will watch the surprising change in wedding dress fashion since 1915 and watch what fashion has added to wedding dresses over the years and the evolution of indispensable brides.

Wedding Dress Top 10 Models

One of the most frequently asked questions lately is; When should the wedding dress be bought?

When it comes to stress-free wedding dress shopping, you should start your search for the right wedding dress right after your wedding date has been determined.

In our opinion, the best time to review wedding dress models is at least 6 months before the wedding. If you are dreaming of a custom made wedding dress, we recommend that you examine different models 9 to 12 months before the wedding.

If you have a busy work schedule, know your body well and have to shop for wedding dresses with little time before your wedding, you can also choose from ready-made models.

Harmony Between The Wedding Dress and The Space

You have chosen your wedding venue for your most special day, now it is time to choose the wedding dress suitable for your body proportion, which is the most exciting stage of the wedding preparations. In order to make the right choice among wedding dress models, you must review many details. Now let’s examine this important detail together.

Hotel – Ballroom Weddings

Every little girl’s dream is to be a bride like the princesses in fairy tales. If your dream is to be a princess, you can choose the voluminous and tailed wedding dress models that are suitable for the splendor and pomp of the hotel.

Imagine fairy tales for inspiration and indulge yourself with sparkle, glitter and dazzling effects. leave it to the full wedding dresses. A fluffy long-tailed skirt; embellishments, glitters, a shimmering fabric; A magnificent and long veil is very suitable for this dream.

Country Weddings

Country wedding, which is a fun and enjoyable wedding concept; A wedding concept that will be preferred by those who love comfort, naturalness and simplicity. You can choose romantic wedding dresses with flowing tulle, or if you want to give a farm feel, you can choose a bohemian or rustic style wedding dress.

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If you want to be an even more crazy bride, you can choose short wedding dresses or models with short front or long back. Ideal for country weddings. You can also enrich these models with different details. Back openings, lace and tulle sleeve details will make you look more stylish for your country wedding concept.

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Wedding in Historical Venues

One of the most important fashions of recent times is to have weddings in historical places. The most important features of historical places are that they have both a nostalgic and ostentatious atmosphere. Couples who are interested in the vintage movement can dream of having a wedding event in these places with a nostalgic atmosphere.

The most beautiful and different aspect of this type of place is the vintage style in the accessories used. Headbands, old-style combs with stones, long veils that are draped and fastened with a side clasp, feathers, bridal hats called birdcage, diamond jewelry, pearl jewelry, lace gloves, a large flower in the hair are all included in this trend.

We can say that our brides-to-be should try princess model and less fluffy but flamboyant wedding dresses. Depending on the season, you can choose strapless or long sleeve lace detailed wedding dresses. In addition, voluminous wedding dresses supported by field bridal gowns are among the wedding dresses suitable for this concept.

Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are known as a wedding venue with extremely fun, unforgettable and romantic moments. For brides, low-cut wedding dresses are the first thing that comes to mind as a wedding dress choice in a beach wedding.

It is one of the preferred options for low-shouldered, deep-necked, transparent and crop wedding dresses and beach weddings, which are made of flying fabrics. So you should make your choices for bold wedding dresses. are among the alternatives. Another wedding dress model that you can easily use in both country weddings and beach weddings is the Helen wedding dress style.

Especially for a beach wedding, you can look like a mermaid when you use slit models and bridal crowns with seashell or starfish detail. Stay away from ornaments with too many stones to suit the concept. Remember that you cannot walk like a princess on the sands or on the boat. Your wedding dress must be comfortable; It should not restrict your movements.

Bridesmaid Dresses You Can Wear in the Wedding Hall

Wedding halls are one of the leading places for weddings in culture. The general wedding concept and tastes determine the wedding dress preferences of our brides-to-be who will get married in the wedding halls, which can generally be converted into a style suitable for every style and concept.

Exaggerated models and simple and elegant wedding dresses may also be suitable for you. If you want to have a flamboyant wedding, you should reflect this in your wedding decoration and wedding dress choice. For this, fluffy skirt wedding dresses and princess cut ones are very suitable for you.

If you want to reflect a simpler and more romantic look, you can choose wedding dresses with voluminous lace details, wedding dresses in the form of half fish (if your body shape is suitable for this).

