Dropshipping Wedding Dress Manufacturer Best 1

Dropshipping Wedding Dress Manufacturer Best 1

Dropshipping Wedding Dress Manufacturer

Dropshipping (aka dropshipping, direct selling, dropshipping) has grown in popularity over the past few years.

Dropshipping can be a real alternative, especially for beginners.

In this blog article, we clarify the most important questions about dropshipping:

What exactly does the term “dropshipping” actually mean?

How does dropshipping work?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping?

In which areas can dropshipping be used?

How to start dropshipping?

Which dropshipping providers are there?

What do you need to look out for in a dropshipping provider?

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What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a type of online business where retailers offer products in their online stores without even having them in stock.

Store operators often focus on product branding and marketing measures.

In the case of drop shipping, the actual shipping is usually handled directly by the manufacturer or a wholesaler.

The advantage: You save on storage and transportation costs.

How does dropshipping work?

As already mentioned, the online store that receives the order does not deal with the storage and transportation of goods, but the goods are sent directly by the manufacturer or wholesaler.

Hence the name: direct mail.

In most cases, the dropshipper therefore has no physical contact with the product.

Therefore, this e-commerce strategy is the opposite of the classic retail strategy, where products are ordered in large numbers, stored, and then shipped to the customer.

Note: Dropshipping should not be confused with drop service.

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These three parties are involved in drop shipping

End customers purchase a product from an online or offline store. It is not clear whether it is a classic online shopping or dropshipping.

Therefore, it is difficult for customers to identify who the wholesaler is, as they only contact the online store.

Dropshipping company manages the online store and tries to attract as many potential customers as possible.

When a new order arrives, the online store forwards the order details to the manufacturer or wholesaler.

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The profit from this transaction is the difference between the amount the wholesaler charges for the product and the amount it collects from customers.

The manufacturer or wholesaler accepts the order from the online store and then takes over the shipping process and ships the goods directly to the end customer.

They also take care of all the formalities such as customs clearance.

There is no (usually) reference to wholesale on the packaging, only the brand of the online store.

Dropshipping Wedding Dresses

Should you use dropshipping in your online store?

Now that you know what dropshipping is and how it differs from traditional retail, you may be wondering if you should use dropshipping for your online store.

As with any other business model, it has advantages and disadvantages.

Good to know that!

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Benefits of dropshipping

The barrier to entry for direct commerce is very low and therefore particularly suitable for those new to e-commerce.

One of the biggest advantages of dropshipping is that you can start with a low starting capital.

No storage and shipping costs

Another advantage of Drop Shipping is that the product does not first pass through the hands of the store operator and does not have to be stored.

Likewise, dropshippers don’t have to worry about excess items that don’t sell and then collect dust in the warehouse.

Direct shipping saves you storage and shipping costs.

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Low start-up costs

Due to the (apparently) low start-up costs, the dropshipping model is a practical way to test new products or gain initial experience in e-commerce.

High flexibility

Due to the high flexibility, you can offer a much wider range of products as you do not need to store the goods first.

Likewise, not having a warehouse allows you to manage the store from anywhere in the world. A stable internet connection is required.

Dropship programs for boutiques

Cons of dropshipping

While direct trading offers some excellent advantages, there are of course also disadvantages that we want to point out here.

Probably the biggest downside to the business model is that you have little impact on customer satisfaction!

It doesn’t matter how good and user-friendly your online store is.

You’ll have to deal with it if the wholesaler doesn’t ship the package on time, if the shipment takes too long, if the product is damaged, or, in the worst case, if the shipment doesn’t arrive at all.

It is also much more difficult to solve the problem if you do not currently know where the delivery is stuck and the manufacturer or wholesaler cannot be reached.

Even in the classic e-commerce model, where goods are stored in the warehouse, you cannot avoid shipping complications.

Usually the easiest option is a refund.

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Dropshipping Wedding Dress Manufacturer

Wholesale wedding dresses

High shipping costs for your customers

If you’re offering products from different manufacturers and wholesalers, shipping costs can add up quickly.

