White Label Wedding Dress Best 5 Models

White Label Wedding Dress Best 5 Models

White Label Wedding Dress Best 5 Models

White Label Wedding Dress Best 5 Models  “Princess cut” is the bridal skirt cut, which is defined depending on the skirt and waist area of ​​the bridal gown, that is, the lower area, such as A cut, straight cut and fish cut.

Princess wedding dress, also known as fluffy wedding dress and ball gown type wedding dress, is called wedding dress models that gain volume and movement from the waist, swell and even overflow in some examples.

This cut rises at the waist to best hide the hips and hips, subtly emphasizing the waist by highlighting it.

The important thing in the princess cut is the starting point of the skirt. In fact, neither too high nor too much explanation is recommended.

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However, the starting point of the skirt cut, that is, the waist width position, can be adjusted according to the thickness of the waist, the length of the leg, and the shortness of the waist.

We can say that fluffy princess model wedding dresses are suitable for romantic bride candidates who want to float in a princess fashion at their wedding, who love to show off.,

We can say that puffy model wedding dresses with princess skirt cut are the savior of bride candidates who want to camouflage the hip area.

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If you ask who would suit a princess wedding dress; We say to all brides with pear body type. With this cut, you can be sure that you will look very elegant by emphasizing your waist while hiding your hip area.

For example; Let’s see what can be done for tall people. Since the leg lengths of tall bride candidates are also long, a solution can be produced by starting a little lower on the skirt cut, not from the full waist.

Thus, the leg length is made more proportional to the upper body and a more correct proportion is captured for this type of wedding dress.

Brides who want to wear a princess cut wedding dress, whose upper body is thin and have small breasts, can choose a draped princess wedding dress model to show their breasts fuller.

At the same time, brides-to-be who have thin arms and do not like it can get rid of these complaints with the help of puffy or piece sleeves such as fake sleeves, low sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, watermelon sleeves.

Thus, they do not have to complain about their weaknesses and they look more stylish and one size larger.

Well, let’s say right away if there are brides with a wide waist area, who ask whether it is necessary to have a thin waist in order to wear bridal gowns with puffy waist.

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If you have an apple body type and dream of wearing a princess cut wedding dress, you can have small touches made on V-cut wedding dresses according to your own body features.

You can camouflage your abdomen by modeling the cut of the skirt in a V shape. You can wear a princess cut wedding dress by choosing from the V-cut wedding dress models, also called the Basque waist.

Princess cut fluffy skirts are generally preferred with strapless neckline wedding dresses. Since the waist down of the wedding dress is extremely dominant and fluffy, you should generally adopt a plain style in the collar model.

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Especially, draped strapless wedding dresses are among the newest trends with their princess cut skirt options. Princess cut strapless neckline and sweetheart neckline wedding dresses, plain, plain models appear in the latest collections of famous designers.

Princess cut wedding dress fabrics can be preferred as lace, satin, ziberlin, organza on the upper body, provided that the skirt is tulle. Since princess cuts are models that fit up to the waist, stone embroideries on the upper body will also look stylish.

For the curious, we have explained every detail about bridal fabrics in this article bridal gowns

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bridal gowns Fabric Types

Another detail that is as important as the model of the bridal gowns is the fabric.

Having an idea about the types of fabric can give you an idea about choosing your wedding dress according to the wedding venue, season or body type. For this reason, we decided to take a closer look at wedding dress fabrics.

Here are the most used bridal fabric types:

Wedding Dress Laces

One of the first fabric types that comes to mind when it comes to wedding dresses is lace.

Wedding dress lace models are used in every model and style of wedding dress, from princess cut to straight cut models, from vintage to bohemian, and they add a romantic atmosphere to these designs.

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Lace fabric is used throughout the bridal gowns, creating a design that is both flamboyant and romantic.

However, with the effect of simplification in bridal trends lately, we can say that bridal gowns with lace top or sleeves have come to the fore as well as bridal gowns with lace.

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However, you can decide how to choose a lace wedding dress according to the wedding venue and style.

For the wedding to be held in a flashy area such as a historical place, you can choose all lace puffy bridal gowns.

For a country wedding, you can choose from straight or A-cut designs where three-dimensional bridal lace is used on the top of the model. All lace, straight cut models can also be a suitable choice.

The type of lace shows the quality of the wedding dress. We can say that the best quality alternative among bridal gowns lace varieties is French lace wedding dress fabric.

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Let’s not go without adding that it is mostly used on the edges of veils, since its cost is higher than other laces.

The brode fabric, also called “embroidered French lace”, obtained by embroidering on tulle fabric and having a delicate structure, is used in the sleeve, collar and chest parts of the wedding dress.

Embroidered lace embroideries on tulle, which we encounter especially in vintage wedding dresses, also harmonize with all wedding dress cuts.