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How Should Winter Wedding Dresses Be?

Winter days have a romantic side that we cannot deny. The modern wedding dresses we created with the details inspired by the past this season create a timeless and poetic atmosphere.

If you want to turn the winter season into an advantage when choosing a wedding dress, you can turn your wedding dress into a stylish one with very beautiful accessories. For example, you can combine your wedding dress with an elegant bolero or fur.

At the same time, long-sleeved wedding dresses, which are ideal for winter weddings, allow you to carry all the elegance of lace.

Contrary to popular opinion, those who are planning a winter wedding that will warm you up in cold weather are very lucky. Winter weddings are perhaps the most romantic of all weddings! We can’t get enough of looking at winter brides with their alluring accessories in white snow.

Dear Selin was also a winter bride that we watched with admiration. Selin, who combines the wedding dress we designed for her with a stylish fur coat, looks magnificent with its elegant and romantic details.

celebrity wedding dresses

Celebrity wedding dresses have always been wondered by their fans. How they look on this special day, which designers wear their dresses and what style they choose have always attracted attention. Let’s take a look at the unforgettable wedding dresses of celebrities:

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William in 2011 attracted great attention around the world. Kate drew a fascinating image in a wedding dress signed by British fashion designer Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. The round neck wedding dress featured long lace sleeves and a 9 feet long tail. Kate paid particular attention to the details of her wedding dress. Lace embroideries, crystal embellishments and handmade buttons completed her wedding dress.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle wore a wedding dress specially designed by Givenchy when she married Prince Harry in 2018. The wedding dress, which had a simple but elegant design, was admired by the whole world. The A-line wedding dress featured a bateau neckline and three-quarter sleeves. Markle had added a few personal touches to her wedding dress. On the inside of her wedding dress, there were 53 roses embroidered with a special meaning for the Duchess’ wedding day.

Kim Kardashian
When Kim Kardashian married Kanye West in 2014, she wore a wedding dress designed by famous fashion designer Riccardo Tisci. At the wedding, which took place in Italy, Kim’s gown was made of elegant Chantilly lace. The off-the-shoulder wedding dress was complemented by a long train and a chiffon skirt. Kim Kardashian’s complementary accessories included a long lace veil and specially designed Lorraine Schwartz jewellery.

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra wore a wedding dress designed by famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren when she married Nick Jonas in 2018. The long-sleeved, straight-cut wedding dress is finished with a feathered neckline and a 75-foot-long tulle veil. On the inside of her wedding dress, the couple’s names were embroidered with the date “12.1.18”. Chopra’s complementary accessories include Jimmy Choo shoes,

Wedding dress designers

Wedding dress design is extremely important as it is one of the most special outfits worn at weddings. It is the duty of wedding dress designers to make brides’ dreams come true and to make them feel beautiful on their most special day. In this article, up to words will be given about wedding dress designers.

Wedding dress designers are generally trained in fashion design or textile design. However, some of them are experienced professionals who have trained themselves in this field. Wedding dress designers create unique and special designs by listening to their clients’ wishes and understanding their dreams.

Wedding dress designers offer their clients different styles and models. They make wedding dresses in many different styles, from classic, modern, simple or elegant. They also take care of details such as fabric selection and embellishments, making custom cuts for their clients’ body sizes.

Wedding dress design is a long and laborious process. Designers conduct a detailed conversation to understand their customers’ wishes and dreams. In these meetings, attention is paid to details such as the client’s wedding theme, colors, and fabric types. The designers then begin their work to present their clients with a custom-tailored wedding dress.

During wedding dress design, designers often make drawings. These drawings allow the client to have an idea of the design and if any changes need to be made, they are done at this stage. Then, with the client’s approval, the designers prepare to sew the actual wedding dress.

Wedding dress designers offer their clients individual designs rather than uniform designs. This allows clients to wear a wedding dress that matches their style and personality and makes them feel comfortable on their wedding day.

Wedding dress designers also specialize in fabric selection and embellishments. They offer different options to their customers by using many different fabric types such as silk, chiffon, satin and lace. They also enrich the design with beadwork, lace details, stones and other embellishments.