If a customer orders several different products in your online store, this can be very expensive because the products often come from a third country such as China.

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low profit margin

This brings us to the next disadvantage: low profit margin.

For example, you can find a makeup kit for $360 at Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics store.

The purchase price on Alibaba is about $15.

Screenshot: Kylie Jenner’s dropship store

Of course, you can also try to sell products with a huge profit to make a big profit.

However, this only works in exceptional cases, because at least dropshippers have more than a million Instagram followers.

The competition on the Internet is huge, so the same item may be sold much cheaper at another drop-shipping store to entice customers with an offer.

Dropshipping Wedding Dresses

You have no choice but to find a less competitive market or invest time and money in marketing and branding to avoid getting caught up in a price war.

This allows you to stand out from your competitors and build a brand with loyal customers.

That’s why you need to stand out from the competition.

One way to do this is to tell a story or improve your website’s ranking.

In which areas can dropshipping be used?

Drop shipping is possible for almost all business types.

We’ll show you some examples: everything from the online store to online marketplaces and fixed retail outlets is included.

Wholesale wedding accessories manufacturers

Dropshipping in the online store

The third-party business model is mostly used in online stores.

Dropshipping offers a great option for e-commerce businesses as it greatly simplifies the process and eliminates storage and shipping costs.

Processing through a third party (wholesaler or manufacturer) minimizes the amount of work.

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Dropshipping in an online marketplace

Drop shipping is also used at many stores in online marketplaces (Amazon Marketplace or eBay).

Online marketplaces have the advantage of having a particularly high reach due to the wide variety of products.

The downside: With an online marketplace, you have to pay a monthly fee in addition to the commission.

You may also be prohibited from selling certain products depending on the product category or country.

Reading tip 💡: Online marketplace or online store: which is better?

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drop shipping at fixed retail

There are more and more traditional stores that drop-ship their products.

Rather than having all the products in stock, there are exhibits or catalog items that customers can order and send to themselves.

A furniture store may display a lamp or a sofa, but it does not have to stock it.

This saves on high storage costs and avoids the transportation of bulky goods.

A shopping cart is full of packages.

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How to start dropshipping?

Have you decided to dropshipping after knowing the main pros and cons?

In the section below, we explain how you can take your first steps in dropshipping.

This should always be the first step: find a product and a suitable supplier.

What seems so simple and banal at first can be a huge challenge.

You should make sure in advance that you are not violating current copyright law with the product you want to sell!

In the event of a copyright infringement, you should expect injunctive relief and high warning costs.

A police officer holds handcuffs.

Which dropshipping providers are there?

After doing your research and deciding on a product, you should contact potential manufacturers or suppliers.

Even if the manufacturer only sells the product in large quantities, you will usually receive a list of wholesalers who offer the product or send samples.

Contact potential partners and test some samples before making a final decision.

If you’re looking for inspiration on which products are eligible for dropshipping, there are a variety of providers and marketplaces.

A few are free, but most are only available for a fee.

wedding dress manufacturers

The Wholesale Center is a free sample.

SaleHoo ($67 per year) or Brands Worldwide ($197 for lifetime membership) are examples of marketplaces that charge fees.

Another alternative is BigBuy, which also operates in the German market.

Wedding dress suppliers

A person marks a checklist.

Likewise, trade shows are another way to gather product ideas and build important dropshipping partnerships.

Definitely worth talking to other online sellers. It doesn’t matter at a trade show, networking events, Internet forums or related Facebook groups.

Dropshipping tip: Before selling the product in your online store, you should make sure that it does exactly what it says on the box!

Order and test one for yourself. This is how you avoid angry customers.

Likewise, better product images and videos can be produced if needed.

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You should still keep researching, learning about new product trends, and trying out new marketing strategies like influencer marketing.

Cooperation and exchange with the wholesaler or manufacturer of your products is at least as important as the issues mentioned above.

