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Custom Prom Dress Online Best 1 Company  What Does a Stylist Mean? Stylist; actors, models, etc., who take part in advertisements, films or photo shoots.

It is in charge of choosing clothes for people, determining accessories and preparing people for shooting.

Stylist provides services for individuals, fashion houses and clothing brands.

What Does a Stylist Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The job description of the stylist, one of the main responsibilities of which is to provide fashion advice, includes;

Style consulting for celebrities, models or other public figures Creating a new style for individuals,

To research the types of fabric and clothing accessories, To follow fashion designers, Participating in fashion shows,

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To follow current, developing and changing regional and global trends in fashion and design, Collaborating with designers, tailors, models, photographers, hair and make-up artists, retailers, media and celebrities. wholesale wedding dress manufacturer

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How to Become a Stylist

It is possible to become a stylist by graduating from the Textile and Fashion Design departments of universities, which accept students with a special talent exam.

Certificate trainings are also available at home and abroad for people who are interested in the profession but are not graduates of the aforementioned department.

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A Stylist Must Have

The stylist is expected to be able to determine what type of outfit to wear, taking into account the client’s body type and the type of event they wish to attend.

Other qualities of the stylist who are expected to have a creative perspective are;

To have knowledge about fashion trends, color schemes,

To have information about different body types and to dress them in the most stylish way,

To be aware of the history of art, design and fashion,

Demonstrate good interpersonal communication skills,

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Developing creative and unconventional designs,

To adapt to teamwork,

No travel restrictions.

What is Fashion Design Department?

The fashion design department is also known as the fashion and textile design department. In this section, the design of all fashion-related products is provided based on fashion trends.

These trend models, which usually go head-to-head with fashion changes, are evaluated, drawn and produced by the fashion designer.

Although the fashion design department is mostly female, the productions are based on both women’s and men’s creations. Graduates of fashion design can develop themselves in this field and work in the production and design center.

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Fashion design students work as fashion designers after graduation. Generally, graduates make new studies and productions by showing the trends of fashion in all products through the companies they work for.

In other words, the job area of ​​graduates is generally in the form of designing, drawing, determining the colors of clothes and every product that is described as clothing and then producing it.

Fashion has a structure that changes and is updated every year. But fashion designers do not always have to keep up with new fashion as a business.

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If they want, they can prove themselves in the fields they work by producing vintage or retro models. The important thing is that a fashion designer designs and produces products according to the wishes of the company he works for.

Wedding Dress Modelist, in line with the general working principles of the company, by using tools, equipment and equipment effectively, in accordance with the occupational health, safety and environmental protection regulations and the productivity and quality requirements of the profession.

Before deciding to manufacture the wedding dresses drawn by the stylist and decided to manufacture, making the practical application on the mold model.

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Before sewing the wedding dresses, to ignite the glittery fabric and tulle fabrics by molding them seamlessly and giving random shapes with pins on the model.

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Placing accessory materials on the parts that need to be decorated
Removing the unsightly parts of the application from the application and trying different alternatives
Get the stylist’s observation and opinion about the application

To determine the amount of fabric and accessory materials for the models that are decided to be sewn.
Supervising the scissors to cut to specified sizes

Performs the final checks by dressing the wedding dress on the pattern model, deciding on mass production, and similar duties and tasks.

The slit wedding dress models, which are admired for their easy movement and feminine stance, are fondly worn in wedding ceremonies and weddings.

The slit wedding dress, which is usually prepared from fabrics such as satin, tulle, and chiffon, is also known as a low-cut wedding dress.,

Slit designs that highlight the beauty of the legs are also featured in wedding dresses recently.

The slit wedding dress models, which we encounter more often in Helen, fish, bohemian, vintage style wedding dresses, both allow comfortable movement and provide a stylish look.

Custom Prom Dress Online

Brides who want to wear a slit wedding dress as a low-cut wedding dress can choose fluffy and flat designs.Metropol wedding asymmetrical sweetheart neckline, fluffy portable skirt, slit satin wedding dress model can represent you at your wedding with its assertive stance.

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As a less puffy slit wedding dress, you can examine the brand’s low shoulder pleated chiffon helen wedding dress. The slit in the wedding dress both complements your Hellenistic style and gives it a bold look.

The wedding dress brand’s non-puffy straight slit wedding dress models are also quite diverse. A v-neckline sheath slit wedding dress, where lace and satin come together, can be a very suitable choice for both your wedding and your after-party.

The mini wedding dress model with a transparent slit and a portable skirt is a design where you can get two different looks at your wedding.

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Bridal gowns with slits in the appearance of a dress are used as wedding and after-party dresses as well as being preferred at the wedding.

Wedding dress brand’s sweetheart neckline portable balloon sleeve chiffon slit wedding dress model is a simple and elegant model for outdoor weddings. So, which slit wedding dress models should be worn according to the wedding venue?

Wedding dresses with slits, in other words with low-cut legs, are designed to fit different wedding concepts as less fluffy, flat or very fluffy in different fabrics.