Wedding dress designers can also design different accessories according to the wishes of their customers. Accessories such as bridal shoes, bridal flowers and hair accessories complete the wedding dress design. Designers meet all the needs of the customer by making special designs for these accessories in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

As a result, wedding dress designers customize their designs to make their clients’ dreams come true.

Best wedding dress brands

Wedding dress brands are one of the most important parts of wedding preparations that adorn the dreams of thousands of bride-to-be every year. While choosing a wedding dress, brides-to-be search the best wedding dress brands and try to find the most suitable model for them. So, what are the best wedding dress brands in the world? Here is a list of the most popular and admired wedding dress brands:

Pronovias is a Spanish wedding dress brand founded in Barcelona in 1922. The brand creates elegant and romantic designs using traditional Spanish handicraft techniques. Pronovias, which has wedding dresses in both classical and modern styles, has many stores around the world.

Vera Wang
Vera Wang is a world-renowned fashion designer and is particularly known for her bridal gown designs. Wang’s wedding dress designs draw attention with their modern and stylish lines. The brand’s bridal collection has many options in different styles.

Monique Lhuillier
Monique Lhuillier is a Filipino fashion designer and founded her own brand in 1996. The brand’s bridal collection includes elegant and romantic designs. In addition, the brand offers wedding dresses in stylish and modern styles.

Reem Acra
Lebanese fashion designer Reem Acra has been recognized around the world since 2000. The brand’s wedding dresses are decorated with elegant details and have a feminine style. In addition, the brand’s bridal collection includes models with modern lines.

Marchesa is an American brand founded in 2004 by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. The brand’s bridal collection is embellished with handcrafted lace, beads and other delicate details. The brand’s wedding dresses, which attract attention with their stylish and feminine designs, are especially preferred by Hollywood stars.

Jenny Packham
Jenny Packham is a British fashion designer and founded her own brand in 1988. The brand’s bridal collection includes elegant designs with vintage and bohemian styles. In addition, the brand has modern and stylish wedding dresses.

Elie Saab
Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab has been directing world fashion since 1982. The brand’s bridal collection draws attention with its elegant lace embroideries and feminine designs. In addition, the brand offers modern and stylish wedding dresses.

BHLDN is a wedding dress brand based in the United States. The brand’s bridal collection includes designs in vintage and romantic styles. The brand also has modern and minimalist wedding dresses.

Wedding dress brands make women look the most stylish and elegant on their most special days at weddings. Therefore, wedding dress brands play a huge role in helping women achieve the look they want on this special occasion. Here are some of the best wedding dress brands worldwide:

Pronovias: Spanish fashion house Pronovias is one of the top bridal brands worldwide. Founded in 1922, the brand presents new collections every year to ensure that brides have a dream wedding, using the finest fabrics and the most sophisticated designs.

Vera Wang: Vera Wang is one of the most famous wedding dress brands worldwide. Founded in 1989, the brand is known for its modern and sophisticated designs. Wang’s bridal collections have been pioneers in the world of high fashion and are one of the brands favored by celebrities.

Monique Lhuillier: Monique Lhuillier is an American fashion house known for its luxurious and elegant wedding dresses. Founded in 1996, the brand has become one of the most famous wedding dress brands. Monique Lhuillier’s bridal collections stand out with romantic details and sophisticated designs.

Elie Saab: Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab is one of the top bridal brands worldwide. Saab’s designs use luxurious fabrics and details specifically designed to be worn at weddings. Elie Saab is a brand preferred by many famous names.

Oscar de la Renta: Oscar de la Renta is a fashion house founded in 1965 in New York. The brand is known for luxury fabrics and sophisticated designs. Oscar de la Renta’s bridal collections stand out with luxurious details and romantic designs.

Marchesa: Established in 2004 by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, Marchesa is known for its luxurious and romantic wedding dresses. The brand creates sophisticated designs using luxurious fabrics such as velvet, lace and silk. Marchesa is a brand preferred by famous names.

Carolina Herrera: Carolina Herrera is an American fashion designer. Herrera, who stepped into the fashion world in 1981, is also known for her bridal collections.

timeless wedding dress

Timeless wedding dresses are the dresses that brides wear on their most special days in a unique and self-reflecting style. Timeless wedding dresses, unlike classic wedding dresses, are independent of trends and are always in fashion despite the change of time.