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Cordless lace, which is a silk-added fabric with a slightly more dense texture than French lace, is generally used in the sleeve, chest, skirt and veil sections of the wedding dress due to its delicate texture.

Guipure, which is a type of lace made of thread or silk and consisting of wide loops, is also frequently used in wedding dresses.

Among the bridal gowns guipure varieties, we can say that the French guipure, which you can see as French lace in many sources, is the best quality and the most expensive.

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However, let’s add that imitations of French bridal guipures from more affordable materials are also frequently used.

Wedding dress guipures are also generally used to add movement to designs. For this reason, it is possible to reach guipure wedding dresses in every style and cut.

One of the most traditional fabrics, silk, the raw silk bridal fabric, is not only timeless but also versatile. This type of fabric, known for its durability and quality, is suitable for all seasons.

It is also possible to come across silk blended fabric types such as satin, mikado, tulle, taffeta and dupioni to add shine and softness to the fabric.

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The underwear to be worn inside the bridal gowns is actually related to the lower and upper parts of the wedding dress.

You don’t need to squeeze your hips in vain and use a full corset, as the princess cuts will be fluffy from the waist down. For this, the corset can end at the waist, that is, at the skirt cut.

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Although you should consider the collar model when choosing, you can choose strapless and waist-finished half corsets instead of full corsets with underwear for princess puffy wedding dress models. You can also choose wedding dresses with corsets that only wrap around the waist.

Satin fabric, which is a shiny and smooth fabric woven from cotton and silk, is one of the most used wedding dress fabrics. These fabrics are diversified as satin, duchess satin and American satin fabric.

Satin, with its silky texture and smooth texture, reveals the model of plain wedding dresses in the best way.

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Duchess satin fabric is frequently preferred in wedding dresses because it is very thin and delicately woven. With this feature, it shows the stance of the wedding dress perfectly.

American satin, on the other hand, is preferred because it is more affordable than duchess satin. There are no big differences in sight, but we can say that American satin has a thicker texture.

Hotel weddings are the venues that best show the elegance and splendor of satin fabric. You can harmonize with the flamboyant and modern atmosphere of hotel weddings with simple designs made of satin fabric.

Let’s also say that wedding dresses made of this fabric reveal the body lines. Therefore, if you have proportional body lines like an hourglass, you can choose fish-shaped satin wedding dresses.

You can also use satin fabric on the parts of your body that you want to draw attention to.


For example; If the area you want to highlight is your breasts, you can choose deep V or strapless neck designs made of satin fabric. If you have wide hips and a pear body type, you can consider puffy wedding dresses with an A or princess cut.

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Satin fabric is a shiny and smooth fabric woven from cotton and silk. It is the most used wedding dress and evening dress fabric since the past.

I want to give a little information. Lace fabric and bridal gowns are the most used fabrics, but the fact that lace is among the most used wedding dresses has a great advantage.

This is due to its compatibility with every fabric and the fact that it is used excessively in details such as sleeves and collars.

White Label Wedding Dress

The reason why satin fabric is the most used bridal gowns model is due to the fact that it is used more as the whole fabric of wedding dresses.

Satin fabrics are diversified as satin, original American satin and duchess satin fabric. Satin is highly preferred in summer with its silky texture.

Duchess satin fabric is the most preferred type of satin. It shows the stance of the wedding dress perfectly as it is very thin and delicately woven. Original American Satin and duchess satin fabric has a slight sheen.

There is a satin fabric suitable for every budget, as the quality of the satin fabric that you can easily use in every wedding dress varies with the quality.

In general, it is thought that simple brides-to-be should prefer satin fabric wedding dresses. However, satin fabric can turn into a magnificent bridal fabric with the right skirt cut.

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Otherwise, many real princesses wouldn’t choose satin bridal gowns fabric, would they?

I recommend a satin fabric wedding dress to brides-to-be who dream of being a simple, classic and timeless bride.

I recommend bridesmaid dresses with lace or embroidery details on the neckline or sleeves for brides-to-be who want to have a more modern feel.

Satin fabric is also used in the entire wedding dress, in the upper body of the neckline and wedding dress design, or only in the skirt part…

I am sure you know these usage patterns. However, sometimes satin fabrics can also be used to divide the draped fabric and body between lace fabric or embroidered fabric.

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Satin Fabric in the Whole of the Wedding Dress
The most classic use of satin fabric is the use of the entire wedding dress. It is a whole wedding dress without using any accessories, starting from the straps to the hem.

It is usually animated with drapes and is seen in A-cut or Ball-type puffy wedding dresses. For flashy choices, you can choose from princess cut wedding dresses with straps.

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To be a magnificent and stylish bride, I recommend a strapless neckline satin fabric wedding dress.

Although it is not a very preferred way of use, there are also satin fabric wedding dresses that are only in the upper body. You can find the most models in Rosa Clara wedding dress designs.

When only the upper body of the bridal gowns is designed with satin fabric, the skirts are designed with organza or tulle fabric.

