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Wholesale Wedding Dress

Wholesale Wedding Dress

The main decoration of the wedding is the bride. Every guest remembers their happy smile, their loving eyes and their wedding dress.

On the eve of her holiday, every girl spends her time searching for the perfect wedding dress that will symbolize the beginning of a big and strong family.

Established in Izmir in 2011, Metropol Wedding Dress has created values ​​such as customer satisfaction and always prioritizing quality.

Since the first day it was opened, we offer you our collections carefully prepared to keep up with the world fashion with original, modern and high quality designs that work with excitement and enthusiasm to share your happiness.

With the knowledge and experience we have gained in this process, we take into account the wishes of our customers and try to produce the wedding dress of their dreams, we adopt the understanding of service and the idea of ​​presenting it to your wedding dress.

Decorate the bride-to-be’s dream wedding dress. We make custom models with our professional staff. We have wedding dresses available in all sizes.

wholesale wedding dress

Who is Wholesale Wedding Dress Metropol Wedding Dress?

Metropol Wedding Dress was established in 2011 in Konak district of Izmir. We have decided to expand abroad in line with the demands coming from retail in the wedding dress sector.

We started our European tour. Many stores have agreed to work with us. We are looking for new customers who want to work with us.
We receive an average of 100 wedding dress orders per month.

We are increasing our production capacity day by day. We pay a lot of attention to fashion. We offer you quality service with an experienced and hardworking team. We produce every model you want with the same excitement and enthusiasm.

You can watch the videos of the wedding dress models we produce on our metropol wedding dress instagram page. Click now!

Why choose us?

As Metropol wedding dress, our most important feature that distinguishes us from other companies is this: We are always one step ahead of our competitors with our experience in mold making, embroidery work, wide lace and fabric options.

We are proud to produce the highest quality wedding dress models with our 600 square meter production workshop and friendly staff.

We are happy to tell our customers who want to explore and cooperate with us. You will say that we are working with you. The quality of the wedding dresses we send will give you an advantage in the field.

Wedding Dress manufacturers

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Our customers are our most important supporters who ensure the continuity of the work we have done over the years with an understanding of quality and trust.

In order not to lose the team spirit and business environment of the understanding of quality and trust, we see it as our first duty to satisfy our customers who like us and to maintain the company culture we have created based on this understanding.

Our goal is to continuously improve our technical infrastructure, services and product quality by leading innovations, and to become a leading company in the world textile industry by protecting our customers both nationally and internationally and gaining a lasting reputation.

with our wholesale products. You can contact us to order wholesale wedding dresses for the most eye-catching wedding dresses on the showcase.

By choosing from our special sewing collection, you can update your store and showcase and provide the best service to your customers.
You can find all our models in our wholesale wedding dress models.

Product variety is very important to increase customer traffic. The wide variety of products in the store ensures that customers leave satisfied.

At this point, we produce models that will increase your customer traffic and make them happy with our wholesale wedding dress sales.

With the rightful pride of being one of the leading companies in the sector, we follow the trends and keep up with the wedding dress industry.

We also produce the latest trend ribbed wedding dress models and present them to our valued customers.

Wholesale wedding dresses

Whether it’s rhinestone, lace, satin or taffeta fabric, we produce the best products from the highest to the lowest price range.

Another type of mannequin that will suit your showcases and the mannequins in your store is wholesale princess veil wedding mannequins. You should definitely read this article.

Wholesale Wedding Dress Manufacturer Company Today, we are sewing this model, which is the most demanded by our customers and brides, and we bring it to you.

In the same way, we become your solution partner to increase your product variety by sewing wholesale fish skirt model wedding dresses.

We wholesale Mermaid Models, Helen Models, Princess Models, Ribbed Models and A Cut Wedding Dress Models.

We are working to be a pioneer in our sector, where the importance of the hijab sector has increased and product diversity has increased at the same rate.

We help you meet your customers in a short time by producing wholesale hijab A-cut wedding dresses that allow you to enter your store easily.

In our workshop to increase the variety of products in the hijab wedding dress industry, we not only produce A-type hijab wedding dresses, but also wholesale hijab princess wedding dresses.

Wholesale Bridal Gown Accessories

Bridal gown accessories, wedding and wedding organization accessories are important details to complete an invitation and add elegance.

In addition to bridal products and bridal accessories, let’s move on to the accessories that the groom will use and the details that should not be forgotten in the organization.

The main bridal accessories that complete the bride are veils, crowns and hair accessories.

It is also important to choose bridal shoes that will make you feel completely comfortable, considering that you are hosting guests and actively participating in the entertainment during your wedding.

Wholesale Wedding Dress Supplier

Sometimes a shoe is so appreciated that it is overlooked whether it is comfortable or not. For this reason, it is recommended to wear a few times when buying bridal shoes.

There are also other bridal accessories, wedding jewellery, bridal products such as cardigans, boleros or bridal shawls that will keep the evening cool. Other bridal products can make your lingerie feel special in your bridal gown.

Although the wedding organization changes according to the idea of ​​​​the wedding, the organization and confetti, rose petals, balloons and so on. party products are quite different. Let me tell you even if you have an agreement with any organization.

Table decorations, scented candles, flowers on the table or the table accessories you choose will also add a different atmosphere to the organization.

The recently popular wish box also has a different spiritual value. There are thousands of wedding products and accessories for wedding organization.

The most important thing is that the concepts of bride and wedding are the same. After deciding on the wedding dress model, it is useful to choose hair accessories.

Hair accessories offer many options for today’s modern brides. When choosing a hair accessory, many details such as your hair style, the structure of your face, and the color of the hair accessories come to the fore.

Wholesale Wedding Dress Prices

If you want to decorate your hair a little rather than exaggeration, a hairbrush will be the right choice. A shiny minimalist comb with stone embroidery looks very stylish on shaggy hair.