The biggest advantage of timeless wedding dresses is that they offer a style that does not wear out even after years. Timeless wedding dresses make brides feel comfortable and beautiful. These dresses have features that provide long-term permanence instead of fashionable temporary trends.

One of the most important features of timeless wedding dresses is their simplicity. These dresses have a functional and minimalist design. Most timeless wedding dresses stand out with simple cuts and minimal accessories. Therefore, choosing timeless wedding dresses helps brides create a simple aesthetic for their wedding.

Timeless wedding dresses also stand out with their fabrics and details. High-quality materials such as natural fabrics, embroidery, lace, silk and satin are used. Details in these dresses consist of minimal details such as embroidery, buttons, belts and stripes. These features help timeless wedding dresses offer a classic and sophisticated look.

Timeless wedding gowns are customizable and customizable. These dresses can be customized according to the bride’s wishes and tastes. This allows brides to reflect their personal style and uniqueness.

Another advantage of timeless wedding dresses is that they can be worn outside of the wedding. These dresses can also be used after the wedding. Brides can reuse their dresses by shortening them, complementing them with different accessories or changing their style. Thus, timeless wedding dresses are not just for a wedding, they are a long-term investment.

Timeless wedding dresses also have disadvantages. These dresses may be more expensive than traditional wedding dresses.

A Cut Wedding Dress

A-cut wedding dresses, which are one of the wedding dresses preferred by the ladies who will enter the world house, are very comfortable in terms of use. It is a wedding dress model that brides-to-be should definitely consider when choosing a wedding dress. It will be a very suitable choice for women who are looking for comfort as well as beauty. A cut wedding dress models are one of the most preferred and recommended by designers. This model got this name because it wraps the body in a similar way to the letter A. So, what is an A cut wedding dress? Here are all the details you are wondering about!

What is A Cut Wedding Dress?

A cut wedding dress is a kind of wedding dress model. It is a type of wedding dress with a skirt that covers the upper part of your body and extends downwards. It got this name because it resembles the letter A when viewed from above. It has a structure that expands from the waist to the bottom in an A-line way. The wedding dress gathers the breasts and stretches downwards. The comfort of the model, which is preferred by many brides-to-be, will be wondered.

A cut wedding dresses are very comfortable and useful compared to other types. It is inevitable to have a comfortable wedding with the right measurements. A cut wedding dresses, which have a cut style that will fascinate other people, create a perfect look by proportioning your waist and hips. There are also many wedding dresses with this cut.

It can be designed with a low-cut back, tail, long sleeves and suspenders according to your taste. These structures, which can be applied together with the A cut, will make you look more beautiful. A cut wedding dresses can also provide the advantage of fabric type. Types such as satin, organza, mikado, tulle and ziberlin can also be applied on clothing.

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Which Body Type Are A-Cut Wedding Dresses Compatible With?

Another feature and advantage of A cut wedding dresses is that they can fit many body types. It is an indispensable choice for candidates with a pear body type. A-cut wedding dresses that cover the wide hips and reduce their prominence are very suitable for pear body type. The outfit that provides this with its long and wide skirt will please you if you have a pear body.

A cut wedding dress is also suitable for hourglass body type. Ladies with hourglass body type, which is a proportionally measured body, can also have a cut wedding dress in their preferences. A cut, which is also suitable for rectangular and apple body types, will not let you down. Moreover, people with a rectangular body type can create a perfect model with a v-neck cut.

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Ladies with an apple body can still choose a cut wedding dress, as their shoulders are wide. Apple-bodied ladies may also want to wear an a-cut wedding dress to hide their wide abdomen. Of course, choosing accessories in harmony with the A cut wedding dress also brings important gains.

Bridal Accessories Compatible with A- Cut Wedding Dress

A cut wedding dress is a type of wedding dress that can accept accessories as well as its simple stance. First of all, you need to choose a veil that is compatible with your wedding dress. After deciding whether it will be long or short, you can move on to other details. Choosing the motifs that will be applied on your veil is important for the integrity of the outfit. You can play with the motifs according to the wedding venue. Hair accessories are also indispensable for a bride.