When satin fabric is used only on the skirt, the upper body of the bridal gowns is generally designed from lace or embroidered fabric. The most preferred is lace fabric as it is easier to fit.

Hotel weddings are undoubtedly the best place to show the elegance and splendor of satin fabric. But since satin is a very harmonious fabric, it can adapt to any place with the skirt cut you choose.

Of course, no matter how magnificent you want to look in these places, you should choose the wedding dress in that model.

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Hotel or indoor weddings can remove any form of satin wedding dress, but when I think of magnificence, I always think of princess wedding dresses.

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If you are designing the entire wedding dress from satin fabric and you have chosen a model with a long tail, you should definitely choose the veil among the models that pass the bridal tail.

Satin fabric is mostly preferred plain in fish-shaped satin wedding dresses. This means a satin fabric wedding dress from head to toe.

This choice gives a simple yet elegant elegance. If you are choosing a wedding dress made of only satin fabric in such a place, and especially if you prefer a strapless wedding dress, you can wear a heavy bridal set when choosing jewellery.

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You can wear all kinds of bridal jewelry with satin wedding dresses. You can wear any kind of bridal set, even if the jewelry you will wear changes according to the neckline of your wedding dress.

If you like to show off, you can use the emerald diamond bridal set to give it a worn or heirloom look.

But at this point, since the collar detail is important, you need to make the choice that you can use without removing your necklace from the bridal set.

Satin fabric is not a fabric suitable for giving the appearance of a layered skirt. For such a wedding dress model, you should use organza fabric.

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Although the satin fabric has a thin structure, it does not show through because it is opaque, but it shows the excesses without mercy.

To separate the satin fabric with each other, you can separate it according to its brightness and thickness.

Since very thin satin fabric will not stand properly, you should choose thick satin fabric for a full look.

Taffeta is a type of bridal fabric we see frequently. Taffeta fabric, which was frequently preferred for draped and stone wedding dresses in the past, is no longer preferred as it used to be, as it creates an outdated image.

Taffeta has both synthetic, artificial and silk options. Nowadays, it is possible to come across silk taffeta bridal gowns models more often.

Because although synthetic taffeta is more affordable, silk taffeta is more useful and comfortable.

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Let’s say that we attribute taffeta, which has an iridescent, fluffy, hard and striking appearance, to flashy weddings and fluffy wedding dresses.

It is possible to find mostly A and princess cut models of taffeta fabric wedding dresses, which can be preferred especially for weddings to be held in hotels and wedding halls.

Wedding dress tulle is the thinnest wedding dress fabric. It is generally used in skirts and veils. Wedding dress tulle is diversified according to its softness, shine and pore density.

While soft, small porous and matte tulle is used in veils in general, wide and bright tulle can be preferred in the skirt part.

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Silk tulle wedding gowns with skirts are preferred by brides-to-be who like simple designs. We can recommend the glittery bridal tulle, also called lurex tulle, for brides who like glittery designs.

Wedding dress tulle is generally used to give fluffiness to the skirt of the wedding dress. For example; A princess or A-cut wedding dress can be made fluffy with the tulle used on top of each other.

Of course, it is possible to obtain plain wedding dresses that are not fluffy with a small number of layers.

While fluffy tulle skirted designs adapt to venues such as historical venues and saloon weddings, let’s not forget that we prefer plain designs with flying tulle skirts to country and beach weddings that will be held mostly in spring and summer.

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Tulles are not only used in the skirt part of the wedding dress. Brides who want to camouflage the excess on their arms or who will have a wedding in the autumn-winter months can also choose wedding dresses with tulle sleeves.

Designs that make the pattern of the wedding dress look like the tattoo of the bride with embroidery on imaginary tulle are also becoming increasingly popular lately.

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Imaginary tulle wedding dress models have been frequently seen in the latest wedding dress collections of famous designers, especially in recent years.

Chiffon wedding dress fabric is seen especially in summer wedding dresses and plain wedding dresses. Chiffon fabric, which is thin, transparent and effective, is a translucent fabric like organza. But it differs from organza with its more draped feature.

Although chiffon fabric is generally used in evening dresses, we can say that we mostly come across silk chiffon fabric in wedding dress models.

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Chiffon bridesmaid dresses, which are especially suitable for open wedding venues such as rural and beach weddings, also have an interior feature.

Therefore, we can say that chiffon fabric is frequently used in transparent wedding dresses. However, if you do not want a transparent look, you can consider lined chiffon wedding dresses.


So, who would suit chiffon wedding dresses? If you are a bride-to-be with a pear body type, we recommend you chiffon puffy wedding dresses.

Because these designs provide an advantage in camouflaging their hips with their wide hem.

If you have an apple body type whose upper body is wider than below, our recommendation will be chiffon wedding dresses with slits. Thus, you can draw attention to your legs and create a more balanced look.

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