Ask questions and try to learn as much about the product as possible to stay one step ahead of your competitors and possibly get preferential treatment when bottlenecks arise.

Wedding dress suppliers

In some cases, it’s also worth visiting the production site to get an idea of the manufacturer and the people behind the product.

What do you need to look out for in a dropshipping provider?

The first decision you need to make after deciding on this business model is to choose a good provider.

Graphics: A smiling, neutral and crying face.

As it is largely up to the wholesaler to ensure that the products arrive on time and in good condition, the supplier ultimately decides whether the project is successful or not.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a good dropshipping provider:

1. Comprehensive catalog with constant innovations

There are dropshippers that specialize in specific industries, and others that offer a more comprehensive catalog.

Depending on what you want to sell, you can choose one or the other.

Your business becomes much more scalable if you choose to wholesale with a catalog that includes all types of products:

When you want to sell a new product category, you no longer have to contact new suppliers.

It is important to choose a company that recognizes the latest trends and constantly updates its catalog, as well as its product range.

Internet sales rely heavily on viral products and trends that can emerge as soon as they disappear.

Just consider the fidget spinner scam!

wedding dress

So it can be important to have a dropshipping supplier willing to face these temporary trends.

Dropshipping trend from days gone by: a yellow fidget spinner

2. Various sync options

One of the key factors in working with a dropshipping tool is synchronization options (eg, orders, catalog, inventory, carriers).

The most basic method is CSV files. But they mean more effort and manual work that many salespeople will want to save.

That’s why some dropshipping providers offer other options, from options that require some technical knowledge (for example, an API to automate synchronization) to existing and synchronized dropshipping stores.

3. Accessible Customer Service

Make sure your supplier offers good terms and is transparent when it comes to responding to incidents, shipping defective products, or processing returns and canceled orders.

It is also an advantage that their customer service is multilingual and able to offer you a personalized service.

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4. Multiple shipping options

Internationalizing a store with drop shipping is much easier than with a traditional delivery method.

If you have a dropshipping provider that covers shipments to different countries, all you have to do is sell without geographic factors.

That’s why we recommend looking for a dropshipping provider that has agreements with different shipping companies and allows you to sell to many different countries.

Wedding Factory

Graphics: A paper airplane is flying around a globe.

But remember that selling in a new country requires you to work too:

You need to translate your website and set a sales strategy that targets another culture!

5. Provide good customer support

Returns are an important part of e-commerce. Therefore, you should definitely plan ahead for the worst case.

If there is a problem with a customer’s order, it is important that your supplier provides you with a timely solution.

Look for a provider that handles this aspect satisfactorily so your customers don’t get the wrong impression and you have to deal with it as little as possible.

Wedding supplies dropshippers


Dropshipping has its advantages and disadvantages, but it also has tremendous potential to attract large numbers of customers, generate solid sales, and grow your own store.

It is a real opportunity to gain first-hand experience, especially for those new to the world of e-commerce.

Whether it’s a classic online store, an online marketplace or fixed retail: Dropshipping can be an interesting selling opportunity for almost any company.

Design your own wedding dress – for that individual touch

Have you recently been engaged or did someone close to you say “yes” to all the questions? Then the wedding preparations have probably already begun and have taken over your private life.

Wedding supplies dropshippers

And not just bridal fabrics are part of the planning. Whether your wedding is big or small, winter, fall, spring or summer, a wedding dress is one of the most important things to plan.

No matter what religion your wedding party is, what cultural background and what stage of your life you are at: the wedding dress is the star of the show. Even your prospective husband will be surprised by your dress.

But in this age there may be times when you need a maternity dress, two dresses for two brides, bridesmaid dresses or flower girl dresses. You’ve spent hours in bridal stores, sniffing wedding magazines, and on Pinterest looking for the perfect dress, and you still don’t have a wedding dress.

Step back. Take a deep breath… It’s time to go against tradition.

Do you know exactly what your dream dress should look like but can’t find it anywhere? Wonderful! Because now you can design your own wedding dress and make your dream come true.