Complementing each other with the veil, this duo is the piece that completes the whole for your wedding dress. After your hair is shaped, you can choose a princess crown or long motif hairpins according to your hairstyle. It is possible to choose glittering crowns embellished with precious stones or clasps with traditional motifs. Bridal hats, one of the other alternatives, are among the accessories that can be used according to your taste.

You can also use neck accessories that you can create wonders with V-neck wedding dresses or low-cut wedding dresses. A shining diamond or embroidered gold necklaces will make you look more stylish. In addition to these, bride candidates who prefer short sleeve wedding dresses may also want to wear sleeve accessories.

Bridal Hair Models Suitable for A Cut Wedding Dress Model

If your hair is long and you are going to wear a cut wedding dress, the ponytail hairstyle is for you. The ponytail model is an incredible duo with the back decollete. It draws attention from your hair to your back. This will keep eyes away from areas you don’t want to be seen. The messy bun model is also one of the most frequently chosen models by the bride-to-be. You can get a very nice look with open neck wedding dresses.

Braided bridal head models are also ideal for use with a cut wedding dress. Brides-to-be can catch a beautiful image with knitting models from the top or at the back. Side-parted and curled hair will also match your outfit and give you a simple but stylish look. You can choose the right hairstyle according to the length of your hair, your wedding dress and your taste, and you can leave your mark on the night.

Open Wedding Dress Models

Some brides today opt for bold designs. At this point, open bridal gowns are bridal gowns that prioritize courage and integrate with aesthetics.

One of the most preferred models, especially as open wedding dresses, is open back wedding dresses.

Based on this, in open back wedding dress models, different wedding dress models with open legs and neck are designed as well as open back models.

In addition, these patterns have become a trend when choosing wedding dresses or designs for brides who like open wedding dresses or prefer special transparent and silver models.

What are the Details of Open Wedding Dress Models?

Especially for brides, the choice of bridal gowns with a bold style is a choice that leaves you hesitant. However, the fact that open wedding dresses are not suitable for every body also affects the choices. But recently, open, low-cut or strapless wedding dresses have been designed for all body types.

One of these models is open front wedding dresses. In particular, these models are models with ivy-dotted transparent fabric and a very deep neckline.

These are wedding dress models whose front part moves with tulle or other details from the chest level.

Open Wedding Dress Models Transparent Details

A detail used in open wedding dress models is the cape. Especially the cape models show the wedding dress transparent when viewed from the back.

In addition, bridal gowns with capes and brides can easily choose bridal gowns by using their underwear, especially in light colors. Especially these open wedding dresses should not be worn with dark underwear.

Transparent open wedding dresses are transparent wedding dresses with different details in some regions. In addition, transparent wedding dresses were preferred by being designed with tulle and other details.

Transparent wedding dresses, known as model wedding dresses, are also silver. Using sparkly patterns, they reflect courage and movement rather than simplicity.

Open Wedding Dress Models Flower Details

Floral open back wedding dresses and deep neckline wedding dresses are among the open wedding dresses. Especially this year, flower-patterned wedding dresses have attracted great attention.

The open wedding dress model, in which floral patterns are used, is designed with a back and neck opening.

In addition, floral motifs do not cover the whole body in the design. Because the transparent structure between the patterns shows the skin directly. Floral wedding dresses are the models that should be preferred by brides with longer hair. Deep low-cut wedding dresses are the models that are used in wedding dresses especially in the back and front.

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In these models, more straight cut wedding dress classic designs are used. The point that distinguishes these models from others is that the edges that make up the decollete in low-cut models are mostly plain white instead of patterned.

Open Wedding Dress Models Collar Types

Neck lace wedding dresses open bridesmaid dresses are styled with an intricate and fine lace. In addition, the indispensable image of these wedding dress models is its simple and aesthetic appearance. They are also bridesmaid dresses with necklines decorated with translucent lace.

These models are also very popular in imperial and rococo styles, open back lace detail wedding dress is one of the newest wedding dress designs.

Collars and designs that are partially revealed in some cases, and fully revealed in some cases are used in open-back wedding dresses.

At the same time, there are wedding dresses with a classic cut, oval, drop, heart, triangle, rectangle or trapezoid on the back, and open back wedding dresses.

Other Designs in Open Wedding Dresses

It is one of the open wedding dresses in classic cuts. Princess cut, A cut, classic mermaid cut designs are used in these models that appeal to every bride’s style.