In the prom concept, wedding dresses with fluffy slits will be a suitable choice for weddings, salon weddings and historical venue weddings.

Skirts of A-cut or princess puffy slit designs can be prepared portable. If the model is suitable, a wedding dress can offer 2 or 3 different looks.

You can enter the wedding with a fluffy wedding dress and continue with a fish or less fluffy wedding dress. If you wish, you can finally attend your after party with your mini skirt.

Midi length slit wedding dresses are generally designed without puffiness. These models are preferred for simple garden, restaurant weddings or wedding ceremonies.

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Midi length slit bridal dresses, which are very preferred in wedding ceremonies in the vintage concept, are mostly sewn from satin fabric.

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Helen slit wedding dresses are indispensable for open-air weddings! Helen wedding dresses that you can wear to beach weddings, boat weddings, country weddings and poolside weddings offer a comfortable elegance.

Metropol wedding embroidered lace v-neck satin Helen wedding dress with its bold model suits outdoor weddings very well.

If you are holding your wedding on the green grass or on the beach accompanied by a gentle wind, do not pass without looking at the slit Helen wedding dress models.

Metropol wedding  brings you the design you dream of! If you want to have the model you like in the collections of the brand or the wedding dress of your dreams, we will be happy to help you.

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This open-air wedding dress model, where you will feel the reflection of nature, has a deep v-neck design for ambitious brides-to-be! This model, where you can remove the portable shoulder accessories at any moment of your wedding, has a transparent body and a flying skirt.

It will be very suitable for outdoor venues such as a beach wedding, forest wedding or garden wedding.

Portable skirt open-air wedding dress
You will feel the romance to its peaks in this model, which is an alternative option for cocktail style or open-air wedding venues.

With this design, where you will find polka dot tulle and crystal embroideries in one size, you can continue your outdoor wedding with both a mini and a long slit skirt.

Thus, your cowboy boots, which will complete your style, will look great under your skirt.

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Chic and vintage for an open-air wedding: models with balloon sleeves
When weddings are outdoors, the place where the balloon sleeve trend suits best is the inevitable open space wedding hall.

This vintage design, in which polka dot tulle and embroidered lace are used, is also completed with a portable neck accessory. This model, where you will see the inspirations of the bohemian style together, adapts to all body types.

This Helen model, which is a great option for brides who like minimal designs and will have an open-air wedding, catches a feminine look with its transparent body.

You can add this model to your options to have a fairy tale look at your outdoor wedding. Especially to a wedding by the pool!

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Ambitious wedding dress model for an open-air wedding
This Helen wedding dress model, in which the deep v-neck complements your bold style, has a special body design.

The model, in which glittery tulle and drapes are used frequently, also gives a different perspective to organza fabric.

You can find dozens of wedding dress models to accompany outdoor weddings, from flying chiffon to effortless pleated details.

As the star of your wedding, it is your natural right to want the most beautiful look on your wedding day! Maybe you have found the right wedding dress for you in our wedding dress types article!

So, would you like an accessory that will highlight your style and characterize you with the most beautiful aspect to customize your wedding dress?

Customizable wedding dresses have been used by brides who want to add a piece of themselves to their wedding day in recent years.

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At this point, are you ready to combine the right pieces for your wedding dress, which you will make special with a creative accessory or a valuable brooch?

Here are the touches you will add from your style to make your wedding dress feel closer to yourself…

Brooches are both precious and stylish accessories!
You can have an extremely simple wedding dress! A brooch that is valuable to you will be an accessory that will complete your wedding dress and take you to memories.

Maybe a model with a big stone, maybe a very minimal brooch, will always be with you at your wedding with its spirituality!

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Belt or fabric for customizable wedding dress

Belts and belts that will make your waist look thin and your wedding dress perfect, if it is your choice, you have a great opportunity to show your own style in your wedding dress.

Depending on your style, you can choose a belt with stones or pearls, or a satin belt will be a great complement to your plain wedding dress.

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You design the hangers of your wedding dress!
If you want to add a detail from yourself while your wedding dress is being sewn, you can start with the hangers!

This will add an eye-catching, romantic and maybe different atmosphere to your wedding dress.

Hangers that can be designed with flowers, especially for outdoor weddings, are the perfect start for customizing your wedding dress.

Complete your style with wedding dress gloves
Bridal gloves, which add a feminine and romantic stance, are a very common detail in weddings lately, although it seems like a thing of the past.

Gloves for customizable wedding dresses not only make you different, they are also a whole different way to feel unique.

Haute couture wedding dress option
If you want to reveal your wedding dress by designing the one of your dreams, not with accessories, you can work with haute couture companies that will sew a tailor-made wedding dress designed just for you.

As Alisse nuerA, we are looking forward to designing the model of your dreams with our professional staff in tailor made wedding dresses!

These 5 different options to customize your wedding dress are the little details you need to have for the look you want. Remember that there will be no more exciting and enjoyable moment than your wedding day.

Make your appointment at Alisse nuerA stores so that we can introduce you to the customizable wedding dress you have in mind.