If you are having a spring wedding, artificial flowers or fresh flowers will create a different style for brides who want to wear flowers in their hair.

You can wear a flower or decorate your hair with a series of flowers, you can use a hair flower to match your wedding dress. If exaggerated hair is not for you, you can choose delicate hairpins with diamonds or pearls.

These delicate bun hairpins look dreamy in a bridal bun. You can create a nostalgic look with birdcage tulle. This would be a great option for more vintage style wedding dresses.

wholesale wedding dresses for retailers We use different styles of fabric to create the wedding dress designer you want, including cut wedding dresses, mermaid wedding dresses, princess wedding dresses, domestic and imported lace such as tulle, satin, chiffon.

We support our solution partners not only in normal wedding dresses, but also in wholesale hijab wedding dresses. We are working to be a pioneer in our sector, where the importance of the hijab sector has increased and product diversity has increased at the same rate.

European Wedding Dress Manufacturers China is number one in the world. It looks neat. China exports about 8 million pieces of Wedding Dress per year.

Wholesale wedding dress manufacturer

For example; When it comes to 2nd place wedding dresses in Vietnam, no country stands out. Turkey has a voice in the world, especially in women’s synthetic outerwear, where it ranks fourth.

Spain is Europe’s largest exporter. Spain, $568 million bridal gown export Reliable Online Wedding Dress Sites

Big events that mark milestones and new endings are everywhere. Starting school, getting married, or becoming a parent are all very radical graduation activities.

These things can benefit us in positive and positive ways when we take care of ourselves under appropriate circumstances. It is said that from this entry into human life, the two will become one and will continue as one for the rest of the time.

You should definitely read this article. How bridesmaid dresses should be In this process, interests and importance are written verbally from childhood and all the years of marriage they have been close to.

Among these must-haves, plan to consider the smallest details, from seating arrangement to music to clothing,

The bride and groom will be remembered by many and will not see them again for a long time, as they did at their wedding.

Numerous photos and videos were taken simultaneously to immortalize this magical day. These are the only photographs that remind of the memories of that happy day despite the passing of years.

In these respects, the bride’s appearance during the day is particularly important as the focal point of the ceremony. For this reason, every detail that creates the look, such as hair, make-up, bridal bouquet, shoes, is carefully considered.

wholesale hijab wedding dresses

On that day, it will be that wedding dress that will be engraved in everyone’s mind. Wedding dress is a very special outfit for every woman who sees marriage as sacred. Many women keep this wedding dress (the day after the wedding) in a special place for years.

Sometimes they even want to pass it on to the next generation and see it in their own children. From these perspectives, the dress that a woman buys all her life is perhaps a wedding dress.

All wedding dresses are designed with many different details that appeal to different tastes, as they are very skillfully decided. The common feature of wedding dresses is white.

A white wedding dress and a black suit form two parts of a whole. Of course, it is also possible to find designs in different colors made by women who love to bring new interpretations to the tradition.

Black wedding dresses are a radical innovation in this regard. Wedding preparations, including choosing the right wedding dress, can be challenging at times, but it is an enjoyable job.

In the meantime, you can get the necessary information from Metropol Wedding Dress to find the right wedding dress that will make you a shining star at your wedding and that you will love to wear and keep.

Private label wedding dresses use wholesale wedding dress prices and charitable materials. It is not easy to talk about a single price for these models. Each model has a wide price range.

There are options for your budget. Check out models that can be made in France with your own drawings. In addition, depending on the model in which silk fabric is used, special designs may require a larger budget than regular wedding dresses.

wholesale hijab wedding dress

Wholesale wedding dress manufacturer

A common exception for all children is purchasing a wedding dress. These outfits are better for wearables than bridal gadgets.

Contact us for wholesale wedding dresses. wedding dress manufacturer It is also important that the wedding dress you choose has the features you want and is perfect for you. In this respect, wedding dresses have certain rules in some respects.

This is because these garments are closely related to certain areas and features of the body. Height, weight, chest shape, leg structure or waist thickness are factors that determine how a wedding dress will be worn on a person.

A and straight cut models are compatible with many body types. The wedding dress models suitable for narrow shoulders, medium or small breasted, thin waist, hips and legs are A cut and princesses.

These models are; hides the hips, emphasizes the waist and creates a streamlined figure. If you are not tall, it may be in your best interest to leave the princess style aside and switch to a short, knee-length wedding dress.

Likewise, women with broad shoulders and belly can choose the A or straight style with peace of mind. Fish-shaped bridesmaid dresses are suitable for women with hourglass figures.

wholesale hijab wedding dress models

Features of this body type; shoulder and hip aligned, broad chest, thin waist, equal body-leg length.

Women with this body type can choose half-length or full-length mermaid wedding dresses. A straight wedding dress is especially recommended for a figure with so-called rectangular shoulders, abdomen and hips.

Ladies with this body type can create pleats in the waist area with two-piece options. If your legs are long and shaped, you can also look at models with slits.

So you can draw attention to your legs. Length is also important when choosing a wedding dress. Tall women carry plump fish and A-line models well.

A mermaid or mini wedding dress is a good choice for women of short to medium length. For women of above-average height and weight, there are many plus-size wedding dresses that can create an eye-catching look.

As Metropol wedding dress, we manufacture and design wedding dresses.

Wholesale Wedding Dress Supplier

There are events in everyone’s life that mark a turning point, the beginning of a new era. Starting school, graduating, getting married or becoming a parent are opportunities for this radical innovation.

We want to present ourselves in a way that makes us feel comfortable when these important events happen and to have elements that remind us to look back at those wonderful moments.

Marriage, which is said to combine two lives and continue the remaining road as a whole, is one of these important developments in human life.

