İnnocentia Wedding Dress Manufacturers

İnnocentia Wedding Dress Manufacturers

İnnocentia Wedding Dress Manufacturers

İnnocentia Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Marriage of the world: types of customs and traditions

Traditions and customs are part of the elements that make up all the magic of marriage. These vary from country to country and from time to time.

Whatever the style of the couple and the wedding, the wedding day is always rich in emotions and symbols.

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marriage and religion

In many countries it is almost impossible to talk about marriage without mentioning religion. Every step of a religious ceremony is codified.

For example, the most important stages during a Christian marriage are: the entrance to the church, the celebration of the marriage, the blessing and separation of the bride and groom.

The Jewish wedding is also one of the most codified ceremonies. The ceremony is held in the synagogue and can be celebrated every day except Sabbath (Saturday), days of mourning or fasting, and religious holidays.

Both spouses must be of the Jewish faith. It is clear that the civil marriage is celebrated before the religious wedding. The day before the ceremony, the bride should take the mikveh, a purifying bath.

In the Muslim religion, marriage is more than an emotional commitment. It should be established according to the Qur’an and the marriage procedure.

Festivals can last for several days. Among the most important stages, we note the dowry (money given to the wife), the henna ceremony, the khutbah (praise be to Allah) and the guardian (wedding feast).

For an Indian family, a Hindu wedding is one of the most important moments of religious life. The ceremony from ancestral traditions lasts at least one day.

It all starts with the meeting of two families, nichayadartham. This first step is marked by the dowry. The date of the ceremony will be determined according to the course of the stars.

Fireworks, rhythmic traditional music and fireworks mark the ceremony, especially when the groom arrives at the reception.

The end of the celebration is marked by the tossing of rice, gifts, and food served to the guests.

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Clothing by country

In most countries (France, United States, England…), the bride usually wears a long white dress and the groom a bespoke suit.

In some African countries, brides like to change clothes during their wedding. Fabric and colors are very important.

For example, there are wedding dresses made of handmade fabrics, such as aso oke, which represent symbols of the tribe of the bride or groom’s family.

The bride and groom can also give a dress code that guests must adopt.

In India, the Indian wedding saree is the most common attire. It symbolizes grace, pride and grace and is often accompanied by jewelry and henna decorations, especially for women.

Traditions associated with accessories at a wedding

For this important day in your life, you will inevitably need various accessories to complete your outfit, apart from the wedding dress or groom’s suit.

Depending on your country, the customs regarding these small details may not be the same.

In order to better understand you, we invite you to take a brief look at the origins of some traditions that have come down to us over the years.

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Innocentia Wedding dresses prices

wear a veil

While the wearing of the veil is now more of an aesthetic and decorative pattern (long, short, colored or lace veils…), this has not always been the case.

The origins of this tradition are varied (arranged marriages where the bride and groom only discover each other on D-Day, the bride’s abduction to the wedding, etc.), but many agree that wearing a veil will drive away evil spirits.

Its true meaning depends on the beliefs and cultures of the bride and groom.

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To understand its intricacies, you must go back to the origin of the word. The term “alliance” essentially refers to an agreement that unites two parties (families, countries, groups…), so the union between two people creates an unchanging bond.

The origin of the wedding rings that the bride and groom exchange during their weddings date back to ancient Egypt, where marriages were sealed with hemp or reed rings.

Today, it is made of precious metals to better symbolize the strength and eternal character of a union.

The wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger, as this finger is directly connected to the heart through the vein of love or “vena amoris”.

But in some countries, for example Hungary, Greece or Norway, Protestant brides wear wedding rings on their right hands.

Bride’s bouquet

This tradition arose during the Holy War in the Middle Ages. Women have a long tradition of making wedding bouquets decorated with orange flowers to display a symbol of purity.

wedding place

At all weddings, it is customary for the bride to stand to the left of the groom. This tradition has very distant origins, where the groom-to-be had to fight with the sword to kidnap the bride and protect her.

