Tina Valerdi Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Tina Valerdi Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Tina Valerdi Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Tina Valerdi Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Dresses for every body type

Among our plus size evening dress models, you can definitely give up the “dazzling flower” strapless bridesmaid evening dress models. The length of the model is 127 cm and it measures from the armpit to the bottom of the dress.

The flamboyant flower on the side of the dress is a detail that attracts attention at first glance. It is a perfect model that bridesmaids can wear comfortably.

Of course, our outfits are suitable for many other occasions: evenings with friends, professional events, cocktails, birthdays… it’s up to you to find the model you need!

Will you fall in love with a black evening dress? And why not a cheap long dress in pale yellow?

This model, which is also included in metropol wedding dress evening dress collection suitable for large sizes, has the chance to seduce you with its short sleeves and open back.

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Crystal Design

A wide selection of plus size evening dresses to highlight all curves

It’s time to highlight your feminine and generous curves! Our original and elegant plus size evening dresses will give you all the comfort you need and will erase all your complexes.

Whatever your style, be sure to find the outfit you need on the pages of our online catalogue.

A wide selection awaits you: from the sexy short lace dress to the soft tulle mid-length dress to the long flowing evening dress. You can change your look according to your inspiration!

Access our catalog to discover all our new seasonal products and quickly choose the dress you like!

In our “PROMOTIONS” category, we offer you inexpensive but high quality plus size evening dresses at affordable prices. We offer you a diverse and rich choice to find your love easily.

Tina Valerdi türkiye

How can you highlight your curves with a plus size evening dress?

You don’t need a specific event to wear your beautiful 2021 evening dress. You can wear it as you wish. Day or night, the dress for plus size women is an ideal garment to accentuate your shapes and highlight your femininity.

Received an invitation to an important event and struggling to find the perfect model? Here are some tips to enhance the contours of your feminine curves.

Tip 1: Draw attention to your shapely legs by choosing a belted Empire dress (high waist) in contrasting colors between the top and bottom. This outfit will give the impression of a balanced silhouette, called an A or hourglass.

Tip 2: Dare to use colors! It is true that black has the power to heal the silhouette. That doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of your favorite dresses, like a passion red evening dress or a chic blue evening dress.

Have fun with colorful blocks and prints! It’s all about knowing how to harmonize your community.

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Tip 3: Wear heels

Pumps are the perfect feminine accessory! They elongate the silhouette and add instant style. For optimum comfort, choose square heels in winter and padded sandals in summer. However, avoid shoes with very long and/or very pointed toes, which tend to elongate the foot.

Tip 4: Avoid high-cut tops that risk emphasizing the thin side. Instead, we turn to round or square necklines that will disrupt the verticality.

Now you have all the cards at hand to create a wardrobe that enhances your curves the way they deserve! It is inevitable to find the dress for the curvy women of your dreams in the metropol wedding dress.

Your mermaid evening dress Metropol wedding dress

This selection consists of long dresses only. Maysange’s mermaid evening dress models seduce with the mermaid morphology it gives to the wearers. The dress follows the contours of the body to reveal the lady’s shape.

This dress model has different colors and there are also differences in the chest part. In some models, such as the immortal long dress, the sleeves exceed the elbow, in some models the sleeves are strapped, while other dress models end at the chest level (white mermaid evening dress). Some models are even embellished with lace for added glamour.

Everything starts with a perfect harmony. Indeed, every detail counts when choosing a beautiful mermaid evening dress. Because even a beautiful dress with lace embroidery will not show its effect if the cut is not paid attention to.

Of course, it is necessary to choose the piece that will perfectly emphasize your figure. In other words, the perfect evening dress is one that highlights your presence and camouflages your flaws.

The mermaid dress promises a sensual silhouette to the wearer and guarantees that you will be the most beautiful. Thanks to its unique shape, it always takes part in fashion shows of the most famous workshops. Over time, it has become a timeless and always modern symbol of class and absolute charm.

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Eve of milady

Luce Sposa

Mermaid evening dress: how to recognize?

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at what a mermaid evening dress is. As the name suggests, it is a dress with a cut in the shape of a mermaid or fish.

It shapes the upper body before flared up at the knee or under the legs like a fishtail, hence the name. Its stylish fit guarantees an extraordinary enhancement of feminine curves.

It glorifies you in the best way. By wearing it, you will be elegant and cute at the same time. Its stunning body-hugging length will surely turn your evening guests’ heads, whether it’s a wedding, a personal or professional cocktail.

Mermaid evening dress: how to adopt well?