In this multi-stage process, the wedding ceremony, in which the parties are formally committed and witnessed by all relatives, is undoubtedly valued and valued.

wholesale hijab bridal accessories

In fact, it is so important that it is necessary to consider every aspect of these ceremonies, from the guest list to the seating arrangement, from the music to the party attire.

Brides and grooms will be remembered by so many people that they won’t be able to see them like they did at their wedding for a long time. Numerous photos and videos were taken simultaneously to immortalize this magical day.

These are the only photographs that remind of the memories of that happy day despite the passing of years. In these respects, the bride’s appearance during the day is particularly important as the focal point of the ceremony.

For this reason, every detail that creates the look, such as hair, make-up, bridal bouquet, shoes, is carefully considered. On that day, it will be that wedding dress that will be engraved in everyone’s mind.

Wedding dress is a very special outfit for every woman who sees marriage as sacred. Many women keep this wedding dress (the day after the wedding) in a special place for years.

Sometimes they even want to pass it on to the next generation and see it in their own children. From these perspectives, the dress that a woman buys all her life is perhaps a wedding dress.

All wedding dresses are designed with many different details that appeal to different tastes, as they are very skillfully decided. The common feature of wedding dresses is white.

A white wedding dress and a black suit form two parts of a whole. Of course, it is also possible to find designs in different colors made by women who love to bring new interpretations to the tradition.

Wholesale Bridal Gown

Metropol is happy to assist you in wholesale wedding dress materials.

The best wedding dress The most important part of the wedding preparation is undoubtedly the choice of wedding dress that we women make. On the big day when you want everything to be perfect, you will naturally want the most beautiful wedding dress.

To have the most beautiful wedding dress, you can contact Metropol Wedding Dress and have the most beautiful wedding dress designed for you.

2021 wedding dress 2021 Satin Wedding Dress When it comes to simplicity and elegance, satin fabrics, which are widely used in wedding dress models this season, come to mind.

long-sleeved wedding dresses Long-sleeved wedding dresses, many models of which have not been researched in recent years, will be on the rise in 2022.

Numerous brands offered 2021 brides long sleeve wedding dresses in various designs. We will see more brides this season, the bridal gown models introduced in bridal fashion shows in recent years and preferred by many celebrities.

Beaded Wedding Dress 2021 As in previous years, bead and stone embroidery is in fashion this year as well. For a sparkling look, we recommend choosing bead embroidered wedding gowns instead of glittery tulle.

Mini Wedding Dresses 2021 Mini wedding dresses, which were used as evening dresses in the past, are now the choice of married brides. There are many styles of mini wedding dresses, rhinestones, satin, long sleeve tulle, neckbands and cords.

Wholesale Bridal Gown Accessories

Transparent Tulle Wedding Dress 2021 We will see the tulle detailed wedding dress models used in the past years in different styles this year. Transparent tulle detailed wedding dresses that add elegance are the favorite of 2021 brides.

Watermelon Sleeve Wedding Dress 2021 We said that in 2021, simplicity will be at the forefront of wedding dresses. Small details will add vitality to this simplicity… For example, a wedding dress with watermelon sleeves.

Inexpensive wedding dress Bridal candidates who plan to wear more than one wedding dress at their wedding, but think that it is expensive, will turn to affordable wedding dresses.

Factors such as the fabric of the wedding dress, its embroidery, and the fact that it is personalized directly affect the price of the wedding dress.

More affordable than the market average, bridesmaid dresses are usually plain or less puffy, less embroidered or rhinestone, and less expensive.

These models, who do not want to spend a lot of money on a wedding dress and will wear more than one wedding dress at their wedding, are made of tulle or chiffon fabrics instead of expensive fabrics such as French lace.

Most of these designs are preferred at weddings or when away from home. Ready-made models of wedding dress companies that do not require rehearsals are also more suitable than personalized wedding dresses.

Design your wedding dress Best Wedding Dress Design Ideas It is good to know the look of some wedding dress designs. If you don’t know how to model, there are videos online to guide you while designing.

In any case, no one expects you to present a perfect design. Just describe the wedding dress you have in mind. You can tell the person who sews the wedding dress that you can’t draw it, or you can have it drawn.

wedding dress designer

How is a wedding dress designed?

Before you start designing your wedding dress, you must have a model. You don’t need to paint a wedding dress from scratch. Making a wedding dress from scratch is serious business.

You can design a beautiful wedding dress by combining different wedding dresses you like. Decide what kind of model you want. Determine a model in your mind such as A cut, fish model, princess model.

Then decide on the sleeves of the wedding dress with long sleeves, short sleeves, dropped shoulders, thin shoulder straps, thick shoulder straps and other options.

From these options, you can choose the one that suits you and your wedding dressIn the next step, decide how they will be embroidered, where to use tulle and where to use lace.

French lace is the most popular lace style in recent years. You can choose this in your wedding dress. Consider what the back of your wedding dress will look like.

Decide if you want a back zipper, low cut, or drawstring. Design your skirt. You can use tulle, lace. Once you have decided on the length of the skirt, design your veil.

wedding dress design drawings You may have drawn some dresses on paper before, but wedding dress designs are much more difficult. Before designing a wedding dress, you can take a wedding dress design course or a modeling course.

This will help you get better results. You can also watch wedding dress design videos online. You can prepare beautiful drawings by browsing the wedding dress design drawings on the internet.

The preparation of the drawings together with the bridesmaids who will sew the wedding dress will make the result even more beautiful.
wedding dress design model You can browse fashion wedding dress design mock-ups from different blogs.

Wedding dress manufacturers

You can find articles and models on this topic in fashion blogs.

You can also examine the drawings of the person who designed the wedding dress. If this is your first design, it may not give very good results, but working with someone who knows the business will make your job easier.