At the same time, wedding dresses have a deep and aesthetically pleasing neckline.

In classic back openings, a design that is emphasized with fine details of female brides is aimed. Spaghetti slips, beads and various embellishments are also used in these models, with the back being completely open.

Fish Wedding Dress Models?

The happiest day for women in our country is the day they get married. However, she wants to wear the most beautiful wedding dress today, when she steps into a new life. Some brides enjoy loose and flowing embroidered wedding dresses.

Some brides like tight and fitted wedding dresses. One of the most trendy wedding dresses of this year is mermaid wedding dresses.

2022 mermaid wedding dresses look more aesthetically pleasing to brides who are thin and have a perfect physique. From the past to the present, fish wedding dress models have also reached various designs.

What are the Types of Fish Wedding Dress Models?

One of the most preferred models as 2022 mermaid wedding dress models is the lace low sleeve mermaid wedding dress model. In this model, lace processes on the sleeves of the wedding dress are designed with thick arm straps.

In addition, there are long sleeve laces in the bride ones in the winter months. One of the other models, the rope-hanging and princess falling sleeve-cut model is the most preferred fish wedding dress models.

Mermaid wedding dresses with strap lace embroidery and lace guipure embroidery on the sleeves are also among the latest fashion trends.

What Are the Details Used in Fish Wedding Dress Models?

Generally, low collar or strapless collars are used in mermaid wedding dresses. In addition, the most preferred fish model wedding dresses are long sleeve mermaid wedding dresses.

In this model, the fabric and lace used in the upper part of the wedding dress are different. These fabrics are designed according to the sleeve form.

In addition, they are models that will reveal the beauty of bold and body lines for candidates who will be autumn and winter brides.

Fish bridal gowns are the most preferred fish bridal gowns; They are tulle, lace, transparent, boat neck, v-neck, tulle detailed, transparent backless wedding dresses.

2022 bridal trends

What are Fish Wedding Dress Models?

At the same time, there are many alternatives such as deep neckline, strapless, heart-shaped neckline and many more. In addition, models with back details and low-cut models attract attention with an aesthetic appearance.

There is a mermaid skirt form used in 2022 mermaid wedding dresses with pool neck cloak and low-cut lace back. In this form, there is a cape with a lace mermaid wedding dress. Brides have a voluminous look with this cape.

Collars Used in Fish Wedding Dresses

A modern and romantic look is designed in deep v-neck mermaid wedding dresses with three-dimensional tail. In this wedding dress model, especially the deep v-neck is embroidered with laser-cut straps, a bodice that makes the waist and body look thin is used.

At the same time, three-dimensional tiny flowers were used. In 2022 fashion, floral patterned lace, sequins and drop bead embroideries are generally used on the body.

At the same time, the embroideries on the body are partly hanging from the waist down. As a form, collar heart form and fish form are designed in wedding dresses.

One of the mermaid wedding dress models is a lace-covered wedding dress with a complete flower pattern. In this model, lace overlays are used as you go down, along with the narrow and fish-skirt appearance.

In mermaid wedding dresses with one-shoulder tulle skirt detail, there is usually a thin or thick hairy shoulder and transition above the fish model.

What Are the Details Used in Fish Wedding Dress Models?

In this context; 2022 mermaid bridesmaid dresses are mostly used with embroidered globe with transparent three-dimensional flowers.

Half fish wedding dresses are suitable for brides who want to be comfortable all day long during the wedding. The feature of half fish wedding dress models is that they hug your body tightly until the end of the hips.

At the same time, it has become a more useful wedding dress model by wrapping the body up to the knee. Designed for brides to have a tight fit to the upper body, this model expands after the end of the hip.

These models, whose embroidery is up to the knee, are also designed with mermaid skirts, tulle and embroidery ornaments in places.

What are the Types of Fish Wedding Dress Models?

At the same time, one shoulder with a single strap, the other shoulder sewn from tulle drape, and crystal pearls and zircon stones are used for embroidery.

Mermaid wedding dresses are among the mermaid wedding dresses. In addition, decollete designed in U or V shape were used as 2022 mermaid wedding dress models.

In this context; In these models, it can be extended up to waist level. The decollete used on the back usually has lace embroideries on nude tulle.