But we have to admit that wearing the mermaid dress is not easy. We won’t lie to you, this cut does not suit every body type. Although it is a tight dress, it is especially suitable for women with an hourglass figure. If you want to camouflage your curves perfectly and look slimmer, we recommend choosing an empire style evening dress instead.

It’s also not recommended for smaller bodies because of the long cut that tends to fill the silhouette. Especially since some models only have a tail that will bring your gorgeous little waist down.

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Loca Sposa


Why not take a look at the strapless evening dress?

mermaid evening dress: quality fabrics

Fabric quality is very important in choosing a mermaid cut dress. This will allow you to have a perfect silhouette. Satin is widely used in making sheathed evening dresses.

Soft and flowing, this fabric has a very shiny appearance and is slippery on the surface. Therefore, it is very comfortable to wear. However, it is recommended to wear underwear suitable for the type of fabric in order not to compromise on elegance under your dress. Chiffon is also very popular.

Lace adds a stylish and romantic atmosphere to evening dresses or wedding dresses. It is often synonymous with grace. Whether it is very finely embroidered (Chantilly lace) or separated by large gaps (guipure lace), it reinforces the extremes of femininity. However, other fabrics are possible, such as crepe, jersey or tulle.

Mermaid evening dress: the importance of details

At the top of the dress, you can choose from strapless, low-shouldered, V-neck straps, short sleeves or long sleeves with a tattoo effect.

The bare back is also in vogue right now. You can also find models with or without tails embellished with jewels, pearls and other embroideries for an outfit at the height of elegance.

Even though navy blue, black and red evening dress models are the most demanded, it totally depends on your preferences. Choose the tone that suits your skin tone.

You have your ideal outfit in our selection. The cut and fabric you’ve always dreamed of, the one that best suits your event! Order your favorite sexy evening dress now! Show off the beautiful curves of the body by opting for a gorgeous metropol mermaid dress!

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Luce Sposa

Advantages of a mermaid evening dress

If it is not mandatory to wear and is not accessible to all women due to morphology, the mermaid evening dress still has many advantages.

The mermaid evening dress is a real value in itself as it accentuates the natural curves of the person wearing it. In addition, its appearance alone is often enough: you will not need to decorate your mermaid evening dress too much, this look already contains all the necessary glamor. So you don’t need to add more.

The modernity of the mermaid evening dress, whose length will impress all the guests, is undeniable. Lacy or not, you will be both current and eye-catching by wearing this outfit.

Loca Sposa

Elegance is at its peak with a mermaid evening dress!

Strapless evening dress for a dreamy moment

What woman has never dreamed of wearing a bustier to go to a party? Beyond the beauty of the dress, it allows you to highlight your figure. Your shoulders with beauty features, you will be able to bring them out without any problems.

In this bustier evening dress collection you will find, for example, a long asymmetrical White Paon dress with a bustier and stone embroidery at the waist. The 150 cm train behind it gives you a unique look in your evenings. This collection includes many unique dress styles with bustiers just to show you off.

Strapless evening dress, which is both stylish and easy to wear, is considered an iconic part of women’s wardrobe. It will be your best assistant in your prestigious events that require a sharp, sophisticated and elegant look.

Make sure it fits your body well and you won’t have to worry about it slipping down in the evening. In other words, your outfit must match your morphology perfectly in order to highlight your assets and elevate your silhouette.

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Tina Valerdi türkiye

How to wear a strapless evening dress?

Strapless dresses in Metropol wedding dresses are offered in various lengths, patterned or plain, in various materials and in various colors. This allows everyone to find the model that corresponds to their taste and morphology. When you enter the room in a cute outfit with a strapless bodice and a fitted waist, all eyes will be on you!

This trendy and ultra-feminine evening dress especially highlights women’s shoulders and necks. The complete absence of arms has a lot to do with it. This is a great opportunity to make a strong impression on each of your looks!

This type of neckline also draws attention to your face and accentuates your chest. Not having a collar and sleeves is a wise choice. Strapless evening dress comes in a wide variety of shapes and styles: heart-shaped strapless, wavy, straight, fine pleats, lace, embroidered with shiny details, lace-up back or zippered… The choice is yours!

If you have a small bust, a lace evening dress with a heart-shaped bodice would be ideal. Thanks to its round shape, it gives volume while holding the chest tightly.

While women with small breasts and slim waists tend to go for the balcony bustier, a draped bustier dress will elevate those with thin waists. In this way, the fabric will create volume at hip and bust level to harmoniously redesign the silhouette.

Crystal Design

What accessories go with the strapless evening dress?