If you have fashion designer or model friends nearby, you can also get help from them. Wedding dress design can also be done with a design program, but in order to make such a design, you need to know how to use the program and have design experience.

You can get more professional results from someone who knows how to design a wedding dress. We think that you are looking for a different wedding dress because you want to design a wedding dress for yourself.

Lace wedding dresses never go out of fashion and are always worn, especially with French lace details.

Which of the most used lace types in wedding dresses and the most suitable lace types did you choose?

How to find the most suitable wedding dress for yourself among lace wedding dress models?

What should you consider when deciding on your lace wedding dress model?

The indispensable wedding detail for an elegant and romantic image is undoubtedly lace. There are many options for lace wedding dresses, which are often the first choice of brides-to-be.

Lace bridesmaid dresses can be found in countless models, both the type of lace and the way lace is used in the wedding dress.

French lace, which is more expensive than other lace fabrics, is the first choice of brides-to-be. French lace takes its name from the weaving technique. It has a soft and elegant effect thanks to its tulle woven pattern.

Short wedding dresses are a great option for those who are bored with wedding dresses. In this way, you can project a more free and different image.

These wedding dress models, which adapt to different places, will appear in different styles.

Short wedding dresses that are especially popular in 2019 are as follows: Deep V-Neck Wedding Dresses Deep V-neck wedding dresses are a nice option for those who are tired of puffy wedding dresses, which are known to adapt to everyone’s body shape.

You can move very comfortably in these wedding dresses, which are perfect for beach weddings as well as country weddings. You also have the chance to animate your wedding dress with the right combination of hair and accessories.

lace short wedding dress This model, which should be checked by those with an hourglass body, is ideal for wedding halls.

This option is appreciated not only because it will make the body lines stand out, but also because it offers a more balanced image.

Mini Puffy Wedding Dresses Mini fluffy wedding dresses are one of the most popular short wedding dresses that allow you to move more freely.

Especially those with off-the-shoulder necklines and straight cuts are the most popular on the field. Those who want to add a little more movement to their wedding dress can choose curly hair and lively make-up.

shawl short wedding dress Cape has been used a lot in wedding dresses recently. This fashion has also spread to short wedding dresses.

Those who want to capture a different and confident image can choose a short wedding dress with a cape. This option will be perfect for country weddings and will be remembered for a long time.

Another advantage of the cape wedding dress model is that it shows the neck a little longer than it is. For this reason, those who doubt their height when choosing a wedding dress can easily use this wedding dress models.

In addition, for those with thin ankles, a more impressive look will be inevitable in booties models. 2022 wedding dress Brides who want an elegant and sexy look can achieve the coveted look with a low-shoulder wedding dress.

And we often see this type of collar models in the most trendy styles and skirt cuts. corset wedding dress Corset fashion is back!

The sheer bodice, completely covered with fabric or visible skeleton, adds an air of nostalgia and confidence to this year’s wedding dress. Not to mention the fitted look! The corset is suitable for rectangular brides who want to show the curve of their waist.

Ambitious designs are at the forefront in 2022 wedding dress trends. Low-cut wedding dresses are also among these designs. A wedding dress with a mid-thigh slit guarantees a feminine and elegant look.

Bridal gowns with slits are ideal for brides-to-be who want to highlight their elegant and slender legs. Apple-shaped brides can also attract attention by choosing from these styles from wide body to thin body.

Balloon Sleeve Wedding Dress For brides-to-be with nostalgic tastes, 2022 wedding dresses offer a modern interpretation of puffy sleeves and shoulders inspired by 19th century fashion.

Whether puffy or plain… This sleeve style is perfect for any skirt cut. Brides-to-be who prefer vintage wedding dress styles with romantic details and modern interpretations can choose these designs.

Wedding dress Let’s “Welcome” to the cheerful spirit of the 1920s! Bridal gowns with shiny tassels, reflecting the “flying girl” style of the period, are indispensable for weddings and after parties.

long sleeve wedding dresses There are many options for long sleeve ball gowns. You can choose from lace, guipure and embroidery options.
Chiffon sleeves can be used as an alternative to elephant and Spanish sleeves.

Besides your favorite satin fabrics, you can choose from large lace, small patterns and trendy patterns.

Your wedding dress, which you will combine with the accessories you will wear, will dazzle all night long.

Long sleeve wedding dresses prices vary depending on the model you choose. If you want to make your wedding dress more noble, your choice should be French lace.

This lace model, which looks very beautiful on its own, continues to dazzle with its fine workmanship.

All eyes on your wedding. You can choose French lace on the waist and skirt part as well as the sleeve part of the wedding dress.

This lace model, which is generally preferred on the edges of hijab, will be liked by you as well. A long sleeve princess wedding dress for this special evening will make you feel like a princess straight out of a fairy tale.

If you are tall and thin, you should try the princess style while looking for a wedding dress. This gorgeous wedding style is indispensable for gorgeous brides.

Princess-style pearl embroideries and lace details you’ve always dreamed of will make you shine all night. You can protect your claim with your favorite hair and makeup.

You can complete your look with your favorite long sleeve princess tulle. Fish wedding dresses are the first choice of ambitious brides.

A mermaid wedding dress with long sleeves will add elegance to your wedding night and will make you the star of the night.

If you are asking who should go for the fish shape, we recommend the hourglass bride-to-be. We are sure that you will choose a long, very stylish hijab.

Personalized dress models are suitable for all body types. Attached to the skirt; Lace, high neck, long sleeve wedding dresses are the most popular trend wedding dresses. Brides-to-be who want something simple and elegant prefer this style without taking risks.

If your hips are wide but your waist is thin, this cut can make you look thinner than you are. You can ask for details that will mask your flaws to present the most stylish look.

