Gold Prayer Necklace Best 3 Jeweler

Gold Prayer Necklace Best 3 Jeweler

Gold Prayer Necklace Best 3 Jeweler

Gold Prayer Necklace Best 3 Jeweler Did you know that gold is the liquid medicine that more than 5,000 years ago, the alchemists in Alexandria believed could help the human body fight disease and stay young?

Indeed, gold is not just a valuable addition to your jewelery collection; Many health benefits have been identified:

Gold is known as a ‘heart-friendly’ metal that improves blood circulation in your body, thus ensuring that every part of your body gets plenty of oxygen.

For this reason, pregnant women were advised to wear a gold ornament on their bellies to improve the circulation of blood and other bodily fluids in both the child and mother.

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If you wear a  gold prayer necklace, it will protect you from evil.

It is believed that if you put pure gold on an infected or painful area, it can help heal the wound and control the infection.

Did you know that even the ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra slept with a golden mask every night? Gold helps your body regenerate cells by providing warm and soothing vibrations to the skin.

Gold is used in many skin care and beauty products. It is also used to treat various skin problems such as eczema, fungal infections, skin rash, wounds, skin burns.

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Wearing gold-containing clothing helps maintain your body temperature and restores body temperature balance in case of chills, hot flashes and night sweats.

Did you know that a gold-containing compound was used to treat rheumatoid arthritis after the Second World War?

Even in Venice during the Renaissance, the host of a social gathering would offer his guests gold-coated almonds after meals to protect them from rheumatism and, of course, to show their wealth.

If you have arthritis, gold can help reduce the pain of your limbs by improving blood circulation.

In the 19th century, gold was used for the treatment of alcoholism. Today, gold; nicotine is used in drugs to treat drug and caffeine addiction

Gold may help the body control the growth of cancerous cells. For this reason, it is used as an alternative medicine in the treatment of different types of cancer such as prostate and ovarian cancer.

Gold also aids in the early detection of cancer. CytImmune, a US-based biopharmaceutical company, has developed a method to increase the effectiveness of anti-cancer drugs using directly gold nanoparticles.

Another company called Nanospectra has created gold-coated “nanoshells” that heat destroy cancer cells.

Did you know that gold nanoparticles play an important role in the millions of “Rapid Diagnostic Tests” used globally each year?

These tests, which contain gold nanoparticles, help detect whether a person is affected by malaria. But the really cool thing is that gold also helps in early detection of HIV/AIDS.

Gold provides many benefits to people spiritually as well as material benefits. Women who wear gold are believed to provide many psychological and physical benefits.

The first benefit of having gold in the body strengthens the heart, it can be useful for those with heart disease.

Another benefit of wearing gold is for women with epilepsy. It is believed to cure Sara’s disease.

Wearing a gold prayer necklace removes anxiety and fears in people; There is also belief.

They say that wearing eyeliner with a golden mile increases eyesight. Of course, it is necessary to be very careful and to pull the driving on the side of someone who knows

men’s lord’s prayer necklace

Piercing the ears of little girls with a gold needle prevents future inflammation of the ear; There is also belief.

Again, according to belief; Keeping gold in the mouth both prevents bad breath and protects people against delusion

Looking under gold relieves boredom and stress, and makes people happy.

Keeping gold on children relieves the child’s fears.

It is believed that wearing gold to children protects the umm from the disease of the child.

Golden ring; The belief that it protects women from genies, joint pain and entanglement is also present in our society.

In short, the benefits of wearing Gold are innumerable. Of course, there is one point that should not be forgotten: This information is scientifically unproven information included in the belief of the society. It means that all these diseases and fears go away with gold; is wrong.

According to the records known in history, during the reign of Egyptian rulers, around 3200 BC, gold was drawn in bars of equal size and used as money. The symbol au comes from the Latin word aurum, meaning “gold”.

Remains of gold ornaments dating back to 2000 BC were found in Peru, and it is known that Aztecs and Incas in the Americas were also fond of gold.

Among the ancient civilizations that gave importance to gold; It would be appropriate to count the Greeks, Persians, Macedonians, Assyrians, Sumerians and Lydians.

In 550 BC, King of Lydia, Krezos, printed gold as money (coin) and trade increased with the printing of gold as money. Cities have prospered and the world has entered a new era of prosperity.

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It is known that Scythians and Sarmatians (1000 BC) were advanced in making gold buckles about national heroes. Between the fourth and ninth centuries, they gave the best examples of gold bowl and vase craftsmanship.

Some of these works are exhibited in the Morgan collection, New York.

After the Turks accepted Islam, they reduced the production of gold goods. They used gold items only as ornaments.

It is extracted from Mersin, Antakya, Niğde, Balıkesir, Kütahya, Bursa, İzmir and its surroundings in Turkey.

More than half of all gold ever mined from the earth is in the hands of governments and central banks.

Gold, which has always been of great importance both as a guarantee of paper money emission in every country and as an international payment instrument, maintains its value in the eyes of artisans working with metal.

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In jewelry, gold alloys with silver, palladium, copper or platinum are commonly used.

It is gold with high electrical conductivity (after silver and copper) and does not easily react chemically.

It is most commonly used in the electrical and electronic industries for coating connections, terminals, printed circuits, transistors and semiconductor systems.

Thin gold sheets, which can reflect and reject about 98 percent of the infrared rays falling on them, provide protection from harmful rays in the eye holes in the head of the space suits and control the temperature on the surfaces of artificial satellites.

