Luce sposa peony Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Luce sposa peony Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Luce sposa peony Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Luce sposa peony Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Our tips for an inexpensive wedding

To plan a cheap/low or very low budget wedding, you must first create a wedding budget. Depending on your financial situation and situation, you will quickly know which total amount you should not exceed.

Whether you’re a wedding photographer or caterer, set priorities in mind. This will give you a clear idea of your wedding planning and make it easier for you to decide where and how to save.

Luce sposa peony

Once you have your budget, you can ask loved ones to help you organize your wedding to change certain positions. Depending on their skills, they may be involved in wedding decor, entertainment or cooking, which can save you money.

Consider asking for quotes and comparing prices and services for the highest priority items.

Luce Sposa Abigail

The total price of your wedding will primarily depend on the number of guests present. Indeed, the more people there are, the more expensive your day will cost you, because the prices of the caterer and the location of the reception depend on the number of people.

For an economical wedding, you can reduce the number of guests and surround yourself with only your most important relatives. To reduce the number of covers, you can invite only certain people to the reception.

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Luce Sposa Alabama 2

Luce Sposa Alabama

Also consider your wedding date. By marrying off-season (October-April) you will have access to more attractive rates, especially for the reception venue. Likewise, getting married on a weekday will cost you less than on a Saturday.

Bride and groom posing outside in autumn

How to save money for a wedding on a budget item by item?

The keyword for organizing a low-budget wedding will be DIY! DIY allows you to save a lot of money on different items and make your wedding simple, unique and more original.

Luce Sposa Ariana 1

reception room

If you have few guests, generally choose the economical or even inexpensive mass wedding halls. Often turnkey rentals will cost you much less than renting a field or castle.

The price of the reception hall varies by region. Choose rooms or small mansions in the countryside or outside of big cities to cut that budget and celebrate your togetherness in a setting with character.

Of course, the cheapest solution is to hold your wedding at a family or friend’s home. Their garden can be the perfect place for a cocktail or reception. You can even hold an earthly ceremony at the property to reduce transportation costs.

Luce sposa peony


The caterer is the most expensive service provider at a wedding and is defined by the number of covers. Like the reception hall, having a limited number of guests allows you to significantly lower the price of your wedding.

If you want a cheap wedding caterer, opt for a cocktail or single meal over the most expensive sit-down service.

Hire the services of a wedding food truck at affordable prices for an original, fun and casual meal.

You can also enter the kitchen and prepare dinner yourself with the help of your loved ones for a homemade DIY meal. At dessert time, you can offer delicious alternatives to a wedding cake or cake with pancakes, muffins or mini tarts.

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Luce Sposa Charlotte

wedding photographer

It is very important to have beautiful photos of your togetherness. But the best choice for wedding photographers to see their prices can be intimidating.

To save money, it can be tempting to call a loved one with a camera to take a picture of your ceremony and then present their footage to you. However , this solution may cost you more than you think .

Indeed, choosing a non-professional photographer does not guarantee you successful photos. You have to trust your wedding photographer, make sure they can meet your expectations and capture every moment of your wedding.

Someone you love will definitely want to take advantage of the ceremony and reception and will not be available or alert to capture your feelings and your family’s reactions.

Luce Sposa devotion

Therefore , you should choose a suitable photographer for your project and should guarantee you excellent photos .

Spark is the best photographer’s choice for your wedding and at the most affordable price. We provide a dedicated consultant to help you find the ideal photographer and service for your wedding.

Our Spark services are fully customizable to fit your budget and wishes. Freely define your photographer’s presence time, style, and options, and you’re guaranteed to have outstanding photos on the big day.

For example, if you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Montpellier, he can escort you to town hall or the church of Saint-Mathieu just for the ceremony, or record your entire reception night.

Spark provides you with every step of your service.

It accompanies you and helps you fulfill all your photo requests. After the festivities, you get all these beautiful fresh memories in three weeks to keep in mind and freely share.

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Luce Sposa Josefine

Luce Sposa Josefine


If the presence of a DJ during the reception isn’t a priority for you, create or ask a loved one to create a wedding playlist that includes your favorite songs and their selections that your guests can kick off at the start of the evening.

If you want a DJ, book for a limited time, it will cost you less.

If you want to enjoy a band, opt for acoustic concerts or concerts with musician friends.

There’s also lots of free wedding entertainment, allowing you to create a nice festive atmosphere without breaking your budget.

An example of an inexpensive wedding invitation

Luce sposa lily

Wedding invitations and stationery

The easiest way for inexpensive wedding invitations is to send them via email. You save paper and shipping, and you can freely create them on your computer as you like. You can send photos or videos so that they are original.