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Every detail, every cut and every stitch is in your hands. The first step in designing a wedding dress is the choice of fabric.

fabrics for wedding dresses sheer lace

Bridal fabrics: classics

You will have a hard time choosing when choosing the right fabrics. Some of the most popular fabrics for wedding dresses include:

Satin – Opaque, flowing, shimmery finish

Lace – Filigree, open, delicate and detailed pattern

Organza – Fine with a smooth and grainy texture

Chiffon – Incredibly light, sheer and soft

Taffeta – Firm, dense and flowing, crepe texture

Wholesale fashion wedding jewelry

When choosing a fabric, the focus is often on the processing and nature of the fibers. But when it comes to choosing fabrics for a wedding dress, the situation is different: What matters most is how the material looks and feels.

A fabric that is soft against the skin can become hot very quickly if worn all day. A cool, light fabric can get caught in the jewelry and be damaged.

Dropship programs for boutiques

That’s why it’s important to think ahead: how long and where will you wear your dress? This is the only way to choose the perfect fabric for your creativity.

Bridal fabrics from Metropol Wedding Dress

At Contrado you will find a wide variety of fabrics that are perfect for making wedding dresses. In our collection you will find not only the classics, but also modern materials for the more adventurous bride. We’ve listed the best-selling wedding dresses here to make your selection easier.

Flora; fabrics for wedding dresses floral pattern lace

This versatile filigree tulle lace convinces with an elegant floral pattern on which colors shimmer. Flora lace is perfect for adding a romantic touch to your wedding dress. Use this fabric for sleeves, dresses, skirts, mittens or even to give a bouquet a creative and romantic look.

glossy satin; shiny satin bridal fabric

One of the most popular textiles for wedding dresses is satin. With a concise and flowing fall, our high-sheen satin will turn your dress into a shimmering accent. The cool, lightweight fabric glides smoothly on the skin and perfectly shows off your curves.

paris chiffon; chiffon fabrics for wedding dresses

Wholesale wedding accessories manufacturers

Bridal gowns made of transparent fabrics bring a never-before-seen elegance to the bride. You will definitely achieve this with Paris Chiffon. The material is slightly stretchy diagonally and at the same time convinces by being light as a feather.

The fabric works best in layers to add volume without making the dress too heavy.

Florence power network; mesh fabric for wedding dress

This sheer mesh is similar in weight to chiffon, but also has exceptional flexibility. Florence mesh does not fray, so it does not get caught on nails or jewelry. It is a knitted tulle fabric that is perfect for summer weddings due to its lightweight, breathable nature.

Soft-shell jersey; softshell jersey fabric

Attention winter brides, this fabric is for you! Softshell jersey is slightly rough on the back and is soft and warm on the skin. Colors and details are faithfully reproduced on the smooth surface.

Stretch and drape make the material perfect for dresses, despite its heavy weight. Thanks to its breathable nature, the fabric is perfect for the church, the registry office and the next celebration.

fashionable crepe; fashion crepe fabrics for wedding dresses

Design a wedding dress with a modern twist using trendy crepe fabric . The material has two right sides and is ideal for spring celebrations. It’s lightweight, breathable and has a classic grainy crepe texture that gives the fabric extra grip.

Wedding Factory

Thanks to its built feel and lightness, Fashion Crêpe is also extremely easy to use.

Iridescent Velvet; velvet fabric wedding dress

Our Iridescent Velvet with an extremely flexible and irresistible sparkle will add a touch of luxury to your dress. The fabric is completely opaque and insulating, making it ideal for fall weddings. A bride in an Iridescent Velvet dress will get all the attention she deserves.

wholesale wedding dress sellers

The British royal family is known for their refined taste in fashion. Let the royal weddings of the past few years inspire you to create your own design.

You should definitely read our wholesale wedding dress sellers article.

Classic like Kate

You’re sure to draw attention to yourself with a timeless classic Kate Middleton style look. Her wedding dress is made of silk organza, with a rigid structure, smooth texture and elegant pleats.

