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Crystal Design Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Crystal Design Wedding Dress Manufacturers

Our guides to choosing the right mermaid dress

For girls, there are various outfits that you can choose for any event or occasion.

It is important for all women to know what dresses they can wear at a party or other event.

A beautiful mermaid dress is a glamorous dress that a woman should have in her closet.

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What is a mermaid dress?

A mermaid dress is basically an elegant evening dress with a flared fishtail piece that wraps the body between the hips and the torso.

Mermaid dresses are usually made of satin, silk and taffeta. These mermaid dresses accentuate curves in a fitted way and make you look elegant and sexy for the evening.

A mermaid dress can be worn for a wedding, a promotion night or a formal event, as well as for events on the red carpet. The mermaid dress gives you a glamorous and stylish look.

beautiful mermaid dress

All about a beautiful mermaid dress

● Strapless – Usually mermaid dresses are strapless. However, there is no rule about whether a mermaid dress should have a sleeveless or strapless neckline. This type of dress is the choice of many curvy women.

● Wide fishtail part – The feature of every mermaid dress is the flared fishtail part. This piece is known to have flattering features such as ruffles, beads or lace, which are the most attractive feature of the entire dress.

The glamorous look of the outfit is one of the reasons why the mermaid dress is a regular at red carpet events.

Many celebrities choose a mermaid dress for the night because of her sexy look and elegant stance.

However, it should be noted that a mermaid dress can be a little awkward to wear due to the tight fit.

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Also, the mermaid dress may not always suit everyone. The piece is best suited for women who are taller or have an hourglass figure.

Women with an inverted triangle body type whose shoulders are wider than their hips and women with a rectangular body type with an equal width of shoulders, hips and waist can also wear mermaid skirts.

The structure of the mermaid dress also makes the hips and breasts much more flattering.

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This shape, which fits the body perfectly, gives the woman a magnificent look. This garment is therefore ideal for women with such a figure.

Petite ladies should avoid fish skirt models.

For many women, a mermaid wedding dress is a great choice. Ladies who want to look sexy on their wedding day should consider a mermaid wedding dress.

However, attention should be paid to the items to be worn inside. It can be difficult to wear a fishtail dress as it is a tight dress.

So choose comfort first, then focus on other features. If the woman is comfortable wearing the dress, she can choose a flashy mermaid dress.

Summer is the perfect wedding season!

wedding season

Summer is the perfect wedding season.

Do you also dream of saying “yes” to your partner on a gorgeous sunny beach?

A wedding on the beach with the big blue, shellfish and crustacean atmosphere in the background!

Yes, stepping out of the usual decor would only work. The environment itself has the virtue of making everyone comfortable.

Of course, this requires good organization. Finding the perfect dress is one of the top priorities when getting married on the beach.

Which wedding dress to choose? Where to find a beautiful dress for a beach wedding?

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Trust May’s Angel. Your evening dress store also allows you to spend your big day in the most comfortable way with inexpensive wedding dresses made of light and permeable fabric.

Indeed, who says a beach wedding is a relaxed, even bohemian atmosphere.

It will therefore be necessary to adapt the view to this very specific setting. Ideally , it would be to choose a flowing and light dress that creates beautiful movements , especially in the presence of wind .

Crystal Design wedding dress

As for the cut, it all depends on your personality. You can choose a long strapless dress, a mermaid or puffy wedding dress, a long sleeve bohemian wedding dress or a plain short white dress.

Evening dress for thin women: our fashion advice

34 or 36 or 38? Do you have more I or H morphologies? Discover our fashion tips to highlight a pretty slim silhouette.


With a pretty slim silhouette, we tend to look more like a woman-child than a femme fatale.

With an I or H morphology, the goal is to approach the so-called X silhouette: developed chest and hips, pronounced waist.

I-shaped silhouette: You are quite slender with a more or less angular frame and a slightly defined waist.

Persons with an H-shaped silhouette have a stronger bone structure than those with an I-shaped silhouette, although they are proportional, but still their size is not very pronounced.

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You can highlight your assets by adding a few feminine touches to your outfits with optical illusions.

Emphasize the waist, add volume where it is missing… Easy tips and tricks for a very feminine and elegant silhouette at the same time!

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Forget about clothes and dresses that make you look “thin”. Instead, opt for pieces that can accentuate your chest, waist, hips and buttocks.

Therefore, we will avoid wearing:

Deep V-neck garments, no matter how beautiful.
Dangling jewelry, such as silhouette-enhancing necklaces or face-lengthening earrings.

Mini skirts and shorts that accentuate your slim silhouette by revealing your long legs.

Thin strap dresses and tops.