The use of thin sheets of gold in the windows of large office buildings is not only due to aesthetics but also because this reflective surface greatly reduces heat exchange with the environment.

It is a very small amount of gold, which is colloidally dispersed in the glassy mass, giving the bright red color to garnet glasses. However, people mostly use it in jewelry and ornaments.

In addition,  gold prayer necklaces are highly preferred in the jewelry industry.

Creation is full of secrets, it stems from God’s appreciation. Men can only use gold for savings, its use as jewelry is prohibited by the Creator.

10k gold praying hands pendant

Gold has many benefits that are not yet known to man. I would like to share some of its known benefits with you.

Gold has many benefits for the female body and psychology.

Not only does gold come in contact with the skin, but gold is also edible. It is one of the few edible metals. Today, dishes decorated with gold dust are very popular in luxury restaurants.

When gold comes into contact with the skin, it increases the blood circulation of that area.
Gold increases the cell renewal process and provides rejuvenation.
It supports the closure and healing of wounds.

Gold activates the ions of the area it contacts.
Cells undergoing age-related deformation renew the connections among themselves and reconstruct their structure. This heals tissue damage, wrinkles and bruises.

10k gold praying hands pendant

Gold regulates the heart rhythm.
You can feel peaceful by wearing gold prayer necklace.
Gold is good for heart diseases.
Gold is good for muscle diseases.
It provides a psychological healing by raising the gold body frequency.
It energetically supports making more money by pulling the gold coin energy to where it is.
Wearing gold is good for epilepsy.

Basically in the field of gold medicine; New studies are underway for the treatment of rheumatic, joint inflammation, liver, eye and ear diseases, fatigue and depression treatments, and cancer treatments.

Apart from its obvious use in dental repair, gold is also used in certain tests in medical devices.

It is used in imaging systems to see the condition of the prostate in the treatment of prostate cancer. Gold is X-ray proof and visible on X-ray.

By placing gold particles around the prostate, it allows more targeted areas and a more sensitive radiation dose for the radiation treatment that doctors will apply to the prostate.

Some cancer drugs cling to gold particles, selecting tumors in the body and clinging to them.

While normal chemotherapy treatment kills healthy cells as well as diseased cells, this method only targets cancerous cells.

Nano gold particles containing drug molecules are used.

Drugs consisting of gold compounds are in the group of drugs that slow down rheumatic joint pain.

These drugs are known as DMARD’S. It is used in the treatment of swelling of the joints and as a pain reliever.

Gold has been used for these pains for perhaps more than 70 years. But scientists don’t know exactly why it works. Gold is also thought to reduce damage to cartilage and bone.

Gold sodium thiomalate (GSTM), thioglucose (GSTG) or thiosulfate (GSTS) forms, which are water-soluble forms of gold, are used in pemphigus and psoriasis joint problems.

The use of gold compounds (salts) as medicine in medicine is called chrysotherapy. It was used in the treatment of diseases such as tuberculosis and rheumatism.

The term is still used today for the treatment of certain diseases with gold salts. There are two main types of gold salt used in gold medicines. These are “Golden sodium thymomalate” and “Golden thioglucose”.

These drugs are given by injection into the muscle. It is not known how these affect. However, these drugs significantly relieve inflammation in the joint and prevent the occurrence of disorders.

Pacemakers and gold-plated stents used in the treatment of heart diseases are also among these applications. Gold-coated stents are used to support weak blood vessels.

Many surgeons prefer gold-coated stents because they are best seen under x-ray. Gold is chosen as the material to be used in implants in places where there is a risk of infection, such as inside the ear, as it has a high resistance to bacterial growth.

Gold plate is a remedy for eyelid problems, which are frequently encountered in patients with facial paralysis and whose results can lead to eye loss if not treated.

High purity gold (usually 99.99%) is used as an upper eyelid implant material for the treatment of facial paralysis.

The use of gold in dental applications is related to its perfect adaptation to the biological structure. Gold has been used in the dental field for over 3000 years.

Gold is an excellent material for use in dentistry because of its easy molding and resistance to deterioration. In addition, due to its softness, it must be alloyed to reduce wear.

Other reasons for use; biocompatibility as well as workability. It is important that there is no harmful effect when placed on the body. Therefore, it is used safely in dental fillings and dental bridges.

The leader in gold production in dentistry is Japan with a market share of 2%. Germany and America follow Japan.

The electrical connection resistance of gold is close to zero, it is not oxidized, the heat is rapidly dissipated, and it has a clean metallic surface.

The other main role of gold in electronics is its use in semiconductor elements such as transistors and integrated circuits. Gold-plated connection paths are used to connect components (electronic elements) on printed circuit boards.

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Your horse is an effective reflector. It reflects the burning heat of the sun. Gold sheets with a thickness of 0.15 mm are used in space shuttles as a radiation shield.

The instrument has been protected using gold plating to increase the electrical connections and corrosion resistance of the $1.5 billion Hubble telescope.

The gold-plated helmets of astronauts protect them from the lethal effects of radiation, allowing them to work safely in space. Gold is also an excellent conductor of thermal energy and heat.

For example, an alloy containing 35% gold is used in the injectors of the main engines of space shuttles, where the temperature can reach 3300 degrees.

Gold alloy is the most durable and long-lasting material that provides protection against high temperatures.

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