Add your personal touch to a classic look by designing your own wedding dress. Use our Impression rayon, a translucent fabric with a paler print result and a shimmering drape.

modern like Meghan

Start the future with your soulmate with Meghan Markle’s modern look. The American impressed with a silk wedding dress with hand-embroidered flowers. You too can create a dress that reflects true luxury.

Use our silk satin made from 100% pure silk: a sturdy fabric that blends perfectly with lace.


More and more people are looking for ways to make money online. In Germany, the number of start-ups has grown steadily in recent years. A large number of founders and aspiring entrepreneurs choose a concept in the field of internet business.

While the reasons for stepping into self-employment are very different, the goal is always the same: to earn money and thus develop an alternative to dependent wage employment or unemployment.

Successful online business: earn money with Drop Shipping

Many founders react to labor market conditions with their decision to become self-employed. Unemployment numbers have been falling lately.

wholesale wedding dress

However, most employee offers are temporary contracts, low-paying jobs, or precarious jobs. A solid future and family planning cannot be built on it. Against this background, it is understandable and logical to try to find an independent alternative.

Due to its low barriers to entry, online commerce is particularly suitable for starting your own company. The necessary technical infrastructure is now ubiquitous and the founder does not need to have a specific professional qualification.

Wholesale fashion wedding jewelry


However, before you enter the founding and start-up phase of your internet business as a prospective entrepreneur, you should consider the specific business model.

Basically, it has to be decided whether you want to do traditional trading or make money with drop shipping.

Second, it is a concept in which both the initial investment and operating costs can be kept particularly low. With less risk, you can make more money than traditional online trading.


To understand the features and advantages of Drop Shipping, it is first necessary to take a look at the structures of traditional, classic online commerce.

The retailer decides on a particular product area, searches for suitable manufacturers, importers or wholesalers and places their products in their online store.

It calculates the required quantities of each product, purchases them from the relevant supplier and stores the goods in its own premises.

If an order is placed, the relevant goods are taken from the warehouse, made ready for transport and sent to the relevant end customer.

This trading model has important implications for money requirements, labor costs, and entrepreneurial risk. The offered products must be purchased in advance in reasonable quantities. This requires sufficient start-up capital and ties up funds.

You should definitely read our wholesale bridesmaid dresses article.

Also, a warehouse is required, the rental of which is associated with high monthly expenses. In addition, the warehouse needs to be managed professionally, which requires appropriate staffing and is associated with ongoing costs.

After all, the online retailer is taking a high economic risk by purchasing the goods. If the products are sold in the market less than originally planned, he alone bears the risk of the goods and the resulting losses.


Let’s take a look at the drop shipping alternative trading form to see how it can be used to make money online. The Drop Shipping seller does not come into physical contact with the goods it offers.

It does not buy, store, ship the products in advance and therefore does not assume the risk of the goods. This is made possible by working closely with one or more Drop Shipping wholesalers.

The retailer selects suitable products from the assortment and places them in its online store. If an order is placed, it informs the supplier manually or automatically.

Second, Drop Shipping takes care of unloading, packaging, and direct shipping to the end customer without the need for the Drop Shipping seller to be activated himself.

Wholesale wedding dresses

You don’t need to fund your own inventory or store or ship products to make money with Drop Shipping. This significantly reduces the need for start-up capital.

Due to the lack of warehouse and personnel, operating costs are significantly lower and the risk of goods is completely eliminated.

If it turns out that a particular product cannot be sold at the planned price or not at all, the Drop Shipping seller removes the product from its range and replaces it with another product.

Drop Shipping’s classic online commerce

Comparison with DropShipping means that the retailer does not pre-purchase the goods. Instead, it remains with the respective supplier. In case of placing an order, the supplier will be informed.

It now ships the requested goods directly to the end customer and only then invoices the retailer for the product.


If you start an online business, you want to make money with it in the future. With Drop Shipping, this goal can be achieved much more easily and conveniently than with traditional online trading, as the financial pressure is significantly lower here.