Lace or chiffon sleeve details make you feel very comfortable. Spanish sleeve options can be a good choice for spring brides. Vintage fashion stands out from every angle. Vintage and retro pieces are also reflected in wedding dresses.

While models with shoulder pads bring some nostalgia to the 80s in vintage long sleeve wedding dresses, we would like to remind you that this year wedding dresses with shoulder pads are back in fashion.

Finding a vintage long sleeve wedding dress that was popular in the 40s is not as difficult as you might think. There are many successful designers who will reflect the details you only dream of on your wedding dress.

wedding dress fabrics It is possible to wear a dreamy wedding dress on your wedding night. Choosing the right fabric for your dream wedding dress is also important. There are many types of fabrics, each of which adds a different look and modernity to the wedding dress.

They also differ in comfort and quality. So let’s take a look at what these different fabrics can do for a dream wedding dress. taffeta fabric Taffeta fabric is the key to a gorgeous wedding dress and has a satin-like sheen.

Suitable for skirts, the stance is thick and fluffy. It is also known for its rustling sound and makes a big difference in this regard. wrinkle Lace fabrics are elegant leaders.

Sometimes it is used on certain parts of the wedding dress, sometimes it is sewn on the full lace wedding dress, which is most common in mermaid wedding dresses.

The three-dimensional lace wedding dress, which has left its mark over the years, is quite eye-catching. tulle fabric It is known that it is mostly used in princess (puffy) model wedding dresses.

It is very delicate and needs to be handled with care. If the bride has jewelry, be especially careful when wearing it. It is breathable and one of the most popular fabrics in summer.

It has a thin and transparent structure. Organza fabric It is a transparent fabric. Organza fabric, which is generally used in embroidery and lace, is the first choice for a transparent look.

It is one of the most preferred wedding dress fabrics in summer. It has flight function. It provides a shabby appearance as it is layered in a way that does not reveal the interior.

satin fabric  The most used fabric in wedding dresses is satin. It is one of the indispensable fabrics of simple and elegant wedding dresses.

silk and crepe Silk is an expensive fabric with a soft texture.

Cocoon silk; It is used in ecru, chrome and off-white wedding dresses. Crepe has an elegant structure and is the first choice for plain wedding dresses.

It has a sharp texture. Practical Tips for Your Wedding Day All details are planned during the wedding organization. The guest list, the music, the flowers, everything was good.

It’s a good idea to take a look at www.metropolweddingdress.com ‘s list of 10 practical tips so any mishaps don’t affect the big day. Wear a shirt instead of a t-shirt while your hair design is being done.

Always wear a blouse while doing bridal hair on your wedding day. If you wear a shirt instead of a t-shirt, you can easily open your hair without damaging it. You can also choose wedding dress models.

If you are going to wear your wedding dress with make-up, you should use a non-smearing cover. If you choose a style to wear on your head, you can drape a pillowcase or silk skirt over your head while wearing your wedding dress.

In this way, the dress will slide over your head while protecting your wedding dress and make-up. Be it a professional, a family member or a friend.


Make sure that the person helping you to wear your wedding dress removes any accessories such as rings, watches, bracelets that may damage your wedding dress. Long nails can be as objectionable as an accessory.

make an emergency kit Bring an emergency kit with you the night before your wedding and don’t forget to give it to those who are with you all day.

You can comfort yourself with a few snacks, a small cosmetic bag to freshen up, pain relievers for headaches, a Band-Aid for minor accidents, and lozenges for stomachaches.

In addition to these, there are also materials such as deodorant, roller ball, toothpick. Don’t forget to eat Many couples forget to have dinner on their wedding day.

On your wedding day, start the day with a light breakfast and keep small snacks in your bag to reduce your daytime hunger, and don’t forget to create opportunities for yourself to eat the meals prepared for the guests during the wedding.

Make sure you have someone with you to help you with all the preparations on your wedding day. It is very important to have a good friend who is with you all day, reminds you to get dressed and eat, calmly resolves any problems that may arise, and thinks about problems realistically.

Spare bridal shoes provided. You should research what your spare bridal shoes should be and have spare shoes with you to change them at your wedding.

You can also pre-sand the soles to prevent slipping on your wedding day. Do not forget to remove the label on the bottom of the shoes you buy.

Take precautions not to damage the bride’s hair A second intervention may be required, especially in messy buns and loose hair.

You can carry hairspray and hairpins with you to style your hair with a light touch. One of the trends of recent years has been to receive hairdresser support in wedding salons.

For this, you can get a price from a professional who offers this service and have a specialist for your hair on your most special night.

Hijab model with wedding dress Plain wedding dresses have always been the choice of brides-to-be who want to achieve a minimalist look. If you are one of these bride candidates, you can benefit from the same simplicity in the selection of hijab.

You can choose tulle without embroidered tulle under chiffon, or you can take a look at hijab hijab models made from silk, satin or chiffon fabrics.

I recommend using the same fabric as the wedding dress for the hijab to ensure harmony. In addition, another suggestion is not to attach the veil to the hair, but to divide it into two parts, long and short.

Thus, you can balance the simplicity of the wedding dress with the fluidity of the veil. Another trick to keep your wedding dress simple is to wear a sparkly veil.

For example, a headscarf model with stone embroidery or flower appliqués can be a good choice. Turban Suggestion for Stone Wedding Dress Models Embroidered wedding dresses are both eye-catching and the first choice of most brides.

If you have a fully embroidered wedding dress, my advice to you is to choose a simpler veil. If you wish, you can choose a tulle with thin lace stripes on the edges or a lightly embroidered tulle, but for a more balanced look, I recommend you to choose a non-embroidered tulle.