You can also design your own wedding invitations and hand-deliver them to your guests. Do the same with the rest of your wedding stationery (place cards, table plans, menus, etc.) and print simultaneously to reduce your printer costs (or your personal printer).

wedding decor

Hone your DIY creative skills and arrange it yourself for a very low budget wedding decor. For example, fancy glass bottles, wooden objects, etc. You can get an inexpensive and very original wedding decoration using everyday objects such as .

Consider candles, paper lanterns or Christmas wreaths for a warm and friendly light.

Luce sposa muse

You can rent your crockery at a specialty store or directly from your caterer or reception hall if the option interests you.

If you are holding a religious ceremony, ask the person celebrating if they can lend you decorative items.

When it comes to flowers, for an affordable wedding decor, choose seasonal flowers that are perfect for your bouquet and affordable types like baby’s breath.

Finally, if you want to give (optional) gifts to guests while respecting your small budget, give one gift per couple, not per person.

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Luce sposa peony

Luce sposa muse

wedding dress and accessories

The choice of wedding dress is very important, but it can be quite expensive depending on the model, model or brand.

Renting for a low-budget wedding allows you to have the perfect inexpensive wedding dress.

You can also buy a used one at the store or online.

If you want a dress of your own, many ready-made clothing stores offer civilian wedding dresses such as Esprit or Asos at economical prices.

Also, visit the wedding venues to take advantage of discounts or take advantage of online sales.

You can add an intergenerational and emotional dimension to your wedding by wearing your mother’s or grandmother’s dress.

Luce sposa shiny

For the groom, you can find cheap men’s suits for rent or you can buy a suit that the groom can use on other days.

If you are looking for wedding rings at a low price, opt for simple and durable rings, limit the decoration to diamonds or others.


If you have close hairdressers or make-up artists, they can offer you the perfect makeover.

In a DIY approach, there are many online tutorials that can help you find and recreate a beauty treatment that makes you grow, and it does so at a very affordable price.

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Wedding Dress

Luce Sposa Charlotte


The honeymoon can represent a significant portion of your total budget, depending on where and how long you’re going.

You can ask your guests to provide financing, which allows you to take full advantage of it without having to make big savings.

In general, choose to travel to locations within a few hours of France in the off-season to save significantly.

Now you know how to organize a wedding on a budget! And if you want a simple wedding and the idea of a classic wedding doesn’t interest you, or you can’t afford to organize one, you can choose “escape”, which consists of getting married surrounded by a very small committee. The sincere, unique and most economical solution to say “yes” to you!

Whether you are organizing a budget wedding, a luxurious wedding or a getaway, Spark accompanies you and captures the best moments of your togetherness.

Find our exclusive selection of the best wedding photographers and videographers and surround yourself with an expert dedicated to making this day unforgettable.


Satin Wedding Dress

Satin wedding dress is one of the most popular wedding dresses with its smooth and bright tone that brightens the bride.

Do you want to wear a wedding dress for the big day? Spark explains all about this noble fabric that guarantees a stylish and elegant look.

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satin wedding dress promotion

Satin wedding dress is the ideal dress for women who are looking for a smooth and shiny fabric to shine in their wedding. The heavier fabric holds the shape well, accentuates the feminine silhouette very well and makes you feel beautiful and confident in your outfit. It guarantees a magnificent aesthetic in a short or long wedding dress.

Satin wedding dresses can be made by pure silk satin, polyester or mixed with other materials such as silk lace or mikado. The Duchess satin wedding dress offers a specially woven silk dress for a particularly eye-catching shine.

Often, satin accompanies other fabrics and is used in certain pieces to make the outfit more stylish and elegant. Long satin sleeves, smooth petticoat, silk satin tail wedding dress, this fabric brings a solemn and elegant, very romantic side.

For even more elegance, you can combine satin with pearl pearls and hand-sewn embroidery on a flowy or fitted satin wedding dress for a unique and sophisticated look.

Luce Sposa devotion

Satin wedding dress sample
Photo of a bride in a satin wedding dress
Photo of a satin wedding dress from the back

Satin wedding dress: for which wedding?
The silk satin wedding dress is ideal for all ceremonies and offers the ideal elegant look at the town hall, house of worship or during a secular wedding. It is also perfect for reception illuminated by lighting with its bright hue.

However, for weddings to be held in the summer months, a satin wedding dress may not be recommended, especially for a bohemian wedding dress, because the weight of the fabric may interfere, causing you to sweat more than a light and fluid fabric such as lace. or cotton tulle.

Flowy satin wedding dress sample
Photograph of a woman wearing a satin wedding dress

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Satin wedding dress: for which bride?

The satin wedding dress, which can adapt to most body types, suits all cuts. However, this fabric will grow even more with its smooth and shiny appearance, which we can see in satin princess wedding dresses or mermaid wedding dresses. Thus, this dress is ideal for morphs in 8 and A, emphasizing the bride’s presence.

Since satin is quite hard, it may not be recommended for curvy women or pregnant women who can tighten the waist and do not allow the complexes to be hidden.