2022 Hijab Wedding Dress Models

Every young girl’s dream, wedding dresses are shaped according to the bride’s style. Based on this, there is a model and design that women dream of, indoor or outdoor.

In our country, closed brides have wedding dresses suitable for their own style. Especially, 2022 hijab wedding dress models can choose suitable embroideries and models when choosing wedding dresses for closed ones.

Types of Hijab Wedding Dress Models

There are long-sleeved and veiled hijab bridal gowns designed specifically for hijab brides. There are different models that are usually closed wedding dresses.

Based on this, wedding dresses are suitable for hijab brides such as cut, length, skirt shape and pattern.

When the wedding dresses are completed with a headscarf, it adds aesthetics to the brides with hijab. In addition, 2022 hijab wedding dresses are designed with different colors and models from different fabrics, and these wedding dresses also increase the choices of closed brides.

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For brides with hijab, there are especially plain hijab wedding dresses. With this wedding dress, they are body-fitting or loose-fitting wedding dresses.

In addition, collars and skirts can be changed optionally and suitable for brides. At the same time, these wedding dresses are the most suitable wedding dresses for the body in terms of Cut.

Hijab Wedding Dress Models Trending

For closed bridesmaid dresses, this year’s newest modern hijab wedding dress, understated, untarnished, bridal gowns sewn with calm fabrics are available. These models are very preferred by brides.

In this context; Among the 2022 hijab wedding dresses, there are also floral embroidered bohemian sleeves, low-cut back floral embroidered wedding gowns, and dominant neckline crystal stone embroidered bridal gowns.

At the same time, crystal stone embroidered tail, lace embroidered long sleeves, dominant collar tail, ash embroidered and flowers used on skirt and turban ends were designed in this period.

Embroidery Used in Hijab Wedding Dress Models

Embroidery and Other Details Used in Hijab Wedding Dress Models
Hijab wedding dress cut models are usually designed as princess hijab wedding dresses. In addition, there are modern veiling wedding dresses with flying tulle details.

There are also very puffy skirts and wedding dresses with volume and movement. A-Line Hijab bridal dresses are also among the most preferred models by brides-to-be with a simple and striking appearance.

A cut wedding dresses are also known as princess models. This wedding dress model is suitable for petite and medium brides. It is combined with bridal head, tail and veil selections in its design.

Hijab fishtail wedding dresses are the wedding dresses with different varieties such as full and half fish, which are preferred by women especially suitable for hourglass body type.

It is also suitable for brides with proportional body lines.

Veiled Helen hijab bridal gowns are also the most preferred bridal gowns by hijab brides. These wedding dresses are also among the plain wedding dresses. Helen models are models with nostalgic touches and chiffon and tulle fabrics.

Hijab Wedding Dress Models 2022 Trends

In tulle Helen hijab models, simplicity is usually at the forefront. At the same time, silky texture and satin fabrics are used as fabrics.

Besides; In addition to satin, flower motifs and embroidery are very intense. French 2022 hijab wedding dress models are also among the most different and trending models.

French lace details are used in veiling wedding dresses with French lace. The most suitable wedding dress for brides with hijab is the ball gown. In addition, another model is Princess model wedding dresses.

Types of Hijab Wedding Dresses

In these models, the bridal veil, crown and turban model to be chosen, Princess model veiling wedding dresses were also in different designs.

Especially in these wedding gowns, there are many details such as 3D embroidered, dominant collar stone, crystal stone embroidered, lace embroidered, sparkling sequin embroidered, Spanish sleeve mesh.

Wedding Candies

On a day when you want everything to be magical, of course, your wedding sweets will also play a role and will reveal your tastes in a very tangible way. On this special day, where fine details from the service to the music, from the road route to the employee’s attitude are dominant, the wedding candy will have reserved a place for itself in the most beautiful corner of the detail.

Although it was not very popular in the past, it has recently become an indispensable desire of brides. Besides an organization that appeals to the eyes, small tastes will help you as it is not possible to ignore the palate. If you want to leave a smile on the faces of your guests, just like wedding cakes, your choice should be for these little delicacies.

While you are enjoying the magical day, everything will become more unique and enjoyable with Wedding Trendy, which helps you in a way that will not allow you to worry. You will only have to bear the signature of the pleasure left by your wedding sweets. Now we will share with you ideas that will make this sweet signature even more effective.