If the embroidery is only on the top half of the dress, you can also choose a dynamic veil that balances the dress. For this, my advice is to choose an embroidered veil that will not overshadow the wedding dress.

Note that the embroidery is the same or similar to the gemstones used in the wedding dress! A headscarf is recommended according to the length of the wedding dress.

Another important factor in the selection of hijab in a wedding dress is the size of the dress. You can choose the hijab style you want for long wedding dress models, but if you are using a veil up to your fingertips, you should make sure that your veil does not exceed the length of your skirt.

You should know that I do not recommend wearing a long veil for a mini wedding dress above the knee as it will completely hide your wedding dress. For this reason, you can choose hijab models that end on the elbows or fall on the shoulders among the hijab models.

For medium-length wedding dresses, you can use a veil that ends at the elbows and shoulders, or you can use a waltz-style veil that goes down to the waist.

Oval veil advice The most striking feature of the oval face shape is the thin chin structure and slightly prominent cheekbones. I should also mention that bride candidates with this face shape are the luckiest group. Because they are free to use the hijab model they want.

Loca Sposa

If you have such a face shape, you can choose the style of hijab you want according to your wedding dress and wedding venue. Square face veil advice Square face brides have very similar width and height measurements and prominent chins.

So this face is really square! For this reason, what you need to do is to turn to hair and veil models to make your face look longer. For example, the nun turban model is just for you.

If it suits your wedding dress, I recommend leaving your hair open to hide the sharp lines on your face. You can also get high bridal hair with a blown veil and bring your facial features closer to an oval shape.

Veil Suggestions for Heart Shaped Faces The best hijab model for this face shape, whose forehead is wider than the chin, is the fluffy model that is tied in a bun from the bottom.

The fluffy veil model you will use in this way will show that your face shape is quite balanced.

Besides fluffy veils, another veil model that I want the most is the plaid veil. Veil Models (According to Location) Your wedding venue is very important for your choice of veil.

If you prefer to use tulle that is not compatible with the space, you should know that you will have difficulty in moving comfortably.

Luce sposa 2022

So, how should a veil be chosen for which wedding venue?

First of all, we can talk about country weddings, which are indispensable for summer weddings. You should be careful that the veil you choose for a country wedding is not too long.

You should know that you can’t move all night with a blanket crawling on the floor. My advice to you is to choose an elbow or shoulder veiling model. I recommend you to choose short hijab wedding dress models in places where swimming pools and dance floors are narrow.

I recommend that you use a hijab wedding dress models that will not hang around all night. Of course, if you want to use a church veil, that shouldn’t stop you. After all, this is your day! If you want, I can give you some advice on this, how about using two veils?

The bride can wear a long veil at the groom’s exit, and can switch to a short veil style when the wedding is busy. The fashion industry is a creative industry and the bridal industry is a subset of it.

considered as a set. In 2015, Meng Qi explored through case studies how the bridal gown industry functions as an ecosystem based on the criteria of diversity, interaction, competition and evolution.

The findings show that the current cluster is young and developing.

This reveals. The role of geographic proximity and existing local density relationships has implications for internal interactions. The current competitive environment is defined as a win-win situation and cooperation.

A clear lack of interest. For centuries it has been the result of marriage, family, company or nation. It has political, socioeconomic and power representation meaning.

Luce Sposa istanbul

The wedding is today. The United States has the highest share in spending statistics. About 2.3 million people get married each year.

The expenditure in the country is about 40 billion dollars, which is quite a high figure. According to the American Wedding Survey’s 2017 report, the average cost of a honeymoon wedding is $5,500 excluding the wedding dress.

The average cost is $1,509. There is a demand for wedding dresses in Europe due to the common life culture. Despite the decline in the wedding dress industry, its purchasing power is high. It can lead the world trend.

Spain, Italy, Germany, France and the United Kingdom are the countries with a high share in the wedding dress industry. The number of marriages in Asia also increased significantly.

This trend, which began in Japan in the 1970s and 1990s, followed China and continued in India. China is the world’s largest wedding dress manufacturer. It is the main country for export.

How to choose a hijab wedding dress according to your body shape?

The most important point to consider when choosing a wedding dress is body type. Those who prefer wholesale hijab wedding dress models according to their body type will have the most suitable wedding dress model for their own style and will be able to look stylish at their wedding.

Wedding dress models are designed according to the following body types. More information about this source text. Source text for additional translation information Send feedback side panel.

Skirt, collar and fabric features are different from each other in order to be able to choose wedding dresses according to body type.

In order to have a perfect look on your wedding day, you should know your body type before choosing a wholesale hijab wedding dress.

Brides with a pear body type have small or normal breasts, a narrower waist and wider hips. People with this body type should prefer wedding dresses with narrow tops and fluffy skirts.


Apple type brides

When choosing a wedding dress, a simple upper body style should be preferred. Lace and embroidered designs on wholesale hijab wedding dress models can make the breasts appear larger than they are.

The luckiest bride-to-be is the hourglass-shaped bride-to-be. All wedding dress models suitable for the hourglass body type are compatible with each other and everyone can easily choose according to their own style.

How to choose a hijab wedding dress according to the venue?

You can choose the models shown on the Hijab Wedding Dress category page according to the season and location.

The design of the wedding dress and the type of fabric used allow different models to be prepared according to the place.

Choose styles for indoor and outdoor spaces depending on the space. When choosing a hijab evening dress for an open-air wedding, the wedding concept and seasonal conditions should be considered.

Options for outdoor weddings are as follows. Bridesmaid dresses for country weddings are produced from sweat-proof chiffon fabrics.

In autumn weddings, bridesmaid dresses with lace details and silk fabrics should be preferred. The selection of wedding dresses for indoor venues can be made according to the wedding venue.

Choose the right wedding dress for hotel weddings, bridal room weddings, historical wedding venues, and let you capture a magnificent image.