He had to confront his future wife’s family members or strangers. Since most people were right-handed, he had to “grip” with his left hand to be able to hold his sword with his right.

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European wedding dresses

Additional accessories

In many countries, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries, we often hear about the tradition of the accessories you will wear on your wedding day.

In this custom, the bride should wear a new item, an old item, a borrowed item, and a blue accessory.

These different elements are supposed to bring him luck and drive away evil spirits, his origin is from England.

Your new bridal shoes or beautiful wedding dress will be perfect for the new object. You can choose a family jewelry (necklace, bracelet, brooch…) for the old object.

There are no real restrictions on the borrowed object, but the bride-to-be usually chooses an accessory that belongs to a friend who is already happily married. The blue object can be a gem or nail polish color.

It can be very difficult to navigate through so many wedding customs, but remember that the most important thing is to gather all your loved ones and witness your union with the man or woman of your life in the best atmosphere possible. all the loves in the world.

Find our new trends for wedding dresses 2020 and choose the one that will elevate you on your big day!

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Luce Sposa

Our 2022 Spring Summer Outfits!

What to wear this spring summer? What are fashionable clothes? What’s in fashion today? You are definitely asking yourself these questions right now.

As a matter of fact, every new season gets its share of clothing inspirations. And yes, it’s good to be trendy to sharpen our sense of style.

So what are the fashionable looks for this spring summer 2020? Well, this season will be rich in trendy materials and details.

Light and transparent fabrics that herald the arrival of good days, loose and flexible cuts that will demand summer and sun, as well as patterns and colors that will animate your wardrobe!

Short or tall, don’t worry, anything is possible this season. If the ruffled dress is the favorite of the moment, then there is nothing to be envied about the models with puffy sleeves, just like the dresses with straps or bare shoulders, which can be worn anywhere and very easily.

If you’re more into princess cuts, you’ll probably love our full-skirted ball gowns that taper to the waist for an elegant, well-constructed silhouette.

It is said that only a few details are enough to turn a trendy look into an ultra trendy one.

For the summer of 2020, embroidery and patterns like rhinestones, sequins and even flowers and polka dots overlap to make your style stand out even more.

We do not forget to mention the pastel colors, which are indispensable for the summer season and are everywhere in the trendy wardrobe.

Wear long, midi or short for an important ceremony, cocktail, prom or wedding, the choice is yours! There is something for all body types. All you have to do is to determine the trendy spring summer dress that will make you the happiest among the aspirational trends.

Here is a selection of spring-summer 2020 fashion pieces:

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Embroidered dress:

For a glamorous evening or a special occasion where a simple presence will be excluded, bolster originality by opting for an embroidered dress.

This delicate and timeless stitch detail will surprise you and make you absolutely irresistible.

You will look more radiant than ever with a long embroidered evening dress.

Great classics and long dresses that have become completely indispensable are truly indispensable as the perfect allies of summer.

Your combination with a princess cut and bare shoulders will continue to arouse interest and admiration.

Luxury wedding dresses

printed dress

Long, midi or short patterned dress is ready to meet all your wishes.

And you will have a hard time choosing in this new season. It is impossible not to find what you are looking for among floral, tropical, cashmere, striped or even polka dot patterns.

The many variations of the printed evening dress, from taffeta to organza, through silk muslin or tulle, apply to the fabrics that will be used in its construction, as well as colors that are as discreet as they are impressive.

A vintage-inspired all-white polka dot mini dress is perfect for looking like an angel.

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long bohemian dress:

The long dress is beautiful and comfortable. Timeless, always popular. Bohemian style stands out as a summer companion with its gypsy air, steamy materials and frills that add movement.

Balloon sleeves are also noticeable to delight our summer desires.

The long bohemian dress is flowy with a straight or fitted empire shape.

Choose side splits, asymmetrical (short front and long back), maxi or midi for an airy and ultra-feminine look.