You know everything about satin wedding dresses!

Want to learn more about different wedding dresses? You can find our different wedding dress categories below.

Luce sposa shiny

Black Wedding Dress

A black wedding dress is daring to mark your wedding day and make it an unforgettable ceremony. A colorful wedding dress will reflect your style perfectly.

Do you want to dare the black wedding dress? Spark tells you all about this rock’n’roll team.

Black wedding dress promotion

The black wedding dress, which is the symbol of elegance and mystery, is an original dress choice that shows the desire to oppose traditional codes and express a strong character. A dress that is as classic as it is original, will surprise you and make you an unforgettable center of attention.

The dress can be all black, opaque or translucent fabric to mark the spirits, or it can be mixed with white for a dazzling black and white wedding dress.

It can also be placed only on certain parts of the dress, such as the neckline, petticoat or train, guaranteeing a magnificent look that remains particularly elegant and sensual.

Adapting to every style, the black wedding dress is ideal for a mermaid or empire-cut dress, emphasizing the feminine lines of women even more.

A tight black mermaid wedding dress will enrich the silhouette with great sensuality. Likewise, a short black wedding dress set with a plunging neckline with rhinestones will add a lot of elegance and glamor.

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Brides can choose accessories of different colors to add contrast to the black dress. Thus, they can choose white gloves, red bows and colorful ribbons that will emphasize the original and unique character of the black wedding dress.

Photograph of a woman wearing a black wedding dress
Example of a black wedding dress

Photo of a bride posing in her long black wedding dress

Black wedding dress: for which wedding?

The black wedding dress, with its subversive side, is ideal for more rock-themed weddings, whether it’s punk, gothic, or medieval. But this is not limited to weddings.

Thus, a black and white wedding dress can find its place in a boho wedding as well as a royal or elegant wedding with a red and black bohemian wedding dress in pastel tones.

If a black wedding dress doesn’t seem appropriate for a religious ceremony, if it’s reserved for civil or secular ceremonies, it will definitely create a sensation if it stays black and the nuptial accepts.

To lighten the power and image of black, the bride can wear a black and white wedding dress, the tail, sleeves, etc. can keep the color dark for details.

Photo of a bride posing in her black wedding dress

Black wedding dress: for which bride?

The black wedding dress, which allows the bride to reflect her personality, fully adapts to the morphology, while even the color has a subtle effect. Thus, curvy women will feel even more beautiful. The important thing in choosing a cut is that you are comfortable and look good.

For brides who do not have a big budget, an evening dress that perfectly hugs the body lines can be preferred instead of a black wedding dress.

Luce Sposa Tiffany dress

Luce Sposa Abigail

Blue Wedding Dress

One of the modern and popular colors of the wedding dress, the blue wedding dress offers stylish as well as various tones.

Are you looking for a blue wedding dress that will unite you? Spark tells you about this pure and romantic color.

Blue wedding dress presentation

A blue wedding dress is a colorful wedding dress that allows you to move away from the classic white and have a more original outfit. It is a romantic and very sophisticated color that symbolizes water, purity, life and fidelity.

Royal blue, sky blue, turquoise, midnight blue, shades of blue are very diverse and each offers a different symbolism that corresponds to your personality and desires.

Thus, a turquoise blue wedding dress will reflect your romance, while royal blue will symbolize the nobility, ideal for a princess wedding.

If the entire wedding dress can be blue, the color can be made up of certain parts, mixed with other colors or certain elegant details can also occur.

A blue and white wedding dress may consist of a white top and a blue skirt, blue sleeves covering the shoulders, or a pastel tail.

Blue flowers on the bustier or on the neckline draw attention to the chest, providing an extra soft and romantic touch.

Blue embroidery on the back or petticoat will always be elegant additions to accentuate the silhouette, especially with a short wedding dress.

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Photograph of a couple with a bride wearing a blue wedding dress
Turquoise blue wedding dress sample

Blue wedding dress: for which wedding?

Blue wedding dresses are ideal for a multitude of wedding themes, thanks to their variety of hues. A bohemian navy blue wedding dress is ideal for a ceremony at the beach, a bohemian wedding dress that will show the proximity to the sea and emphasize the relaxed side of the bride.

In a more elegant and magical wedding, a white and blue princess wedding dress in her sleeves, with a voluminous royal blue skirt and pure white bustier, will leave her mark on the souls and emphasize the noble atmosphere of the wedding.

sky blue wedding dress sample

Photograph of a bride-to-be wearing a blue wedding dress

Luce Sposa Ariana

Blue wedding dress: for which bride?
In order for the blue wedding dress to highlight the beauty of the bride-to-be, it is recommended that the chosen blue be compatible with the skin and hair color.

Brides can choose the cuts suitable for their morphology according to their desires and obtain a blue wedding dress that suits their bodies and in which they will feel beautiful and comfortable.

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