When choosing a hijab wedding dress for a hotel wedding, giving priority to a modern design will provide a more suitable option. Wedding dresses with embroidered fabrics, rhinestones and long veils are suitable for interior decoration.

Armonia wedding dress

How to choose a hijab wedding dress?

Bride candidates who want to choose wholesale hijab wedding dress models should understand well what they should pay attention to when choosing.

All bridesmaid dresses should be chosen according to body type. Every woman can attend her wedding by imagining her own wedding and the wedding dress she will wear. The first problem in choosing a wedding dress is to determine your body type.

In wholesale hijab wedding dress models, plain or lace detailing can be preferred according to the body type. Choosing the wedding dress according to the body type will provide the best image and make the bride feel more comfortable at the wedding.

The design details and quality of the fabrics used in wholesale hijab wedding dresses, bridal heads and other accessories are the details that should be considered when choosing a hijab wedding dress.

Choosing a hijab wedding dress suitable for your body shape will make you look thinner and taller than you are, while at the same time you will achieve the elegance of your goals.

2022 new season wedding dress prices

All brides-to-be, who take a look at wholesale hijab wedding dress models, will be able to see themselves as stylish and embellished with the collection of their dreams.

Prices determined for 2022 new season hijab wedding dress models vary according to the style. These differences vary according to the quality of lace, stone embroidery, hats, accessory products and fabrics used in wedding dress designs.

Since the wholesale hijab wedding dresses designed in 2022 are specially prepared according to the seasonal and spatial characteristics, different fabric properties can be used.

The quality of the fabrics, the embroideries used on the wedding dress, the hijab wedding dress prices have increased or been more affordable than the others.

Every detail used in the wedding dress models prepared according to the body type ensures that the trend models of the new year are presented to the bride candidates with different price options.

Elena Morar wedding dress

Which model hijab wedding dress do you prefer?

Well, you may be wondering what you should pay attention to when choosing a wholesale hijab wedding dress, what kind of wedding dress should be covered, how a hijab wedding dress or hijab headdress should be, and how much the wedding dress price is.

Are hijab models different?

You can find the answers to all these questions from the expert consultants, tailors and store managers of our Metropol wedding dress store. So what is your dream wedding dress?

If you are going to choose between closed lace wedding dresses; While lace is used in all common hijab wedding dresses, lace is used especially for the bodice and sleeves of princess model wholesale hijab wedding dresses.

Nebula tulle can be preferred in turban wedding dresses in fluffy styles.

Whether you’re getting married with a simple ceremony or a more flamboyant celebration, don’t give up on your dream wedding dress.

Because that day is your day to celebrate love! Whether you prefer a sparkly hijab wedding dress or a simpler hijab wedding dress, choose the style that makes you the happiest.

Modern Hijab Wedding Dresses 2021 Trends 2021 trends

Long sleeves, stand-up collars, a simple and elegant stance, round necks and long sleeve satin make many wedding dresses unique for 2021.

Long sleeves specially designed from lace fabric show a romantic gesture in wholesale hijab wedding dress models. One of the trends of this season is balloon sleeves made of tulle-like clouds.

Balloon sleeves decorated with three-dimensional flower appliqués for the 2021 season appear as an elegant detail in plain wholesale hijab wedding dresses.

I can say that the trends of 2021 are satin, exaggerated A-cut veiling wedding dresses or narrow-cut closed wedding dresses. In addition, in 2021, show collar and ruffled stand-up collar were preferred in hijab wedding dress models like many bridal models.

Vertical collars are especially preferred, and there is integrity in wholesale hijab bridal accessories and hijab bridal gowns.

Likewise, eye-catching or minimally sized bows, flying feather details, capes with a strong stance and pastel tones that add a nostalgic air to wedding dresses continue to attract attention.

We always say that there are fashionable styles designed in different styles suitable for every taste and concept in the Metropol wedding dress collection.

You can create your favorite bridal style from strapless, spaghetti strap season trends to long sleeves in the Metropol collection. If you prefer a strapless or short sleeve wedding dress.

With the advice of our professional tailors and style consultants, wholesale hijab wedding dress closing processes can be carried out in the most appropriate way.

hijab wedding dresses

The closure is done with matching lining, lace and embroidery to make it look like the original version of the wedding dress. It may seem difficult to close off a bateau neckline wedding dress because of its stance and silhouette.

You might think that when a model is closed, it loses its character. The model simply loses its clarity. Lace and fabric inserts can run from the end of the open neckline to the neck area.

If your favorite wedding dress has buttons on the back and you want to take it off, our tailors can attach a bodice to the back of your wholesale hijab wedding dress.

If you prefer a deep back wedding dress with zipper or button detail, this part can be closed by adding fabric to the neck area.

Elena Morar wedding dress

We pay great attention to the quality of our products. After all, this is the determining factor on which an opinion about the company is formed. All the dresses of our production are sewn from high quality materials and using good accessories.

Of course, not all wedding dresses in Ukraine can boast of impeccable quality, compliance with fashion trends and an attractive price. But there are a number of manufacturing companies that can do it all, one of these companies is rightfully considered “ElenaMorar”.

A large team of tailors, each successfully completing their task, work on each dress. Well-coordinated work and love for one’s work are the keys to a perfectly fitting dress in which every girl will feel like a real queen of the holiday.

An important aspect of our activity is the constant work on new models of dresses. Every season, we bring to the public’s attention a new collection that takes into account all the current trends, fashion trends and fashion images of the upcoming season.

To say that the company “ElenaMorar” has always been at the peak of a fashionable wave is to say nothing. We are always half a step ahead. All of our collections feature a variety of looks and silhouettes, giving our customers a wealth of choice.