The fabric of manufacture is usually cotton or silk. It can also give the jersey a nice amplitude.

fluffy dress:

Fluffy dress models will also be very popular this season. They are usually worn at the waist and wide at the bottom, giving way to a full skirt that goes down to the floor for a chic-contemporary look.

There is nothing better than a princess dress to look more beautiful than ever at a ball.

If the strapless ball gown is a classic, you can choose between more flamboyant models with straps and more sophisticated models, for example, equipped with sleeves, rhinestones, pearls or sequins.

Indeed, we are not afraid to play around with the details to arouse even more curiosity.

WONA Concept

WONA Concept

What are the fashion colors and accessories of summer?

Like every year, summer will be colorful with an emphasis on pastel tones! Starting from classic white, going through sky blue, pale pink, almond green and lilac…

These soft colors are everywhere and ready to take over the wardrobe of any fashionista.

A great novelty this year, beige dresses! They are perfect for creating a simple, stylish and sophisticated look and can be worn in any occasion.

When it comes to accessories, there is nothing more stylish than heels on a stylish dress. Not only do they allow us to gain a few inches of height, above all they add elegance to the outfit.

In addition, fine jewelry is at the center of all attention. Gold chain necklace continues to be a must-have this season. You can also choose dangling earrings, studs, stones or pompoms according to your face shape and hairstyle.

Do you want to be at the peak of excitement this summer? Want to discover the latest trend? new spring summer 2 Get inspired by our 020 collection and be on top in all conditions.

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How to properly wear a long dress?

There is a dress model that has always existed for many years: the long dress! Very practical for the shyest among us, and suitable for any occasion, without forgetting the very feminine side.

Then it can be used in important invitations, weddings, engagements, galas, birthdays, etc.

However, it is not uncommon for fashionable blunders to be made in the selection of models offered on dress sales sites.

So, thanks to these few lines, you will see that wearing such an outfit is a complete art.

Loca Sposa

Loca Sposa

How to choose a long dress?

The good news is that whatever your body type is, you have the right to wear the long dress.

However, it is important to note a few notes. First of all, you should know that a long-cut outfit tends to complement the silhouette.

That is, if you are shorter than 1.60 m, it will not be easy to achieve the height effect.

The best advice is to wear high heels. Most recommended are square or wedge heels for a very slim silhouette.

Patterned dresses are not bad considering that they have a few tricks.

For example, those with large patterns are great for adding volume to your morphology.

And beautiful patterns, but in a small format, have the opposite effect.

The same goes for horizontal stripes that make you have a wider silhouette, and vertical stripes are ideal for refining your look.

Everything is ultimately based on a game of optics.

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Finding the perfect length

What is the ideal length for a long dress? The most appropriate answer to this question is at the ankle or lateral malleolus level.

Clothing that touches the ground should be avoided as much as possible. It is not very practical to wear in public, especially since the possibility of falling is high.

Apart from that, a long midi dress that discreetly exposes the ankles is also a good compromise.

But this model can only add to the silhouette if you are in the small size category.

In this case, it is preferable to bet on dresses whose length is slightly below or above the knee.

Choosing the ideal cut

The best cuts for a long dress are straight, flowing or empire cuts that are straight and fitted at the waist.

Tight dresses can be of interest for certain types of morphology. In fact, tight dresses should perfectly emphasize different folds.

Otherwise, it would not be very aesthetically pleasing.

You can also check out a long dress with a side slit.

This style of cut will further increase the fluidity of the dress and make it even more feminine.

As for the choice of material, silk, chiffon or cotton are suitable for this dress cut.

The jersey can also add elegance to the long dress.

Since the nice weather seems to be coming to an end, you can make sure that the materials you choose stay natural so that you don’t overheat and sweat too much.

Most of the time, long dresses are see-through so that they are airy and suitable to be worn.

Therefore, you need to wear a slip to make sure you get a nice look.

A tan underwear that matches or is very close to your skin tone is a must in the locker room.