Strapless dress, which is a good alternative to evening dresses, allows you to fully assume your femininity.

Perfectly exposed to the world with a beautiful necklace, a necklace or a pair of earrings, the shoulder line will dazzle you at a cocktail party or a night out, for example, dressed up as a wedding. Indeed, the strapless dress can be worn in many occasions, from the most elegant to the most comfortable. All you have to do is equip it with accessories to your liking.

This type of neckline also gives you the option to gather your hair from above or below, depending on your taste. You can also create a harmonious combination by matching your heels or high-heeled sandals with the color of the dress.

Access a wide variety of strapless elegant evening dresses on this page. Our collection gives you a great idea to stand out from the crowd. The long strapless evening dress will reveal your curves. Available in all colors including black, blue, red and white.

Choose the perfect model for your special day from our site. Find your love thanks to us! And if you’re not convinced, why not let yourself be tempted by a sexy evening dress or even a mermaid evening dress?

Plus, there’s no need to wear a bra, all of our dresses are padded, so that’s one more thing to think about! And then, know that wearing a strapless dress is never a fashion counterfeit.

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WONA concept istanbul

WONA concept istanbul

How to choose the right model?

There is nothing worse than a strapless evening dress that doesn’t fit your body type. A poor choice can be fatal, especially if a strapless evening dress undeniably reveals your femininity thanks to the curvy chest and tight waist.

But rest assured: the strapless evening dress suits many silhouettes and can be worn on many occasions, for example at a wedding or a cocktail party.

The length of the strapless evening dress should form the criteria of choice as well as its fluency. For example, if you have an O body type, you will prefer to wear a long and flowing strapless evening dress to refine your silhouette.

Women with an A-shaped body will have to emphasize the bust part of the dress. Feel free to play with the headband effects of certain models to make yourself stand out.

Wedding, cocktail or professional event, your outfit will accompany you in many events!

Whether you’re looking for something sweet, chic and modern, or something classic romantic, you’re sure to find the dress that fits your style on this page.

A wide selection of princess evening dresses for a magical look

The princess evening dress can be worn for a special occasion: wedding, birthday, gala, prom, cocktail, wine reception… Long or short, with or without straps, bustier and sleeveless, there are many styles.

On the fabric side, your princess evening dress can be satin, chiffon or even tulle. If you like lace, you will surely find an outfit to your liking on this page.

Come and choose your beautiful princess evening dress in our online evening dress shop. We offer you several models with breathtaking cuts for a very magical and magical look. You will really feel like you stepped out of a fairy tale.

You can choose from sexy short prom dresses, which are more suitable for daytime and outdoor activities, long dresses that are both elegant and stylish, and asymmetrical models that are elegant, modern and original at the same time.

Whether you prefer to wear a strapless dress or a V-neck dress, our outfits have different features that make it unique and highlight your assets.

Are you more daring? Dare to a bare-back evening dress that sensual exposes your shoulder bones. If you want to feel beautiful while being free to move, opt for a thin chiffon evening dress.

Choose the color that best suits your complexion, skin tone and taste. If you’re looking for something special to bring out your glamorous side, go for bold red, burgundy, purple, blush pink or even dark green. Whether you’re getting ready for a prom or a wedding: pamper yourself!

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Wholesale wedding dress

Eve of milady

What material should I choose for my princess evening dress?

Princess evening dresses are usually designed from stylish and trendy fabrics. Tulle and lace are indispensable and add volume. Do you want to shine with thousands of lights? Bet on a satin or sequined dress. Also find taffeta and organza.

Especially in the summer, we dare to use exaggerated patterns and original embellishments for a more playful effect: sequins and rhinestone chains to gracefully adorn your shoulders or décolleté, or even embroideries and draping for a structured look.

Immerse yourself in your childhood dreams at the best price and finally let yourself be a real princess thanks to our stylish collection of princess cut evening dresses. You will make a red carpet entrance to one of our beautiful rooms.

Make sure you wear a princess evening dress that will make you look your best on your next outing, thanks to our wide range of formal dresses. Complete it with beautiful shoes, an evening handbag and some accessories. And rest assured: the best prices are in metropol wedding dress.

The wedding dress will be your most beautiful dress. but you should read Wholesale Wedding Dress Manufacturer our article to buy.

WONA Concept

Choosing the right princess evening dress to feel sparkly

In order to help you choose your special princess evening dress, we recommend that you choose different models that are suitable for your body type and will highlight your figure.

Once these few styles have come to the fore, pick out the model that will suit not only the evening and the prom you are going to, but also the weather!

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