Our company’s price policy is very loyal to customers. All entrepreneurs who run a wedding salon-shop or an online store know that it is profitable to buy high-quality wedding dresses in bulk only in Chernivtsi and the region.

We offer high quality products at the most affordable prices. After all, well-established and mutually beneficial work with partners is the third pillar on which our business is built.

We invite wholesale buyers who want to work long and productively with the manufacturer to cooperate. From our point of view, we guarantee the best quality products, a faithful pricing policy, timely fulfillment of orders, the fastest delivery to any corner of the world, promotional offers.

Armonia wedding dress

Marriage dresses of the Ukrainian brand Armonia are beauty and solidness, grace and tenderheartedness, feminity and charm. The brand name reflects the substance of each collection, each item collectively.

Our marriage dresses are the harmony of fabric and scenery, tentative canons and author’s ideas, the harmony of fantasy and reality, quality and value. Our collections aren’t just the result of the work of a professional platoon.

First of all, this is the result of our understanding of the substance of creating marriage dresses, our desire to please every bridegroom by offering European quality at an affordable price.

We use unique technological templates, high- quality fabrics from leading manufacturers and elite outfit to suture clothes.

As a result, we have increased our product range while ensuring your satisfaction as our valuable solution partner.

We examined the fabrics of the most popular wholesale hijab Helen wedding dress models among the products we can send all over Turkey.

You can always have a Helen model wedding dress that fits your window. You will definitely come across our unique models that will add to your product range.

Among our products, you should definitely see the wholesale hijab ribbed wedding dress models that will appeal to your customers with their splendor for your display and store models.

Luceposa | Manufacturer of wholesale wedding dresses

LuceSposa is a Ukrainian manufacturer of designer wedding dresses. We create exclusive wedding dresses that are refined, durable, elegant and unique. A dress that emphasizes the beauty and temperament of the bride.

LuceSposa dresses are created by a talented team of designers, designers and manufacturers. We offer classic modern wedding dresses and unusual gowns with spectacular embellishments and original cuts.

We only use the finest European fabrics, laces and accessories, using professional and modern equipment to guarantee perfect quality.

We sew new collections regularly, so you can easily become a partner and enrich your boutique collection with stylish designer gowns. We supply wedding dresses all over the world with affordable prices and special offers for our regular customers.

Chic and elegant wedding dresses – Istanbul Sports Collection already on the website

We are delighted to present to our valued clients and partners the new Istanbul Sport Wedding Collection, characterized by a particular elegance and femininity.

Made of the finest textured fabrics – it impresses in a variety of models, fashions and styles. Romantic dresses made of floating fabrics, colorful ethnic patterns or elegant satin – the choice will satisfy the needs of every demanding beauty.

Exotic Istanbul in the interpretation of designer Luce Sposa has a special charm for true connoisseurs of wedding fashion. Your clients will be delighted and you can reinforce the image of a successful businessman whose clothes are always stylish.

If you are a bridal salon or boutique owner and want to offer your clients the best dresses, you will be interested in checking out this collection from LuceSposa and choosing designs to update your collection.


Our gowns won’t leave anyone indifferent as they are designed to emphasize the beauty and glamour of the bride’s special day. With dresses from your Istanbul campaign, you can support your business success by winning grateful clients and reaching new levels of growth.

Representatives of the beautiful half of human beings will surely appreciate the chic and elegance of the dress and get a model that pleases them. So don’t waste any time and get to know the new series now!

What is unique about the Istanbul campaign?

The collection is completely imbued with the spirit, diversity and charm of Istanbul.

Looking at these dresses, you can indulge in the exciting sea water, the smell of spices or the unforgettable taste of oriental sweets. Our clothes make you want to dance and win hearts. Bright and stylish – they form the basis of a wedding image and help the bride look stunning.

You should pay particular attention to the following:

1. Long sleeve decorative design.

2. Decorate the bodice, especially the deep cut.

3. About the lush skirt and its choice of structured layers.

Fashion designers try to create different styles of designs with the most fashionable palettes and decorate them with handmade decorations. For example, you should consider the following suggestions:

– Luxurious Ayvor Dress Aliyah with feathered shoulders and long sheer sleeves;

– Romantic Brielle with colorful inserts and three-dimensional flowers;

– Original wonder with wide cuffs and ethnic patterns;

– Aristocratic Riley with delicate straps and slit bodice;

– Seductive sada with high slit and narrow waistband.

Business girls wear simple and elegant satin clothes without frills and ornaments, the fabrics and designs speak for themselves.

More gentle and moving – love flowy straight skirts and embellished bodice and gorgeous dresses.

Luce sposa 2022

Bold and bright brides are sure to pay attention to mermaid-inspired dresses and the choice of V-necks and high slits, not to mention an open back. So take care of your charming clients and please them with our new Istanbul campaign.

The beauty of flowers, their fragility and delicacy has become the central theme of this collection. Inspired by the perfection of lilies, lavender and lily of the valley, every beautiful wedding dress we create is feminine, light and romantic.

The collection consists of breathable fabrics that blow in the wind. Dressed in flowers, the bride appears to be floating in the air. The delicate combination of light chiffon and translucent tulle with glossy satin creates a wonderful bridal look.

Loca Sposa

Together with fluffy lilies, lavender and lily of the valley, these gowns radiate a special gentle glow, emphasizing the feminine and graceful nature of the bride. The collection includes A-line, lush and fitted dresses.

Luxurious cleavage embellishments, necklines in various forms, original sleeves and slightly wavy skirts with long skirts are the basic elements of the collection.

Elena Morar wedding dress, Loca Sposa, Luce sposa 2022, LUCE SPOSA Istanbul, Luceposa, Armonia wedding dress, Wholesale Bridal Gown, Wholesale Wedding Dress,wholesale wedding dress prices,

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