On the other hand, we will prefer pieces that create volume such as drape or bustier decorated with rhinestones, pearls or stones that highlight the bust.

Well-cut pieces that aren’t too tight: perfect for you so you don’t look “suffocated” in your clothes.

Textures such as lace and embossed fabrics also allow you to add volume to your silhouette.

For an X silhouette, count on fitted dresses and jackets that tighten the waist.

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For a dazzling style, dare with low-cut dresses that accentuate your back and shoulders, as well as strapless bustiers with draping or embellishments.

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If you’re petite, jewelry can help accentuate your femininity and beautify your outfit.

Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with:

Breastplates: This is the perfect gem to adorn your head and brighten your bust.

Ring or semainier: Allows you to highlight your slender wrists while bringing a certain roundness.

High waist belts: Choose high waist belts to highlight your waist!

Scarves or kerchiefs : These are the accessories of choice for creating an optical illusion of volume!

Remember to coordinate the color with your outfit to place it carelessly on the chest.

Flat shoes: To avoid slimming your silhouette, opt for pumps that are not too high, or flat shoes such as ballet flats, loafers, or sneakers.

Find a wide variety of evening dresses for all body types in our online store. Elegant, modern, classic, sophisticated… take your pick!

Dress accessories: choose the right handbag

If you find it difficult to choose a bag according to your outfit, read this article to the end! Do you love bags and yet every trip forces you to make the right choice for the right occasion?

Practical and even indispensable, if the bag contains the most important things we need, it is also an accessory that says a lot about our personality!

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Below are our fashion tips for choosing the right handbag.

Crystal Design dress


Choose a black bag

If you really don’t know which color to choose, it is to choose safety. Although stylish and feminine, the bag is also a good opportunity to dress in color to strengthen a combination with basic colors in addition to black.

Opt for klein blue, fir green, coral or a strong red. You can also always rely on safe values such as nude, camel, beige or white.

Show that you have fun and master the codes!

Choose beautiful materials:

Whether you choose natural leather, fabric or nylon, pay attention to the quality of the material because it has to fit you.

In terms of practicality, avoid faux leather, which is not very durable and does not carry much weight.

Also check that the lining is durable (see seams) and includes storage pockets.

Check the details:

The quality of the finishes is important to evaluate the durability of your handbag, as well as its appearance. Ornaments, such as zippers, must be solid and of high quality!

Invest in an “all-purpose” bag:

To save money, choose a timeless bag model and color: stylish enough to be elegant, but also cool enough to wear anywhere.

We recommend a quality leather bag. On the color side, strong or basic colours, medium size, long format with zipper. A model with a handle would be ideal for carrying on the shoulder or in the hand.

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Pocket will usually be reserved for evening outings as well as lunch dates.

With lid or mini detachable handle, you can just meet your essentials!

To wear well, you have the choice: by hand if the pocket is small, under the seat if the pocket is long.

Find a wide range of accessories in our online store to add style to your outfit.

There are also many elegant and stylish evening dress options for your various ceremonies such as engagement, wedding, gala, bridesmaid… Make your choice!

Four alternatives to the little black evening dress

Don’t you want to wear the same little black dress for every occasion? Even though it is an iconic piece of a simple, timeless and elegant women’s wardrobe, the little black dress is perfectly interchangeable with other evening dress models, making you stand out from the other guests.

In this article, discover 4 alternatives to the little black dress that will help you make the right choice!

Wholesale wedding dress


Be bold and choose a metallic dress to liven up your evening! Wear just one piece of metal for maximum impact and stay sober on accessories.

Choose a silver lame dress for a beautiful magnetic look. Almost like molten metal, without looking like a crystal ball, you can be sure to draw all eyes on you.

However, choose your metallic suit carefully according to your morphology because they give the impression of increasing our “volume”. Perfect for slim women.

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To stand out, we’ll mix the printed dress with a few sparkly accessories.

Leopard prints, jacquard-patterned graphics or baroque prints turn your evenings out of the ordinary into a true fashion moment.

Note that the print can be worn as a single piece or as an accessory such as a jacket or summer coat.

In any case, it remains an alternative to the much more modest little black dress.

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We often hesitate to wear it, but a sequined dress can replace a little black dress!

For those who doubt, we will choose an elegant model with a straight cut, all close to the body, to emphasize the silhouette.

If you want to stay short and modest, you can also choose a long-sleeved sequined dress that will tone the eye-catching side of your dress.

A pretty bright red or matching clutch (but not with sequins!) would be perfect with a nice pair of pumps.

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As modest and elegant as the little black dress, a pearl-embroidered or brightly colored dress is a great classic you can embrace to avoid fashion blunders.