As a founder, you should keep in mind that about a third of start-ups in Germany will not survive in the first three years after starting.

One of the most common reasons for the early failure of startups is that the required financial resources are underestimated and revenue is not enough to cover investments and operating costs.

In this context, as a prospective Internet entrepreneur, you must ensure that both the initial capital requirement and monthly costs are kept as low as possible.

This significantly increases the chances of a positive long-term business development and creates the conditions for making sufficient money by actively self-employed on the Internet.

You should definitely read our wholesale wedding dress manufacturer article.

In addition to the economic advantages, the Drop Shipping trading model offers other advantages. Such a business model can ideally be implemented from your home or apartment, as you can do without hiring staff for a longer period of time.

On the one hand, this saves money and relieves the installer’s time as there are no time-consuming trips to and from work. A harmonious combination of work and family life is much easier for Drop Shipping retailers than for traditional online retailers.


So far we have seen that Drop Shipping offers an ideal way to make money on the Internet. Despite all your enthusiasm for this forward-looking and advantageous business model, as a founder, you should remember that this form of self-employment can also be fraught with problems and risks if you do not do careful and thorough planning.

Connected suppliers are at the heart of every drop shipping model. As much of the work and responsibility is delegated to these business partners, it is especially important that they work in a reliable and professional manner.

When a drop shipping doesn’t process orders on time, sends poor quality products, or uses incomplete packaging, it always comes back to the online retailer. In this context, great attention and time should be given to the selection and review of suitable suppliers.

A good Drop Shipping supplier is characterized not only by its reliability, low product prices and low processing and shipping costs, but also by its expertise in the products offered.

The product range must always be up to date, taking into account current trends and innovations and meeting the tastes and needs of the end customers in the market.

Also, when making money through Drop Shipping, the founder also needs to carefully plan the initial costs and ongoing expenses in this case.

This can only be achieved within the framework of a comprehensive and reliable business plan; This plan should take into account all the cost factors with a revenue and profit forecast, plus the expenses the founder needs to make a living.

8 Questions Brides Ask When Buying Wedding Dresses

Before brides get married, there are many questions that need to be answered. You don’t buy a wedding dress every day, so you may need some help. We have answered the most frequently asked questions of brides about buying a wedding dress for you.

I will get married in a year and a half, when will I get a wedding dress?

We recommend buying a dress about a year to eight months before your wedding day. Then you have the greatest choice. A wedding dress has a delivery time of four to five months and then needs to be sewn to measure.

However, we always have a collection of wedding dresses that can be delivered directly and can be purchased by brides getting married in the near future.

2. Who do I take to the wedding dress rehearsal?

We recommend that you always keep the group you come with small. Many opinions make it difficult to choose, and you can never make everyone happy. Get people who are honest but ultimately want you to choose the wedding dress that suits you. Up to four people is ideal.

3. What should I take with me when trying on a wedding dress?

All you need is a good mood, a pack of wipes might come in handy, and of course your best friends and family members should not be missing. We have underwear and shoes for you to try on so you don’t have to take them with you.

You should definitely read our Wholesale Bridal Dresses article.

4.Can I try on a wedding dress in this size?

We have a large collection of plus size wedding dresses at Wedding World. You can also try different styles and silhouettes with the size 48. We also have matching lingerie that will highlight your best assets under your wedding dress. In short, whether your size is 34 or 54, we have a wedding dress for you!

5. I want to lose 20 kilos, should I wait to buy a wedding dress?

You can wait a bit, but you should start looking for your dream wedding dress eight months before your wedding. We have a lot of experience with brides who still want to lose weight, and we’re discussing with you how best to do it.

If you are not sure it will work, we will order the dress in a size above your target weight and sew it if necessary. In this case, it is better to play it safe.

6. How do I know if my groom has bought a suit that fits my dress if I am not allowed to come to the purchase?

First of all, of course you can come, but most bridal couples prefer not to see each other’s wedding attire until the day of their wedding. Our consultants know the style and color of your dress and will ensure that the suit they choose is compatible with your dress.