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Wedding dress collars are one of the details that affect the appearance of a bride and significantly change the stance of the wedding dress.

There are dozens of bridal neckline types such as halter neckline, dominant neckline, sweetheart neckline and madonna neckline.

Madonna neckline wedding dresses, which make the shoulders look bolder and stand out, have accompanied many brides from past to present.

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Designed for brides who want to look elegant in their wedding, this satin wedding dress with a pull draped body is the sought-after design for both simple weddings and elegant wedding ceremonies!

This deep slit wedding dress, where you will find two different collar types together, offers a more voluminous design with its pleated skirt, while it captures a modern atmosphere with its silk satin fabric.

You can use this model in many wedding venues such as living rooms, hotels and open air.

This madonna collar design, where you will find the perfect harmony of the transparent sleeves and the embroidered body, will be an indispensable part of hotel and salon weddings.

With its A-line skirt form, it will suit every bride-to-be. It is the right choice for historical venues and big hall weddings.

This wedding dress, which looks both elegant and romantic with French lace, keeps up with ball-type weddings with its flashy skirt.

You can make an appointment with Alisse nuerA to try this design, which will suit brides-to-be with a tall and slim upper body.

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Madonna collar wedding dresses, which are among the first options for brides who want to highlight their shoulders, both harmonize with bridal jewelry sets and give a more romantic look.

You can make an appointment in our stores to see all the madonna neck wedding dresses and wedding dresses .

In a wedding dress model; There are many elements that make this design special, such as embroidery, upper body, skirts, sleeves.

Bridal skirt models, which especially affect the stance of the wedding dress on the body, are also one of the details that will best show your body.

The first condition for choosing a wedding dress designed with the right bridal skirt type for you is to learn your body type.

Secondly, before you go shopping for bridal gowns, you need to know the bridal skirts and which skirt type suits which body type best.

Here are the 5 most used bridal skirt models that we have listed as a guide for you to find your ideal bridal skirt…

Here is this huge bridal skirt type that will allow you to turn into a real princess, the favorite wedding dress style of salon and historical venue weddings!

wedding dress

Princess bridesmaid dresses, which adapt very well to heavy and exaggerated weddings with their flamboyant stance, have a bridal skirt type that petite bride candidates should never use.

If you want to know you can read unique prom dresses our article

This wedding dress, in which layered fabrics increase its volume, is very ideal for tall people.

A-cut wedding dresses, which are a traditional alternative for hotel and outdoor weddings, are more comfortable than princess models because they are produced with fluid fabrics.

If this bridal skirt model, which has different designs for each body type, is combined with a corset-looking upper body, you will look very thin.

Here is the most popular bridal skirt model of petite brides, Helen wedding dresses, with many customizable designs, are a suitable piece for all seasons.

The Helen skirt cut makes you look weaker than you are, and is a different alternative for brides-to-be who love simplicity.

Helen wedding dress models, which have a flowing skirt model, create a voluminous wedding dress effect while emphasizing romanticism at the same time.

Fish wedding dresses, which are one of the designs that will best suit the hourglass body type among wedding dress skirt models, will make your body lines look sharper with their feminine and romantic stance.

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This type of skirt, which comes in a narrow cut from the bust to below the knee and opens softly just below the knee, adapts to many wedding concepts.

Pencil skirt wedding dresses, which are adapted to the straight wedding dress cut, can greatly change the look of the wedding dress with small details. The pencil skirt, which will suit many body types, is a suitable option for outdoor weddings.

You can learn about wedding dress production by reading our Wedding dress manufacturers Europe article.

Now you are ready to start your shopping with bridal skirt models that you have an idea about! Considering the pros and cons of wedding dress skirt types, you can get the design that suits your style at your wedding.

The determination of a wedding date by the couples to be married has now become a subject that needs to be examined in more detail and sensitively than in the past.

Many date options, such as the most special days of the year, special dates that cannot be missed, witness weddings.

Couples, especially those who pay attention to the harmony with the zodiac signs and believe in the integrity of the astrological stars with their characters, are inspired by their own horoscope for their wedding dates.

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While your wedding preparations are in full swing, if you are worried about your wedding date, perhaps the date of marriage according to astrology may be a different option for your sign.

From the Gemini who are very sensitive in communication to the Leo signs who want a passionate marriage, every sign believes that their marriage date will be an inevitable period for them in astrology;

but one of the issues that astrologers warn about is that you should not get married during Venus, Mars or Mercury turns when choosing the date of your wedding!

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Considering that the zodiac signs have an impact on most people’s personalities, maybe the beginning of a great marriage can be the wedding dates according to the zodiac signs.

Months to Get Married by Zodiac Sign
Aries Marriage Date: April / October
Taurus Marriage Date: June / November
Gemini Marriage Date: December
Cancer Marriage Date: July / Early January
Leo Marriage Date: August / February
Virgo Marriage Date: March/ September
Libra Marriage Date: October
Scorpio Marriage Date: November / May
Sagittarius Marriage Date: December / February
Capricorn Marriage Date: July
Aquarius Marriage Date: February
Pisces Marriage Date: March / June

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