In winter, forget the satin or muslin dress and choose panne velvet. Soft to the touch, iridescent, a little outdated but with deceptive wisdom, the panne velvet dress is a must in our winter wardrobe.

Autumn-winter star material is recommended to be worn as a unique piece, such as a print.

Lack of inspiration? Visit our online store to discover the new collections of the season and find the outfit to replace the famous little black dress!

Many accessories to match your dress are waiting for you in our special section. Happy shopping!

A timeless look with a midnight blue evening dress

Classic or evening dresses, short or long, printed, embroidered or lace blue evening dresses will be reserved for summer evenings, spring ceremonies and cocktails.

The color of the sky and water will add elegance to your events while also adding freshness!


You can wear the blue evening dress, which is one of the most common colors of the evening, at a wedding, a cocktail party or even a gala.

Elegant and restrained women will opt for royal blue, midnight or navy evening dresses, while the most daring will opt for azure blue or petrol blue.

Symbolizing wealth and sensuality, blue has the advantage of offering a variety of hues and therefore offers a wide choice for those looking for a particular blue colour.

Long or short blue evening dress, pleated or lace, sweetheart neckline, bustier or strappy… Don’t forget to choose your blue evening dress according to your morphology!

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Glamorous in strapless dress, flamboyant in asymmetrical cut, elegant in sheath dress, flamboyant in tulle dress… Choose the blue evening dress of your dreams without sacrificing your style and desires!

For those looking for beautiful formal dresses with classic and casual elegance, a blue dress would be the ideal color instead of black.

Feel free to customize it with accessories according to your taste.


On the shoe side, we will prefer black, tan or tan pumps.

Feel free to choose gold or silver colored shoes! They go very well with the blue color.

In addition to shoes, there are also bags whose shape will be chosen according to the occasion, whether it is an invitation, a night out or a ceremony. It should match the color of your shoes.

Finally, in terms of jewelry, gold, silver and bright colors can be worn with a blue dress.

Those with dark skin will have to opt for gold colors and silver colors will be reserved for those with lighter skin tones. Jewelry to match with your other accessories!

Feel free to wear a beautiful flower crown in cocktails, for example. The same is true for country weddings, where blue quickly finds its place.

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We could remember that the blue evening dress was the perfect alternative to the little black dress.

It brings a safe and timeless value, joy and freshness and is easy to accessorize. Finally, it offers the added benefit of being “all-purpose”, making it a must-have in our dressing room!

Plus size dress: know your morphology!

You’re invited to a party that promises to be amazing, but are you afraid of this moment because you don’t know what evening dress to wear for this event?

Do not panic ! You can be stylish and elegant with your beautiful curves. To do this, you just need to know your morphology and follow our advice!


If you have an A-shaped morphology, also called a “pear” or “pyramid,” your bust is smaller than the bottom.

The goal is therefore to rebalance the upper and lower parts by drawing the eye to the upper part (chest, butt, shoulders, etc.).

Choose princess dresses with a V-neck, strapless or a slightly flared bottom.

Bet on models of dresses with straps or sleeves. Especially avoid dresses with chemises!


Also known as the “apple” morphology (generous bust and slender legs), here we recommend elongating your silhouette by playing with the lines, for example with a V-neck dress, a strapless dress or a wrap dress.

“create” a dimension. Be careful, the cut must be straight and avoid fabrics that are too runny, empire style and tight or stretchy materials that risk marking the slightest imperfections!

Are you short? Choose short dresses!

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Like an inverted pyramid (broad shoulders and broad chest), we forget about padded dresses and prefer sheer or asymmetrical dresses to fit your silhouette.

Bring out your legs that will be your best assets here with a knee-length dress.

We will avoid very stand-up collars, boat necks and very thin straps.


Morphology, also called “rectangle”, the purpose is to mark the size for a more feminine look.

Here, we’re going for straight-cut empire waist dresses that will elongate your silhouette and accentuate your neckline at the same time.

If you want to wear a round-bellied belt, wear it underneath. For example, feel free to wear fitted jackets. Avoid: flared dresses.

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The hourglass silhouette has the advantage of having a pronounced waist and good balance between the upper and lower body.

Feel free to accentuate your beautiful waist with a belt or a wrap dress (if you don’t have a belly!).

To emphasize the neckline, we will prefer straight or trapezoidal cut dresses with a fitted top.

Draped or strapless dresses are also a good choice.

Do not think that dresses do not suit round silhouettes! Rather, they allow you to develop your assets.

By knowing your morphology well, with your beautiful generous curves, you will now be able to align yourself with the most elegant women.

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