If you have a special color accent on your dress, we can make a tie in the same color and fabric.

7. How do I know which accessories I should wear on my dress?

Most wedding dresses require underwear and sometimes a ring. Wedding shoes are also jewelry that complete your look. A wedding dress consultant will help you choose your accessories and jewelry.

It is important to choose the dress first, then we can choose the jewelry and accessories that suit it.

8. Which wedding dress suits me, should I check Pinterest first?

It’s absolutely fine to be prepared through blogs, Pinterest, and bridal magazines. However, it is important not to have a single dress in mind, but to try different wedding dress models. Many brides marry in a dress they never thought they would choose. So let yourself be a little surprised!

I hope we were able to answer your first questions about wedding dress shopping. Have fun with your first rehearsal date!

Wedding dresses are still the focus of the festive ceremony

What would our festive weddings be like without beautiful, elegant and dreamy wedding gowns? After all, it is the best day of her life for the bride.

Therefore, it is understandable that the decision for the most beautiful wedding dresses is a matter of heart. When all the guests look at the bride, the chosen dress comes to her senses.

And wedding dresses also look good in mandatory wedding photos and make a particularly long impression.

You should definitely read our wedding dresses manufacturers article.

Beautiful and elegant wedding dress makes dreams come true

Many young women dream of beautiful wedding dresses long before their wedding. These are much more than a few yards of gorgeously flowing fabric, a few accessories and appliqués, and the skilled hands of skilled craftsmen.

Wedding dresses have a special magic that cannot be explained by the use of pure materials. They play an important role in any wedding and need to be chosen with care. After all, ideally you don’t own more than one wedding dress in your life.

Not only does the bride need a gorgeous wedding dress

The concept of wedding dress does not only cover the real wedding dress. The holiday dresses of bridesmaids, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and female guests can also be described in this way.

This type of wedding dress primarily serves the purpose of giving the unique ceremony its special charm. Therefore, wedding dresses should be especially festive, elegant and beautiful without stealing the show from the bride’s outfit.

Timeless wedding dress manufacturer and wholesaler

In our wedding dress category, you’ll discover a wide selection of magical bridal fashions. On the other hand, our suppliers also provide you with dresses for wedding guests. Immerse yourself in this romantic world of gently flowing fabrics and wonderful colours.

In addition to wedding dress suppliers, with us you will find numerous other wholesalers for fashion and accessories.

Bridesmaids have a long tradition and an important meaning.

The story of the bridesmaids is as old as it is interesting. It was originally the duty of these young women to dress up as the bride so that they could confuse and keep away evil spirits.

Today, the duties of bridesmaids have changed a lot. He is good spirit throughout the ceremony and supports the bride. He accompanies them in the wedding procession, carries their train if necessary, and hides the bridal bouquet during the actual wedding ceremony.

Of course, the bridesmaid dress should be suitable for this festive day and appearance.

Bridesmaid dresses should not overshadow the wedding dress

Bridesmaid dresses have to fulfill a somewhat difficult task. On the one hand, of course, it should look charming, be in harmony with the festive occasion, but also be comfortable and elegant and make a good impression in every way.

On the other hand, bridesmaid dresses should not compete with the wedding dress. They are usually chosen in a similar style and color to the wedding dress, but without elaborate embellishments or applications and kept fairly simple.

Bridesmaid dresses put the finishing touches on the ceremony.

No wedding is unthinkable without a bridesmaid. His presence is extremely important to the bride and will always be with her on the wedding day.

You should definitely read our wedding dress manufacturers article.

Even for this reason alone, it is very important to choose wedding dresses carefully and carefully. Above all, they must be of high quality and exude a high degree of elegance. Trendy experiments or extremely unusual models are often out of place here.

elegant bridesmaid dresses supplier

Discover the beautiful and successful high quality and elegant bridesmaid dresses in the assortment of our suppliers that put the finishing touch and shine on any wedding.

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