Wedding Dress Manufacturers we provide you with information on every subject. You will be happy to work with us.

Wholesale wedding dress

Couture wedding dresses

What are the advantages of a long dress?

It is the perfect ally to hide all your little flaws: big calves, unsuccessful tan, varicose veins, leg hair that is a little too loose, etc.

If you have a pretty simple and well-executed style, sometimes this outfit is enough.

That way, accessories won’t really come in handy to decorate the whole look.

Dresses that you will eliminate while shopping and in your wardrobe
The more experienced know: low-quality materials should be strictly avoided.

Dresses that crease easily or pile up quickly are proof of this.

Before you buy, it’s imperative that you take the time to analyze the dress and spot the tiniest flaws: wrinkled fabric, poorly made seams, the finish that leaves something to be desired, and any details you deem important.

For the rest, you are free to see if the dress suits you.

For example, geometric patterns may not appeal to everyone.

Some look like perfect supermodels wearing them, while others look like math teachers fresh out of high school.

Different decorations should also catch your attention. Usually these are simple plastic accessories glued on them to give the illusion of originality.

These items can also be easily separated on the first wash or first contact. Unless the long dress comes from a famous brand or a trusted sales site, you will need to be careful.

Wedding Dresses Manufacturers we provide you with information on every subject. You will be happy to work with us.

How to accessorize a long dress?

Flat shoes such as Spartans or sandals will be emphasized to enhance the long dress.

You can also choose sneakers or boots for a more comfortable look.

In any case, flat sandals or mini-heeled sandals do the job very well to provide more momentum without overdoing it. Of course, nothing That won’t stop you from resorting to pointy-toe pumps or stiletto heels, as these shoes make an ideal second choice for big events.

accessories to adopt
If you choose a simple long dress away from decorations, accessories will take an important place. Bags, jewelry and hats will be there for every imaginable style. If your long dress is already flashy, you should balance the accessories well so as not to spoil the look you want.

Wedding Dress

Wholesale wedding dress

What are the various ways to wear the long dress?

elegant style

Playing with colors is essential for a stylish look. In this context, the most liked ones are especially beige, pastel, gray, black, burgundy, dark blue and white. In short, all colors except the brightest.

Preferred materials would be, for example, silk muslin, cotton, satin and tulle.

The cut is also essential: a heart-shaped neckline, with or without straps, a flowy or asymmetrical cut… it allows you to emphasize the complexity of the piece.

You have the opportunity to evaluate with accessories: a clutch, a shawl, a refined jewelery and small details that will make all the difference.

bohemian look

The secret to a successful bohemian look is to bet on long dresses with prints or neutral colours. Accessories also play an important role in this style: hat, shopping bag, boots, accumulated jewelry and why not a chain belt.

It is not necessary to wear all these items, you can choose one or both of them to preserve the originality of the dress.

A long floral or lace dress, preferably in a flared cut, can provide the desired effect for this style. It is still interesting to choose the color of the outfit carefully to avoid a taste mistake. For example, a long white lace dress can give the impression of a “wedding dress”.

Bridal Gown Manufacturers Wedding Dress we provide you with information on every subject. You will be happy to work with us.

Perfioni wedding dress

Perfioni wedding dress

everyday trend

Long cotton dress should be among the first choices for this category. Appreciate more pastel blue as a colour, gray, beige, ocher or khaki are perfect for long wear in any season.

A very common example is wearing a long dress made of cotton or another material with a pair of sneakers and a small denim jacket.

If you have a passion for sneakers with a dress, opt for a body-hugging or body-hugging cut. White tennis pairs match with any color of dress and thus offer the chance to benefit from the various models offered in the market.

As you may have noticed, a short V-neck dress is not the only thing that can be used to create a casual look. Indeed, the long dress is also an excellent assortment to consider.

With these few tips you will now learn how to wear the famous long dress. All you have to do is choose the color, style and ideal cut.

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