Aesthetics of Wedding Candy
Considerations While Choosing Wedding Candy
Preservation Periods of Wedding Candy
Choosing Wedding Candies in a Useful Way

Aesthetics of Wedding Candy

In order to make its appearance as impressive as its taste, using your preferences for more elegant designs will also complete your aesthetic desire.

Considerations While Choosing Wedding Candy

First of all, choosing wedding candies suitable for the decoration of the place will meet the aesthetic needs of both your guests and you, as it will catch the harmony.

Wedding candies, which you can come across in many different and original shapes, are usually in white color because it is desired to harmonize with the wedding dress.

While every aspect of white is perfect, if you like diversity, you can choose your wedding favors in the color of your flower or any other detail that will please you.

You can choose colored candies and white ornaments, or you can decorate the white ornament of candies with different colors.
You can be sure that Wedding Trendy will guide you in case of indecision about color and design.

Preservation Periods of Wedding Candy

You may want to make your wedding candy completely according to your own tastes. This is possible, of course, but there are details you need to pay attention to. If you want to make your wedding candy with the almond candies that you supply openly, you may need to be sensitive about its freshness.

We recommend that you use the candies that are presented to you in closed boxes, as over-storage of the candies you supply open will cause unpleasant situations. With the candies in closed boxes you prefer, you give your guests the right to preserve them and offer them an option to enjoy these flavors a little later. If you want to provide it directly instead of making it yourself, Wedding Trendy will not leave you behind with its unique options.

Choosing Wedding Candies in a Useful Way

Not only in wedding candies, there are also wedding candy-like flavors preferred by newborn babies to host their guests. The decorations of the candies that you use at your wedding or that you prefer to use after the birth can immortalize that day by carrying your name on them. If you prefer the wedding candies with magnets, you can prevent them from throwing out after the wedding and keep them with your guests as a pleasant memory.

You can catch the eye many times on the fridge decorations or the edges of the mirror and immortalize your wedding in the minds. Your special days and weddings, which are of great importance for you and will witness unforgettable moments, should also carry meaning and importance for your guests. Therefore, choosing wedding candy designs carefully and in a useful way will ensure that you will be remembered long after your wedding. Wedding Trendy will be your best companion when you meet with original designs that you want to make a difference.

Smile Design Cover

Everyone wants perfect oral and dental health and appearance. People who want to smile and talk comfortably, want to have a smile design. Bursa dental clinics doctor Uzm. Dt Beste Işıl Gürsel replied.

Stating that smile design can be done to anyone who wants it, Uzm. Dt Beste Işıl Gürsel stated that it is the most appropriate age to apply after the age of 17-18, when the development of the upper jaw is completed. Pointing out that smile design can be done at an earlier age if the jaw development is complete, the expert answered the questions we asked. Here are the curious details about the smile design!

What Treatments Does Smile Design Cover?

Many aesthetic problems, from stains on visible teeth to fillings that create color differences, can be solved with smile design. Anterior tooth fillings are also a part of smile design. Crooked teeth should be brought to their normal positions and split teeth should be given an aesthetic appearance. Here, the design process must be planned meticulously in order to present the smile design at an effective level.

Existing tooth deficiencies are eliminated. In order to eliminate tooth deficiencies and to protect the tooth in very large caries, bridges can be made or if desired, the deficiencies can be completed with implant applications. With thin leaf porcelains (lamina), anterior tooth colors can be brought to the desired whiteness. Apart from this, many methods are used. The method to be used here varies according to the nature of the smile design.

Applications to Gum Problems

Specialist Dt Beste Işıl Gürsel stated that some of the gingival surgeries will also be performed for smile design and added: In this way, irregularities and asymmetries in the gingiva can be corrected. Visual disturbances that occur in gingival recessions are eliminated.

The appearance of the gingiva in different colors can be arranged with various applications. Laser is one of the most used methods. The method that can be applied to everyone gives very positive results. Recovery is also rapid. Stating that at the end of the interventions on the gingiva, not only the aesthetics of the gingiva is provided, Uzm. Dt Beste Işıl Gürsel also stated that the tooth bleeding has ended. He said that he did not experience gingivitis.

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